If I was a little faster

Off I go, into the wild blue yonder once again.  I’m off to Knit East (Atlantic Fibre Fest) this time, just now changing planes in Montreal.  I got up early this morning and packed everything, and organized it all, and then made a very nice pile of all the knitted things I was going to bring – my sweaters, scarves, shawls – all the cozy stuff to keep me warm in the autumn air by the sea, and then I left.

I left all of it in a pile on a chair beside where my suitcase was, and I didn’t bring any of it.  Not one little bit.  Not a single sweater, not a slip of a scarf… nothing.  I have about 20 pairs of socks, but here I am, the knitter that I am, and I’m thinking about buying a hoodie in the airport so I don’t freeze this weekend, but the thought of it makes me insane.  I’ve got so many ways to keep warm at home, and I hate even the idea of shelling out money for something I only need for a few days, but I don’t see any way out of it.  When  I first realized I didn’t have a sweater, my knee jerk response was just that I would go to the marketplace when I arrived – buy some yarn and knit one tonight.  (This still "feels" possible, despite probably being a big slice of crazy pie. Probably.)

If I knit a little faster I could maybe use the blanket as a shawl?

It’s almost done.  Four more border rounds (trying to ignore that each round is now more than 1000 stitches) and then the edging.  That’s probably possible, right?
Never mind. I’ll be the shivering knitter with the strong will.