Randomly, on a Friday

1. I am writing this post from 35 000 ft above the earth, as I fly from Toronto to Vancouver for Knit City.

2. I have taken hundreds and hundreds of planes and I still think it is amazing that I can cross such a huge chunk of Canada in only 5 hours. 

3. Some planes even have wi-fi on them, but this one doesn’t. I’ll post this when I get to the hotel. 

4. While I was at Rhinebeck, I fell down hard in the Fiber Optic booth. Worst of all, on my way to the ground I accidentally swiped my credit card, and a whole bunch of her gradient series things ended up in my bag. I got roving, and I got 3 (three) of her paintbox gradients that are already yarn.  If I had a bigger yarn budget, I would have got more because holy cow were they captivating.

5. I love this one:

Tangerine to Turquoise, in her sock yarn.

6. I think part of the problem with the gradient kits was that I knew about this pattern. Spectral.

7. I’m having a really, really fun time knitting this, and Kimber (she’s the Fiber Optic lady) told me about this way of knotting your knitting so there aren’t any ends to weave in,  even though there’s 15 mini skeins in a colourway. Check out this video.

8. She said it worked great, and I thought she was full of it, but I watched the video, I tried it, and she wasn’t lying.  It’s amazing. You can’t see the knot at all – you can feel it, so I’d never do this for socks, and I think that it might show up if you were doing smooth stockinette, but in anything with texture? AMAZING.

9. No. I don’t think it’s going to come apart – I really, really tested it, and why would I do it if I thought it was going to come apart?

10. I sort of had a little bit of a spasm and knit Myrie a little hat.  I had the leftovers from Windward still kicking around, and that yarn is so soft and she’s a baby born on the eve of the Canadian winter. She’s going to need hats.

Pattern: Bouncing Baby Set, from Homespun, Handknit. Yarn: Madeleinetosh Tosh Merino Light.

11. So I made bootees too.

Cutest Bootees – no pom poms.

12. Did you hear about this? Meg Swanson over at Schoolhouse Press has co-ordinated an auction of Barbara Walkers knitting. Actual things actually knit by Barbara Walker. She’s selling them off, and you can own a piece of history if you want. There’s going to be three groupings, but flip through and have a look.  There’s some amazing things there.
13. I am in Vancouver now and holy cow with the fog. One of the craziest landings of my life. 

14. Also, I lied.  I said I would post this from the the hotel, and I’m posting it from the cab, because we live in the future, and everything is a miracle.