Rhinebeck Eve

I’m off to Webs to play with knitters for the morning (can I just say one thing about Webs? They’re terrific, and really, I know that the excellent experience I have there every time is because Steve and Kathy are great, and they treat their staff great and then the staff treat the customers great and… I just love it there. Everything about it. I’m so grateful to know them.) Then it’s into the car, and up the Rhinebeck for my favourite holiday of the year.  My sweater isn’t done but it’s almost done, and it’s even the kind of almost done that means I should take other knitting in the car for the trip. It’s like a Rhinebeck miracle.

I can’t take these – my lost and found socks.  I was going to link to the yarn, but it turns out that the business is finished (for the best of reasons, the owner’s having a baby) and this great  yarn is no more. If you want to hunt it in the wild, it’s DeKay Duet, from A Swell Yarn Shop. 

and maybe someday it will be back, but in the mean time, on this, the eve of a knitters holiday and a big yarn opportunity, let this be a lesson to you. 

This is why we have stash.

See you at Rhinebeck, and if you can’t be there, I’m sorry.  I’ll think of you, and pat a sheep in your name – and you can always watch Gale Zucker’s fabulous Rhinebeck Style video. It just about made me cry, and I have no idea why.