She Won’t Get Lost In the Snow

Oh. Look.  I got home last night, and so happy to be here, despite the chaos and the way the cups are all the wrong way in the cupboard. (The mature part of me is just happy they put them all away clean. The immature part of me switched them all round this morning.)
The flight home yesterday was really nice, and I can’t say that about many flights, but the seat next to me was empty, and it changes everything.  I knit (and watched season three of Game of Thrones- don’t worry about spoilers, I’ve read the books) and finished the beautiful Spectral Cowl that I was working on.

Pattern: Spectral Cowl. Yarn: Fiber Optics Paintbox in Foot Notes Colourway: Tangerine to Turquoise. (bought at Rhinebeck.)

I blocked it last night, and this afternoon it was ready for its photoshoot.

Sam loved modeling this, begged to keep it, and when I refused, offered to BUY IT.

A teenager and  her money are not soon parted, so I know she must really, really love it.

I didn’t let her buy it, but you can bet it will be under the tree at Christmas, with her name on it. 

PS. I’m thinking about making another out of Kauni.

PPS. Clara Parkes is coming to town tonight, and I’ll be there.  Will you? Lets show her how Toronto feels about The Knitting. She’ll be at A Good Read tonight at 7pm. Let’s make her welcome. 

PPPS. There’s a good pub down the street.