All Good Things

This morning I’m travelling home, and I had these big elegant plans to finish up the last of the tour posts, and make everything nice and tidy before boarding the plane, and then I’d arrive home and everything would be beautifully finished.  Sadly, I’m still me and the planet still thinks that’s hysterical, so it would appear that I’m going out with a whimper, rather than a bang.

Two things have gone wrong, more or less.  First, this morning as I packed up my hotel room and got ready to go, I noticed my notebook on the desk, and I thought “don’t forget that Steph” and then I walked away and left it there.  Like it was garbage, like it was dead to me – and I actually wouldn’t care that much about it, except I put the little notes on who’s who from the pictures I took in Exton into that – so you’ll all have to forgive the part where I can’t remember hardly any names.  (Usually I write them down so that I can remember they next day.  If you’re in these pictures, just tell me, I’ll edit the post later and put your name in.  I’m so sorry.) The second thing that seems to have gone wrong is that for reasons that can only be related to the way the universe hates for me to wrap things up nicely – the usually reliable Philadelphia airport won’t let me have any internet. So while this post is being written in Philly, it will be posted from Toronto.  I’m trying not to care. Wanna see the bunch from Exton?

exton4 2014-03-16 exton3 2014-03-16 exton2 2014-03-16 exton1 2014-03-16

You’ll notice that they’re tucked into nooks and crannies this time. The bookstore was a little surprised at the size of the event.  It seemed to me like they did their very best, considering a knitter train hit them.

Wanna see first socks? There were some beauties.
firstandcurrentsocks 2014-03-16
I wish I could remember this lady’s name, because man – she was thinking.  She brought her first and current pair, just to make sure I was up to date.  This lady – her first pair had some very charming problems.
firstsocksnoends 2014-03-16
She was a brand new knitter when she made them, and she didn’t know what to do with the ends. She didn’t let that stop her though. Not even for a minute. She just tied them all in knots.  How about this pair?
firstsocksnotsamesize 2014-03-16
One two inches shorter than the other. Classic! (Hey! That’s Nora!)
firstsocks2 2014-03-16
This pair? Well, they were pretty much perfect. (There’s one in every crowd.)
firstsocksreenactor. 2014-03-16
This pair? This nice mummy made these for her husband, and he’s a re-enactor, so to make them authentic, she didn’t use superwash – which totally explains how he felted them by accident.
weddingshawl 2014-03-16
Look at this shawl – that’s Emily (a name! I remember a name!) and that shawl is her wedding shawl, but what makes it extra special is that it was made for her by her mum and dad together. Or look at this,
renee1styarn 2014-03-16
That’s Jesse and a very, very nice little ball of first handspun. (Look! I remembered a name!)
regularpeople 2014-03-16
These are regular people who came to the signing. Despite this being a book that regular people would enjoy, they haven’t really figured that out yet.  These ones were tipped off by a knitter.  (Bob. I’m pretty darned sure the guy on the right is Bob. I think the gentleman on the right is Chuck, and was the knitter Carol? My mind is a sieve. I bet those are all wrong.)
Hold on now, because I saved the best for last.
littleknitter 2014-03-16
She’s four. She’s a perfectly good knitter, and she’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while, and the perfect note to end on.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  From home.