Miss Matchy

So here’s the thing.  I am pretty good about making things for people when they ask me to, assuming that they do not fall into any of the following categories.

a) Strangers.
b) Practically strangers.
c) Individuals who have been inappropriate about my knitting in the past. (This determination is completely up to me, and changes like the wind, but if you’ve ever suggested to me that the things I make are the same as the things in the store, and enquired that I might be able to save my self a ton of time, then don’t be looking under the tree this Christmas for a little woolly love. You don’t get it.)
d) Are known knit offenders. (Crimes include felting more than one thing, losing too many hats, or never ever wearing anything I’ve given you.  Also suspicious, saying  everything is itchy when it’s not – even cotton or silk, because I  know you’re lying and you should just tell me you don’t like knitted stuff.
e) Are asking for something too horrible to contemplate knitting, even if you really, really love someone.  (Yes Erin. I’m talking about you. Buy a hammock.) 

Other than that, if a family member (who does not fall into categories c, d or e above) asks me for something, I’m probably going to make it. I’m especially vulnerable to requests from children, and from my daughters.   When the girls ask me for knitted stuff, I feel like they’re apologizing for all the times they thought I was a dorky knitter and asked me not to knit where their friends could see me.  This is a long way to saying that Sam asked me to make her some handwarmers. She’s taken to carrying a jar of tea or coffee to school, and the jar gets too hot. (I know, I know. USE A MUG. She can’t though, because she’s really cool, and being really cool limits your choices a lot.) I got the cutest little kit from Knit East, and Sam saw it and said they would be perfect and so voila.

The Pattern is for Sakura Fingerless Gloves (designed by Kate Atherley and free at that  first link) and it came with a skein of Sakura Cotton in 52801. (I love it when the colour names are sexy.)

Maybe because the girl in the picture is holding a mug – who knows but Sam saw this as solving her jar problem straightaway.

Totally cool… right?  You would be wrong.  Not that Sam want’s to be ungrateful (she definitely doesn’t want that) and she did stress that she’s going to wear them anyway, but didn’t I agree, she asked… that they were super not-matchy?

Longtime readers of the blog will recall that Sam has issues around matching. She thinks you can spot knitters by their mismatched stuff – and she’s largely right. (I’ve been guilty of that. My favourite hat, my nicest mittens, the scarf I just finished… they might match colour-wise, sort of, but they definitely aren’t a "set.") and Sam loves things that match, Enough that I wondered if she would have a problem with these mitts.  I told myself that she’s a smart girl, and had seen the pattern picture (where the mittens are clearly mismatched) and reminded her of this when sure enough, she was not thrilled that they didn’t match. 

"They’re really, really different." She exclaimed.

"You knew they would be!" I said, not at all shrilly. "The cute girl on the pattern has mismatched mitts and she’s still cute."

"Mum. Obviously she has the hat to pull them together."

Sam feels, I can tell, that I should do one of two things.  Knit her the hat, or knit her another mitt. One that matches better.  I definitely haven’t got enough yarn to knit the former, but I absolutely have enough for the latter, and truthfully, I think the hat thing wouldn’t cut it for Sam. She’s going to keep looking at those mitts, and it’s going to keep bugging her. I’m thinking I’ll just knit her another mitt,  but do I want to set a precedent like this? Is this un-appreciating knits? Am I spoiling her if I knit a third one? Do they match well enough and she saw how it was going to be and there of lots of other girls in the world who are going to sleep tonight with no fingerless mitts at all, never mind matching ones and…

I think maybe they really don’t match enough. 

(And no. The yarn is not here yet.)

300 thoughts on “Miss Matchy

  1. I don’t even match my non-knit socks. Life is too short to match handknits because you’d have to knit everything in coordinating colors and that’s just boring.

  2. Isn’t this the same kid who tried to steal a hat last year? Do you think it’s just that she has some kind of hat fetish we should be worried about?
    (this coming from a person that doesn’t look nearly as good in hats as Sam does. Clearly I’m spewing jealousy fumes)

  3. Maybe you could just knit her a jar cozy?
    She does seem like a very nice girl, I would just knit her the third mitt.

  4. I think I would give her the yarn and have her knit a third mitt. Then she has a spare. That said, I totally bought some hand-dyed merino I didn’t need because my daughter liked the colour and would consider a scarf if I knit it.

  5. Beautiful! Even if not matchy-matchy…and I am the QUEEN of matchy-matchy. (It’s a sickness, I’m trying to get over it.)I say, do the extra mitt, then if she loses one, (what am I saying, “if”? “when” is always more likely when dealing with one of a kind handmade objects!)she will still have a pair!

  6. Unfortunately whilst my natural sympathys lie with you the Knitter, I would also constantly notice they didn’t match, but as I knit for myself I would be the only person put out by this reknitting, perhaps the answer is to tell Sam to knit another mitt herself! Maybe then the determination to have them match would wane!

  7. I have to admit, it bugs even me when mitts don’t match–not when they’re a little off, but as far off as those ones would bug me into making a third or even fourth mitten. They do look really cute and cool (er, and warm!), though. (Socks are another story. I’ll wear two completely unmatched, different colored, even different yarn socks with no problem, but hands are more visible.)

  8. I have a real problem with non-matchy. I thought I was relaxed enough that it was OK that things didn’t match; and then I started knitting socks in Trekking and realised that actually, I absolutely wasn’t…
    So, having said that, I’d knit her a third one this time, and make it clear that if she asks for stuff which is non-matchy on the picture, she needs to specify matchy in the finished item…

  9. Knit her a third mitt. As fast as you knit…….and while you are in your waiting phase for the yarn to come? Go for it!

  10. Or you could buy another kit and knit a second set of mitts reversing the tone per hand so she end up with two matched sets.

  11. As someone who struggles with mis-matchiness myself, I feel your pain. I would knit another glove, because if nothing else, when one gets lost on the bus, she’ll have a spare that is at least tolerable. I’m knitting socks for a friend who totally won’t care if they don’t match- but I do, so I tried to start #2 at the same place in the repeat. It’s close.

  12. I’m amazed you managed to knit two un-matching mitts to begin with. That would have driven me into a frenzy of yarn ball destruction until I had the most matchy pair I could get, lol.
    That being said..definitely knit the 3rd mitt. She’ll be happy. You’ll be happy every time you see her wearing them. And there will be a spare for when she inevitably loses one 😉

  13. I’m going to agree with Jennifer upthread and suggest a jar cozy to match the mitts, and tie them together.

  14. These are VERY non-matchy. Sam won’t be spoiled if you knit her a more matchy hand-warmer…you’ve already raised all your girls to be unspoiled. 🙂

  15. Where do you get the soppy tops for the jars? We don’t have mason jars readily available in Australia, I don’t quite get the attraction. But, that looks pretty cool, carrying one like that!

  16. the real advantage to knitting her a third mitt, is when after a short time during which they creep into her “completely unable to function without” slot, she temporarily misplaces one of the excellently matching ones, all of a sudden the one that doesn’t match *quite* as well, becomes the most valuable thing you have ever knit for her (yes – I have 3 of my favorite fingerless mitts, how did you guess?) 🙂

  17. She could just slip one of the hand warmers around the jar (a la Laura at 3:36’s suggestion), then when that one wears out/gets lost, she could use the other one.

  18. When you do finally succumb to the matchiness, make the one with the pale, pale, perfect pink at the top or I will cry!

  19. I was thinking a third mitt also doubles as a ‘spare’.
    Also. You could knit a whole new pair in (a)a solid and (b)yarn that matches either her hat or scarf. On the one hand, it’s a little indulgent of a solution on the other, she’s your daughter. If you can’t be a little indulgent there, where can you be?

  20. I learned several things about myself when I started knitting socks. The main one was that the stripes had to be close – like half a round or I would get twitchy. That said, even though I noticed in the picture that the mitts didn’t match mine would have to. I can truly sympathize with Sam!
    No baby yarn yet? I say knit another mitt.

  21. I would totally make them match…but then again, I’d do it because they’d bug me.

  22. I would totally make them match…but then again, I’d do it because they’d bug me.

  23. Wait! Is that a “cuppow” lid on her jar? Does she like it? I’ve been so curious, but haven’t run into anyone who actually uses one!

  24. I’d have to do a search, but I’m fairly certain that I’ve read in the past where you have (on more than one occasion) totally rewound, cut apart and taken sections out, or otherwise changed completely a skein just to make your socks match. So she gets it honestly and yes, I’d go ahead and knit her the other mitt. 🙂 (they’re beautiful colors btw!)

  25. I would knit the third mitt as they aren’t very big which is part of the issue for me (heaven knows I’f knitted a few third socks – though it has been a size issue, not a ‘matchy’ issue, which is another story). Trying to get a better match, and then you have the not-so-matching mitt to undo and re-use the yarn if you want.
    With the yarn that you have it may not be possible, I would look at the yarn more closely to see what was possible.
    Though it might take me a whole lot longer to get roung to knitting the third mitt, and as a teenager she may have more time.
    I have a friend whose daughter is named Sakura (it is Japanese for ‘cherry blossom’), and is popular for a 19 year old Japanese girl – yes I also have a passion for the way names trend. A source of constant fascination for me.

  26. Meh..matchy-ness not required, but as long as you’ve got the yarn you may as well make her happy with a 3rd mitt. Now, I’m know as the Evil Mom, so if it was me doing the knitting the 3rd mitt wouldn’t match either of the first two…but that’s just me, and I know you are a nicer gal.

  27. I think if the rest of the available yarn ‘matches’ closely enough you should knit the other mitt and then unravel/modify the off color mitt and make a ‘jar coozy’ for her to carry/insulate her beverages (she is tres chic with her Cuppow, you know…) ;^)

  28. Silly mama, you know the peculiarities of this child. Knit the child a mitt that more closely matches one or the other mitts.

  29. Given Sam’s matching issues, I would say knit her another mit, but make it clear that in the future, any knitting for her must be done in a yarn that doesn’t have medium to long color repeats. I’d even threaten to stick to solids.

  30. Ah, children! I designed and knit my oldest son (20) a sheep and wool festival sweater this year because he specifically requested one. He chose the basic shape of the garment, the yarn, and the buttons. He was involved in all aspects of construction and his opinion was sought up through ‘and how does it feel on?’
    He gave it to someone else and then told me ‘maybe I wanted grey instead.’
    I can’t decide whether to trade him for a pet rock, knit another one in grey, or just curl up in a corner and mumble while knitting for appreciative people.

  31. While I usually don’t care if my socks match, I do try to get my knitted gifts to match. I kept back a pair of Maine Morning Mitts out of Noro Silk Garden made for a friend, but I have no problem using them myself.

  32. Not to be rude, but I think Sam is her mother’s daughter. Wasn’t one of your blogs this year about the sleeves of your grandson’s sweater that you laboriously spent time getting to match? BUSTED!

  33. Dude. Mismatched mitts means rocking your hipster cred. She’s drinking coffee out of a mason jar. She’s turning into a hipster. Mismatched hand knits are *totally* in. Seriously. Go big or go home.

  34. As someone who doesn’t start the first sock until I’ve worked out how long the colour repeat is and made certain it will be possible to exactly match the stripes on the second sock, I’m with Sam on this one.
    Just knit her another mitt.
    If nothing else, it will keep you from killing anyone while you wait for the blanket yarn. 🙂

  35. Funny, I didn’t notice they don’t match until you mentioned it. My matchy-match girl? I’d either knit her a third one, or make her a new pair and give this one to my whatevery girl.

  36. She’s your daughter — knit her the matching mitts that she wants. We can never have enough opportunities to spoil our loved ones, especially our daughters

  37. I have to agree with Sam, they are super nonmatchy and being mitts vs socks they are right in your face vs under your pants and the nonmatchy is really obvious. Knit the girl a third mitt she isn’t being unreasonable.

  38. Well, you might as well make her the other mitt. She can’t help that it bugs her. Next time, you’ll listen to your little voice. It knew what was up from the beginning.

  39. If the remaining yarn matches both Mitt #1 and Mitt #2 in some way, it’s not that you’re catering to her; you’re merely offering her two stylish options for wearing the mitts — making them twice as useful as a single pair and infinitely more so than a pair she won’t wear at all.

  40. I fingerless mitt doesn’t take long, you like to knit, she’s your baby. I’d knit the mitchy-matchy mitt.

  41. They’re only little, maybe you could pull them apart and do them in stripes? And yes to the jar cosy.
    Australian Liz they’re selling mason jars in Woolies/Safeway now, I’ve seen them in my local Woolies in Coffs Harbour.

  42. Wait. This is from the women who matches self-striping socks down to the quarter inch? HA!!!!!

  43. Let’s say there is a range of obsessively perfect matchiness to not matchy at all. The mitts have a beautiful design and the color is in the same family but they are very non matchy. Ifts worth it to make a third one.

  44. I am thinking a mason jar mug or a mug cozy would have been simpler, but why not go for a third mitt! 🙂

  45. I am laughing hysterically at my desk because I thought of that post (although no way I could have put my finger on it) and there was Presbtytera with the RIGHT answer!
    (c.f. November 30, 2009)
    Posted by: Presbytera at October 9, 2013 3:39 PM

  46. I am so going to be getting a cuppow now. Again, you ‘ve given me yet another cool product to drool over!

  47. You know after you knit the third mitt and it matches one of the other two perfectly that she’s going to say she wanted it to match the other one. 🙂

  48. You like knitting. I like it as much as you do, so I’d make the 2nd one. Or I might take both back and wear them myself, because I LOVE how they look.

  49. I’m with you about not knitting for people who are knitting offenders and don’t ever ever wear the knitted stuff you have given to them. I have a family member with 2 children who I have knitted no less than a blanket, sweater, 4 hats, and mittens for and never ever have I seen any of them use or wear any of these things. It’s like they fell into a black hole of handknits after they got them. I feel really sorry for the children but the family is now on my “don’t knit for them” list. After you spend $50+ on yarn and a month or so of your knitting time on a baby blanket that is never to be seen again, you get the idea that maybe they just aren’t as appreciative as they need to be to qualify for future knitted items.
    Oh, and you should go ahead and knit that other mitt. You know you want to anyway.

  50. Isn’t this the same child who tries to get you to wear the same clothes as she does? The one who conned you into making her the same hat as you made for yourself? Wurm, as I recall. You have that yarn and you don’t have the baby yarn. Knit the matching mitten.

  51. P.S. I must live under a rock. Haven’t seen the beverages in jars thing. Maybe it hasn’t hit western Canada yet?

  52. My daughter is on a team where it is cool to mismatch your socks. I thought this would be perfect for my daughter! But, being the girl that matches everything too, I totally understand it. If she won’t wear the set because it bugs her that badly, it isn’t any kind of comment on you. I would probably just knit the second one.

  53. I love how Presbytera keeps coming on with dates about matching items. Then I go back and read the post and think ‘apples and trees’.
    They are a beutiful fall colorway, but even though I am not a matchy person, I would have problems with those. Oh, who am I kidding, I would love them unmatched as glorious as that.
    Knit the third one and tell us about the cuppow. Where did she get it? Does she like it? Inquiring minds NEED to know!

  54. Although I have seen pictures of fingerless gloves, somehow the concept escapes me. Isn’t the point of gloves (or mittens, if you roll that way)to keep fingers warm? You either encase each digit in its own tube o’wool, or bunch them all together (excluding the thumbs) so that they can stay warm?
    My hands are cold just looking at those mitts. I would be whining and whimpering if I were forced to wear them.
    And what is this top to the mason jars of which you speak? Is it truly a sippy cup top? Why?

  55. They’re a little non-matchy. She’s a teenager—if the worst thing she wants is a matchy mitt I’d start casting on. 🙂

  56. I’d definitely knit another mitt AND a jar cozy if there’s enough yarn. This will, however, definitely take you down a notch on the “mean mom” scale. 😉

  57. I’m not a matchy-matchy person, but I do see where Sam is coming from. There’s a difference between the mitts not exactly matching and looking like they were knit in two different colourways, as these do.
    The young women I worked with five years ago were into the jar thing, but they considered themselves avant-garde artistes. I suppose the coolness of drinking from a jar overwhelms the disadvantages. I’m really antiquated – I’m still waiting for people to realize that backpacks are a pain – ungainly and injury-causing and you don’t need to carry all that stuff with you anyway. I thought it when they came in 30+ years ago and they’re still a standard item.

  58. A jar for a portable cup IS cool. But where’d she get that sippy cup thing on the top? I want one!

  59. Can I just say I LOVE these mitts, especially for their un-matchiness! They are so gorgeous. Please send to me if Sam doesn’t want them!
    I think you can let Sam slide this time- I think she’s appreciative, it’s just that matchiness is a “thing” for her that she can’t get past in trying to appreciate the mitts. Especially if this third mitt is quick. 🙂

  60. A third mitt could be useful, especially if something tragic happens to the first.
    This post reminds me of a line of children’s clothing-Little Miss Matched. They sell baby socks in sets of three.

  61. I know a lot of mums that knit 3 mittens for their children with the expectation that one will be lost. Can you pretend it was your idea? Or, just knit her a jar/cup cozy and be done with it. Really, there’s only one, it has to match itself.

  62. If she’s wearing them because the jar is to hot to hold, how does fingerless help? Make a cup-sleeve, with a bottom so it doesn’t fall out.
    I think, though, what she really wanted was something to keep her hands warm and fingers free, and the fingerless mitts do just hat.
    I won’t cast a vote on the matchy thing, other than to say I wouldn’t have been able to knit them. Also, I’m in the no-mercy stage of teaching my daughter to think ahead and respect my time. Your daughter isn’t loudly blaming you for the problem. She might even do the dishes or something else to make up for your extra knitting time while you make her one that matches. She might even buy the yarn. It’s probably too much to expect she’ll learn the dangers of slowly-changing colours just yet.

  63. Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Isn’t this coming from the woman who twitches if her color-patterned socks don’t match down to the last twitch? Third mitt (and you could unroll it to find a reasonably close section — don’t tell me you haven’t darned in a zillion ends when you didn’t like how the repeat colors were falling)– hut, hut, HUT!
    (Forgive her, Sam — she just couldn’t stand the thought of your hands being hot/cold and sort of lost it for a minute.)

  64. I’m sure you’ve already cast on and almost done the 3rd one by now anyway!! You’re a good mom – of course you’re making another!!
    They are very pretty!

  65. She knits. If it bugs her enough, let her have at it (I am guessing that she won’t.)
    That being said, I kept flipping back to the picture…and the one mitt doesn’t look like it belongs to the same set at all (based on what you can see). All the hat does is emphasize how one mitt goes with it…and the other looks like it is adopted.
    Also, there is a cute little mug cover on Ravelry that is called “Super Cuppa” (I think) and looks like it wants to be Superman (of course that matches nothing…but it is a cute mug/jar cozy!).

  66. Love them! None of my knits match and that’s the way I like it. I also drink my coffee from a jar too. (Cuppow lids. I love them.) but I have a bunch if jar sleeves I’ve made for mine.

  67. The yarn isn’t there yet. Knitting the mitt will distract you a little (ok, with the speed you knit, only for twenty minutes or so…). Go for it, knit the mitt. She will owe you..

  68. One more skein of yarn. Another pair of mitts, PLUS a matching hat (cause you’d have enough left over between the two pair, right?)

  69. Um. Sam *is* your daughter, right? She’s been matchy-matchy for a really long time, right? So why does this come as a surprise to you?
    After reading Presbyteria’s comments, it looks like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, either.
    That said, I am also like that. Very hard to not at least resemble each other (other than shape).
    You might as well give in, and knit another mitt. After all, you’re still waiting for yarn to arrive.
    (I don’t know if it’s working on my iPad or some strange stuff going on, but this posted on another entry in error, so I’m posting again.)

  70. It all matches in a tonal, artistic way! Everyone needs to expand their sense of beauty to include stuff that speaks to each other without being perfectly the same.
    I was reading a beauty magazine yesterday. This magazine told you how to wear non-matching prints together, like one polka dot piece and one striped piece. I must say that the photos were gorgeous even though I’m not going to spend money on this customized way of dressing. So mis-matching can be absolutely beautiful and edgy!

  71. I also have a couple of kids that insist on matching things – socks, mittens, gloves.
    And add me to the list of folks looking for where you got the sippy cup lid for the jar. Please.

  72. You should tell her that the world isn’t perfect, and that we should accept the “mismatched-ness” of the world because that is what makes it beautiful.
    And those mits are beautiful and unique!

  73. Waiting for your yarn to arrive is nearly as bad as waiting for the baby to be born 😀 (and mine went over overdue and got induced). And I would definitely consider it was your fault. I finally finished two blankets in that week, one needed a border sewing on and the other needed a few more rows to make it less of an oblong. It was still quite oblong but it worked well in the pram :).

  74. Perhaps I’m a bit like Sam in that I don’t want things to be totally mismatched. I can handle my socks not lining up exactly and I can deal with that…but those really do look like they came out of different skeins and it would probably drive me nuts, too. As for how to “fix” it…I don’t know that there’s a way to do that.

  75. Mismatchy makes her FAR cooler than anyone else’s matchy.
    AND!!!!!!!…..where did she get that AMAZINGLY COOL lid for the canning jar she carries her beverage in?! I want one!

  76. I’d vote for knit the third mitt ( realizing that you probably already have). I have a set knit from yarn fro an indie dyer that is less mismatched than those and while I love how they feel, three years later, they still irk me. I knit too slow and didn’t have enough yarn to knit a third. I like the hat but I don’t think that it makes up for the mitts.

  77. Knit 2 more mitts. Then you’ll have 2 nice sets. One for Sam and one for the gift basket.

  78. If you buy another kit, then she (might) have two sets that match.
    Then again, the things we do for our children.

  79. First the Bodum double-walled mug and now the Cuppow lid. (I’d never seen or heard about it before this but I love and use canning jars all the time, and this is AWESOME.) Maybe you should start another blog for this stuff.
    The knitting is nice too.

  80. Please knit her another mitt. I have a daughter just like her and just made a third sock for the very same reason. One day I will learn just to buy two skeins to start with!

  81. The mitts are very cool, although I do understand the matchy thing. By the way, where did you get the part that seems to convert that canning jar into a drinking mug? I am always looking for new ways to use my canning jars, and that is very neat.

  82. Sorry, one is very stripey and the other is not. What will the third mitt be? Sorta stripey? That might work with either, as others have mentioned, so she’ll have a pair and a spare. Doesn’t take that long for someone who knits like the wind to make a single fingerless mitt…
    Of course, if the blanket yarn had arrived by now, she’d be on her own…

  83. Well, if by some weird freakish happenstance she should LOSE one of the mitts, and you have knitted her a third mitt, you’ll have a spare. And then Sam won’t go spare, if you get my drift.

  84. Since the blanket yarn hasn’t arrived, I vote for knitting another mitt. My 18 year old daughter hasn’t worn anything that matches since she was 10. Used to make me crazy but not anymore.

  85. I think you ought to tell Sam that somebody else’s mother says she needs to wake up and appreciate the love and talent that went into the creation of those mitts. Perhaps she is taking you too much for granted, having been around you all her life. Not everyone has a mother who can (or will) knit love for her the way you do. Besides, she saw the pictures beforehand, and she knew the what they would look like. I vote no third mitt. Bah, humbug.

  86. How well I understand Sam, but even I submit to the peculiarities of variegated yarn and do not even try to match my handknitted socks. Nevertheless there has to be a resemblance between them, and I’m sorry to state that Sam’s mittens unfortunately do look like two lone mittens. Beautiful, yes, likeness, no. So my vote goes for the third mitten.

  87. Super easy: Knit her a wide, earwarmer/headband to pull it all together. You probably have enough yarn for that.
    She is far too cool to wear a mere hat.

  88. Suck it up and knit the mitt. She’ll love it and you’ll be thrilled that such a small effort made her delighted. It’s one of the rare ROI’s on motherhood.

  89. Maybe knitting the first mitt up to the fingers but the second one from the fingers down would make a gradient when looked from the front while holding a jar. Like some kind of rainbow.
    Instead of having a peach and an orange next to each other when the mittens hold the jar (mismatchy) it would look like a continuum.
    Enjoy your knitting.

  90. Knit her another mitt. It won’t take long, and it will mean a lot to her. (“Hey — my mom really listened to me!”)

  91. She wants to love them. There’s yarn for another. It wouldn’t take much time at all. Hoping there’s yarn for a fourth after that so there could be two sets–me personally, I love the pair just how the two are. Shows that the wearer is artistic.

  92. glad to see I am not the only one reading to follow Presbytera – a, ha.
    I say knit the other mitt – I’ve read your blog a long time and you seem like a nice mum and she seems like nice girl.
    I am a bit stuck on hot tea in a jar- that’s a new one for me!

  93. I totally did this! I knit a pair of slofock mitts in liberty wool and the second on had NONE of the colors of the first! Looked like 2 different skeins! I had to get another skein and make another PAIR so I had 2 matching sets! I thought it was just me.
    Make her another one, life is to short to have mitts that bug you, that’s energy best spent somewhere else

  94. I knit with Koigu and Noro alot and have gotten used to not matchy, but those are very not matchy…that said, I personally think they’re cool, but since they’re for Sam (who looks gorgeous in those photos btw), knit another mitt. It won’t take long….

  95. She has a choice…. Either bow down to your knitterly ways and suck it up or…
    knit the third mitt herself if she just can’t live with having ones that don’t match…
    You stated in your books that your daughters knit….
    I think my teenage boys are easier to knit for…. after the Weasley sweater for my youngest (when he was in second grade… he was still upset a couple of years ago when he outgrew it so we sent it through my sewing machine and turned it into a throw pillow for his bed… I charted out the C for his name using paint shop pro), socks (where I picked the yarn and used your sock recipe… said socks still come out when their feet are cold and they wear them to school), fingerless mitts (solid colors) and now beanies (from the charmed knits book) that were black (I knit them while outside in full sunlight at youngest son’s soccer games) that have stripes (using the leftover yarn from the mitts)…

  96. I see I’m not the only one who noticed the similarities between Sam’s jar and a sippy cup. I had no idea drinking like a two year old was cool now. I must be terribly uncool.

  97. I’m a “Miss Matchy” too… and the color differences would also drive me a bit nuts.
    I say make a new matching mitt for one of the pair, or a new pair and wrap up the non-matchy pair for a deserving “Miss Un-Matchy” who will be thrilled to have a pair of un-matching in a hip way fingerless mitts.
    I think a jar cozy could be cool, but it would need a way to snug around the lid and then it would get stained when the lid was removed…rendering it no longer cool.
    PS, where can I get a sippy top for a mason jar? My visually impaired hubby loves mason jars to drink coffea and tea and they constantly get knocked/kicked over, so a sippy top would reduce the volume of spillage.

  98. My solution to this dilemma is that you send me the non-matching mitts; I knit Sam a pair of matching mitts and send them to her, along with an insulated, non-breakable mug so I don’t have to worry about the glass shards that will go flying when she drops her glass sippy jar.

  99. I knit the Sakura shrug, also designed by Kate and the color spectrum from one arm to the next is TOTALLY nonmatchy. But that’s the best of the pattern and yarn. Embrace the unthinkable! Be totally asymmetrical and awesome, Sam!

  100. I love the fraternal nature of many of my handknits. Really really love them.
    Even I think those might be a little too not-matchy to be good, especially for someone who really cares about things that match.

  101. I somehow agree with Sam on this one. Especially since another mitt is not a big item. One’s taste is one’s taste, isn’t it? (Now a sweater, I might dig in my heels.)

  102. I somehow agree with Sam on this one. Especially since another mitt is not a big item. One’s taste is one’s taste, isn’t it? (Now a sweater, I might dig in my heels.)

  103. I vote to knit another mitt.. it might be something entirely different as well.. 🙂

  104. I’m with Sam on this. I want my stuff, even my hand knit stuff, to match. These will be right in front of her since they are on her hands and it will bug her every time she wears them. I’ve been in this situation too. Knit another mitt.

  105. Those mitts are cute and bright. But I see Sam’s point. It’s not like socks, that she would see only when she took off her shoes. These she’ll see constantly, and they will keep bugging her. Knit another mitt.

  106. Easy, tell her NO Her frontal lobe may not be developed enough yet to see the coolness, just sayin.

  107. My opinion, one can not spoil their kids enough… Especially if they request knitted items!

  108. My opinion, one can not spoil their kids enough… Especially if they request knitted items!

  109. knit TWO more mitts and put together the 2 that match best for her, and then you have the remaining 2 to give to someone else! win-win. 😉

  110. Knit the third mitt, she’ll have a spare! It’ll be just matchy enough. I would wear the existing two, no problem, they are lovely but they are NOT matchy.
    We’ve been carrying our water to work in mason jars for years, drinking right out of the jar like moonshine. Love the lid idea!

  111. Isn’t it always Sam who models the lovely scarves, hats, and shawls you knit, not to mention the socks and mitts? Make her another mitt. Even if the matching/not matching issue does come perilously close to not fully appreciating your knitting, you need her continued modelling cooperation. Besides, she’s lovely.

  112. Super cute mitts. And I’ve got to ask, in case no one else has… where did she/you get the top of the jar? I totally want one!

  113. Hmmmm. aren’t you the same person who posted pictures of socks that match down to the last little kitchner stitch? I like things to match too or at least be close.

  114. Stephanie, I’m surprised you didn’t knit them to match each other. After all, you’ve been bugged by sweater sleeves in which the color changes didn’t match each other or match the body of the sweater! Besides, you already know how Sam is. . .;-)!
    And, does category d.) include people who have intentionally felted more than one item? What does Erin want that puts her in category e.)? (I’m envisioning something in Day-Glo colors or ’80s mauve and Wedgewood, knit from the most obnoxious crapcrylic ever inflicted on the knitting &/or crocheting public.)
    PS to Sam: A sippy cup lid on the jar is so not cool. Kind of like walking around with your underwear worn over your jeans. However, have you seen the stemmed glasses made from canning jars? Very classy. You may want to get some now for use in your first apartment or dorm room.

  115. Sam has been around long enough to know that you certainly know how to rock that yarn and make something a little more matchy. I bet you have that third mitt knit already. I agree with previous posters and think if there is enough yarn left she should get a mug cozy, too. I love the mitts and also have the jar topper from Cuppow that she has too.

  116. My jr. high home ec teacher haunts me. She had a thing about matching…plaids especially, but she pointed out that you can match prints too. Pretty ocd, and now I tend to be that way too. Although I try to let it go when there’s no way to make something match (Crazy Zauberball, for instance).

  117. I completely get the need for matchy.
    Those are not matchy, but they are COMPLEMENTARY, you know, they complement [complete] each other just fine. Funny, I looked at the first couple photos and didn’t notice they didn’t “match.” I would rather that mine did NOT match, but were complementary.
    However, the girlie does have a point, and because she is now 98% cool and stylin’ now, you may as well help with the extra 2% with a match.
    And she’s right on, the hat would do it. Order more yarn and still make the matchy handwarmer.

  118. Aren’t you the woman who refuses to knit socks that are fraternal rather than identical?

  119. I love fraternal twin sets of socks, gloves, shoes, whatevs, but I’m going to have to agree with Sam on this one…those 2 don’t really look like they’re even related…they’re just a little too different.

  120. No, they don’t match.
    Yes, you’re spoiling her.
    But hey, you know what? You’re her mum, and you are ALLOWED to spoil her if you want 😉
    Besides, you want her to wear them. I know you do 😉 And she’ll love the dickens out of them if they match.

  121. I’m not that fussed by self striping that doesn’t match but it the photo those mitts don’ t even look like they’re from the same pair. Kit a matching one, you’re yarn hasn’t arrived yet.

  122. Per a recent blog post of yours, I thought you didn’t care about what your children thought. Wink.

  123. I’m with Jennifer at 3:25…knit a jar cozy. It fills the same roll as the hat in the pic that Sam thinks pulls the ‘look’ together. And it sounds like you have enough yarn left over to do it.

  124. I’m with Jennifer at 3:25…knit a jar cozy. It fills the same roll as the hat in the pic that Sam thinks pulls the ‘look’ together. And it sounds like you have enough yarn left over to do it.

  125. OK, you live in Canada, right? Those adorable mitts are COTTON, right? Won’t her hands be cold???
    P.S. If she doesn’t want the mitts, I’ll take them! I love, love, love non-matching stuff.

  126. Seeing as something that size must take you, oh, what, FIVE MINUTES, (in fact, probably longer than it took to write the post,) I’d say knit the mitt 🙂

  127. I love how her pretty pink nails match both! I always learn so much here, the cuppow–totally unknown to me–good idea for stocking stuffer.

  128. Just knit the third one. You know you want to. In fact, by now you probably already have! I’m familiar with your quandary. Lol!

  129. I’d knit two more and have two matched pairs. I swear I remember you re-knitting a sock heel to get it to match its mate. Why not the mitts?

  130. Oh, drinking from jars is such a thing right now. I see it all the time where I work. And we even sell the little sippy spout that she has in there.
    I can’t help but feel the better solution would have been to knit a jar cozy… but perhaps it isn’t the fashionable solution, or the one that would leave your cool jar on display. Speaking of which, a jar cozy wouldn’t let the coffee cool as fast… but I digress. I would knit her the second mitt and forgive her this time for her trespasses.

  131. I have 4 kids all grown, more or less. They all have quirks (like needing things to match) So my first thought is why didn’t
    you ask her first if they needed to match since you already know she needs things to match? Because too many times, I didn’t do that first!!!! I too would knit a 3rd, it will make you both feel better. (Trust me)

  132. Oh dear, now I have to accept that, even if I ever managed to get myself over the hurdle of being a stranger (I have no idea how I would ever manage that, but I remain hopeful), you still won’t knit for me. I have an appalling track record of felting my own and others work. I try to blame the babies, addlng my brain, distracting me and creating too much laundry but I think it’s actually that I am just a little bit too slapdash. Must try harder…

  133. I haven’t seen a jar with a sippy cup top. Such an interesting way to carry a drink.

  134. Hmm. The mitts in the piccy don’t have a wide band of pale pink. Assuming I were knitting it for myself, I would edit that out – then all the tones would be about right and they’d look alot more matched. And the coffee stains wouldn’t show as much. Hope your post arrives soon x

  135. She’s not on drugs and it seems she’s asked nicely. I’ve seen how fast you knit, so I’d go with knit her another one.

  136. I’m also with knitting a 3 mitt that matches. If I knit anything in a pair, i.e. socks or gloves or mittens or mitts, they HAVE to match. I will unravel the skein and figure out the colourway, and then only start knitting….

  137. I’m totally a matchy-matchty person. They’d have to match. Period. Second mitts or socks are started, (for myself for gifts) at the exact color change point as the first mitt or sock. No exceptions. I’ve tried to be chill about it. Just can’t do it. I get twitchy. I always buy extra yarn, just in case a skein that LOOKS appropriately colored, won’t cooperate from the inside. Just call me a color control freak. I can take it.

  138. LOL! I have a few knitter friends like that who just can’t stand it if things don’t match. It might not have to be a perfect match but it should be awfully darn close. These same friends of mine also don’t like to spin any fiber mixes that have slubs, knubs, or anything that won’t spin perfectly smooth. Go figure! I like it all, not matching and everything. A friend knit me a beautiful pair of cabled socks that had a white stripe in the yarn that didn’t match the other sock. She actually apologized to me like she was giving me substandard socks. I laughed so hard I almost cried! I’m a really slow knitter so a pair of socks like that would take me at least 6 months of swearing, oops I mean knitting to finish. Anyways, I’ve watched how much the matchy type people suffer when things are unmatched. My vote is take pity on the lovely young lady and make her a extra glove. Then she owes you big time LOL!

  139. Ha! My college teacher drinks her chai from a Mason jar. Have to tell her about the cuppow drinking lid.
    I am with the knitter who suggested removing the pink band and knitting a third mitten.

  140. I think you should knit the third mitt. Think of it as a replacement should (when) one of the mitts goes missing. You are simply taking all situations into consideration providing clothing for your child.

  141. As another matchy-matchy girl – YES, please knit her another mitt. I have been like this about color since I was a little girl. I had no idea I was odd about it until one day, while shopping with my mom she said something about, “well, you know how you are about color and things matching.” I can’t help it.
    Even as much as I would love to have those mitts – it would BOTHER me that they were so mismatched. Sam isn’t being ungrateful, she just can’t help it. Just like you would consider someone’s wants and needs and likes when you knit something for them, know that Sam loves matching.

  142. I thought she was the one who didn’t like her hat and mitts to be the same yarn because that said to the world they were handmade?
    They are really not-matching, I can see how it’d bug her.
    But what I don’t get…her fingers are still ON the hot jar! Why not just make her a jar cozy? (I see others have suggested it to make the outfit match, but I’m suggesting it because frankly, I don’t see how the fingerless gloves are protecting her fingers from the hot jar LOL).

  143. I would actually make two more mitts and then she would have two matching sets. While I like to think that I am not a matchy matchy person, I have been known to rewind through self-striping yarn to at least attempt to make a matched set.
    On the other hand, as I wouldn’t want the kid to think she was totally spoilt, I would probably wait and give her the new pair for Christmas. Because I can . . . and it would be a lesson learned and because it goes to the whole unappreciated thing.

  144. I am not one of those people who thinks things in pairs should be identical. I just posted on FB about how the socks I just finished look different because the colors pooled differently, but I liked them that way. But those mitts are definitely really non-matchy. The same thing happened to me last Christmas, when I knitted a pair for a co-worker out of one skein of yarn, and they bore no resemblance to each other (other than the pattern). I did it at the last minute, of course, and apologized profusely when I gave them to her and promised I would knit another one which would match one or the other, and she insisted she didn’t care, and wore them anyway.
    But, yeah, I’d knit another mitt. 🙂

  145. A third mitt will be protection for losing one.
    Though frankly, handWARMERS as potholders leaves me baffled. As a chemist, and a consumer with experience in such things, a glass jar full of hot liquid, carried around when lugging other things? An accident looking for a place to happen. I know it’s fashionable right now to re-purpose mason jars, but if I’m going to drink out of one, I want one of the ones with a handle. No handle is fine if you’re drinking iced tea, but for hot?
    My preferred commuter mug right now is a stainless steel one with a lid that actually seals when you release the button on the handle. And the (plastic) lid pops open completely so you can really wash it, unlock most travel mug lids. (Contigo Randolph if anyone cares, whether you want the lock or no-lock version. I’ve got the lock but almost never use it.)

  146. Yeah, yeah, great… but where did Sam get that jar? She is right, that is all kinds of cool and is far better than a mere mug.

  147. I am in the , “spoil her, it is worth it” camp. Then if she loses one (not that that would ever happen)…

  148. Oh, and my very fashion forward daughter (I have no idea where she gets that) says to tell Sam that matchy is NOT fashionable right now. 🙂

  149. Now see that’s totally weird.
    My niece, decider of all-things-cool, has looked me in the eye and told me that “you older women are too matchy-matchy”. I wanted to whack her one but…she’s right. We ARE usually really matchy-matchy.

  150. What happened to not caring about children’s feelings? (Meanest Mom in the World) I just emerged from a painful, weeks-long shawl design negotiation with a 4 yr old, so I could be jaded but I say keep your eyes on the long game. Then again, depending on your eldercare plans, maybe making her another mitt will serve your long game well.

  151. Everything made in a factory matches perfectly, you have to apply your own skills and creativity to get non-matching! But she cares, and I think she may have learned the matchy thing from a family member, so you’ll both be happier. You could make another mitt to match one, and make another mitt to match the other!

  152. If you have enough yarn, knit another PAIR, and maybe you’ll get two more-matchy pairs, or at least one pair that matches and one that doesn’t, so you can keep or gift the second pair.
    Or something.

  153. This is not a violation. The picture is kind of deceiving, in that alternate magazine universe kind of way. In real life, they don’t match enough.

  154. Oh just go ahead and knit that third yarn! lol You know your gonna anyhow, cause she’s your daughter and that makes it okay. She’s in a special catagory on your list. Me/ I think I’d opt for the jar cozy – maybe the three together would make her smile!

  155. Knit another mitt. Remember when she was small, didn’t you make mittens in sets of 3 because one would always get lost. The children get older, they get bigger, the mitts still go walkabout on their own.

  156. I’d knit the third mitt, but I’m OCD about having things match, to the point where when I use self-striping yarn I make sure to start the second sock/mitt/sleeve in exactly the same place as the first. Besides, one mitt will inevitably get lost.

  157. 1. undo a mitten – knit a jar cosy
    2. knit matchy mitten…
    3. explain why grown-up are using baby bottles for coffee?

  158. new question….can i buy that lovely yarn in the states? i want a pair. and i like the not matchy matchy deal.

  159. An extra mitt is always a good thing for when one eventually goes missing. Didn’t EZ recommend mittens in sets of 3 just in case? (Yes, I know that was for smaller children, but sometimes teens act like they’re in the same category). Just keep knitting stuff for her because in the end it makes you happy, no matter how picky she is. She’s warm because of you. she’s wearing a hug from you. Dig through the stash – there’s probably enough yarn in a color to tie the mitts together. Or heck,you coud dye it! It’s a nice break from the white blanket anyway.

  160. The “blog” has all sorts of solutions…any one or combination of them will do the trick. I favor knit a 3rd mitt that matches better and a jar cosy with the leftovers.

  161. On the same subject, I’m also a sucker when my daughter asks for something. I’m hoping to spin some fur from one of her dogs and use it on a woven scarf for Christmas. Best get on that!

  162. hasn’t Sam picked up on the non-matchy fad in the fashion world? Things must be in the same color family, but pairs no longer need match. Actually, it’s cooler when they don’t. Go check out the young girls section of athletic shoes. They’re now marketing shoes that are not the same color. For example: one shoe may be pink with some purple highlights and one shoe may be blue with yellow highlights. Young people are intentionally wearing socks that don’t match each other. Matchy matchy is BORING and old hat now. Those handwarmers are more trendy now than if they had matched.

  163. If it was your second cousin once removed, then I say take the mitts and wear them with pride or be deemed not knitworthy.
    But kids (especially your own) have more leeway.
    Knit the third mitt, then she can mix and match.

  164. She needs a jar cozy that covers the transition between the two mitts. It would insulate the jar and keep her tea warm while looking very fashionable.

  165. If you knit her a new mitt and she looses one she’ll already have a spare (though not a matching one). Kind of like making mittens for a four year old who refuses strings 🙂

  166. The things we do for our kids…I recently had to make a Christmas stocking to match my daughers, for her fiancé…the colors were not the same, but close. She, uncharacteristically, I might add, said they were fine…maybe I can find yarn that will match them better after Christmas! Ah well….at least she asked me to do it! I love it that she loves my knitted items.

  167. This post is a much needed cautionary tale to possibly clueless knitters who love Noro and similar yarns — in my experience, most non-knitters won’t wear mismatched socks, fronts, sleeves, etc. outside of the house. Sadly knitters who don’t consider this are in denial.
    Love your work!

  168. My college roommate ( and still a dear friend) believes in matching — at all costs. My first experience with this phenomena was epic. we had white contact paper with blue flower shelf liner on the shelves, so of course we had to get the matching Correlle dishes. (The dishes were going to sit on the contact paper, it had to match). When she discovered that her flannel nightgown had the same blue and white flower motif on it she was giddy with glee for days. Months later, I found her just looking at the shelf with the dishes and contact paper in her night gown and she was grinning from ear to ear. 20 years later, she still believes firmly thinks should match, not coordinate.

  169. Oh the hazards! It’s so fun to knit for those who appreciate it—not so much for those who don’t. I’m the mother of four, and my youngest two are the ones who particularly love handknits. My youngest son (19) loves 100% wool everything! He absolutely wears to death every hat I make him! He usually gets a new one for his fall birthday and he’s fun to knit for, because he so appreciates it. (He also understands about NOT washing and shrinking good wool!) Such is his appreciation that his little sister (15) made him wool boot socks for his recent birthday, and he was amazed! She, being my youngest is very much a knitter and appreciator of everything handknit and wooly—but also makes her own. She knits lovely lacy things, displays them at the country fair, and wears them with Joy!
    All that said, I kind of like the randomness of the mitts, but for Sam you might want to do a matching one. Is this some hereditary gene thing? Don’t we recall your angst over unmatched sweater sleeves or not-quite-matching socks? I could be mistaken, of course.

  170. I… I like randomness and things that go together but don’t quite match and I knit myself some noro striped mitts that don’t even vaguely match and it doesn’t bug me in the slightest…
    And I’d knit the third mitt. I really would. Because those are really kinda beyond the pale. Like, NONE of the colors from Mitt 1 carry over to Mitt 2.
    And I’m buying myself and everyone sippy cups for their jars and no I cannot carry a mug, I’m not COMPETENT to ride the bus with a mug.

  171. Dude. she’s letting you knit for her. Where’s all that stuff about “container for love” and all that?
    Also see above re hereditary and a certain knit blogger who tries to match her knit socks to the very stitch.
    Just sayin’.

  172. Hmm, well, I’m a knitter and wouldn’t “wear mismatched socks, fronts, sleeves, etc. outside of the house”. Do my socks have to match the rest of my outfit? No. Do my gloves have to match my hat? No. But things clothing items that come in pairs should match. That’s why they call them “pairs”.

  173. Late to the party, but at least she would have a spare if she lost one. Also, down here, south of the border in Minnesota, you can now find mason jar mugs with handles attached. You can even find mason jars with stems attached to make a wine glass but let’s not go there with Sam yet.

  174. Do you really read all these comments? Wow – I’ve never looked at the comments before, but I have been reading your blog and really enjoy it. I do the same with people who has dissed my knitting, some people just don’t get it, which is okay. I have 3 daughters who also have indicated that all this knitting is kinda dorky, but they all have asked for knitted things and even requested knitted things to give to a friend, which i thought was cool. I would knit the mitt. My oldest is 20 and loser of things so i should probably always knit her 3 socks or mittens or even hats.

  175. This may have already been suggested, but I vote for using the rest of the yarn to knit a jar cozy to tie it all together! Functional in two ways!

  176. It was when the vests started coming home crammed in the lunchbox that I kind of quit the vest and sweater for the son(s) thing….especially the light blue on 0’s and 2’s that returned wearing Welch’s grape its first day. (Might be a dye option there….)

  177. I’m sorry to point this out, but don’t I recall some posts in the past about how you like your socks identical, not fraternal? I agree that the picture made the mismatch obvious, but is it fair to blame Sam for what she inherited from you? Maybe you can unravel the odd one (after knitting number 3) and knit a cozy for the cup? Otherwise, the cup will still be too hot for the bare fingers.
    Besides – you need something to do while waiting on yarn and baby.
    Besides again — 10/10 is a good day for a birthday!

  178. Or you could rip these out and striped them from the two to make a new pair and they would match better with no new yarn involved…

  179. I know just what you mean. I can’t stand people who remind me that I can buy the same stuff in the stores. I take public transporation and used to have this same guy on my train, when I was knitting socks, every time he would see me, he had to tell me, you know, you can buy socks in the store. I wanted to rip his head off, that joke got so old.

  180. YH – I didn’t realize they were not matchy from the photo but the ones on Sam’s hands looked so pretty until you showed us the pair off her hands … I mean they’re gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but I think I just realized I’m a matchy-matchy girl. lol 🙂 I’m not thinking Sam will enjoy the cup cozy as she requested the mitts in the first place – but if by redoin them in a stripe makes them matchy without you needing to procure more yarn, that’s my vote.
    🙂 Enjoy the wait for the rest of your white baby yarn … still hoping to see the new wee one posted up here asap! Poor Robyn

  181. I’ll forgo repeating comments already made many times, and politely suggest that Sam watch Project Runway. Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum all rail against “matchy-matchyness” and instead want a look is cohesive. These mitts are cohesive (although agree that adding either the hat or a skinny scarf would really pull it all together).
    I also completely agree about your criteria for who doesn’t get hand knits. My MIL is not getting anything else until she wears the alpaca lace scarf I made her two years ago. 🙁

  182. I’ve never seen anyone drinking coffee out of a mason jar with what appears to be a sippy top? Is this a Canadian thing?

  183. I want to be cool like Sam and start drinking my coffee from a jar! I guess I’ll need to buy more yarn to start some mitts 🙂

  184. So, does this mean you’re not going to knit me an intricate lace-and-cables heirloom-quality queen-size bedspread, from qiviut you’ve personally gathered, washed, carded, spun and dyed (with hand-harvested natural dye-stuffs, like lichen painstakingly scraped from rocks) anytime soon?? I’d hate to think you see me as a ‘stranger’ (I’m sure I’ve emailed you once or twice), but I suspect I’m firmly stuck in category (b). *dramatic sigh*

  185. I was shocked that you knit them to not match in the first place. you usually are so careful about stripes matching up and such.
    Also, I LOVE the jar and Cuppow lid (I have many myself). The way to solve this is knit a baby legwarmer (or use one your kid outgrew in 5 seconds like I did) and fold it in half. Waalaa! Jar cozy! The stretch of the ribbing holds it on perfectly 🙂

  186. I would knit the other mitt. Knowing that she is a more matchy type of girl, I wouldn’t consider her to not be appreciating the knits, just that those are so completely non-matchy, to me they look like two mismatched mitts, because the colors don’t really repeat from one mitt to the other.

  187. OK so I’m not surprised to find myself out of the cool loop on drinking from mason jars but I didn’t realize it was “a thing” when I saw a coworker drinking a jar of water with a straw through the lid last week. My first reaction was that she looked like she was dipping into “The Recipe” from the Waltons TV show (I know I’m showing my age!). I agree a third mitt or a mug sleeve would be a good use of the leftover yarn.

  188. I’m with your daughter on this one – knit her the other fingerless mitten. They aren’t mis-matched in a cute way – it looks more like a mistake. However – I think it would be fun to knit her the hat for a surprise Christmas gift (try to make it “match”!).
    This is not about lack of gratitude. This is a lesson in Communication – when knitting customized knitting garments – there needs to be solid communication at the beginning to insure end results will work. (once my SIL asked for a “short” scarf to tuck in her coat – but we had 2 different ideas on what that meant)
    Kudos to you on giving birth to 3 absolutely beautiful knitwear models – oops – I mean “daughters”… every knitter knows you planned that.

  189. Make the poor girl another mitt. You knew she was a matchy match girl.
    I like things to match too. I even match my self-striping knit socks. 🙂

  190. I love my Cuppow and also ran into the issue of the glass being too hot. But rather than gloves, I knit it a little sweater/cozy. It has a bottom so the jar doesn’t slide around, and it insulates too. Plus, extra hipster points.

  191. I have a friend with a daughter the complete opposite of Sam. She couldn’t wouldn’t wear matching socks. They were camping in BC and she refused to get out of the car (age maybe 7) and started sobbing because Mom! there were only 2 clean socks and they match and someone might see me in them.
    as an adult she still resists matching her socks.

  192. I knit for a teenager. You have SOOO described the experience. She loves to have me knit for her. I knit for her, often following her exact instruction (she chooses the pattern, the yarn, I adjust the pattern according to her needs) and somehow, my pieces don’t quite hit the mark. But she’s so sweet, and she so loves for me to knit for her, and it’s kinda fun to pick out patterns and yarn for her, that I keep falling into her trap.
    My husband has intervened more than once – my daughter and I were scheming on a sweater I would knit for her, and the arguments started flying early, and… he said, “you will NOT knit this sweater for her.” He is a very smart man. That’s why I married him.

  193. Isn’t it actually cooler not to match? I mean, isn’t matching kind of like following rules? Anybody can MATCH, it takes style and guts to pull off mismatched, right?

  194. 75 days … for me, it’s closer to 60 since I need to mail almost all my holiday knitting. Thus, I started projects in late June. But I’m still behind! I’d better go knit so I can finish at least one project this weekend.
    Love the mitts! Glad both pairs match and you have one less gift to knit. =)

  195. I think I’d have ripped the lighter colored one and knit it from the other end. The color would flow from side to side if you laced your fingers together, and that would make it a matched set. (At least it would to me!)

  196. I hate to say it, but you did know this girl needs matchy-matchy. And, I gotta tell ya, those mitts don’t match AT ALL. Not even close. And, you totally know you could whip up a new mitt in a couple of hours. (OK, yes I am the Auntie who made matched socks for 22 nieces and nephews.)

  197. I’ve been wondering about the Cuppow! Do y’all like it? I would knit a cup cosy regardless of mitts. Matchy or non-matchy is great by me. If they end up non-matchy then I just use it to tell the Left from the Right. 😉 Pretty yarn too.

  198. I have not read all the comments on this post but as a knitter and cuppow lover I feel compelled to mention that what you need really is a cozy for the JAR.

  199. Since it would only take you a couple minutes to rip out and only a couple more minutes to reknit, try this time knitting CORRECTLY by alternating rows with that drastically clashing yarn. I think you should think about it. I mean, you do love her, don’t you?

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