Quickly, and standing up

Hi guys, this is a driveby blogging, since I spent the day riding and hunting up the bits and pieces that I need to camp for the nights ahead of me. (Have I ever mentioned the camping? It’s not my favourite part of the rally.) Now I’ve got a little time left over in my day, and our good man Pato is coming over to help me adjust my new bike seat. (It’s not good people, not good. Hopefully Pato can fix it. He’s handy like that.)  If I hustle through that, I’ll have a nice evening ahead of me, with some knitting in it, and I can’t sacrifice that, or I’ll be screaming in the street.  (The pressure might be getting to me a little.)

Still, seemed like a good time for more presents, and behold!

From Caroline over at Wool For Brains, we have this lovely handwoven project bag.

Carolinebag 2014-07-22

I know, handwoven! I know that Mother Seraphima will love it. (Not that a nuns Karma was ever in doubt, but how lovely to see her name come up!)

Last year Christina won a pretty skein of yarn, and so this year she’s paying it forward, a lovely skein of merino/rayon/nylon handdyed (by her two little hands) sock yarn

christineyarn 2014-07-22

and she’ll be sending that along to Sue P.

Deb Moran, designer of the fab pattern for these socks Roadtrip to Rhinebeck

roadtripRB 2014-07-22

would like to make five knitters days a little nicer, so she’ll be sending digital copies to Bethany A, Jen K, Edie S, Sarah G and Allison R.

Next up, well  just hold onto your socks. (On the needles, or otherwise.)  Liz S has taken full leave of her senses, and in an incredible display of love and generosity, is offering up the most amazing chunk of her stash.  Three cheers for Liz!

Cascade 220 Superwash –  4 skeins, going out to Suzanne T.
cascade220super 2014-07-22
Cascade Pima Silk –  13 skeins going out to Chris M.

cascadepima 2014-07-22

Debbie Bliss Eco Aran – 5 skeins, going off to the email that starts with Redvan.

debbiblissecoaran 2014-07-22

Debbie Bliss Eco – 5 skeins headed straight to Michelle F.

debbieblisseco 2014-07-22

Queensland Super Aussie –  8 skeins, going out to Allison C.

queensland 2014-07-22

100% Wool (hot pink yarn)  4 skeins for Michelle E.
bulkywoolpink  2014-07-22
Berroco Linsey 8 skeins for Michelle B.

linsey 2014-07-22

Cascade 128 Superwash 2 skeins for Vicki K.

cascade128 2014-07-22

Rowan Truesilk 3 skeins for Nancy R.

rowantruesilk  2014-07-22
Valley Yarns Southwick, 13 skeins for Katie D!

valleysouthwick 2014-07-22

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who’s participating.  It’s an amazing thing, what’s happening.  Everyone on our little family team is a top fundraiser, and they’re getting there one little bit at a time, and we are all so grateful. In case you’ve somehow missed what we’re doing, we’re riding Toronto to Montreal (leaving Sunday, yikes) in support of the People with Aids Foundation.  If you make a donation to anyone on our little team:







and then send an email to me at Stephanie@yarnharlot.ca with “Enter me” as the subject line, and give me your address, and whether or not you’d like to be in it for spinning gifts, or just knitting, then you’re in for the draws, and there’s a lot (and I mean, a lot) left to give away!

See you tomorrow. I’m off to knit and ice my arse.

31 thoughts on “Quickly, and standing up

  1. Wow, I’ve never been this close to 1st before. Hoping for much success with the new saddle. Such beautiful gifts.

  2. Not wanting to clutter your inbox, but wanting to say ‘Thanks’ for the karmic balancing gift—to you and Christina. I love that beautiful skein, it is just my cup ‘o tea! Must be karma….

  3. Please consider bringing your chewed up bike seat in your luggage somewhere. If the new one is not so good, the old one, even with the bite out of it, would likely be a godsend. Trust.

    • I almost agree with Marty Shue. I would put the old seat back on now, and take the new one as a an emergency backup.

    • I agree as well. The hole in the old seat is not that big. I’d slap it right back on the bike and put the new seat in my luggage. Hope you haven’t thrown it out. Best wishes for a great ride!

    • Yes! Use your regular saddle and pack the new one to swap out for small amounts of time (incrementally increasing) during the day.
      Best wishes for the wind being at your back, the nights restful and the roads level and smooth.

  4. I am in absolute awe of the efforts you are putting in to this rally. Hope it all goes really well.

    Just went to look at the fundraising progress on the teams. Looks like Jen and Pato could do with some knitterly love to make their targets.

  5. Would it be possible to tell us if you all met your goals or not? I’d like to see how we did for you. I know I can click on everyone’s page, but I’m being lazy. Thanks

  6. What beautiful gifts today! It’s a good day to be called Michelle, I think. And I was also thinking that perhaps you should use the old seat and take the new one as a backup.

  7. I’m not sure a seat with a hole in it would be any better or worse than a new one sans hole. Come about day 3 I’d have a severe case of numb buns either way. Best of luck to all of you riders!

  8. If I sell my hay this week, by wool, I will donate. If not, well, I can’t eat hay so… it just better sell, that’s all. I’m thinking it would be a good thing if I sold the hay and used the cash to buy food (and of course, to make a donation to one of your team, still to be determined)

  9. Big thank-you’s to all the donators!!! And I knew I should’ve changed my name to Michelle! 😉 Naw, I’ll keep my name, as weird as it is and congratulate the winners instead. 😀

  10. Fill the chewed hole of the old seat with caulking so it doesn’t rub, then use it, as others suggest, unless/until more problems, with the new seat as backup.

  11. Liz S. an incredibly generous donation from your stash. BTW you must have one amazing stash! Happy knitting and riding 🙂

  12. What? Camping is NOT your favorite part of an event that involves watching lots of people give thousands of dollars and generous gifts toward helping people in need? I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

    Also, HANDWOVEN project bag? Awesome!!

  13. I just thought of something looking at your “gifts” lineup. As I slobbered down the list thinking “I wish I had that” it occurred to me you’re doing another karma thingie you may not have thought of. The sellers of those yarns and patterns and such may very well have little sales boosts from your non-winner readers admiring the photos, and from the friends/recipients of those who do get the prezzies shipped to them. Good on you!

  14. Wow, amazing yarns – what a sweetie Liz is! And absolutely beautiful handwoven bags, wow!
    Have fun icing your arse. You meant frozen water and not frosting right?
    Ice me arse. Ice me arse. Say that five times fast. In an austrailian accent with a pirate inflection.
    I think I’ve had too much sugar this morning.

  15. i’m not very internet literate and i don’t have a credit card so i can’t donate online. i really wish stephanie would post snail mail addresses so i could send an international money order.

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