Randomly on a Thursday

1. I am still knitting Adriana, despite my feelings. A bunch of you in the comments are right though, Adrian must die. I’m going to wind the whole thing into a ball and toast his demise.

2. Even though I am still knitting Adriana, you cannot tell.  I am in a black hole.

3. I am thinking about stepping out on her with my spinning wheel for a little. That’s not the same as cheating.

4. Who cares if I cheat anyway? It’s knitting. I’ve made no vows, nor promises. I’ll be as adulterous as I want to be.

5. Sort of. I would really like to wear Adriana in Texas, although in thinking about it, I can tell you I’ve done that weird thing again, where I knit an accessory, but have no idea what it goes with.  What outfit do I think I’m going to wear it with?

6. Thanks for the questions about the retreat that landed in the Strung Along mailbox. You’re right, as always, it would be better if I described it here. Less work too.  Here goes. The Strung Along April retreat is designed to be a spectacular treat, and a chance for textile artists to recharge their creativity by dipping their toes into some interesting stuff.  Our theme is “Where the wild things are” and Judith MacKenzie will be with us to teach you about dying with wild things, and spinning them too. I’ll be teaching “wild” knitting – an exploration of some stuff you might not have thought about before – in terms of materials, and techniques. Debbi Stone is teaching creativity in design, taking knitters for a walk in the woods (there’s a waterfall) and then bringing them back to explore how you can translate the things you’ve seen in the wild into creative designs, stitch patterns and ideas.   As always, there will be wonderful food, as always, there will be fun extras. (Debbi’s totally going to teach some great stuff about ipads, if you have one) and there will be a community marketplace, and some easy, low key, fun optional mat-less yoga for knitters.  There are only a few spots left, so to get more info than that, you can email us at StrungAlong@yarnharlot.ca.  (Beginning knitters and spinners are welcome, but you should have the beginning basics down, just so that it’s fun for you.) The Resort at Port Ludlow is the location, and it’s pretty gorgeous this time of year. (Pro-tip. No snow.)

7. Lou has hidden my ball-winder.

8. Wait, did I show you the pictures of Lou in his new sweater?

lousweater1 2014-03-20

Photo’s courtesy of Kate and Carlos (that’s mum and dad to Lou) and I know they’re a little blurry in spots, but you gotta trust me. It’s still dark in Toronto, and Lou’s a fast moving kid who shows little interest in a formal knitwear modelling career.  It makes it hard to get good snaps.

lousweater3 2014-03-20

This sweater fits like a dream. Actually, all parts of the sweater are dreamy.

lousweater4 2014-03-20

The pattern is Lancelot, which was pretty easy and fun to knit although there is a bit of a whoopty-do around the short rows for the neck. It’s totally fine if you just follow the directions like you aren’t thinking.

lousweater5 2014-03-20

The yarn was perfect too. Soft, warm, a gorgeous colour.  Klickitat Hand-Dyed wool from the Artful Ewe.

lousweater2 2014-03-20

I think he’s going to wear this one for a while.