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  2. Looking forward to your return to the Blog, but glad you had a good time. I certainly like the office furnishings and supplies.

  3. I sure hope that is Deb’s wineglass sitting on the railing and not yours. It is one thing to get between you and the rainbow, but getting between a woman and her glass of wine is just not right.

    Every time I’m melancholy about missing this one, I remind myself that I will be there in November.

  4. Congratulations on another retreat! I’m sure it was wonderful. Love seeing Deb, even from the back. Can’t wait to see you both in person again. Thank you again for creating the lovely space of these retreats. Dreaming of November!

  5. It was a pretty amazing retreat. Mt head is still processing it all. I already have cast on two new projects. One even with the new cast on technique. The other one I took Stephanie’s advice on dissecting yarn before selecting a pattern. The yarn education has really resonated with me. It will force me to look at my stash and future purchases in a totally different way.
    Can’t wait for another retreat.

  6. monumental photograph, reminds me of the painter Alex Colville

    please send/submit/republish this pic, it deserves a wide audience

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