Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

Hi everybody, and welcome to the first of many days of Karmic Balancing Gifts! (Yes, I’m totally distracting you from the part where I don’t have a finished Colour Affection to show you -  Maybe tomorrow.)

The first gift comes from Maureen and her brother Micheal.  Micheal makes these beautiful wooden yarn caddies (his etsy shop is Cathedral Grove) and Rosane M will be picking her favourite from Eastern Maple, Red Oak or Cherry. They’re hand made in BC. Gorgeous.

yarncaddy 2014-05-08

Next up, the indomitable Bonita Story from Dyed in the Wool has two beautiful  sock kits to share. Trip up the Nile will be mailed off to Susan V.

tripupthenile 2014-05-08

and A Walk through China will go go live with Maggie G.  Each one has a story you follow as you knit through the kit.  Cool idea, right?

walkthroughchina 2014-05-08

Alison Hyde, as sweet as ever, has a signed copy of her book Wrapped in Comfort for Kristine R.

and not to be outdone, Jan B Smiley has beautiful, beautiful large project bags in her Etsy shop, and this gorgeous sweater sized project bag will be winging it’s way to Cecilia H.

jansweaterbag 2014-05-08

Isn’t it pretty?  Sarah K received a karmic balancing gift last year, and so this year she’s paying it forward, moving three skeins of beautiful Mirasol Kacha (DK weight, 60% merino, 25% suri alpaca and 15% silk – 90m per skein) from her house to the home of Jen G.

sarahmirasol 2014-05-08

Dana had a lovely thought, she’s got patterns she designed that she can pass on, and so a copy of her Family Tree Scarf and Family Tree Cowl will land in the inbox of Jessica L.

familytreecowl 2014-05-08

familytreescarf 2014-05-08

A very nice little surprise, and I think the idea of accessories where your family members are represented by their birthstone colours is pretty cool.

Finally, the very generous Melissa B has a skein of Plucky Knitter Peep Toes,

pluckyskein 2014-05-08

and she’ll be mailing it off to Elizabeth M and I hope they’re delighted with it.

There! There’s much more to come in a few days, and thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who’s donated anything at all.  You’re amazing and I’m inspired by you.

If you missed the post on how this all works, and you’d like to catch up, take a look here – and if you think you’re one of the nice knitters who got picked today, check your inbox. I’ve emailed you all.


31 thoughts on “Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

  1. I love the idea of mixing history with knitting! And those socks are gorgeous. I wonder if there’s anything like it for Estonian or Latvian patterns out there????

  2. OK, so the Colour Affection isn’t finished, but you’re completely glossing over the missing-in-action Emperor’s New Scarf. What is its fate?

  3. “And now,” cried Max, “Let the wild rumpus start.”

    Love that book. It still gets read almost daily in this house. :)

    • Again, we needs a love button! I love that book! Think I had mom read it to me at least a million times when I was little. I really should get a copy for myself next time I’m in either the local bookshop or in B&N…

  4. That very night in Stephanie’s room a fiber forest grew
    and grew-
    and grew until her ceiling hung with yarn
    and the walls became the world all around
    and a fleecy ocean tumbled by with a private felted boat for Stephanie
    and she sailed off through night and day
    and in and out of weeks
    and almost over a year
    to where the wild projects are.
    And when she came to the place where the wild projects are
    they roared their terrible “at the same time” and gnashed their terrible cables
    and rolled their terrible intarsia and showed their terrible short rows
    till Stephanie said “BE STILL OR I’LL RIP YOU BACK!”
    and tamed with the magic trick
    of brandishing her scissors without blinking once
    and they were frightened.

    Except the Gansey.

  5. I LOVE that you post the karmic balancing gifts. It’s like a summer version of the gifts for knitters. What will I want to buy tomorrow?!?

  6. I’m with Ann (WG). With late apologies to Mr Maurice Sendak, though it was too scary a book for me to ever read it to my children! Left that to kindy, and not for ‘before bed’, I was always scared it would become ‘an Ahlberg’ and I would be stuck repeating it daily for at 18 months to 2 years, or what felt like ‘life neverending’, and which I can still repeat verbatim coming up to 20 years later.

  7. Amazing is a great word to describe this! People can be so wonderful.(Your choice of post title is appreciated too, it was my eldest’s favourite. I used to be able to recite it by heart. I might have to memorize Presbytera’s version next!) I might have to dive into my stash and see if I have anything worthy of your cause. Good luck with your training. My husband, who is training for a different tour, has been finding the weather also very uncooperative, making it hard to put in adequate “road” time, which is quite a different thing than “trainer” time, as you know.

  8. Those last few (many) rows on the Color Affection take FOREVER. I’m about to abandon two repeats on the scarf I’m currently knitting because seriously I am so very much done with it.

    • After you click on ‘Pay with a credit card’, it’ll take you to a page where PayPal is an option – it worked for me this afternoon :)

  9. Love the fact that your kind donors are getting a bit of good karma of their own: a link to their products. I check out almost every one!

  10. There are so many generous people out there it makes me imagine what a wonderful world we would live in if knitters were in charge.

    Presbyteria – your post made me giggle out loud. Thank you!

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  12. Ummm… the distraction isn’t working. I’m wondering not about the fate of CA, but of the fate of the poor LN scarf. Sorry to bring it up. Poor Steph. Poor scarf.

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