Getting there, or somewhere

Things I did today:

1. I got my hair cut and coloured. I’ve been trying hard to embrace the grey, but it’s not coming in fiercely enough yet to justify its existence. Out it went.

2. I asked the hairdresser to make sure that she didn’t cut my hair so short that I couldn’t push it behind my ears, because even though that’s not flattering, I don’t think I can stop.

3. I figured out my coffee plan for the book tour. There are a thousand indignities that I can suffer in the name of the profession I’ve willingly chosen, but bad coffee? That ain’t one of them. My solution is a hand crank grinder, an aeropress, and a mug from the cupboard. Something that looks like home.

4. I went to the glasses place and spoke to them at length about the way my new glasses touch the back of my ears and hurt me. Except this is the third time, and I could tell that while they were super nice, they’re starting to think I’m super crazy.

5. I started reserving underpants that I want to pack for the tour.

6. I knit, although that’s starting to be pretty funny. I’m still working on the Adrian out of the Habu linen. It’s hysterical to me that I was going to finish this, and another vest, and two scarves before I left. Clearly, I was projecting a vision of success that can’t happen.

7. I realized that this has wardrobe implications for how I thought I would look on the tour.

8. I went to the post office and mailed a few friends a copy of the new book. If I cared about promotion properly, I would have done this sooner. I seem to be in a perpetual battle between my self esteem and what I think manners are. For the record, I think self esteem is losing.

9. I continued on my dishcloth plan. For 9 years, you guys have been giving me dishcloths at all my book tour stops. Ones with your state on them, ones with your province on them, ones with your favourite team or your favourite cause. I have been saving them all, with a plan in mind. You’re going to love what I do with them – except I’m crazy if I think I’m finishing by Monday.


10. I planned a menu for tomorrow night, when my loved ones will gather to fete the book. It’s exciting. Despite my fears, worries and straight up crazy stuff around the book, it’s still amazing to have written another. A book is a big deal. I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family. There’s something funny about hanging your heart out there and seeing what people think. I can at least start that amongst my beloved. At the very least they’ll lie to send me out confident.

11. I wish I knit faster – or with my mind.