Another One

Every once in a while, a knit doesn’t quite make it to the finish line in a traditional way. Usually something happens to interrupt the natural cycle. Maybe it has a crazy amount of making up that needs doing that I don’t want to do, or maybe it needs blocking and I don’t have a good space – or maybe it needs buttons, and maybe I don’t have quite the right ones, and maybe I put it away until I find the right buttons and maybe that takes a while. Or months.  Or years.

I "finished" Catkin September 2, 2011.  I blogged about it even.  I knit it in just four days. I blocked it, I loved it, but it needed buttons, so I didn’t call it finished.  It went into the pile of things to do, and it sat there until a little while ago, until a blog comment (or a few) reminded me that it had never gotten buttons, or made a formal appearance. It was a shame, because what a pretty knit it was. 

A few months ago I put the buttons on, and Catkin has been in rotation, although it still needed pictures.  This last weekend I had it with me, and remembered, so here she is in all her glory.

Catkin: yarn, Dream in colour smooshy in Chinatown Apple, and a mystery skein of something in cream – one skein of each.

Officially done.

81 thoughts on “Another One

  1. This is gorgeous. Thanks for remembering to take some pics. The view and area you used for the last few days are great and it just sets up your garments for some wonderful shots. No need for a model in this view.

  2. Buttons? If everything I knit needed buttons they would sit in a pile forever. Catkin is beautiful, maybe today I will put some buttons on the sweater I have been wearing! (I love the early morning posts, a great way to start the day….)

  3. Wow! This is a beauty! I wish my UFO’s would finish themselves! It would make things so much easier wouldn’t it?

  4. Yes. There is a lovely shawl/scarf awaiting blocking. It has. Been done for awhile but it seems the schedule just does not open enough time to do it. So it waits.

  5. I need to stop reading this blog. The list of things I want to knit is far too long already, and that is beautiful and I wonder if I have anything on hand that would work…..

  6. I’m working on a catkin too! Lovely how yours turned out. Many, many of my projects “marinate” for several years before finishing. I think of it as a suprise, hey, look-an instant shawl!

  7. Kind of makes you want another one doesn’t it? 🙂
    I cursed mine and as soon as it was DONE..(well first I apologized for cursing it) I thought another one in another colourway would be very nice indeed!

  8. Your Catkin is beautiful! I’ve got the pattern and have been meaning to make it, I’ll get there one day. I love the colours you chose.

  9. Beautiful!
    Now I need to finish making up a little sweater before the intended recipient outgrows it….

  10. That is so lovely and interesting you might convert me to a shawl knitter yet—but what I really want to see is HOW you wear it (and any other shawls you’ve knitted) ’cause I’m not sure if shawls fit into my wardrobe in a utilitarian sense.

  11. Yesterday I finally refelted my clogs, which had already been refelted once since the initial felting (both feltings done bucket/plunger method) but were still a little big. One 15-minute cycle in the WonderWasher (yay birthday gift from mom) and they are perfect. Though of course I can’t wear them yet because they take a week to dry…

  12. Elizabeth @1:49, come sit over here with me, lamb. (pat,pat.) I love to knit shawls, but when I try to wear them I end up looking like the last raving member of a bad commune that imploded. Cannibalism may have been involved. The only hope for us I can see is that an awful lot of “shawls” these days are hap shawls, or “shawlettes” — or triangular scarves, and THAT is doable. Meanwhile Steph and many like her sail cozy through the world looking marvellous in shawls. Sigh.
    (Ask her about hats, though.)
    (Though Wurm rather spoiled even that…)

  13. I do so love Rams’ and Presbytera’s comments. (Always–not just today.) You ladies are such a lovely bonus to Stephanie’s already spectacular blog.
    Just thought you ought to know.
    As for the Catkin, it is beautiful. I always envy people who have a good sense of colour. Mine is utterly boring and predictable. My middle daughter has forbidden me to buy any more black clothing. That ought to give you an idea of how colour-challenged I am.

  14. I hate when something as simple as buttons prevents me from “finishing” a project. I let that kind of detail slip all the time and I think I miss out on a lot of enjoyment from using/wearing my work!
    Glad you got this done and get to enjoy it now!

  15. I knit Catkin some time ago as well. I agonized over buttons for about two weeks until I realized that it works just fine without them!

  16. Wild Apples Bohus…wild Apples Bohus…Wild Apples Bohus…in case you’re coming down with Finishitupitis. Shawl is beautiful, btw.

  17. 2011? How can that be? Some kind of time-warp, surely. It seems like only the other day you were starting that one!

  18. A shawl that needs buttons? I need to see a picture of this on some one with a nice arrow pointing to the buttons.

  19. I was wondering what happened to Catkin! Seemed there was a rash of catkins on one of the Rav boards I frequent and they were talking about color choices, and it reminded me of yours. But when I went to look at yours it wasn’t there!

  20. I have a massive Flower Garden Path shawl that has been listed as a WIP for two years because I still need to block it. This is what I love about reading your blog: you’re the same as the rest of us, as opposed to being the perfect knitter!

  21. I just started a Catkin last week in the same yarn, different colors. No chance of my finishing it in 4 days, yikes!

  22. I think this post is just for me, and I thank you for that. I love your Catkin and I am so glad I won’t stay up at night worrying about your knitting any longer. Now my own knitting will keep me awake. Darn. I like your knitting better.

  23. You are reminding me that I have had the yarn for this wound up, in a knitting bag, with the right needles and the pattern printed, since coming home from SS13. Hmmm…

  24. Such a special shawl, to be commented upon by both Rams and Presbytera! Too bad we didn’t get a picture of its owner wearing it (the colors are perfect for you).
    Speaking of finishing things, how is the Christmas knitting coming along? Either the 2012 or the 2013, doesn’t matter. . .;-)!

  25. oh, so lovely!
    Man, I don’t think it will ever change, no matter how long I’m a knitter– some things I am just always going to boggle at. I love those little round droplets but I can’t begin to wrap my mind around how they happen…

  26. 4 days??? I’m trying to finish my Catkin for Rhinebeck (one YEAR Later!!) It has taken me months – maybe because I made a major mistake – my best knitting friend fixed it for me – and now that i have a very full time job, I can only know one row per evening… I WILL be wearing it in Rhinebeck, though! (weekends, you know).

  27. Very pretty. Isn’t it just so satisfying when something finally goes in the finished no I mean totally finished pile?
    As for buttons, I knit a Kaffe Fassett coat in dozens of colors in, lemme see, 1991? It has yet to find the most-perfect deep red buttons, so I wear it without.

  28. Why on earth does a shawl need buttons?? Isn’t the whole idea that you ‘drape’ around your body? Just another step to encourage a continuing WIP instead of a wearable piece….

  29. I was over on Ravelry yesterday and wondered why Catkin was suddenly trending, when it’s an older pattern. Then, I come over here and totally understand why. 🙂

  30. This post did it. It suckered me in. I bought the pattern and the yarn and will be starting it soon…let’s not talk about all the WIPs I have that will be ignored because of this….

  31. I love how people (me included) start requesting pictures of specific things you’ve knit, like the audience at a Lynrd Skynrd concert yelling “Freebird!” while holding up a lit lighter. 🙂
    I feel the uncontrollable urge to yell “Stairway!”
    Love the Catkin, love the Kusha Kusha, love the baby blanket even. 🙂
    And now the comments have prompted me to ask, “Wild Apple Bohus? really?” I will have to search your archives to see if you started knitting that, or if you just mentioned it…
    Tell Joe people are yelling “Stairway!” and “Freebird!” on your blog. 🙂 Then tell us how he reacted. I would love to see that. 🙂

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  35. I have yarn for this set aside (I might have yarn to make 2 of them, but there are enough two color shawls that I probably won’t repeat them). Wonderful knit!

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