Some People Love Easter

I love fairs. I don’t care for amusement parks, and you can keep your roller coasters and the midway, but a proper fair? I love them. All of them.  Book fairs, National Fairs, agricultural fairs – sign me up.  Joe and I went to the CNE and we spent a good chunk of time making sure we saw the butter sculptures and the tables full of the best eggplants. (The first prize one was beautiful. I’m only sorry we missed the biggest pumpkin.)  It should come as no surprise then, that Fibre Fairs are just about the best thing I can imagine – and they are.  All the elements of a fair while it’s all about the wool? Crisp fall air, leaves blowing around, and all of it seen as an awesome excuse to just show off your best sweaters? Building and tent upon building and tent, all full of wool and looms and wheels and sheep… These are our people, and if there’s a holiday season for us, this feels like it. 

Thanks to the Genesee Vallley Handspinners Guild. They run the Fingerlakes Fiber Festival, and they do a seriously awesome job. They made me want to drive straight from here to the next one.  (Oh. Wait. I sort of am.)