Day One (Really, we’re at .5)

So far so good.  I’m out of the house and in Vancouver, waiting for my connection to Portland, and I feel pretty positive. Today isn’t just the first day of the tour, it’s the day that The Amazing Thing About the Way It Goes is released and people are starting to get their copies and nobody has told me that it sucks yet – in fact there have been some very nice compliments.  All my clothes are clean, I had enough sleep, I’m not too nervous now that I’m moving, and today I did two things that are very nice.

authorcopy 2014-03-04

I wrote “Author Copy” inside the cover of my copy of the book, so that at the bookstores it doesn’t get mixed in. (On account of one time, I lost/misplaced my book, and I had to buy another one, and buying your own book is super weird.)  Writing the word “Author” doesn’t get old.

bookknit 2014-03-04

Then I knit almost the whole five hour flight (except for the part where I accidentally fell asleep) and I read 81% of Rachael Herron’s new book Pack Up the Moon which I got on my ipad this morning because her release date was the same as mine, and I’m delighted to report that it’s a great book, and I’m not going to have to think of anything delicate to say to her. So far, I’m pro book tour. (The tour page is here, and the links for where I’ll be when are over there.  ——->>>)

PS. I know that Amazon is sold out, but don’t forget that your local independent might have it, or could order it, and Barnes and Noble has it too.

PPS. Thanks for caring.