I am not getting cocky though

I’m sitting in a hotel in Northampton, so close to WEBS that it hurts (I’ll be there in just a few hours) and I am seaming  a sweater. 

I have long imagined that Afterlight would be my Rhinebeck Sweater.  I’ll be seeing Amy, and she was a big part of knitting this one. Well, I take that back. She didn’t knit any parts of it – but she still helped a lot.  Afterlight is exactly the sort of sweater that I love.  Seemingly plain and understated, but with a lot of classy details that make it exquisite. Tubular cast-ons, beautifully designed decreases, and because it is Amy Herzog, absolutely fabulous shaping.  I even splurged for some fabulous yarn. ( Ultra MCN from Indigodragonfly, in "Where’s the Regenerate Switch on This Convertible")

This sweater represents the first sincere effort I have made to knit a sweater that fits me the way that other people think clothes should fit me.  Personally, I have a real tendency to knit (and wear) things that are sort of oversized. I don’t like clingy clothes or tight clothes, and it means that sometimes (most of the time) my clothes aren’t as flattering as they could be. So, enter Amy.  She’s got this thing about knits that fit , and she knows how things should go, and so I’m trusting her. When I knit this, I totally put myself in her hands, and she told me what to do, and I did it without adding or changing anything.

I’ve been so anxious about it that I haven’t really tried it on.  I got gauge. Amy is smarter than me. I’m trusting her.  Simple sweaters need really beautiful finishing though, so I’m moving slowly, making my seams so pretty, and there’s only the neckband to go.

I’m almost afraid to say it, but I might not have to rush a Rhinebeck sweater – for once.