Like a House of Cards

Well. There you have it.  It turns out that my title of the meanest mum in the world might have been trumped by my own love of all things matching (and yes, Presbytera is right, like she always is, and I do sort of have a thing.)

Sam is now the proud owner of a delightfully matchy pair of fingerless mitts.

Pattern Sakura Fingerless Mitts. Yarn: Sakura Cotton.

…and I didn’t stop there. I’m not just a person who likes matchy stuff, I’m also a person who’s pretty decidedly cheap thrifty. The idea of having knit whole mitt for no damn reason just rankled too much, so when I was done knitting the third…

Yup.  One skein, two pairs.  Done like dinner, and now I’m a gift ahead on Christmas. That’s right, I said it.  (75 days knitters. Start thinking it over.) 

PS. No yarn, although it’s been transferred to Canada Post, which is a very good sign.  It might be as far away from here as it can be (Vancouver) but that’s only 4 hours away by plane… right? There’s no baby either, although I’m walking a fine line, so far, so good.

PPS. The cool sippy cup top to Sam’s jar is a Cuppow. (Props to Soulemama for the hook-up. I’m not a "drinking out of jars" type myself.)

PPPS. To answer the question, Sam’s nail polish is Sinful Colors "Easy Going" Or as Sam said. "Something cheap. I’m a teenager."

PPPPS. Because someone will ask, Sam kept the pink pair.