Poppets, I’m pretty tired. The weekend was chock full, and I feel like I may never recover from staying up most of the night for The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fundraiser. This morning I was so exhausted that my coffee cup seemed heavy, and that’s a truly bad sign.  Today I’m actually not feeling so hot, and I don’t know if it’s the start of a cold or just the logical consequences of burning the candle at both ends, but I do know that this close to the rally, with a lot on my plate, I’m listening to what my body’s telling me, and it says stop, rest and knit, so with an eye to living to fight another day, I’m taking today off.

I did find the time to knit a little over the weekend, and in a formidable show of restraint, I finished not the socks (pox on the earth, I’m so sick of them) but instead my Emperor’s New Scarf.  The last dastardly bit of crochet came together quite quickly – I don’t know why I was putting it off, now that I’ve actually got the hang, and yesterday afternoon I gave it a bath, and laid it out on the backyard table to dry.  It was such a beautiful day, and I thought there couldn’t be a better spot.

That may very well have been true, had I remembered it was out there sometime before it rained in the night.  It was under an umbrella, so it didn’t get directly rained on, but the humidity and mist did something interesting, and this morning this is what I found.
dropswhole 2014-07-07
A fine layer of droplets, suspended in the halo of the angora.
dropsclose 2014-07-07
Pretty as anything I’ve ever seen – and the darker spot here is where I touched it – wondering if it was soaked through, but it wasn’t. It was dry-ish underneath, and the layer of water clinging to the halo sunk in the minute I touched it, moving into the scarf and away from it’s precarious place.
spoiled it.  2014-07-07
I don’t know why I loved it so much, but don’t you?

39 thoughts on “Dew

  1. I have had yarn and pattern for the scarf in a bag for 2 years! Oh the endless queue.
    Yours is lovely and maybe, just maybe, I may knit mine some day.

  2. No super busy weekend here, unless you count trying to clean up my office, but we are still taking a rest day. Hubby is off at work, and the two teenagers spent the weekend LARPing (Live Action Role Play) and sleeping even less than you did. So I’m taking the chance to watch the Tour de France and knit on the shawl for my mother-in-law. It was for me until a couple of days ago, but she’s undergoing chemotherapy and needs it far more than I do.

    • The squirrel was my first thought, too! I think you just had a very narrow escape – if it hadn’t rained, he woulda been out there “harvesting” it!

      • I have to say, the moment I realized the scarf had been out overnight my mind instantly constructed a whole squirrel-based screenplay worthy of Hollywood before my eyes got to the next phrase … you might like to know that you were playing the role of the heroine and finally vanquished the evil beast ….

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  4. This scarf is so happy to be finished that it is demonstrating what a fine insulator it is going to be this winter when it gets a chance to do its stuff.

  5. The scarf is fantastic. Sure hope you feel better soon. Glad you’re taking the day to rest your body.

  6. Pretty! It looks like rain droplets on a branch- all glittery. And I sure wish I could still burn the candle at both ends the way I did in my 20s…I’d get so much more done!

  7. I agree that the halo of water droplets is unbelievably beautiful. Then I gasped and thought how lucky you were that the squirrel did not chew if up to haul to his nest.

  8. Oh, yes, I have discovered (much to my embarrassment) that an entire rack of yarn put out to dry has been forgotten, only to be dampened by fairy dew. It’s quite pretty, but defeats that drying purpose thing!

  9. Thanks for stopping to enjoy the inspiration that nature left and for sharing it with us!

    Although, obviously, when you said you had left it outside unsupervised, we all immediately thought “SQUIRREL”!

  10. That is lovely, although I’ll admit that my first thought was “Oh dear lord, it felted, after all that crochet edging”! and my heart stopped for a second!

  11. Magic – a gift, a free gift, no strings attached. I love that you touched it to see if it had soaked in or was suspended. Fairy dew. A lovely soft beginning to this day to take care of yourself.

  12. Lovely, just lovely. Nature from start to finish – the wool, the knitter, the water.

    Take some Vitamin C for the next few days – it won’t give you any more energy, but it will help your body fight off “the tireds” and heal itself.
    Chris S

  13. love how the scarf came out and I can totally understand the burnout of pulling a late nighter with everything going on (I’m a mom to 5 boys…. the last two are now firmly in the teen years)….. maybe time to recharge your knitter batteries with a knit night and a nice glass of (white) wine?

  14. Lol, boy can I empathize with you being so sick of a pair of socks, you resort to finishing the crochet on your scarf! Great job though, & congratulations!
    By the way, have you ever tried knitting the two socks at the same time? I read on Knitty once about how to do it on DPNs. Just curious. 🙂

  15. Try knitting the remainder of the socks with sunglasses on, it really makes it look like a whole new yarn and boredom might stay away long enough to finish them. You can then v them aff too, wouldn’t that make you feel good?

  16. It’s lovely! Sooo glad nothing ran away with it during the night. I’ve had the pattern for some time, waiting for the right yarn to come along. You’ve inspired me to start looking more actively for it.

  17. Ah…I also thought ‘squirrel’! The scarf is art – brings to mind many moments of nature. Beautiful. I agree with the blog – please do excellent self-care for a bit. The mind embraces everywhere-everything-everyone, but the body sounds as if it needs some successive days (sunrise/sunset) of slow.

  18. Many a photographer or stylist would die for such a treat as dew on their subject matter. Or they would get out misters and fake it. How lovely to find a little artistic surprise from Mother Nature.

  19. Wow – gorgeous scarf! I too thought “squirrel” and my heart stopped…glad everything is well. Rest.

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