If I was a little faster

Off I go, into the wild blue yonder once again.  I’m off to Knit East (Atlantic Fibre Fest) this time, just now changing planes in Montreal.  I got up early this morning and packed everything, and organized it all, and then made a very nice pile of all the knitted things I was going to bring – my sweaters, scarves, shawls – all the cozy stuff to keep me warm in the autumn air by the sea, and then I left.

I left all of it in a pile on a chair beside where my suitcase was, and I didn’t bring any of it.  Not one little bit.  Not a single sweater, not a slip of a scarf… nothing.  I have about 20 pairs of socks, but here I am, the knitter that I am, and I’m thinking about buying a hoodie in the airport so I don’t freeze this weekend, but the thought of it makes me insane.  I’ve got so many ways to keep warm at home, and I hate even the idea of shelling out money for something I only need for a few days, but I don’t see any way out of it.  When  I first realized I didn’t have a sweater, my knee jerk response was just that I would go to the marketplace when I arrived – buy some yarn and knit one tonight.  (This still "feels" possible, despite probably being a big slice of crazy pie. Probably.)

If I knit a little faster I could maybe use the blanket as a shawl?

It’s almost done.  Four more border rounds (trying to ignore that each round is now more than 1000 stitches) and then the edging.  That’s probably possible, right?
Never mind. I’ll be the shivering knitter with the strong will.  

406 thoughts on “If I was a little faster

  1. Aww, poor baby. Been there, done that. Left all my tops for a trip hanging on a hook in the bedroom. I had to buy new tops and not nice ones since the budget wouldn’t allow for that at the time. (Does it help to know others have done the same or similar?)

  2. If you’re still at the airport, buy the hoodie! You can give it to one of your daughters when you return home. Then you won’t feel bad about spending the money on something that you already have plenty of at home. It’s better to be warm and cozy than cold and miserable all weekend. Just sayin’…
    Mary G. in Texas

  3. I can’t believe it! You need one of those tag/tracker thingies that you can use to find your car keys, only for your portable knitting.

  4. You know everybody in the world there is going to come with a sweater for you–I know I would if I could be there. Best wishes and safe travels.

  5. I’m not sure it’s as crazy as the time I needed a new bathing suit and didn’t give up the idea of knitting/crocheting a bathing suit for 2 days. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy something when I was convinced I could make it.
    Slice of crazy pie indeed.

  6. Thrift shop! My six year old son once fell himself into a pond while climbing on the rocks beside it, in the first 20 minutes of a March outing several hours from home. (Of course, he was way too old to need a change of clothes, right?) We went straight to a children’s consignment shop and outfitted him from head to toe.

  7. If it helps, the temperatures are supposed to be half decent in NB this weekend! Though the coast is always a bit of a wildcard….

  8. Borrow lots of knitted things. Try some new colours, be someone a bit different. You will too many to choose from I am sure. I hope it’s wonderful for you there.

  9. I know 3 ladies going to KnitEast….. they’d probably could bring you something….. ….. ?

  10. I am SO SO envious of anyone going to this event! Hope the weather is glorious.

  11. I bet you could make the Clear Creek Pullover from the latest issue of Interweave Knits… I am not nearly as fast as you are and I have it about half done, and have only knitted it on a couple of plane trips and one evening — I am using Berroco Vintage Yarn on Size 5 needles — gauge is perfect!
    (in Pumpkin for fall!)

  12. Buy a sweatshirt, and donate it when you get back to the thrift store that funds the abused women’s shelter (I’m assuming there is one where you live).

  13. I love the border on that blanket. It is lovely.
    Buy a hoodie. If nothing else, it will be a reminder that nobody is perfect. 🙂

  14. Steph! You are going to be in St-Andrews-by-the-Sea, the home of Cottage Craft. There will be sweaters a-plenty from honest Canadian wool. Don’t buy an airport hoodie–buy a Cottage Craft sweater.
    Not to mention all the knitters who would happily loan you scarves, shawls, sweaters, mitts, hats . . Fear not. All will be well.

  15. If it was at all in my budget, I would go to the fair and get huge needles and huge, lofty yarn, then make a shrug out of a couple of skeins. Just work a long garter scarf wide enough to go around your arms and long enough to go from one wrist to the other, then sew the long edges together from the wrist to the underarm. It won’t be perfect, but it will be warm!

  16. Buy the hoodie so you don’t freeze! Then when you get home, donate it to a shelter. You’ve avoided becoming a Harlot Popsicle, AND paid it forward to help others. Win-Win.

  17. Oh no! I’ll send warm thoughts your way, but you may want to invest in a sweater/hoodie. I’d say ship one overnight from home, but that would probably cost about the same, if not more.
    Well, better leaving the knit stuff at home, than leaving behind the yarn (or bringing the yarn and leaving the needles and pattern behind), your passport, the phone charger, or any other number of essentials that are just as frustrating.

  18. Buy the hoodie and donate it when you no longer need it. Goodwill, homeless shelter, abused women’s shelter…your mistake could end up helping someone!

  19. it’s such a beautiful blanket – and I’m glad to see you found (or made-up?) the stitch that makes perfect circles! (if you don’t mind sharing what it is, I’d love to do such a stitch on my soon-to-be nephew’s blanket – the rest of his is rather boring compared to yours. Safe travels!

  20. You’ll be the shivering knitter with frostbite, for pity’s sake!!! Buy a hoodie!! Minutes feel like days when one is really cold!?

  21. I bet you could find a really gorgeous handcrafted shawl or sweater at KnitEast, and you know what, I bet you could barter. So you offer to make something of comparable value for the vendor, and send it. I bet anyone in the knitting\crafting community would adore having something made by you … it would be an amazing thing for them (because no doubt you would honour them in your blog) and you both would get something lovingly made … and no mass produced chain store stuff either!
    Just a thought

  22. There will be wonderful knitters there who will have knitted goods for you to borrow or do the thrift shop thing if you have time. Other than that time to not worry about it and have fun!
    To Presbytera’s burning question: It’s a knitter thing, not the bookstore speaking tour or sock summit freakout. If it were as important as knitted goods she’d tell us…eventually.

  23. Could be worse. I went away a couple of weeks ago for 5 days. Brought yarn, a sweater, but no knitting needles. And there was no time in our schedule to stop and get emergency needles. I twitched all weekend.

  24. Yes, leave it to Presbytera to cut to the chase. It’s a lot easier to buy a hoodie than a bra. The irony of your situation is killing me.
    Buy the sweatshirt/sweater, donate if it makes you feel better. Why suffer if you don’t have to?

  25. How long will you be there? Would an overnight delivery be possible, and would it be close to the cost of the hoodie? Then you would get to be surrounded by your own beautiful knits!

  26. jumping in again.
    I just kind of love the idea of an airport hoody, and the intro that would give to the class you teach… It would be very funny.
    “World famous knitter leaves sweater at home, teaches in store-bought hoody” – I can see the headlines….:)

  27. I am sure the generous knitting folk of New Brunswick can loan you some warm clothes for the weekend!
    I hope you can enjoy the fall colours and apples.

  28. Thus proving the verity of the title of your previous post!
    I agree with greta: Overnight delivery. Just spring for it. Then you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the fest.

  29. I was wondering what today’s blog post was going to be after last night’s tweet. I think you angered the Packing Gods.

  30. You’re in luck…it’s going to be warm in southeastern NB this weekend! Might not need too many woolies after all.

  31. Knitters are kind people, someone will lend you a shawl or sweater – – of course they’ll watch you carefully to make sure they get it back!!

  32. How long are you going to be away? Is it worth having someone from home express mail it to where you are staying?

  33. The first time we were evacuated for a forest fire my husband packed his socks and underwear in one bag and the rest of his clothes in the other. Not sure why he did that… Anyway, he left the underwear bag behind and we had to go to WalMart (the only store in our immediate area with clothes) to buy enough to get him by. So, an airport hoodie isn’t all that bad compared to WalMart undies.

  34. If you don’t end up being offered at least 50 sweaters or 100 shawls to borrow for the weekend, I will eat my current pair of socks-in-progress. You’re going to a place with many knitters, for heaven’s sake, and you have one of the most widely-read knitting blogs around! Just by mentioning you left everything at home, you will be showered with abundance. I can’t wait to hear about how generous all the lovely people are at that truly GORGEOUS place. Oh, for a turret room! (Please tell me you’re staying in a turret room!)

  35. On the one hand, I did laugh at leaving everything behind – something I have done and live in fear of doing (about an hour into a trip we start trying to figure out all the things we forgot)… On the other hand, buy a hoodie!! A great souvenir, fun to wear, comfy and cozy; along with a varied supply of sweaters and other knitty things, I also have a nice selection/collection of hoodies, and they are snuggly. Anyway – whatever you decide – have fun and a safe trip!

  36. So envious of your trip. Went to KnitEast two years ago and had a blast. This time, Donna offered to include my designs in the fashion show, but my budget will only allow one fall trip, so it’s going to be Rhinebeck. Maybe I’m starting to regret that decision…Get the hoodie; airplanes are notoriously draughty!

  37. Never fear, there’s going to be a very popular unscheduled event at Fibre East: Dress the Harlot!! You’ll soon be resplendent (and warm) in loaned shawls, hats, scarves, cardigans…

  38. another suggestion: I’m sure someone will loan you a handmade sweater once you tell them it will be featured on your blog. I think you really just wanted to justify a big yarn purchase!

  39. What Jo said! Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to bundle up/lend warm knitted items to their favorite knitting author during the event?

  40. I have an idea.. Wouldn’t it be fun if people were to ‘lend’ you a sweater you like, you wear it for a bit, blog it and then pick a shawl/scarf etc to borrow and on and on? Think of all the people who would lend and all the wonderful new ideas you would get for projects?

  41. I feel your pain, and I would, in a similar situation, also have a high internal resistance to buying a hoodie… but I also have a strong feeling that it won’t come to that! Have fun!

  42. Knitters are very nice people as I am sure you are aware……they bring you beer at book signings, no? I’m sure somebody will let you borrow a sweater or a rain jacket or a hoodie.
    Please, please next time at least throw some of your biking/running clothes in your suitcase so you’ll at least have some layers.

  43. Yes…can someone bring her a sweater for Gosh’s sakes!!! That’s the worst, it’s happened to me before. One time, I forgot my knitting…. my husband now ALWAYS askes if I have my knitting! It was a hard trip.

  44. I have done that twice! Once it was our clothes for a wedding! Definitely went shopping that time. The last time was when I was planning to be gone for 10 DAYS! I had socks, underwear and what I was wearing. My wonderful husband to the rescue. I have made aplan to prevent this happening again.

  45. I understand your frustration. I ran a half-marathon one year, and it was freezing. They were selling sweatshirts and whatnot, but I refused to buy one, because I had sweatshirts at home.

  46. Bummer. If you do end up buying a hoodie, you can always donate it to a homeless/domestic violence shelter afterwards.

  47. Hope you brought a working camera…because the part of the Venn chart where readers of your blog and attendees of this event are ill have you well insulated. And the rest of us are going to want to see the results!

  48. I was going to mock your packing optimism on Twitter last night, but it seemed unkind. Turns out you could manage the packing, it was the schlepping that took a turn for the unhappy. Buy a hoodie or sweatshirt to keep warm, but it should be a ‘souvenir’ one so it looks intentional and you can gift it to someone at home so you don’t have to be reminded of it when you open the drawer it’s stored in.

  49. I work in an airport, and we have some pretty nice things for sale in the terminal….things you could wear all season. I say splurge and go airport shop shopping!

  50. This is such a coincidence. I just arrived back at our hotel after buying hubby a rain/wind jacket. He forgot his coat at home (we’re in Kelowna) and didn’t realize that until we were in the baggage line at Pearson yesterday. I wonder if there’s a forget-your-outerwear virus going around the GTA.

  51. Oh no! I get so angry at myself when I do something like that! I get the not wanting to buy something for a few days…and I will leave you to your decision in that arena. Sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do. 🙂 Best of luck to you in your travels–no more forgetting stuff!

  52. Wish I were there! Having the Harlot photographed in one of my humble sweaters would grant long-term name-dropping rights. Sweatering the Harlot beats kinnearing!

  53. Brrrr!!! I vote for hitting the local thrift stores; you’ll find something decent on the cheap and be toasty warm! Have fun!!!

  54. Sounds familiar. We now own 4 strollers for one child. The last trip to visit my sister in Chicago we forgot to load the stroller. There’s no way I’m walking any distance in Chicago carrying a 35 pound two year old. So we bought one. It was cheaper than renting one. Too bad you can’t rent out knits!

  55. Can you have peeps at home send by Greyhound to you?
    Maybe some friendly knitter can share her surpus?

  56. I’d recommend buying a “souvenir” hoodie or sweatshirt first. You can always use it while gardening, raking leaves, washing the car, etc., later. And, it will help keep you from turning as blue as a Smurf.
    Then, because you do need some of your own handknits at any sort of knitters’ event, phone Joe. Tell him to overnight a shawl or two to you at the resort.
    Maybe you should make a habit of keeping a shawl or scarf in a Zip-Loc bag in your purse. . .right next to the bra!

  57. If someone lends the harlot a sweater, and she wears it, does it become the knitter’s equivalent of an Elvis concert scarf, to be treasured for eternity and never washed?!!! 🙂

  58. I told you so…interesting blog reading, but not so fun for you. At least the blanket is almost done. Looking great!!

  59. OK = = I see some garter rows followed by “bee stitch & lace . . . you have to tell us what the whole border is . . . it’s beautiful.
    I love this wee blanket – – I’ll knit it in a NY-minute . . . I have 2 babies who need “blankies” . . . tell all . . .
    Love & grins & lots of rest when your travels end.

  60. I say buy the hoodie. Winter is coming and I am sure it would make a much appreciated donation to a homeless person after it serves its purpose for you. What is a minor inconvenience and frustrating annoyance to you may be someone else’s saving grace.

  61. Remember the time your forgot underpants, and you put the word out, and you were deluged with underpants at your next stop on the tour? Well, I bet you’ll be showered with sweaters and shawls. Worry not, my friend. You’ll be kept safe and warm by legions of admirers.

  62. So bind off the shawl now, right where you are. Use it as a shawl. When you get home, undo the bind off and finish as originally intended.
    Someone will surely loan you a sweater.
    Julie in San Diego

  63. My solution would be this: buy a warm but cheap hoody, if possible dark colored and wear it with a hostess-pin pinned on it, saying: “I left all my knitted warm stuff home” then, at leaving for home, make sure it will be washed and donated to charity, winter is coming, some lucky one will have a warm hoody, even when sleeping rough. For a few dollars (more) you will be warm, people you meet will know why you are not wearing some knitted by you item and you will arive home to your knitwear, knowing someone else will be warm in your temporary hoodie and you will never have to wear it again. The baby blanket will be finished in relaxed time and not be the worst for being worn as a shawl for some days.

  64. It’s a fibre festival therefore by definition there are more shawls there than knitters, because (a) who could stop at just one and (b) you can never decide which to bring so you pack them all. Hopefully someone can lend you one, or maybe just buy lots of fibre, lay it out in a shawl shape and jump on it until it’s felted!

  65. You can wear the blanket as a shawl without edging, which you can knit when you get back. You can pin together 18 pairs of socks as a shawl. But really, this always happens because of packing in the morning – your suitase should be if not zipped at least complete at night. For some reason flights are always obscenely early, and security nonsense has only made that worse. You’re not awake, you cannot be expected to behave like a normal person. Night packing I tell you, that the only solution! (a reformed morning packer speaking here)

  66. Silly girl. Going to Stitches East. Don’t know ANYBODY there with a sweater? or shawl?
    borrow something!

  67. Could be worse. When my son was two we got to the airport and found out that we left his suitcase at home. The only clothes he had was what he was wearing. Luckily once we arrived I found everything he needed at Walmart on clearance and was able to get a week’s worth of clothes for about $30.

  68. So… it’s not just me?
    (Yeah, definitely a Pearson bug. I had to buy a new $10 watch the moment I landed in Victoria a few weeks ago.)

  69. SAD = you left all your warm knits on a chair at home.
    TRAGIC = you left them on the chair in your hotel room!
    HAPPY = how any knitter would feel to see you in their hand knits

  70. Buy something to keep warm then donate it to a local homeless shelter before you leave. You can stay warm for a few days and help a stranger stay a little warmer all winter.

  71. That is such a beautiful blanket – please will you write up the pattern when it’s done?

  72. I did that once, left a bag sitting in the driveway beside the car. Not only did I need what was in it (laptop, etc) but I didn’t want it sitting in the driveway for days! Got my mom to overnight it to my hotel. Expensive, but got my stuff and learned a very valuable lesson 🙂

  73. I’ve done the same thing when applying to grad school. Only I forgot the whole suitcase. It took me longer to find a decent bra than it took to find several outfits at the thrift store. Definitely go thrifting!

  74. Oh Steph! I feel for you so much! This is just the sort of thing that would make me hopping mad if it was me, so I’m pretty hopping mad on your behalf. But not mad with you. Now that I think about it, I’m not actually sure who I’m mad with.

  75. I was cat sitting for some friends who went out of town to a wedding. Left all of their wedding clothes hanging on the pulled-out top drawer of a bureau. Fortunately they were able to borrow clothes from friends and family living in the vicinity of the wedding. Maybe you can mooch from someone when you arrive?
    And I was going to say what the last post before I started writing this said – buy a very pretty skein of yarn and wear it as a cowl or drape-neck. Then you can knit it into something later on.

  76. Ok, since Presbytera brought it up, I once went camping with only the bra I was wearing. Don’t sweat it. It’s happened to us all. The people around you will make sure you stay warm. After all, that’s what knitters do, right?

  77. I totally agree & understand your irritation at having to buy a sweater or hoodie you’ll only need for a few days when you have perfectly serviceable similar items at home. Been there, done that. Let me throw an idea at you…thrift store. Either buy the item at the thrift store, if convenient, its a short term & inexpensive solution for a few days. Or buy the item, inexpensively at a Target or Kmart or something & donate it to a thrift store before you leave. You still stay under weight requirements for luggage, you stay warm when you need to, and someone else will be able to score an item expensively when they find it at the thrift store. Just a thought. 😀

  78. Well, in those circumstances, wasn’t the warm weather in St. Andrews a gift? As for me, I walked past my knit bag on my way out the door in Ottawa, so arrived without needles, yarn or other supplies. Begged and borrowed before attending your “Speed & Efficiency” class; walked in thinking that I hated 14″ needles, and walked out happy that I had managed to knit, purl and yarnover while lever knitting. My whiplashed neck thanks you!!
    Great class Stephanie!

  79. Think you need to start with a check list before you travel again. AND tick items off before you leave. Less chance of leaving things. Blanket is stunning

  80. I hope you were bombarded by friends and admirers with offers to loan you sweaters, scarves, etc!

  81. Knit East has how many knitters & how much yarn?
    Next Post: The Yarnbombing of the Yarn Harlot
    Photos showing you in a multicolored sweater standing next to a stack of handknit woolies taller than you are!
    Start a new Knit East tradition!

  82. The part of me that is laughing hysterically says that you should buy THE bulkiest yarn you can find; surely you’d have a sweater in a few hours. The more practical part is pointing out that at a fibre festival, the bulkiest yarn you can find might be basically rope, so maybe normal bulky yarn.
    The part of me that has been reading your blog for a few years is pretty sure that as soon as you land, you are going to be surrounded by knitters handing you gorgeous hand-made things and you won’t be cold at all. (Although the Yarn Bombing of the Yarn Harlot is a pretty good idea too.)

  83. Yes! Yarn Bombing of the Yarn Harlot! I love it!! I want pictures of that. :D:D So, Steph, you need to post pics of every piece of knitting you are loaned to keep you warm.

  84. Am I the only person jealous of the fact that you are somewhere cool enough to need a sweater? We still have the air conditioning on in Texas! Good luck, and whatever you decide, wear it in good health. I’m off to get a cold drink…

  85. I just returned from a glorious weekend of learning, socializing, and knitting at Knit East. I’m so happy it wasn’t cold and rainy like the event in 2011-but still it would have been nice to see all your work!

  86. Just ask people to lend you things “for the duration”. Afterwards, they’ll all be bragging that the Yarn Harlot wore their shawl, scarf, cardi, etc. A win-win situation!

  87. LOL! I found myself in Wisconsin last weekend with not ONE PAIR of the many handknit mittens I have in the bin at home! I decided I would wear my handknit socks on my hands before I would buy anything–and I also seriously considered getting yarn at the LYS and knitting them that afternoon, finishing before the sun went down and the temp started to plummet. My husband is very happy I scrapped that idea before it went very far!

  88. Two words: ‘thrift store’. You can even donate whatever you buy back at the end of the trip.

  89. You left behind your “show and tell”. Oh S**T. Steph sounds like a story for the next book is in there somewhere. Lemons to lemonade.
    All the people who attended Knit East will buy a copy. Enough said.

  90. I make and wear a lot of shawls because it is a socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public. So, I don’t see any reason why you can’t use a baby blanket like a shawl.

  91. When I was caught in San Francisco this March without a sweater, I went to a Goodwill and grabbed a sweater. Easy and cheap!

  92. Ha! I was getting on to tell you that posts like this are why I love your blog, just knowing you are real and forget stuff and feel stupid like I do. But I now see that a million spammers are already telling you how great your post is! Hope you are keeping warm!

  93. You are also in a world of generous people who could all probably loan you a sweater for a bit, although I would expect photos to appear in a blog somewhere.

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