All Kinds of Miracle

Friday morning I did my level best to convince myself it didn’t matter if the blanket yarn arrived or not.  Friday afternoon I was having a harder time, and when the post didn’t arrive and I had to reconcile myself to the situation, I was pretty upset.  I know that the idea of a baby getting their blanket a few days late seems like a no brainer to a lot of you, but it didn’t seem to me like it was going to be a few days.  The soonest the yarn could arrive was today, and I’m leaving tomorrow (Rhinebeck Ho!) and there wouldn’t be time to both knit it and block it before I left and that would mean that for the new plan to work, the baby had to be ten days late. I was upset, but I was trying to be okay with it. I’m adult that way.

All that exploded when I heard that Robyn’s labour had started.  Any peace I had found with it, any acceptance that I felt in my heart evaporated in an instant.  I snapped. I decided that somewhere close to me there had to be one ball of that yarn, and I started looking.  I tweeted. You guys retweeted. I blogged, I went on Ravelry, I followed up leads and stuck with it until finally I got a tweet near midnight from a knitter named Martha who had a skein of the yarn I needed –

@MJPomilio 11 Oct
@YarnHarlot I can get a skein to you at the Toronto/Buffalo border crossing in 4 hours. Dead serious!

and suddenly Operation Swift Blanket was underway.  "Joe" I said, "We’re going to Buffalo." We all had a sleep, and bright and early the next morning, we were on the road.  Joe and I drove like thunder, thinking the whole time that we couldn’t believe that someone was willing to do this for us. (Let us pause for a minute and also notice that Joe was willing to do this. When I thanked him, he just said "It’s for my niece or nephew too.") All the way to Fort Erie, we talked about how amazing Martha was, and how it was going to be her that made it possible for the new baby to have a blanket on their birthday.  (It was rather clear by now that Saturday would be the baby’s birthday.)  Knitters, meet Martha.

Hours after "meeting" on Twitter, we were in one of the world’s dodgiest Chinese restaurants, buying Martha lunch, throwing presents at her, and none of it was enough.  See, by the time we got to the border, we knew something wonderful.   Our niece had arrived.

The race was on to have a blanket finished by the time we were able to meet her.  Lucky for me, Martha is so smart and kind that she wound the yarn before she brought it, and I was able to join it in the restaurant, and knit all the way home. 

Funny thing about that yarn, just a crazy thing.  Martha had just ordered it.  It had arrived at her house the day before, and she had only ordered one skein – and she couldn’t explain why.  She had no plan for it, it wasn’t enough to do anything with… it had just found her way into her cart on Monday, and shipped to her house just in time for her to see my tweet. More than that? Martha doesn’t do twitter much.  She’s got no explanation for what possessed her to order a skein of white yarn she didn’t need, and then hop onto twitter.

Me? I’ve got a pretty good idea that it was her knitter instincts taking over. Somewhere, somehow, the need for the yarn was so big and so mighty, that Martha heard the call, and responded the way that only a knitter can.  It was a yarn miracle.

I wasn’t able to finish the blanket on the drive home (turns out I might have underestimated the amount of work left by a few hours) but I kept knitting when I got here, and by 8pm it was blocking on our bed upstairs.

(Forgive the crappy picture. It was dark.)
By midnight it wasn’t yet dry, so Joe and I found other beds, and the next morning when it was finished, it was glorious.

Baby blanket, my own pattern, one of a kind. (9 skeins of Loopy Ewe solid series, in white.)  This blanket has pines, for the camping and out of doors Chris and Robyn love so much, and I’m sure they’ll share with their daughter.

Bee stitch, for what a busy little bee the baby was on the inside, rings – for the circle of family and love that surrounds this child-

and waves…

for both of her parents come from islands. 

How did it end up?  Blog, welcome Myrie…

or at least her tiny feetsies, that’s as much of our wee niece her parents are ready to share with you, and they get to choose.  She’s very new, and they’re keeping her lovely, perfect, healthy baby self close – for now.

(PS. Her middle name isn’t Martha, but I think it should be.)

504 thoughts on “All Kinds of Miracle

  1. Awesome. The world of knitting/yarn is so large and yet so close – the kinship is so very real. Glad that you were able to find the yarn and get the blanket finished. Congrats to the new bebe and her parents. Kudos to you for your patience and impatience.

  2. What beautiful, perfect, tiny feet. Under such a beautiful, perfect, enoooorrrmous blanket! (…assuming you have something larger than a twin bed) And what a wonderful Martha!
    Many congratulations to your family, especially to her parents.

  3. Feets are enough!! Congratulations all!! Lovely feets, lovely blanket, lovely Martha. Welcome Myrie, to a world where miracles still happen!

  4. BRAVO!!!! (and what a beautiful sight – 2 beautiful little feet and 1 beautiful blanket to keep them warm…)

  5. Wonderful baby, wonderful blanket and Martha is a wonder as well.
    Congratulations on the arrival of your wee niece.

  6. You just made me cry on my birthday. But that’s ok, it was the good kind of cry. 😉 Blessings to all of you!

  7. That blanket is so beautiful. I’m glad the stars aligned and you were able to finish it for the baby. I hope we get to see more of her soon.
    What a terrific person Martha is to not only give you the yarn you needed but also wind it. Knitters are so awesome!

  8. Knitterhood is powerful indeed! What a story baby Myrie will hear, and be able to tell her own children and grandchildren someday.

  9. Knitterhood is powerful indeed! What a story baby Myrie will hear, and be able to tell her own children and grandchildren someday.

  10. Hooray! Glad the saga of the baby blanket had a happy ending! the blanket and the baby’s feet are beautiful.
    Kudos to Martha and Joe for their help in your achievement.

  11. Best way to start my work week EVER!!! I was following the twitter posts with amazement and joy on Friday night. It’s so incredible how small the world actually is 🙂
    Welcome little Myrie (Martha), it would seem that you’ve been born into the best kind of family there is!

  12. I saw Martha’s tweet and the beginning of your exchange late on Friday here in Connecticut, and I actually got up early on Saturday to look for any follow ups! What a wonderful adventure and a beautiful blanket!

  13. The blanket turned out beautiful, and a great story about the yarn. It seems perfectly sensible to me. 🙂

  14. This whole story, in a word-AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats to your entire family. Those feet are so darn cute:)

  15. Ahh, those feetsies are so the cutest!
    And that blanket… I am speechless. Your speech about heirloom a few week ago? ….get it now. Xx

  16. Ahh, those feetsies are so the cutest!
    And that blanket… I am speechless. Your speech about heirloom a few week ago? ….get it now. Xx

  17. A knitting Fairy tale!! So happy all is well with the new parents and the tiny one!! Martha was soooo generous! Knitters are the best. The blanket is beyond beautiful!!!! Heirloom indeed!

  18. Wow. Just wow.
    I really needed this today. Kudos to you, Joe, Martha (wow, Martha, I think she might be the perfect Dr. Who companion! Look at that foresight! Look at those fantastic instincts!), Myrie’s parents, and of course Myrie herself.
    The stars have already aligned once for Myrie. I can’t begin to imagine what sort of amazing adventures lie ahead of her, and her family.
    That makes me really, really happy on a day I really, really needed it. Yay!

  19. Congrats on finishing your blanket (and thanks, Martha!) – it is absolutely beautiful.
    I think the problem with you running out of yarn for baby blankets is that you’re thinking “baby blanket” when you start, but you’re actually making a bedspread. 🙂
    Beautiful baby feet – congrats to all.

  20. The miracle yarn story, the beauty of the blanket, those tiny feet: I burst into tears!
    Congrats to your fam!

  21. Congratulations to everyone. This whole thing – from the call out for yarn to the birth announcement – brought tears to my eyes several times. Amazing!

  22. That blanket is simply stunning. And baby feet are among my most favorite things.
    YAY, Martha!!!!

  23. Hooray!! Congratulations on a new niece who is safely arrived. That’s a beautiful blanket she is wrapped in. A knitting miracle indeed.

  24. this story brought me nearly to tears sitting at my desk and eating my lunch. so lovely to hear about the lengths that people will go for each other, even if it is through some random act of universe awareness. beautiful. (and the blanket is gorgeous too)

  25. WOW. What a happy, happy way to start a life! Thank you, Martha, thank you Stephanie and Joe and the new parents, and welcome to the world, little Myrie!

  26. A beautiful blanket as always!!!! Oh and what cute little toosie whoassies, I just want a little nibble….just a little

  27. I have been anxiously awaiting the result of this little drama, and you never disappoint! Got a little teary too, what a champ Martha is! and Joe! and you! and tiny-footed Myrie! Well done all, and as always, thanks for sharing!

  28. One of the most beautiful, astonishing, uplifting stories I have read in an age!! A gorgeous blanket, and the loveliest liddle feet…

  29. Wow, you have such an amazing life, filled with such amazing stories and I love that you share them with us I am glad the blanket saga ended well. And judging by the feet, that is one cute baby!!
    What happened to yarn you had ordered?

  30. A very warm Aloha to Myrie.
    Once again, I am gobsmacked by the way the knitting community comes together in times of need!
    Yay Martha. Wonderful synchronicity at work.

  31. widdle tiny baby feetsies!!
    in a beautiful blanket.
    that combination is not good for my ovaries. 🙂

  32. Oh gosh, her little feetsies are so beautiful. Honestly I love this whole blanket story so much I have tears in my eyes.
    (Is there a sign up list for when the pattern’s written?)

  33. My daughter turned 9 on Saturday. It’s a very good day to be born. The blanket is lovely, and clearly filled with love. It’s hard to imagine any better gift for a new person.

  34. This post made me cry – the details, the thought and love you knit into that blanket are so wonderful. I’m glad the yarn miracle happened, too, of course!

  35. Beautiful, beautiful baby feetsies, blanket, Martha, Joe, Stephanie, Robyn, and Chris! What a great story, perfect for a little girl’s entrance into this world. I’ve shed a happy tear or two, and think I’m going to go back and read it all again! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  36. Behold the perfect incarnation of heirloom. Wishing a long happy life for the newest member of your family.

  37. What a wonderful karmic alignment! Yea, Martha and Stephanie – a fantastic tag team. Well done, Robyn. Welcome, Myrie.

  38. The wee little feetsies are the best anyway! Who can resist nibbling them?
    Yay Martha! I love knitting miracles. It’s astounding how often they happen and they are always cool.

  39. Oh Hooray – the Karma bus finally brought Martha, yarn and the baby – what a perfect trio. Humans can be beautiful and the world needs that thought right now.

  40. Followed the Yarn Flight on Twitter. Most exciting! Hurrah for Martha — and the karma that had her ordering 1 skein of that yarn with no plans in mind.
    And — I ADORE baby feet photos. So precious.

  41. Felicitations! A miracle for a miracle, what an event! I really didn’t think it was possible to have it finished in time. Was I ever wrong! I should have had more faith in you and the amazing knitting world we live in. You made a beautiful blanket that frames her perfect little feet perfectly. I am particularly drawn to the bee border, it reminds me of a shetland lace stitch pattern. Did you make it up or did you find it in a book somewhere? Hope everyone is settling in well.

  42. WOW! Knitters are absolutely the best and your story brought a smile and lifted my heart after a hellish day and 1/2 here at the office. It puts things in perspective to read stories like this – welcome Myrie (what a pretty name)…you have a wonderful family and the best auntie EVER!

  43. that Martha is actually a very wonderful person. I met her about a month ago and she is pretty dang wonderful. I am so glad she was about to help!

  44. The symbolism of the different stitches is wonderful, and I can imagine just how it must feel to snuggle a brand new person in that much knitting. 🙂

  45. What a beautiful blanket–I love how you put the pattern elements together.
    As for Martha–well she’s a knitter and we’re all like that, right? 😉

  46. This is the best blog post ever! YAY, MARTHA! and WELCOME MYRIE! Her parents are so kind to share a feetsie pic with us. Everyone knows that’s the best part! Congratulations!!

  47. What an amazing story!! The world does work in mysterious and wonderful ways! Congratulations on your new niece – you have a great story to tell her someday! The blanket is just beautiful!

  48. The picture of Myrie’s tiny little feet remind me of my grandmother who always wanted to see the babies’ feet! She always unwrapped the babes to look and cuddle their feet.
    The posts and tweets need to be copied and put into Myrie’s baby book. It is a wonderful story that could not have been made up fiction.
    Congratulations to all and hugs to Martha for helping make the blanket’s gifting timely.

  49. all i can say is there is a knitting higher power (actually i would say God, but not all are comfortable with the G word)…Martha is a higher power send…

  50. I was so touched by this story and by the generosity of Martha, Joe, and Stephanie in making sure this precious baby had the most perfect gift. The blanket is awesome!

  51. Kudos to Martha, Joe, and you. Welcome Myrie!
    This whole story makes me homesick for western New York and reminds me that I’m always surprised by how nice people are there when I go back. I’m also nostalgic for Chinese food in Fort Erie, accompanied by Canadian beer.

  52. Totally awesome on all accounts!!! Myrie is blessed to have you as her aunt. Thank you for sharing your pictures and events with us.

  53. Oh congratulations, Stephanie, and bless you Martha!! Your blanket is AMAZING!! Congratulations to all of the family!

  54. Wonderful! So happy that all worked out. Love the blanket and the baby feet. Squee!!! sorry just couldn’t resist. 🙂

  55. Such an amazing story of knitterly kindness and generosity. Welcome to your new niece. The story of her blanket — and that beautiful blanket — will be passed down for many generations. Congratulations.

  56. Such an amazing story of knitterly kindness and generosity. Welcome to your new niece. The story of her blanket — and that beautiful blanket — will be passed down for many generations. Congratulations.

  57. It was quite a time following this on Twitter (which I rarely do but checked when I saw the posting on Friday and figured Twitter was the best source for updates). Welcome to Myrie and all the best to Martha.

  58. Awesome! Yay for Martha having the yarn, yay for Joe driving you, and yay for sweet Myrie arriving safely. 🙂

  59. I think Martha has gained some fans because of her awesome knitterly instincts. Also if you ever write out the pattern for the blanket, I’d totally buy it. 😀 Not for a baby, but I want the blanket. XD

  60. Beautiful blanket and beautiful story. I’m a little familiar with the drive from Toronto to the Buffalo border, so I think Joe deserves even more credit than you gave him:-)

  61. Congrats to everyone and thanks to Martha. Welcome baby Myrie. After seeing those adorable little feetsies,I will be talking baby talk all day.

  62. What beautiful baby feet wrapped in a beautiful blanket! This whole saga is just more proof that knitterly togetherness is mysterious but very, very powerful. Welcome to the world, Myrie — what a lovely tale your mom will have to tell you about your aunt when you get a bit older! And Martha totally ROCKS!
    Also, I just saw your latest tweet. Of course the yarn just arrived in today’s post! It wouldn’t have been right if it hadn’t. And once again, the knitting grapevine/gods still manage to outwit the delays of postmen and customs agents!

  63. Incredible!! Knitters are incredible people! You rock, Martha! Joe is a great guy too. And you are a fabulous person, knitter and artist.
    Congrats to everyone and blessings on Myrie and her parents. She has beautiful toes!

  64. Beautiful baby feet all wrinkled as they should be.
    What happened with Martha is called Yarma!

  65. Martha is awesome!
    Oh those baby toes!!! I have my own baby in my lap (18months) and had to give him a hug and rub his toes.
    Sorry I think it might be a mom thing.

  66. Everything in this post is lovely and wonderful. Oh, and beautiful. That blanket! It’s a beautiful heirloom. And the baby is lovely, what we can see of her. There is nothing more lovely than sweet newborn baby feet. And Joe is certainly a wonderful husband, cooperating as he did so willingly to help you get your yarn. And Martha–that part is just a knitting miracle. The only exception to the lovely and beautiful would be the Chinese food. Was that in Fort Erie? Anyway, no food poisoning ensued, so all is well.

  67. What a beautiful blanket, adorable baby feet, and a heartwarming story! Three cheers for Martha! And for Joe driving and for you knitting. 🙂

  68. I talk on my blog about Knitter’s Intuition, but a new word came to mind reading your post: “Yarnacle”. Yarn-Miracle.
    Beautiful baby feet! Congrats!

  69. Welcome Myrie. What a lucky little one you are to have such a beautiful blanket to keep you warm as we head in to Winter. I know it will become a keepsake for all time.

  70. WHat a great story to go with the heirloom blankie! It really takes a village…or an international event!! Congrats on the new addition to the family. I may be wrong, but I BELIEVE Myrie means Martha in some unique language! (I am an interpreter by profession! and know the road of which you speakvery well!! ) Happy days! Now the fun of aunt/uncle hood begins with another new one!

  71. This blog entry just makes me smile and smile. Hooray for Aunties and wee ones and telepathic knitter twitter.

  72. I am writing my BA thesis on how the Internet changed the craft world, and knitting in particular.This story is a prime example why the topic fascinates me so much.
    And you know? Miracles do happen, sometimes.
    Martha, Joe, the blanket, the Baby, you, Stephanie, and the story…all so wonderful.

  73. OMG, couldn’t you just gobble up those feet!??!! The blanket is incredibly beautiful with so much meaning tucked into it.
    (And way to go, Martha!)

  74. WOW! What a wonderful story! The blanket is totally awesome. What a wonderful ‘bedspread’ for the wee Myrie. Martha is amazing also. And Joe. All in all, a miracle for those tiny baby feet. Yes, it all goes into her baby book. None of her future friends will be able to top this story. Somewhere in her growing she will be embarrassed, but all in all she will know what a true knitting miracle is. And that’s a good thing. This has got to go in a book!! Just saying. And yes, I cried. :D:D

  75. Gah! That totally just made me cry. 🙂 How wonderful, all of it!
    PS. I would love to purchase the pattern of said blanket someday, should you wish to sell it. It’s beautiful. 🙂

  76. Looks like the little peach color heart bonnet that you made for the shower was exactly the right choice. I am so happy that you now have a tiny niece to love alongside your two wonderful nephews. Blessings to all of you.

  77. Yea Martha! So glad you were able to finish that fabulous blanket, for such beautiful feet 🙂 congratulations to all involved.

  78. The amount of thought and symbolism that went into that beautiful blanket is just amazing. And Martha just proves that knitters are the best people. I think it’s very appropriate that this all went down on Thanksgiving weekend. Your family has much to be thankful for.
    P.S. Myrie’s tiny little toes are adorable!

  79. Reality is truly stranger than fiction.
    What a beautiful heartwarming story.
    The comments already reflect everything I am thinking, so I will just say “ditto” and add another congratulations to everyone involved in the blanket saga.

  80. It is something like that that totally warms my heart. Well done karma and the Twitterverse. Well done Martha – you are a wonderful person to have provided the yarn miracle that was needed.

  81. Martha – thank you.
    Stephanie – thank you.
    A story to make you feel happy to be a knitter.

  82. Beautiful story, beautiful blanket, beautiful name.
    Beautiful way to make a new knitter friend.
    Had to look up the name, and found some rather extended blather, but also found this:
    First name origin & meaning:
    American: Able
    (All right, don’t make too much of the fact it says “American”. Another website didn’t list a meaning, but labeled it as Australian.)
    Variant of Mary?
    And I think I prefer “capable”.

  83. A Beautiful Blanket for beautiful baby toes! Bet the rest of her is pretty gorgeous. As to that Universe thing, good thing you only use your powers for good!

  84. The feets are wonderful and the blanket is amazing. Now that I know the meaning of all the elements I can see that my prior suggestion to leave the blanket without the wave edging was completely wrong headed!
    Myrie is a lucky girl with every advantage this world can offer! Welcome!

  85. What a gorgeous , beautiful , large blanket!! How wonderful that Martha had the yarn . Thank you to Martha and Joe and you for driving to get the right yarn . Congratulations to all on your new baby niece. Loved all the pictures of the blanket but especially the picture with her sweet baby feet.

  86. Blessings and welcome, Myrie!! And Martha, what an angel she is for listening to the call of the yarn!! And that blankie! Almost as beautiful as its new owner!! Wonder of wonders!! 🙂

  87. Beautiful blanket, wonderful story, precious baby..feet.
    (We use to say our son had ‘playdoh toes’ because they looked like they were stuck on as on after thought 🙂
    Too cute.)
    Congrats on a job well done.
    A life well lived is made up of stories such as these.

  88. I politely disagree about Happy Jacks Restaurant, but I’m glad you were able to get your blanket finished.

  89. every birth is a miracle, every creation wrought by hand or God is equally so! this time, both came together to create a “welcome to the world” birth story that will be as much of a gift to Myrie as the blanket is, itself. Love to all (baby, parents, extended family and ‘aunt’ Martha!) 😉

  90. A sweeter, toastier pair of feet and ten toes simply does not exist. Welcome to the world!

  91. A miracle for sure. Made chills up and down and all over. What a community we have created on the internet. Kudos all around.

  92. Awww…fighting back the tears on this one! you pulled it off once again…absolutely beautiful blanket…

  93. This might be my favorite knitting post ever. Seriously, it has everything! Joe’s spousal support, Martha’s committment to our community, a car ride drama, a baby, and best of all a gorgeous, sentimental heirloom blanket. Nicely done, all!

  94. Somebody has to be the one to say this –
    Why all the drama, when you had plenty of time (after you assessed the amount of yarn you actually had) to revise the blanket to use the amount on hand? The blanket is your design and also could have been revised by you with no hair-pulling, Twitter-shrieking, international pseudo emergency at all. That’s all I wanted to say.

  95. Such an epic WIN story! It was so heartening to read on Twitter. Thanks be to Martha!
    And congrats to the new parents of course.
    ( And I have to guess the sweater Martha is wearing – is it Funky Grandpa? )

  96. What a lovely ending to this story…this blanket…and those baby toes?? the most precious thing ever! I did get a bit teary when you were describing the parts of the blanket and why…how absolutely wonderful and sweet! thank you for sharing…and Martha? it is the knitting community that continues to confirm the tribe we belong to!

  97. Non-knitters think we make this stuff up all the time.
    Now that you have the extra yarn, put it down and go work on Joe’s gansey. He’s a hero. The man didn’t even blink, I bet, when you told him to grab his car keys, drive like a polite maniac, and sleep on the chesterfield after arriving home.

  98. Totally choked up when reading this. Knitters are good people. Baby tootsies are pure perfection. That blanket is absolutely glorious. Life is good.

  99. That blanket is simply stunning! And yay! for Martha! I saw the twitter exchange – wonderful how things worked out.

  100. Awesome! It’s just so terrific to hear about something that works out that well. And the picture? One of the best baby & blanket pictures ever.

  101. This is one of those blog stories I will actually read aloud to my husband, proving the power of knitters!

  102. Beautiful story and feets! I can’t wait to see myrie playing with the ball winder before you know it. Welcome myrie!

  103. Okay, look. I know there are people out there that think it’s odd and over the top and maybe a bit out of whack to just not be patient and to have waited for the yarn to arrive and for you to gotten back from Rheinbeck to finish the blanket.
    But here’s the thing, how is it not the absolutely coolest thing in the world that there are people out there willing to do nice things for each other?
    If there are people out there willing to go to these lengths for *yarn*, what else are we willing to do?
    Kindness is always a good thing. Hearing about how folks will do nice things for another person is always a good thing. Hearing about how cool humans can be is always a good thing.
    Thank you for sharing this story. Thank you, Martha, for being a good example to all of us.

  104. the knitters of the world never cease to amaze me! Meghan, you are the best, and your husband Joe is a peach. Congrats Myrie and family! 🙂

  105. Welcome to the world, Myrie. Thanks, Martha, for your time, effort and featured place in this story.
    I hope the parents print this out and include it in the baby book. This is going to be one of those great “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me” Q’s and A’s when Myrie becomes an adult.
    …and no booties for the wittle feetsies????

  106. How wonderful! Martha, you’re a heroine for sure. Steph, you did a great job on the blanket! Robin, congratulations! Myrie, welcome!

  107. I love this story. You are the best blogger ever. Knitters are awesome, love the baby toes and the blanket is exquisite.

  108. This whole post just makes me absurdly happy. Hail Martha (who must have some magic in her DNA), Hail Joe, and welcome to the planet, baby Myrie. You are very well loved.

  109. That is possibly the nicest, most amazing thing I have ever read. I have smiles, I have goose bumps and I may have a sneaky tear too. I love the serendipity of it.
    Yay Stephanie for a beautiful blanket, what a talented awesome Aunt you are!
    Yay Joe for being all kinds of awesome!
    Yay Martha for a wonderfully seredipitous moment (not sure that’s even a word but I’m going with it)!
    Yay Robyn and Chris! Obviously.
    And finally yay Myrie, welcome to a wonderful world where you are surrounded by all sorts of wonderful love. And you don’t even know the half it!

  110. A wonderful miracle. There has to be a star in that blanket somewhere . A star to represent Martha forever known now as Auntie Martha to a sweet little angel Myrie. What a great real life story . You sure don’t disappoint Stephanie. This has the makings of a hallmark movie. Congrats.

  111. What a beautiful blanket and how special. The kindness of other knitters/crafters is awesome. And those teeny baby toes are adorable.

  112. The blanket is stunning and Martha is a real gem. How incredibly nice of her to meet you guys and help you out! Congrats to the parents of the sweet baby girl!

  113. Cheers to Martha (who I hope reads all these lovely comments). Such a wonderful kind thing to do!! Congrats to you Harlot for such a lovely blanket. (See if pays to be so kind to so many! You are well loved.) And finally congratulations to the wonderful parents of that lovely wee lass.

  114. Bravo Chris and Robyn! Wonderful job!
    Gotta love Martha, too! When we all have to get into the life boats, I want to make sure Martha is in mine.

  115. I don’t often comment, but I have to say you do this baby blanket thing incredibly well. This one is absolutely stunning. And kudos for getting it done in time!!

  116. That is awesome!! People really will come through for other people! Also, I love the care and thought you put into your baby blankets! It is so lovely!

  117. YAAAAAY!!! So happy for the whole family, Myrie has some pretty cute tootsies. Congrats to Robyn for being done with the whole “pregnancy” thing. lol Hooray for the Yarn Harlot’s orchestrating a yarn miracle for all of us to see. Woohoo for Martha!! And of course, can’t wait to see you at Rhinebeck!!

  118. Nothing is sweeter than teeny widdle feetsies! Your blanket is beautiful, and so is Martha! What a great story!

  119. Oh, what a treasure those little toes are! Gorgeous blanket! Congrats to the whole family!

  120. You got me weeping, again, and this time I’m not a bit exaggerating.
    Welcome tiny Myrie, may you grow strong and kind.
    And thanks so much, Martha, for giving us a happy ending.
    Please excuse me now, I might have to go make another baby.

  121. Are you going to mail your single skein to Martha when it arrives?
    What cute tootsies. They need some pwetty widdle booties!

  122. What a wonderful woman Martha is! What a wonderful man Joe is for going with you! What a wonderful woman you are to be so determined to get the absolutely beautiful blanket done and oh what a wonderful story of how it all ended up. I’m tearing up at the beautiful pictures that accompany the lovely ending to the fairy tale of the ‘little’ blanket that could. Congratulations to the new parents! May their stars always be in alignment. (aka Mazel Tov!) Anita

  123. I’m sitting here blinking back tears. Cheers to Martha, who is such a wonderful asset to the global knitting community…I LOVE this community that we have.
    And thank you for sharing about crafting for your family! I’ve struggled a bit with the time and effort that takes, but your posts have led me to realize how badly I want to be that person–the sister-in-law/aunt/cousin who knits for those special moments of life. These beautiful gifts area wonderful thing to share with those I love. (I’ve always told myself that I didn’t have the time…but that’s either not true, or I’ve embarked upon a phase of my life where I found a little extra time. Funny how that magically happens when you’re not nursing, waking up at all hours of the night, or changing diapers 24/7!)
    Thank you, again, for sharing all this. You’ve inspired me to start my own knitting legacy.

  124. Gloriously deliriously amazingly perfect in every way. What a wonder the internet is sometimes! YAY Martha!
    And yay you for knitting that piece of perfection that will be a part of that little one’s life forever!

  125. Well that is basically the best baby blanket story I’ve ever heard. So the sweet little one gets an heirloom blanket for life and an awesome as hell story to go with it. Fabulous!

  126. The blanket is stunning. You are an amazing, thoughtful designer. Your husband is awesome. (Mine MIGHT have done that if averting a nuclear holocaust was involved.) Martha is wonderful, accepting her pivotal role in this story without question. And the baby who owns those wee little feet will grow up hearing this story and know how much she was loved. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  127. I don’t know why, but as I write this the tears are running down my face. Sometimes life is just so wonderful because of the people in it….Welcome to the world tiny Myrie- Hurray to Martha and Stephanie and Joe and the proud parents.

  128. Gloriously deliriously amazingly perfect in every way. What a wonder the internet is sometimes! YAY Martha!
    And yay you for knitting that piece of perfection that will be a part of that little one’s life forever!

  129. Congratulations to the parents! Such a wonderful blessing, so much hope for us all…will she cure cancer, AIDS, heart disease? Perhaps find the answer to world peace! In any case, I’m sure she’ll make the world a better place just being being a part of it.
    As for the yarn miracle, it truly was one! As Shakespeare one said, ‘There more things in heaven and Earth…”

  130. Beautiful blanket and story to write in baby’s book. I think world peace would actually happen if everyone just learned to knit!

  131. WOW !
    Seeing those tiny feet makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
    What a dear wee girl…with beautiful wee feet..
    She will pass her shawl on to her children for sure. And you must print the blog pages from the start of her shawl to the very end she can keep them safe and read them to her children when she passes on her shawl.
    Great effort Yarn Harlot !!

  132. I am reading all these comments and…WOW.Just WOW. I’m completely humbled. We all know that any knitter would’ve done the same if they had that yarn, because knitters are just like that. I just happened to have the right yarn, at the right time (along with a full tank of gas and a valid passport!)
    Yes, the sweater I’m wearing is Funky Grandpa. I actually wore it without the buttons sewn on yet but I knew that the Yarn Harlot would totally understand. It’s my Rhinebeck sweater – hopefully with buttons by then!
    Cheers to a beautiful baby, a blanket that’s even more incredible in person and a weekend I’ll never forget

    What an incredible person Martha is! Bravo.
    Gorgeous, beautiful blanket.

  134. I am reading all these comments and…WOW.Just WOW. I’m completely humbled. We all know that any knitter would’ve done the same if they had that yarn, because knitters are just like that. I just happened to have the right yarn, at the right time (along with a full tank of gas and a valid passport!)
    Yes, the sweater I’m wearing is Funky Grandpa. I actually wore it without the buttons sewn on yet but I knew that the Yarn Harlot would totally understand. It’s my Rhinebeck sweater – hopefully with buttons by then!
    Cheers to a beautiful baby, a blanket that’s even more incredible in person and a weekend I’ll never forget

    What an incredible person Martha is! Bravo.
    Gorgeous, beautiful blanket.

    What an incredible person Martha is! Bravo.
    Gorgeous, beautiful blanket. oh, and congrats to the parents.

    What an incredible person Martha is! Bravo.
    Gorgeous, beautiful blanket. oh, and congrats to the parents.

  138. I’m reading these comments and WOW! Just Wow. I’m completely humbled. We all know that any knitter with that yarn would’ve done the same- it’s just the way knitters are. I can’t explain why I had that yarn now why I was on Twitter that night! If you look at my Twitter history, I had never sent a Tweet before! I can’t deny that there was some kind of karma thing going on. And who am I to question karma? The Harlot needed my yarn! ( didn’t hurt that I had a full tank of gas and a valid passport)
    Cheers to a beautiful new baby, a blanket that’s even more incredible in person, and a weekend I’ll never forget.
    p.s. Yep, that sweater is Funky Grandpa. Wore it without buttons and probably a few ends not woven in, but I knew she’d totally understand. It’s my Rhinebeck sweater so I better get hoppin’ on those buttons

  139. I love the tiny feet! It is a beautiful blanket – certainly an heirloom but what an amazing story.

  140. Great story (and tiny feet)! I hope someday Myrie appreciates the story for herself and gets to tell it to her nieces and nephews. Beautiful blanket. I’ll probably never knit something that gorgeous, but I can surely appreciate it. Well done, Auntie Steph!!

  141. Your description of the blanket’s meaning caused me to tear up. Then I got to the wee feetsies and my uterus exploded. Congrats, Auntie Blanket Queen.

  142. I’m stitting here at the computer way over here in Australia… tears running down my cheeks after reading your latest post. God bless all of you wonderful people.

  143. Won.der.ful.story, beautiful blanket (would you consider writing it up???)and sweet baby feetses. And, don’t forget the heroine of the hour, Martha, as well as your wicked fast knitting skills. Whew, what a great story and a happy ending!
    P.S. have a wonderful trip to Rhinebeck!

  144. Beautiful! I wonder how many times the story of “the blanket” will be told and retold. How many generations will feel the warmth of the love and dedication that are infused in stitches of this treasure? Happy Birthday, little one.

  145. Way to go, each and every one of you, and all of you in the “yarn universe”, who were cheering them on! This story is an unimaginably good and inspiring one, and I’m so glad to be connected with all of you.

  146. Love the blanket, love the story, love the tiny toes just ripe for nibbling!! So happy for you and everyone that it all worked out!
    And now I can suppress my selfishness no longer…please, oh please, tell me you will make this pattern available to us!?

  147. Love the blanket, love the story, love the tiny toes just ripe for nibbling!! So happy for you and everyone that it all worked out!
    And now I can suppress my selfishness no longer…please, oh please, tell me you will make this pattern available to us!?

  148. Love. Love the post.
    Love the blanket.
    Love the story.
    Love those tiny, little feetsies.
    Just love, love, love.

  149. Oh Joe!! Stephanie, didn’t you just fall in love with him all over again when he didn’t bat an eye at Buffalo
    Blanket? Beautiful.
    Baby picture? Precious.
    Knitter magic? Priceless

  150. Welcome, Myrie!
    Congratulations, Steph, Joe, Chris, Robyn, and the whole rest of the family!
    Absolutely LOVE the toes. NOM, NOM, NOM. 🙂
    Great story, Stephanie!

  151. Hurrah for Martha…that story is phenomenal.
    Congratulations to the new parents, and blessings to the baby, Also congratulations to the rest of the family, on the new member of the clan. Best, heartfelt regards to all of you.

  152. OMG. what a fabulous story that you must chronicle for myrie. Never underestimate the power of knitters!

  153. Martha – you rock. Way to go. I love when life can become a fun adventure. The universe found a way to get the yarn to where it needed to be. Yes – an extra skein at your LYS might have been easier – but isn’t this infinitely more fun?
    The blanket symbolism made me tear up. It’s an heirloom, but one I hope they actually use. It’s beautiful (and huge – now you don’t need to knit another blanket for when those precious feet go off to college!).
    Congrats to the whole family on the new wool-wrapped baby.

  154. Never mind the yarn!
    You were in Fort Erie! Eating at Happy Jacks!?!?!
    I’m so distraught about missing this celebrity sighting in my wee little town!! I can see that restaurant from my office! Sob!

  155. I want, very much to know how you design these amazing blankets. Can you at least tell us how it is done. I am serious. I have not knit a blanket yet but have wanted to do so for years now. I don’t always like the designs in books and have a real desire to design my own. I have no clue as to how to even begin.

  156. What a wonderful story! A fabulous tale for Myrie. Congratulations to all and well done on finishing a stunning blanket! The symbolism made me cry – such beautiful imagery.

  157. I love this community of knitters. I just love it. Thank you, Martha, for making the world a better place. Stephanie, that blanket is a stunning work of art, and I know this story will have a place in the family’s history, and be handed down along with the blanket. What a precious memory for everyone involved.

  158. God I love knitters!
    We are just the best of humans I think;what a lovely thing for Martha to do
    Congratulations on your new little niece -Love her name,too btw!

  159. Buffalo Knitters rock.. especially Martha and not just because I am one myself. So glad the whole family pitched in for the new baby. Congrats to the family.

  160. The Blanket is a beautiful work of art! And Martha is an angel. This story tells such an act of kindness that it makes me cry.

  161. MARTHA IS WEARING A FUNKY GRANDPA CARDI!!!! I’m knitting that same cardi at the moment. Wonderful story all around. xxx

  162. Beautiful blanket, beautiful baby name, beautiful baby feet– mazal tov to the parents and all the family!
    I’m so thrilled for you that I won’t mention that the blanket seems like it’s a pretty good size for that big bed of yours. I won’t mention that at all.

  163. Dearest Martha,
    Thank you for helping this crazy knitting fool that lives in Canada and always pushes herself to do super miracles in record time. It sure does make for a fun blog to read.
    Carolyn in NC

  164. Dearest Martha,
    Thank you for helping this crazy knitting fool that lives in Canada and always pushes herself to do super miracles in record time. It sure does make for a fun blog to read.
    Carolyn in NC

  165. Just perfect! The perfect tiny feet and the perfect made with love blanket. A wonderful tale to tell her in years to come. God bless her and her mother and her father. Thank them for allowing us to share this story! Thanks to you, too, Stephanie.

  166. That story makes me teary, and I think that may be the most beautiful blanket I have ever seen. Congratulations to the mom and dad!! There is nothing in the world like your own newborn child.

  167. The blanket is absolutely fabulous!!! So beautiful! And the picture with the little feet sticking out is the best – that’s the picture you should use when you write the pattern up and sell it.

  168. Awesome!! I’m so impressed by Martha and the series of fortunate events that led you two to meet. Her generosity (matched only by your worldwide web plea) is the epitome of a knitter’s understanding of matching dye lots and deadlines.
    Martha is a gem.

  169. Prayers were being said constantly for you to get that yarn and what a great way it got to you. The blanket is fabulous and the baby is beautiful and blessed- she has you in her corner!

  170. Wow! Once again, after reading your blog I’m crying. Crying tears of joy, amazement and wonderment. Your blanket is simply exquisite, the kindness of knitters is impressive (but not surprising : ) and the baby’ little feet are adorable.
    I’d say Job well done by all!!!

  171. Love the tiny feetsies. I just want to rub each tiny toe! Congrats to all. Joe, you are a wonder! Can I send my spouse there for some lessons? The blanket is awesome and Martha is amazing and awesome and pretty beautiful herself! What amazing people knitters are, no matter where we are found.

  172. It’s beautiful, well worth all that Auntie went through, even though we may not have thought so at the time, and the universe was very supportive, because those toes needed THIS blanket.

  173. If you can do it, I can keep trying. I’m making an Elizabeth Zimmerman tomten jacket for a baby due in April, and what I’ve gotten done so far looks like it will best fit a two-year-old.

  174. I love everything about this story. But, my favorite part might be how very much Joe gets it. Drive for a ball of yarn? Fete the provider of said yarn? Sleep elsewhere because the yarn is now a blanket drying on my bed? Sure! My niece must have her blanket on her birthday.
    My husband, himself the embodiment of many sterling qualities, would almost certainly not have been on board for this.

  175. It is hard to believe that human hands crafted that amazing, delicate, yet strong, confabulation of stitches. A wonderful birthday story! Congratulations to all the humans involved in the creation of baby, blanket, family and community!

  176. Beautiful blanket and beautiful baby toes to go with it (I’m sure the rest of the baby is equally as beautiful and smells wonderful most of the time).

  177. Serendipity….
    And I didn’t know that new babies had to grow into their precious!!!!

  178. Joe , you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great sweetheart? The teenie tiny feetsies and the orignal design blanket are awesomeness multiplied! This is the stuff sagas are written about.

  179. That is the most beautiful blanket I have ever, ever, ever seen.
    If a pattern were to emerge one day that would be wonderful.
    Also just shipped yarn from Vancouver to Maine the other day because a knitter saw I had some on Ravelry, even though not listed for sale and needed it to finish the last sleeve of her sweater.
    Only another knitter could know the pain and anguish of running out of yarn!

  180. Next time someone asks what you mean by heirloom knitting…link to this. AMAZING, and a wonderful story.

  181. Martha and Joe should be counted among the saints of knitting.
    Congratulations to Robyn and the whole family on little Myrie.
    And Ken was definitely right about where all the yarn was hiding. The finished blanket is actually slightly larger than the top surface of your mattress. That should be large enough to slipcover a Vespa scooter, if not a Smart 4 Two (yes, I was wrong about it fitting a 747). That’s a lot of blanket for such a tiny little girl. . .

  182. Fabulous all around! Yay Martha! Yay Stephanie! Yay mom and dad and baby Myrie! I second the plea for the pattern!

  183. My, oh my, what an absolutely, astoundingly beautiful blanket. Wow. Just wow.
    (and that Martha is something!)

  184. What a wonderfully kind person Martha is. I’m sure that there is some good karma coming her way. And congrats on the niece. She looks perfect – well her feet do and I’m sure the rest of her must match.

  185. Yes, I’m posting again…
    Do y’all realize what a great gift this story is to all knitters? When people say, “Do you really need all this yarn?” we can say, “Do you know the lengths knitters go to when knitting on a deadline and they RUN OUT?!?!?!”

  186. It’s a knitting miracle, pure and simple. Kind of like Myrtle, who has cute toes only second to those of my great-nephew Caleb, who is learning to crawl and is the smileyest baby we’ve ever seen. Even his big brother Logan was never this consistently happy! (His toes are pretty cute too, but they’re bigger now because he’s all of three years old!)

  187. It has been my experience that anyone named Martha is amazing! (My mothers name is Martha and she is spectacular) thank you for sharing this lovely story and Martha….you are awesome!

  188. Fantastic to see the finished product! (And the completed blanket, too.)
    Hope the yarn-chasing trip wasn’t too bad for either of you 🙂

  189. What an amazing story! No coincidences. A very beautiful, beautiful blanket. I love the picture of the wee feet. A truly wonderful story. I knew it had to work out for you. Miracles. You never know when they will happen but when they do…wow! Martha is a great person. And Stephanie, you’re a very special person too.

  190. Wow! I’m seriously teary. First…. Way to go Martha. Second… Gorgeous blanket. Third… Cutest toes! Congrats to your family!

  191. That is one of your cutest baby pictures ever!
    Congrats to all the people who made this possible, including Myrie who did her job in getting out here with the rest of us. Martha is amazing & Joe is apparently at ease with all the wild knitting stuff & your fast knitting skills always get the job done. May the parents continue to enjoy their new bundle!

  192. What a wonderful story – what a wonderful person Martha is, and what an absolutely gorgeous blanket that is. And Joe going with you! How cool is that! Congratulations on the newest addition to the family! And thank you for sharing all this with us.

  193. It’s gorgeous! I especially like the two bands between the center and the wave border. Nicely designed.

  194. Beautiful story all the way around–Joe is a prince among men (I’m sure you knew that, already!);Martha you’re an amazing lady and the Knit Force is strong with you; Myrie your wee toes are a delight and may blessings be yours, always; and that blanket is lovely, lovely work! Congrats to you and yours and thank you for sharing–made this heart smile wide!

  195. Big props to Martha and her gorgeous red hair! Congrats on your new wee one! Great story all around.

  196. BTW, we don’t think for a minute that the blanket actually dried in that amount of time. We think you finished it in the oven!

  197. Aww congrats to the new addition to the family, beautiful blanket, look at those tiny little toes.. Ok seriously makes me almost want another baby.. I said almost! Will get my wish soon cause my best friend of 30 years is having her first so I’ll enjoy a new baby right along with her!

  198. What an awesome story – wow!! Martha, you are one kind of wonderful! And to have the yarn wound? Very smart.
    Welcome Myrie – what a beautiful name and I bet you are as adorable as your little feet!

  199. welcome little, perfect, Myrie. what a gorgeous blanket you have made, Stephanie! so much thought and energy and love put into it. and Martha, well, that’s a great story and what an angel she is.

  200. Only you can make me sit at the edge of my seat with the dramatic climax of knitting story and then teary eyed with a description of a baby blanket.

  201. Martha and Joe are very cool, and Myrie is well-loved in that gorgeous blanket. Well done, Steph!

  202. Such a great post, the stars just seemed to align for this little one’s arrival! Beautiful blanket, and precious little feet. Congratulations on the birth of your newest family member!

  203. Just read Martha’s post and had to comment. She is right when she says that any knitter who could have done what she did would have done it, but she actually could have and DID. She deserves all the kudos she is getting. She is right when she gives kudos to the whole knitting community and what we all do for each other. Often, it is in small and local ways. Rarely, it is a big deal like this. They all count, but today she is the heroine. The power of knitters can’t be ignored. Look at Knitters Without Borders. Right now, as Martha is a citizen of the USA, I want to nominate her for Speaker of the House, as that body could use her can do attitude and her empathy for others in a big way.

  204. Squeeeee! I love this story! The blanket is beautiful beautiful beautiful… almost as perfect as those little toes 🙂

  205. Welcome to the world, Myrie.
    Congrats Stephanie on your lovely niece. Your blanket is beautiful.
    Martha, if you’re reading this: You are awesome. Plus, I love the “Funky Grandpa” sweater you are wearing.

  206. What an absolutely stunning blanket! Really Steph, that is just beautiful, truly an heirloom. Such a special gift to bundle her up and bring her home and present her to family.
    And oh my goodness, Little Myrie has the cutest little piggies! Sweetness!!
    Sounds like Martha was a Godsend, you definitely can’t miss the ‘it was meant to be’ aspect of all that happened. Wow. I love stories like that. And what a sweetheart to have wound up the yarn in a ball! You know how kids like to name their stuff? Maybe when little Myrie gets older she’ll name the blankie Martha.
    Congratulations to you and your family on this very precious day!

  207. As much as I love the name Martha (my mother’s name and I love her a lot) that would be a horrible middle name.. Myrie Martha… she’d be called M&M…or worse, Eminem. And those toes are too beautiful for that. As is your blankie.

  208. This most beautifully designed and knitted baby blanket, worth every worry about getting it done,
    with gratitude galore to Martha, is the most special thing in the world. What a wonderful story to tell this little Myrie as she grows up.

  209. That blanket is glorious! And the little feet are too cute. So glad it all worked out.
    About Port Ludlow,….. Is it happening? I’m really worried that it got announced somewhere that I missed and I REALLY don’t want to miss it.

  210. WQell, you and Martha, the baby and the blanket made it, let’s not forget Joe, he is amazing too. Love the blanket, it’s story, it;s total heirloomworthy. Maybe your niede will not ask for her blanky but for her Stephanie Martha. Here in the Netherlands some of us know about Martha Stewart, but this Martha from the US is my kind of everydays life hero, although this was not a normal day for both of you. I get it from the comments you may be able to meet again at Rhinebeck, I hope you do. Btw I think the blanket is large ebough to cover those little piggy toes, but to be sure, please knit her some teeny tiny bootees, winter is coming. Rhinebeck will have lots of wool to chose from, no need to take sockswool, just needles and a pattern. Welcome, Myrie, you have a lovely uncle and aunt already and I think Martha will never forget about you

  211. The Toes. They get me Every. Single. Time.
    Prior L&D RN, now a hospice nurse; witness to transition tonight.
    Reading this blog and seeing the pic of Those Toes was a perfect way to end my day.
    Blessed be.

  212. Welcome darling wee Not-Martha-but-should-be!
    And the real Martha is amazing and completely deserving of all possible praise. Were I anywhere on her coast, I would happily pay for her to have a nice drink/meal for being a wonderful and amazing person!

  213. That’s a beautiful story – you have been well blessed! I understand you may not want to share the blanket pattern but …. maybe?
    Every blessing to you all!

  214. Congratulations! And this is the most wonderful baby blanket I’ve ever seen. May Martha been blessed, this story truly is a miracle.

  215. Somebody mentioned “This little piggy . . .” But here’s the part for the other foot, as I learned it from my dad (who died in ’89) and have taught it to my kids and grands:
    This little piggy said. “I go steal corn.”
    This little piggy said, “Where?”
    This little piggy said, “In Grandpa’s barn.”
    This little piggy said, “I go tell!”
    And this little piggy said, “EEe-kee-kee-kee — can’t get over the doorsill!”
    And now I hope Auntie Steph will teach it to wee Myrie.

  216. Thank you for sharing the story about your niece and the baby blanket. When we hadn’t heard from you in a while I was worried. That’s what I do: I am a professional worrier. No news isn’t good news to me It means you are trapped in a snowbound cabin or an overturned car or abducted by aliens. I am glad that all turned out well and the baby arrived safe and healthy, and she was greeted with a beautiful blanket.

  217. Wow! I feel like we’ve all been through something together. It worked out beautifully on every level; new friend, finished heirloom, perfect baby. Can we ride this wave with you for awhile…it’s a wonderful one!
    Congratulations and blessings to all!

  218. Congratulations to Mom and Dad and family! Simply stunning blanket. I am with the parents in that you can only see my baby’s feet and thats that!! 🙂 I am a frequent reader/seldom commenter, and wanted you to know that I live my knit-gifting thru you-thank you for that. I knit for the 2 minimalist men in my immediate family and the extended family screams “homemade”. So, it is great fun to see all the fabulous knitting and gifting… and of course the great stories that progress with the knitting and the great knitters who come to the rescue.

  219. I love a story with a happy ending, and this story has at least two of them – a beautiful, unique blanket done on time, and a healthy baby. The stories you build into your blanket are inspiring. And all the serendipity around Martha and the n is enough to give one faith in the workings of the universe.

  220. Absolutely gorgeous blanket!!! Knitters are some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. Go Martha! =)

  221. Wow. First off, how fortunate and you and Joe – another newbie – a new niece. How fortunate is Myrie to have an aunt and uncle willing to travel such lengths and think it is ‘normal’ and receive such a beautiful knit. And how fortunate are Myrie’s parents to have such cute little feet – and cute little person to share their lives.

  222. These types of posts are my favorite: where the miracle of the knitting community demonstrates the innate awesomeness of being a knitter, combined with a beautiful creation to celebrate a beautiful creation. Makes my heart happy, thank you so much for sharing.

  223. Just gotta add my 2 cents worth of delight. What a fun, warm, charming, loving story. Thank you for sharing it. This makes the heart sing.

  224. Why am I crying right now? I don’t even know….but welcome little one. And three cheers for Martha!

  225. My newest best favorite Yarn Harlot post of all time. Welcome, beautiful and perfectly perfect little Myrie – your teensy toesies made me teary in that happiest possible way ever!

  226. Stephanie, you invented this pattern. As you knit the border on the fly, how were you able to match up the patterns especially at the corners? Some of the repeats are too long to “fake it.” Seriously, I want to know.
    Second, congratulations on the birth of this baby woman. It’s a happy day for the clan.
    Third, as Martha proved once again, the world has lots of kind, helpful people who do nice and even heroic things for others. We tend to forget that.

  227. Is Martha wearing a Funky Grandpa cardigan? That’s a great pattern. Did she knit it?
    Congratulations to all!

  228. Wow, what a gorgeous blanket, but seeing those precious toes wrapped up in it brought tears to my eyes. What a great person Martha is – so glad you included her photo! What a great story to be able to pass on!

  229. Baby blanket, my ass!!!! That’s one hell of a bed spread. You could wrap more than one baby in that thing! Its beautiful but so impractical for just a wee baby. I can imagine fighting to keep that sucker clean. It will look awesome on her little girl bed one day.

  230. *gasp* Widdle babbeh feetses!
    Mazel to you all.
    Steph, I have a request: your one-of-a-kind baby blankets are so lovely, and I love that they are one-of-a-kind. Do you think that someday you could come up with a baby blanket “recipe” for us, similar to your sock recipe?

  231. best baby picture EVER! lovely blanket and I think the blanket “recipe” from julia at 10:13 is a great idea… and people can choose their own special patterns based on the people who will get the lovely “heirloom” blanket.
    Happy Birthday Myrie and great job Martha!! this was a wonderful, heart warming story… thank you!

  232. Praise the Lord for He takes care of all the details. Yes, I believe it’s a miracle. Of course, it is.

  233. Best knitting story ever! Beautiful, beautiful baby blanket and baby feet. Happy Birthday, Myrie! Martha, you are awesome.

  234. Smiling from ear to ear, despite all this ugly paperwork at my desk. Just wonderful – miraculous knitting karma, lovely little baby feet, gorgeous blanket. Congrats to all & Welcome sweet little Myrie!

  235. That’s an awesome story. Yep, it’s meant to be. Congrats to mom and dad and well done Auntie Steph! Happy birthday, Myrie!

  236. SO GLAD I am a furloughed Federal worker–I could sob at home while reading this! Makes me proud to be a knitter.

  237. Way to go Martha!!! As I’ve said all along, knitters (and crocheter’s, too) are the best…

  238. Dammit, you just made me cry. Stahp!!!
    The blanket is stunning, and the baby is adorable (yeah, I know it’s just her feet, but still)

  239. OH, such cute feet. That blanket is a treasure. Makes me want to run out and order some ivory yarn and a book of baby blanket patterns, or lace patterns, and make one myself…if only. No babies in sight…sigh

  240. Wonderful! Both the blanket and the niece! It definitely restores your faith in human nature when someone is prepared to go to those lengths to help make a memory.

  241. Such a beautiful blanket, it will be treasured for many years. And I am also one of those who love to nibble on beautiful baby feet. I would like to know how many inches, feet, meters of yarn were left in Martha’s skein, please? I’m sure I’m not the only one who is wondering. And Martha, that was a very loving sacrifice that you made, I’m sure it fills your heart with joy.

  242. What a beautiful ending to the blanket project! God has no coincidences. What a gift to see those toes peeking out. Magnificent blanket–please think about making a pattern available out of this!

  243. What a beautiful ending to the blanket project! God has no coincidences. What a gift to see those toes peeking out. Magnificent blanket–please think about making a pattern available out of this!

  244. This story is fantastic….a true meeting of hearts and the stunning results of your passion. Her tiny feet at the end were precious. Kudos….the pattern is gorgeous and your dedication stellar.

  245. Those widdle feetsies brought tears to my eyes. And that whole yarn story — amazing. This is why we love knitting…

  246. BABY TOES!!!!!! Must nibble…… And what a great ending to your story. We love Martha.

  247. Will you be writing a pattern of this gorgeous blanket? I did read “one of a kind” but hoping you’ll change your mind.
    Ha! That rhymes.

  248. Such a wonderful story! I followed along on Twitter and was cheering mightily when Martha volunteered her skein. And – and! – I *knew* beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was Very Good People when I saw her Tweet with the pic of the yarn already wound into a cake so that you could start using it right away in the car. Three cheers for Martha, and for Joe the super-driver! 🙂
    The blanket turned out beautifully – a most thoughtful and excellent design. Great job, Stephanie.
    And welcome to the world, little Myrie. 🙂

  249. Oh wow! The baby blanket is so beautiful, made even more so by the stitch patterns you picked out and put together so lovingly. Part of me started saying, “Pattern, pattern pattern! I want the pattern.” Then a quieter part of me said, “That is a pattern Stephanie made just for *that baby*, in her own special family, and its made the way it is because of what that family loves, and because Steph loves that family.”
    Someday, I will make a special blanket like that, and (with any luck) it will be just as beautiful and wonderful and unique.

  250. And you said, “I just sat down to write to you and suddenly realized the problem that we’re going to have together over the next few weeks. I’m knitting a blanket. Blanket knitting is not always super exciting.”
    Really, you might not want to underestimate the potential of blankets for drama and excitement again. I think that Myrie and the blanket took it as a challenge.
    Lovely work though! Your blanket and Robin’s baby both!

  251. I don’t think you can say miracle without also saying God. God is very much in favor of babies and blankets full of love.

  252. I recognize that Chinese food restaurant!! Next time you’re in Fort Erie, go to the next Chinese food restaurant over, Ming Teh – best Chinese food ever!!!

  253. Congratulations Aunt Stephanie! Her tiny footsies are the cutest. That was by far one of the greatest yarn miracles I have ever heard! Amazingly beautiful blanket!

  254. Well, that made me cry. Martha you are an Angel. Myrie and blanket are beautiful and Martha…well, you’re definitely connected to the Universe.

  255. Let’s put my comment under the correct post!
    Gorgeous blanket! And wonderful baby feet!

  256. I love the term “telepathic knitter twitter”and the lovely Martha certainly looks like one of your daughters with that glowing smile!

  257. Welcome to wonderful Myrie! And three cheers for the amazing Martha and (as always) for the knitterly-supportive Joe.
    I love the symbols you have knit into the beautiful blanket.

  258. Welcome to wonderful Myrie! And three cheers for the amazing Martha and (as always) for the knitterly-supportive Joe.
    I love the symbols you have knit into the beautiful blanket.

  259. OMG, the feet! I want to nom the toes! If the rest of the baby is as cute as the feet, further pictures will need a warning label.

  260. I have a child named Martha. Now that I see this story I know we couldn’t have picked a better name 🙂

  261. Oh gosh what a beautiful blanket! and what a story!and what a wonderful Martha! and what a husband! lovely tootsies too!

  262. I don’t know Martha, but right now, she is the coolest person on the planet! And you really rocked that blanket! Yay!

  263. This is probably the best blog entry ever- Amazing Martha story, reconfirmation of what a treasure Joe is, a gorgeous blanket, and a precious baby. What more could you ask for?

  264. I would call this a “God moment” with the events surrounding the yarn transfer! Beautiful blanket, and Congratulations on the new little one!

  265. My husband and I had one of our first dates at that restaurant! What a great story. I’m rather sour about missing Yarn Harlot in my own backyard though!!! 😉

  266. First Congrats!!!!
    I was following this blanket. It is very pretty. But what made it really beautiful was the story behind it. Not only the story of why you picked the stitches you did but how that blanket came about.
    Amazing that Martha had what you needed in just the right time, you made a new friend, she made a new friend and baby got a beautiful blanket to have forever and ever and ever with a even more beautiful story to go along with it.

  267. That made me cry, it was such a lovely, generous story. Myrie will love that blanket forever with no prompting from anyone because there is so much love in it.
    You made me wish I were going to Rhinebeck instead of shop sitting at my LYS so that the owner can go… I would love to meet you someday.

  268. That made me cry, it was such a lovely, generous story. Myrie will love that blanket forever with no prompting from anyone because there is so much love in it. You made me wish I were going to Rhinebeck instead of shop sitting at my LYS so that the owner can go… I would love to meet you someday.

  269. Stephanie, Your baby blankets are always so wonderful. I know that each one is designed to be made once for each special baby in your life, but perhaps you could consider putting together some instruction on your method of mixing the patterns/laces to get such beautiful results. I would definitely be interested in making lovely blankets like you!

  270. Serendipity at its best! Lovely that Martha chose to order exactly what you needed – and that she was willing to give it up so you could finish the blanket. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Lucky baby, too.

  271. The blanket is exquisite! But not as exquisite as those new little toes…. Congratulations to you all!!!

  272. Is the lovely, strong, healthy, perfect Myrie the first ever baby to beat one of your blankets to the finish line?!

  273. Congratulations!This blanket is absolutely beautiful! A keepsake they will treasure forever! Definitely special as it is one of a kind. The selfish knitter in me really wants you to publish that pattern, but the gift-giving knitter in me understands why you might want to keep it as a one-of-a-kind 🙂

  274. Why don’t you name the blanket “Martha?” You know you have to write up that pattern, right?

  275. Catching up on my blog reading and so happy everything worked out so well. Welcome, Myrie, you have joined an amazing family! And once again I have to say, “Yay, knitters!”

  276. Welcome Myrie. I love that blanket, stunning. Bravo Martha for channeling the love in the blog.

  277. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    ?????????? ????? ??
    ??????? ???? ?

  278. This post, everything about it, just about made me cry. The goodness of people! You! are amazing. That baby blanket came out so absolutely perfect. What an heirloom you made.
    Hooray for Martha!
    Now that spam though, don’t care for that. Hope they leave you alone again soon.

  279. What a beautiful blanket — and what beautiful little feet! They look so fresh. Congratulations to you on your new niece.

  280. Stephanie,
    you designed and made this blanket in how many hours?
    Joe just popped out of bed to drive you to the New York border?
    Martha just had the right yarn and caked it for you?
    You beautiful niece was born in the midst of all this?
    I would say you are blest, my friend.
    The blanket is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You are absolutely talented,
    Martha is very generous, Joe must be a very good man.
    And all to celebrate the birth of a baby girl with the sweet, sweet tooties. woolybnits aka mary

  281. Gorgeous tiny feetsies. And that blanket, stunning. You make me want to knit one for my own tiny one-to-be despite thumb misery (tendonitis?) making it near impossible for me to so much as hold a pen most days. What’s stopping me? Clearly not the thumb, I’ve started (her?) a sweater. I simply have not found a pattern that speaks to me yet. Back to Ravelry/on to the drawing board. So glad to have found your blog, I’ve been reading your books for years…one of these days I’ll finish a sock-weight sock…maybe.

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