It just keeps getting better

Remember when I said that I’d lost a project?  It happened right around when Tupp died and the book was due and I was riding my bike really far and … let’s be clear, my life was sort of scrambled.  Grief and organization are not compatible for me, apparently. I lost a really cute pair of socks in progress and they were going really well too.

(Duet Dee-kay)

They were lost during such a crazy time that when I couldn’t find them, I just decided that the situation had gotten the best of me, and I gave up. Gone. They were gone, and I was a loving and accepting person who was totally the heck over stuff like that, and after I threw the tiniest little fit,  I resigned myself to the loss of the sock, and to the reality that I was now a person who had lost a project.  It had never happened before, and I think I took it pretty gracefully.

Fast forward to this morning when I’m up at 5:30am getting ready to head to Webs for a little fun (I hope to see some of you there, it’s a neat new idea) and then find myself realizing I’m a little short of knitting (I always think that. How can you think that on the way to a REALLY BIG YARN STORE?)  I panicked, grabbed a ball of sock yarn, and then turned to the shelves in my office and grabbed an empty project bag, except guess what?

You guessed right. 
I am still not the sort of person who loses a project.  I may be, however, someone who doesn’t know where they are for a while, which is totally different.

(PS. Picture totally taken in the airport in Philadelphia. Almost to WEBS!) 

133 thoughts on “It just keeps getting better

  1. Wonderful! It is like an unexpected gift, and what a strikingly beautiful pair of socks. Have a lovely time at WEBS and try not to let too much yarn (is there such an amount?) fall into your bag.

  2. I knew it wasn’t gone for ever. I had faith in the power of your projects to be constantly in orbit around you: some closer (whatever’s cute at the moment) some farther (gansey, anyone?) but always there.

  3. Have fun! Port Ludlow? If I miss it because I am not looking in the right spot I might just need to cry…. I’ll understand if it’s not happening, I just don’t want to miss it from failure to sign up…

  4. Ooh, I hate when that happens! Except that it happens to me often enough that I know it’s likely misplaced, rather than gone for good…I’m not sure whether that says good things about my coping skills or bad things about the state of organization in my house.

  5. I did lose a project once. It too was a sock – about as far along as yours & (contrary to my usual practice) I was carrying it in a small plastic bag from a store. I was working on the sock on the bus & thought I stuffed it in my bag when I got up to get off. But apparently I missed & it fell on the floor. Or the seat. And, sadly, no one noticed. I even called lost & found without success. ??

  6. I came back from a Connecticut/NY visit recently and my friend emailed me a few days later and said she had seen a billboard advertising something called WEBS as the world’s largest yarn store … and should we go there next time I visit? Gee, ya think!!!!! (I’m so jealous you get to go now)

  7. Hooray for found projects and finished baby blankets (and hooray for Martha’s part in the latter process)!
    I recently found a “lost” project myself and in a similar way. Unfortunately, though, it was a vest for a toddler who is now 4. Looking for a new recipient :).

  8. Oh man, I would love to go to Webs…! Someday, hopefully.
    And it’s fantastic that you found your project. I need to keep going through my WiP hiding places, because I don’t lose projects…But I certainly forget what I have on the needles! hah
    Have a lovely time. 😀
    Katie =^..^=

  9. Awesome!!! Gorgeous colors – I’m seriously crushing on those socks now … lol
    Have a wonderful time at WEBS. Safe travels.

  10. re: WEBS – I was hoping you being in an airport near Philly had something to do with a WEBS nearby but apparently it couldn’t be so… I googled WEBS and remembered why I never thought to make the trip before – BECAUSE IT’S NOT NEXT TO NEW JERSEY, IT’S IN FRIGGIN MASSACHUSETTS.
    🙁 So sad.

  11. Yay! I always think when I lose something that I know I could not possibly lose (because it’s super important–like knitting, keys, my writing idea book–and because I have systems and hate earning the patient look from my DH), it’s because the faeries borrowed it. All I have to do to get it back is tear the house up, accuse the cats, and give up. Presto! Item is always in a place I already searched! I do wonder what the buggers need with my stuff…
    Have a merry time at WEBS, living through your yarn purchases until my situation improves. Good thing I followed your advice and have a well-stocked stash! 🙂

  12. Hi Stephanie ~ looks like yarn is dropping out of the heavens for you. A couple of angels named Martha and Tupper have made sure you are well stocked.
    I’m signed up for your class on Friday [sneaking out of work for a few hours to do it] and I can’t wait! See you at WEBS

  13. I’m the sort that misplaces projects from time to time. In my defense, it’s only happened twice in the five or six years I’ve been knitting…and both times were during moving (once last summer when we moved from Wisconsin to California and then again in February when we moved from the apartment to our house).
    I hope to never lose a project. I would cry and have a few tantrums about it.

  14. YAY!!! Hooray for finding the lost sock! Does this karmically make up for all the socks that get lost in the dryer?

  15. 1) Love, love, love those socks; great colours!
    2) I have ADD brain, and let me tell you, if I put something away, really away….I may never find it, or at least not until long after it’s due date has passed (le sigh)
    3) have fun at WEBS, so wish I could come and take a class this week.

  16. Glad you found the sock! I found out the hard way about 20 years ago that it is a bad plan to store in-progress knitting in an opaque trash bag during a move. 🙂

  17. Those sure are cute too!
    I find a lot of stuff in my project bags. In fact, if I lose anything, I have started checking my project bags because I tuck a shocking amount of things in there. Random, unrelated, things.

  18. It’s not you. It’s the curse of the “safe place”. I’m convinced that it’s one of two supernatural forces at work: 1) that force renders said “safe place” invisible for a period of time so you can’t find your stuff or 2) there are fairies who come into the house & move your stuff from one “safe place” to another. This is exactly why my car keys stay on the passenger seat of my car when it’s in the garage. If they’re brought upstairs, I will NEVER see them again.

  19. I’m currently wearing a pair of socks in those exact colors, although mine are not beautiful handknits, just a raggy old pair of store bought fuzzy socks. You’re sock posts keep making me want to try my hand at sock knitting, although I think I need to finish up some of my other problems first before I go digging into something new.

  20. Those colors are beautiful! They remind me of a cherries and chocolate ice cream sundae. Yum. Have an awesome time at WEBS, like any yarn lover could ever have a bad time there.

  21. I haven’t lost a project, at least that I can remember which is an entirely different issue…however I lose needles constantly. Wish I could see you at WEBS. Its about a 2 hour ride for me, however luckly it is on the way to pick my daughter up at college so I do have the opportunity to stop a few times a year. Even better, I was given a hefty gift card which is sitting on my desk waiting for a time when I can literally spend the day at WEBS with a girl friend and NO husband. I’m definitly heading to Rhinebeck however w/ hubby in tow, but he promised to be patient.

  22. Pretty socks! I’m glad you round the project after all. 🙂 I found a scarf in the drawer that I don’t remember knitting. Does that count!? 🙂

  23. We have house-gnomes, I’m convinced of it. They hide keys, important papers, my glasses, a particularly well-loved circular needle, one sock of my favourite pair of socks, my best mittens – just about anything that you are likely to need at a moment’s notice. They take them long enough to drive you mad, then they put them back where you first thought you might have left the item you were seeking.
    The alternative, which I am also willing to entertain, is that I put stuff away so safely that I hide it from myself.
    Great socks – I’m not a fan of pink, but that works!

  24. You can never take too much yarn! I just found myself in the Seattle airport needing to buy yarn. It’s not that I didn’t have several balls of yarn with me, and 4 sets of needles–but what I had didn’t appeal at the moment. What appealed was something back in Illinois!

  25. As a person who’s lost two completed shawls and one in process, I can totally understand. Wish I were going to WEBS, too.

  26. Sometimes our world tilts, throwing our energy field awry. I have not been able to discover the magic that spins it upright again, but I believe a Martha does help.
    From precious wee toes to “lost” yarns that look good enough to eat, spin safely forward. lvbj

  27. Who is booking your flights? Philadelphia? To get to WEBS and then, I presume, on to Rhinebeck? You need a new travel agent.

  28. $150 for a 3 hour class?? Kinda steep; or am I just cheap?
    Christienne- It’s not all that far; you could
    easily drive it in a morning.

  29. There is something about socks: finished or still in progress. I lost one of a pair of cashmere ones (bought on sale in a store, shame on me) and couldn’t find it for months until I put my hand inside a sleeve of a flannel shirt. Next time you are looking for the mate of a pair, remember that socks cling to things. Often INSIDE things where they are not visible. Just sayin’… I know it’s not the same – or as joyful- as being reunited with a chocolate and raspberry sock-in-progress (especially when it’s going so well), but far more common, so I’m just offering this story as a public service. (Beats falling into the laundry hamper headfirst desperately hoping to find it at the bottom.)

  30. I’m glad I’m in good company. I frequently get lost, but I haven’t lost a project.
    Yet. <— include because I am fully aware that the Universe loves balance and doesn’t want me feeling smug.

  31. Stephanie, When you have a minute, search Google images for “things I just had pie chart”. My friend sent this picture to me many years ago, and it totally fits. It seems like I spend all my time looking for things. I tried to attach it here, but my computer won’t let me.

  32. With that mix of colors, I’m glad you found the sock! Pink and brown sometimes don’t mix, but the result is very striking when they do.
    And “losing” the sock in a project bag? Heck, I “lost” my can of shaving gel in plain sight on the bathroom counter this morning. Spent a good 45 minutes searching for the stuff and debating whether I should start in on a new can. . . and, wouldn’t you know it, there it was, sitting next to the toothpaste I had used just some minutes earlier!
    P.S. Between WEBS and Rhinebeck, I foresee your stash growing like the Blob. Maybe Joe better empty out the attic or something.

  33. Yay for you, Stephanie! Those colors look good enough to eat. I haven’t lost a project yet but I can’t seem to find Time! Enjoy WEBS and kudos to you, Joe, and Martha on the completion of the small one’s blanket.

  34. Stephanie said, “I may be, however, someone who doesn’t know where they are for a while, which is totally different.”
    Amen. At our house, nothing is lost. It’s just most likely in an unmarked box in the attic.
    Brown and pink socks. I’m infatuated.

  35. I wish that I wasn’t smack in the middle of state testing at school right now, or I would be to WEBS in a jiffy. Then we are off to visit our boy at college, which ironically, is up near your Canadian border. Have a great visit!

  36. glad you found it! All is not lost at your house.
    However, over here….hmm….puppy ate my most favourite knit sock. Only one, and I’m sad….and I don’t remember what site I got them from….they were yellow and blue and green…and did I tell you they were my most favourite sock…sigh…
    Such a cute niece, thanks for sharing her with us…

  37. About your lost socks: Just remember the words of the American frontiersman Daniel Boone who said “I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.” Your socks were never lost, you were just a mite confused – which put you in excellent company!

  38. I have lost my glasses on top of my head and placed my husband’s shoes in the freezer. And that is without dealing with grief. Grief is like a major illness. All parts of our body experience it. It takes time and nurturing to heal.

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    we’re all in withdrawal here.
    NEED POST. PLEASE WRITE. There’s a good girl.
    C’mon now.

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