Randomly on Halloween

 1. Thanks for the patience you guys have shown over the last few days as the blog went up and down and up and down and commenting was shut off and came on and shut off and came on.

2. We think it should be more stable now (by we, I mean the amazing Ken.)

3. Although you can’t tell, it’s been upgraded to the most current version of Moveable Type.

4. This might make it possible for me to figure out a way to block the fantastic amount of content spam the blog has been targeted by.  (By fantastic, I mean incredible. 90 000 comments in the last few weeks.) As fast as I ban the offenders IP, another springs up. We (and again, that we is the amazing Ken) are looking at options that would help a lot – like a captcha or something like it. We’re hoping there’s one that’s fun and easy for you guys. (I’m highly motivated here, because I can never read those things.)

5. I’ve been knitting Joe socks for a while.

Two skeins of Huntington doesn’t quite make a pair of socks for my big footed husband, so I’d stretched it by adding stripes.  Three at the cuff, three at the toe.

6. Now it’s time to do the three stripes at the toe and I have apparently lost the little ball of leftovers I was using for the stripes.

7. Joe is pretty much a super conservative dresser, and so this is a bit of a thing.
Would you:

a) Get more Huntington in grey, and have a plain sock.
b) Have a hunt around the house and see if I can find something that’s sort of like the stripey stuff.
c) Go nuts.  Screaming pink stripes, or yellow, or something contrasting, because if it can’t match, what the hell.
d) Something really smart that you have thought of that I didn’t yet.

8. I am going to give a good talk in Rockland, Maine at Over the Rainbow Yarn on Saturday night.  I’m pretty sure there are still spots.  I’d love to see you. It’s super interesting and pretty fun.

9.  In our house, Halloween is known as "Joe’s Birthday Eve."

10. I will be handing out candy anyway.

11. Lou is dressing like a racoon.