Randomly on a Thursday

1. I am still knitting Adriana, despite my feelings. A bunch of you in the comments are right though, Adrian must die. I’m going to wind the whole thing into a ball and toast his demise.

2. Even though I am still knitting Adriana, you cannot tell.  I am in a black hole.

3. I am thinking about stepping out on her with my spinning wheel for a little. That’s not the same as cheating.

4. Who cares if I cheat anyway? It’s knitting. I’ve made no vows, nor promises. I’ll be as adulterous as I want to be.

5. Sort of. I would really like to wear Adriana in Texas, although in thinking about it, I can tell you I’ve done that weird thing again, where I knit an accessory, but have no idea what it goes with.  What outfit do I think I’m going to wear it with?

6. Thanks for the questions about the retreat that landed in the Strung Along mailbox. You’re right, as always, it would be better if I described it here. Less work too.  Here goes. The Strung Along April retreat is designed to be a spectacular treat, and a chance for textile artists to recharge their creativity by dipping their toes into some interesting stuff.  Our theme is “Where the wild things are” and Judith MacKenzie will be with us to teach you about dying with wild things, and spinning them too. I’ll be teaching “wild” knitting – an exploration of some stuff you might not have thought about before – in terms of materials, and techniques. Debbi Stone is teaching creativity in design, taking knitters for a walk in the woods (there’s a waterfall) and then bringing them back to explore how you can translate the things you’ve seen in the wild into creative designs, stitch patterns and ideas.   As always, there will be wonderful food, as always, there will be fun extras. (Debbi’s totally going to teach some great stuff about ipads, if you have one) and there will be a community marketplace, and some easy, low key, fun optional mat-less yoga for knitters.  There are only a few spots left, so to get more info than that, you can email us at StrungAlong@yarnharlot.ca.  (Beginning knitters and spinners are welcome, but you should have the beginning basics down, just so that it’s fun for you.) The Resort at Port Ludlow is the location, and it’s pretty gorgeous this time of year. (Pro-tip. No snow.)

7. Lou has hidden my ball-winder.

8. Wait, did I show you the pictures of Lou in his new sweater?

lousweater1 2014-03-20

Photo’s courtesy of Kate and Carlos (that’s mum and dad to Lou) and I know they’re a little blurry in spots, but you gotta trust me. It’s still dark in Toronto, and Lou’s a fast moving kid who shows little interest in a formal knitwear modelling career.  It makes it hard to get good snaps.

lousweater3 2014-03-20

This sweater fits like a dream. Actually, all parts of the sweater are dreamy.

lousweater4 2014-03-20

The pattern is Lancelot, which was pretty easy and fun to knit although there is a bit of a whoopty-do around the short rows for the neck. It’s totally fine if you just follow the directions like you aren’t thinking.

lousweater5 2014-03-20

The yarn was perfect too. Soft, warm, a gorgeous colour.  Klickitat Hand-Dyed wool from the Artful Ewe.

lousweater2 2014-03-20

I think he’s going to wear this one for a while.

82 thoughts on “Randomly on a Thursday

  1. Love the pictures of Lou, and would adore another trip to Port Ludlow and Playing with that marvelous cast of characters! But, I fear it is In next years budget!
    As for Adriana– cheat on her a bit, or just spend a bit of time “romancing the wheel”. Will be good for her, but way better for you!

  2. Love, love love the pics of Lou and since you are the Harlot, it doesn’t matter even if you made promises to yarn. You don’t have to keep them…

  3. Lou is adorable and that sweater is the perfect means of showing him off!

    I so wish I could come to that retreat. I can’t think of a more engaging and creative and fun group of people to spend a vacation with.

  4. I think Adriana would look really nice with a “dressy” t-shirt in a nice color (maybe a pretty shade of dusky green?) under it. Either long or short sleeves.

  5. Black pants, black t-shirt or solid color t-shirt and Adriana. You’ll look so put together! (Guess that was what I was thinking when I favorited that pattern myself) So, I am really hoping Lou’s other Lancelot is in the next bigger size? or that Lou has a twin?

    (My twins are egging me on to work faster on next year’s sweaters. It is still cold here in Winnipeg, and we are clearly into size 3/4 now and not size 2. Uh oh! Trying to knit faster during Caillou and Curious George before bedtime…)

  6. Lou looks totally adorable in that sweater, and it’s on my mental list for one of the many toddlers I know once I’m done with the toddler dungarees kick I’m on thanks to the Great British sewing bee! Good luck with Adriana, I’m sure you’ll find things to wear with it!

  7. But are you sure that’s your version? Either way, it looks great. And how can you accuse such a sweet young man of hiding your ball winder?

  8. Seems to me that another sweater for Lou might celebrate the demise of Adrian – with a hunt for perfect buttons……

  9. I’m amused by the toddler antics and that he’s hidden your ball winder. I’m sure it’s far less amusing for you, though. I hope you find it soon!

  10. Lou is scrumptious and the sweater just gorgeous.
    So glad you are home. Thanks again for coming to Boston. ‘Twas just marvelous to hear you and be surrounded by such knitterly energy.

  11. Love Adriana and so will you when you finally finish it. I am also partial to cotton and linen even though they can be not so soft at times. Just love working with those fibers most.

  12. The sweater is so cute and so is Lou! Re: what to wear with Adriana I recommend to you the blog The Vivienne Files for advice on a basic capsule wardrobe from LLBean, which can be accessorized as much or as little as you like with pieces like Adriana. Easy peasy for us that hate to shop but love to knit.

  13. Just jeans and a button down tee should be good with Adriana. And Lou is precious. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to take any of your classes or go to the talk Friday night in DFW but I’m definitely going to at least get to see the vendors at Fiber Fest.

  14. The Mom in me just freaked out a bit by the boots on the couch, but the Granny in me quickly noticed how stinkin’ cute the little guy is and reminded me that boots on the couch turn out to be really unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

  15. “If only they could stay that small until they grew out of their Carter’s” He’s really cute.

    But as of Adrianna/Adrian, I think if you ever complete it, you should rename it to “Sybil”, it seems to have its own personality(s).

  16. Your pain about Adriana is only because you’re essentially doing it twice in a row. Still, it reminded me of your anguish about the endless Dr. Who scarf and the dreaded TAN coloured yarn. 🙂

  17. I love love love pictures of Lou – how can any kid be that cute!! I think Adriana (or Sybil) would be perfect with a nice tee under it – either white, cream or pale grey and a pair of black pants or dark blue jeans for contrast to make the color pop.

  18. I have plans for my UFOs. Plans I may never actually get to, but nonetheless, planes. I’m going to make pillows from them. Some with knit fronts and knit backs (depending on how much I knit before I got sick of it). Some with just knit fronts and cloth backs. Some will look nice mixed with the living room pillows. Some will be suitable for the dog to drool on. Some may go to the thrift store. The important part of all this is that I no longer feel guilty about UFOs

  19. Precious, precious Lou!

    As for the ball winder, check all the wastebaskets and under the couch, not to mention the toy box. (At least it’s too big to flush down the toilet…)

  20. This is one absolutely gorgeous little boy. Guard him…….be very afraid of old ladies like me who love such elves……

  21. Obviously, the problem with Adriana is the linen yarn. Were you knitting her with merino, alpaca, better-quality acrylic, or some other yarn with give, you would feel differently. Still, give yourself a break from Adriana from time to time. Knit a sock. Knit a baby sweater or booties. Knit your cat her very own cat-sized blanket.

    And, plan on knitting Lou another one of those sweaters when he’s of an age to be interested in dating. Between his looks and that sweater, he won’t be lacking for potential dates! Handsome sweater, even more handsome kid!

  22. Well, Steph, depending on when you are coming to Texas, you won’t need a sweater. I live in Corpus Christi and we’ve already had a 91 degree day. That was back in early February. I’d pack shorts and flip-flops.

  23. I think the new blog is fantastic! Hopefully you and your wonderful blog team think so too, now that the transition is done. The blog is built using WordPress. There is a check box in WordPress to allow links to open in new windows/tabs, rather than the current window. Any chance you and your wonderful blog team might happen to be able to activate this feature? It would be a huge help when reading the blog not to have to click back and forth to navigate between the blog and the linked web pages. As it is, I keep losing the blog and having to find my way back. Many thanks for considering this request. It is a feature from the old blog that I rather miss… Happy Knitting.

    PS – wee Lou is getting cuter and cuter. And, it is amazing how like your older nephew he looks!

  24. The small boys in your life seem to enjoy the ball winder. It makes me smile and I picture Lou talking about the ball winder much like Hank does. 🙂

  25. Stephanie, I have read one of your books, and now am going to enjoy your very active blog, so that I will be further inspired . Great knits , great laughs, great everything ! 🙂

  26. Dear Harlot,

    I have to confess that I bought your latest book a few days ago and, despite my resolution to read it slooowly so as to savor and enjoy every moment, it is so good and so well written that I ended up reading every spare moment that I had, and now I am done. Your best yet! Loved it. Love your blog. And definitely I favor a little knitterly adultery for you…

  27. My son was walking past, he noticed Lou and his sweater. He asked if someone knit that sweater for Lou, I said yes. He said: “Nice sweater, lucky kid.” Out of the mouth of a 13 year old. 🙂

    Any suggestions for a sweater for a 13 year old boy?

  28. You may not need that sweater in Texas. I am in California, not as far south as Texas, and it is in the 70’s during the day. Texas is probably a lot warmer. Think layering.

  29. Okay, if I had known mat-less yoga was on the agenda I might have pushed the budget a little harder to make this retreat. You guys, that alone is worth going. If you’re on the fence, you will never regret going, promise.

    And little Lou has the sweetest face. I miss my boys being that small, I just want to sweep him up and snuggle.

  30. I have completely forgotten all you write after that first pic of Lou. I’d let him hide my ball winder any day!!!! Though I’d probably wind a couple balls before his next visit…..

  31. Love the sweater, and Lou is just adorable! Where’s a girl get those buttons?

    Had a blast seeing you in Boston, thanks again for signing my spindle! <3

  32. He’s getting so big! I remember when he was born. Wait. Is that a weird thing to say about a kid you only know virtually?

  33. Fairly still pix for a young fella. The sweater is perfect – boyish, stylish and sturdy. Thank you again for the book of essays – they go right to my heart.

  34. Oh my gosh, Lou looks so sweet in the that sweater. Like a little man. I knit my nephew Aaron’s Aran Sweater and he looks like a miniature grown up in it. I hope you took a spinning break! Perfect solution to taking a break from Adriana.

  35. That baby, that baby! He. Is. Beautiful! Please tell his mum and dad that we are so grateful they are willing to share him us.

    And – Mat-less yoga for knitters? I’m assuming it’s a match for crocheters, too? Color me intrigued.

  36. Adrianna will look fabulous with very narrow black pants (not yoga pants!) just very narrow dress pants. Then some sort of cool stone pendant that hangs long. Love the Lancelot on Lou. He is such a cutie! I bet he wears that one every day, but I think you better get going on the next size. The kid is growing like a bad weed. LOL 🙂

  37. I’m hoping you will persuade Ms. Stone to share some (all?) of those iPad tips with the travel-challenged among us (me, me, me).

  38. I just wanted to tell you that the pictures of Lou did my heart good on a day when I could use a little pick-me-up. He is so adorable!

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  40. Dang, thank you very much for posting this! It is going to aid me when I am thinking about going to Cinemark Century 16 in Fort Wayne! I am from Rochester, NY so I am not familiar with Corpus Christi. Next time I see my family will be much better! Very Amazing!

  41. omg, thanks very much for posting this! It is going to help when I am thinking about going to Movies Corpus Christi TX in Fort Wayne! I am from Buffalo so I am not familiar with Corpus Christi. Next time I visit my family will be so much better! Awe Inspiring!

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