Maybe this truck is the mail

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here, and while I’m looking forward to days of family and food, there’s no Saturday mail service here, and Monday is an official holiday so that means that if the yarn doesn’t come today it can’t possibly come until Tuesday, and the thought of that makes me want to weep a little. I know it’s no failure that matters if the blanket isn’t done and the baby comes, but right now I’m thinking about this baby arriving any minute, and not having a blanket, some part of me is screaming  "YOU HAD ONE JOB" and I’m apologizing over and over.  This is, I know, because my heart is leading my brain around like I’m a well trained pony at a county fair. I just like things to be so right, not because I’m an obsessive freak (okay, fine… I might be that too) but because effort and energy are how me make people feel loved, and I want this baby to feel loved, and I want his or her parents to feel loved and really, I’m me, so it’s REALLY HARD TO DO THAT WITHOUT YARN. 

I’m going to take a deep breath, and acknowledge that babies who are loved half to death are born with so much less than this baby will already have, and that in the grand scheme of things this blanket is totally irrelevant…
and then I’m going to go check the mailbox again because I can’t believe this is happening.

Needless to say I’ve been knitting like a wild thing while I pace frantically around the house. These socks are the latest fruit of that hysteria.  Started months ago, they’ve kicked around my purse for a while.

A round here, a round there… (pattern is my basic one from Knitting Rules)

Then yesterday whammo.  I was turning the heel on the second one when I picked them up yesterday, and before I went to bed there it was. A finished pair. (As an aside, have we ever talked about how hard it is to take pictures of your own feet?)

I went this morning to look up what the yarn was, and had a little laugh.  (I take pictures of the ball bands now so that I can’t forget.)  It’s Super Sweet Sock in "Knit City 2012" and that’s pretty funny, because in two weeks I’ll be at Knit City 2013.  Crazy, right? I didn’t even think of that while I was knitting them.  It’s going to be a fun thing, wearing these at that.  Sock yarn harmony, if ever there was some. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go knit the baby a hat. Or a sweater.
Or maybe another blanket – one I have enough yarn for.
C’mon yarn.