61 thoughts on “Postcards from Squam

  1. Definitely wishing I was there, and now even more bummed out that I can’t hit Stitches Midwest this year (my travel companions all bailed for various reasons, and I can’t afford the trip on my own).

    I’ll just have to look farther ahead to Rhinebeck!!! Already got our cabin in the woods rented!

  2. Such an idyllic spot! Wish it were just a tad closer to New England!

    And I love the mitts or mittens or socks at the bottom of the post. Can you tell us more? Now that you are back on real coffee???

  3. looks like a good time!

    …I believe the socks at the end are the ones she posted on May 29 “This Rut Is More Of A Crater”

    Starry Nights socks… gorgeous!

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  5. Squam, Port Ludow and Rheinbeck…. all on my bucket list. To have a weekend dedicated to knitting and other fibery arts would be heaven.

  6. Rita, I’m with you – I think a whole knitting weekend with other knitters would be glorious! I need to make that happen someday.

    And I am going to knit those socks, God help me.

  7. the photos are gorgeous and I’m with everyone else in that I’m adding Squam and Rhinebeck to my bucket list…enjoy!

  8. I’m waiting to hear about the annual swim tradition. It’s been a slow and late spring, and I bet the water is colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. She’ll definitely need full caffeine coffee after that!

  9. Seeing all those colorful yarn balls on the table makes me think of a pool table. You could use giant knitting needles to hit the yarn balls into knitted pockets.

  10. You are clearly mastering the new camera. These photos are beautiful. If I can’t actually be there, at least these make me feel a bit like I am there.

  11. So obvious you’ve had real coffee. Look at the pace you knitted those socks! When doing stranded knitting, what is your secret? Those already look as though they’ve been blocked. I mean you don’t see any of the strands coming through, and they stay flat! Have fun!
    btw, try and not jump into the lake again!

  12. Best wishes to Joe – he certainly did not deserve any of the abusive remarks in the recent comments about the coffee…

    • Don’t worry — I specifically told Joe yesterday how much I love him.

      Plus he knows us (The Blog) pretty well by now…and Steph wouldn’t have posted without his okay.

      • Besides, the Blog found out that buying decaf was the worst thing he has ever done to Steph…we all want him!!

        • Yes, we do know that Joe has never done anything worse, but, according to some comments, he would not live long enough to make another mistake…

      • Did you not think that many of the comments were cruel, frightening and nasty?
        Joe may have approved the blog, but did he deserve this reaction to his mistake?

  13. Looks like you’re getting caffeinated coffee that’s at least acceptable, maybe even exceptional.

    That color wheel of yarn samples looks gorgeous, and like something I’d like to roll around upon while (at the very least) scantily-clad. Hope the yarn really was as soft as it looks.

    And that colorwork in the last picture!?! WOW! I am impressed by the knitter’s skills and talent, and by the pattern author’s skills, talent, and hutzpah!

  14. beautiful postcards – have a love time. The picture through the windows toward the silver light outside is so serene. thank you

  15. Thank you so much for the postcards. This took me way back to my childhood when I had good times at a rockin 13 year old boy/girl dance in a very similar hall on Squam Lake. Your pictures are so good, I could smell the pine trees and the lake. Hope you had a wonderful, sort of restful time even though you were busy.

  16. I just arrived home after my first Squam and it was awesome, delightful, relaxing, educational, fun, great people, great food and it was a total blast. We were blessed with fabulous weather on Friday – Sunday! Stephanie’s pictures are the tip of the iceberg! I hope to go again next year!

  17. I have decided that I am a sloppy knitter. Your knitting is so precise and perfect . . . and you knit so freakishly fast . . . or is it that I knit so freakishly slow? A conundrum. Someday I will go to Squam and Rhinebeck. Does knitting precise and perfect and fast come to a person through osmosis?

  18. I would make Starry Nights for my daughter in contrast, she is always wearing mismatched socks, except that she would do something stupid like walk out to get the mail in her stockinged feet or just casually throw them in the laundry, and I would lose my mind . . . or hurt her . . . or both.

  19. Hey, I’m making those mittens! Or something similar. The wheel pattern looks like Kristi’s Mittens from the Nancy Bush book, only with a different cuff. And mine are black with hot pink instead of white… Anyway, pretty mittens

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