Random Things Post Holiday

1. Back-to-backs are done, and in some sort of amazing miracle,  it didn’t rain on us one little bit. Aside from a quick thunderstorm at the start of the day (we waited it out) the day was sunny. Really sunny – and hot. Like, the surface of Venus kind of hot.  We drank a million, thousand litres of water, and the heat was really a challenge, but we got it done.

beginningofride 2014-07-02

2. I love that picture. If you knew all of us, you would think that was totally us. All of us.  Amanda, smiling and happy, Ken – prepared, cheerful and calm,  Pato- eager and raring to go, Jen – well, she doesn’t usually look that manic, but she’s always up for anything, and that enthusiasm is surely typical, and then me, who looks crazed. As usual. Sam wasn’t feeling great and took the day off. We missed her. We’re not sure she missed us, considering the difficulty factor.

3. Yesterday I got back from the training ride at 7:30pm, threw myself in and out of the bath just long enough to get most of the dirt and sweat off me, got onto my city bike, and headed over to Lou’s house for a Canada Day BBQ.  It was fun, but the whole time I was there I was trying to figure out how I could sleep over at their house so that I didn’t have to ride up the hill to my house at the end.

4. I did ride that hill.  It was hard.  I’ve never felt more 46 years old than I did right then. I think if I have to ride my bike today I am going to cry.

5. I have today divided into 20 minute chunks of productivity, and several of those chunks are for knitting, because if I don’t get some real knitting time soon, I am going to be a danger to myself and others.

6. In particular, I want to finish this:

cowlalmost 2014-07-02

and the infernal socks, which are now weighing as heavily on me as my sore arse.

socksnotdone 2014-07-02

… and yeah.  I know the picture’s sort of blurry. So am I.  Frankly the last few weeks have really knocked the stuffing out of me.

7. Presents tomorrow? You bet.  Bumper crop.

8. I realized what it was I wanted to tell you about Canada on it’s birthday, and then looked around and saw that the rather fabulous Commander Chris Hadfield and his brother had already done it. Here you go.

In Canada


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  1. I believe I saw your blurry socks in my laundry basket recently. If it weren’t as hot I might stir myself to check whether it’s really a match or not but I can live with not knowing.

  2. As a Canadian who has now lived happily in the US for over 10 years, I cried my eyes out watching the Hadfields sing. Oh, how I love my home, and their style reminds me of the good old Irish Rovers stuff from my childhood. Now if you’re a real Canadian you read Irish Rovers and are either humming “Lilly the Pink” or “Whiskey on a Sunday” You’re welcome for the brain worm. =)

  3. I really want you to finish that grey thing too, because I want to know what yarn it is, and I want to know what pattern it is, because it looks scrumptious and soft and squishy and wonderful.

    And I don’t blame you one bit if you don’t get on your bike today. It’s ok to have a rest day. It’s mandatory, considering.

  4. Glad it’s you doing those rides and not me! If you’re hurtin’ at 46, my 58 would be totally unable to move. That Hadfields song makes me think I might actually belong in Canada…is that possible?

    • Even I felt that for a moment. The song reminds me of what it was like here in Az with my retired Navy dad going fishing and camping and weekends at my grandparents. Thanks for the smile.

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  6. I read your posts with joy, yet feel the weight you have put on yourself.
    I am sitting in an inpatient hospice, watching a wonderful friend die, little by little, from brain cancer. She is 56. I met her thru online knitting, Sox War III.
    From Day 1, we were amazed at our commonalities, she described us as twin sisters from different mothers. She made me a better person and a better knitter. She loved me thru my weaknesses and encouraged my strengths.
    Knitters are amazing people and Amy is proof of that.
    Thank you, Stephanie, for lighting up my days.
    Helle K.B. Aka GracieB on Rav

  7. Oh those socks! I made an identical pair many, many years ago! Love the colors- so much fun! And they wear like iron (here in Minnesota we need our wool socks!) Enjoy!

  8. A belated happy Canada Day to you as well (loved the video and yes, very reminiscent of the Irish Rovers.
    Hoping it was an unintended misspeak from sore bottoms and lack of knitting re: Sam, as usual??
    Sending healing thoughts and best wishes to you, to her and your entire team for the amazing feat that you’ve chosen to do.

    • Steph looks crazed. As usual.
      Sam wasn’t feeling well.
      The usual refers to Steph, not Sam.

      We can now debate whether Steph usually looks crazed, or only when she’s racing against several deadlines at once.

      Oh, wait, that’s not exactly UNusual….

  9. I have lived between Italy and Canada for almost 20 years. The Hadfields’ song had me in tears … this summer I won’t be at my beloved cottage near Algonquin Park. Thanks!

    • It’s so hard to love a place so much that it hurts to be away from it. My spiritual home is in Kawartha Lakes and I’m moving heaven and earth to get back there. I love Canada, and I love where I live in rural Manitoba, but the place I long to be is my dear little town, in a dear little cottage, with my dear family around me, in Kawartha Lakes. Algonquin Park is wonderful too – that would be my second choice of a place on Ontario to have a cottage.

  10. You put me to shame with all that you do. I get tired just reading about what you do and need to do. Best of luck to you and your team mates on your ride.

  11. I am afraid the lovely Commander Hadfield may need to go on your Christmas socks list? thanks for a laugh, I was in dire need of one today! Chin up and pedal down, rooting for you all!

    • Canadian Tire is a coast-to-coast automotive parts/sporting goods/household goods/ all-round-great-stuff-store that gives “money” as a rebate on purchases. Think Monopoly money with the Canadian Tire name on it. You redeem it on future purchases.

  12. Jen looks like the photo bombing chipmunk or squirrel or whatever that thing was. It’s totally awesome. (The 80s called – they want their phrase back. But it so suits her look in the picture.)

  13. Never have I envied Canada as much as I do now, watching my beloved USA being torn to shreds right before my disbelieving eyes. You guys sure are lucky. Your inmates are not running your asylum. Happy birthday, Canada. All the best.

    • i totally agree! my (grown) kids and i sometimes talk about emigrating. would canada take a retired editor, a registered nurse, a hippie, a tween, a baby and a toddler? it’s a package deal — all of us or none . . .

      thanks for the song. it brought back memories of celebrating canada day in washington dc — at the watergate, no less — in 1976. i was there for a newspaper guild convention, and the canadian contingent had a party for all the delegates. imagine their surprise when i could sing all the (english) words to “o canada.” having learned it at hockey games came in handy also at sock summit 2 when we borrowed the tune to serenade stephanie.

    • I know how you feel, my very beloved and only son was called out to the USS Bush a few days before she (all ships are referred to as female) was ordered to Iraq. Because of my health he broke down emotionally for a brief minute. He is being punished for 45 days of restriction although he’s being allowed contact with me. We NEED Sen. Kerry in office not Obama. Kerry is a Veteran! I’m trying to get help from the Red Cross, no luck as of yet. Prayers for my Nickolas and all the others please. I beg of you!!!

  14. You did it, you did it!

    As I picture knitting an arse cozy for your bike. With an icepack inside. Or something, anything, to make it in any way easier.

    • Here in Belgium the cyclists are numerous and crazed and swear by a steak in the seat of your pants (or they did. Or this is an urban legend – but one everyone knows so it’s as good as true). Um, knitted rump(steak) cosy? Also, hehe she said arse 🙂

  15. So happy that you didn’t have to ride through storms, and hail, and other nasties, and that the weather cooperated with you for the BBQ.

    Love the colorway on your socks. I have had that one in the past…made a hat for Salvation Army. Well, two (because I ran out of yarn and had to hunt it down…and ended up with enough for two hats!)

  16. Lucky me–got to spend the evening of Canada Day in Canada, having dinner on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. Thanks so much for the link–the Hatfields said it all. (Wish, wish, wanna-be!)

  17. “You stay out of my face, I’ll stay out of yours”

    Yes! That! That is the dream I have for my United States. Doesn’t seem like it would be too much to ask. Oh well. Happy Canada day to you and yours. Maybe I’ll come up there someday and be chill.

  18. Hey…..I have those sock! Seem I knit them though! They are in my sock drawer right now. I have more of that same yarn to make more of those same socks because I love that yarn and now you want to make me cast on right now even without finishing my beer!! DARN YOU HARLOT!

  19. The Hadfields made me love your country almost as much as you do! Wonderful. Delightful. Insightful.

  20. That song! Oh my. I was ok until “There’s Canadian Tire money in at least one kitchen drawer.” Then I was lost to a fit of giggles.

  21. Great post. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing the video from the Hatfield brothers. I didn’t think I could like that man more than I already did…but I was wrong 🙂

  22. I hope your Canada Day was both joyful and peaceful, though I know wishing it was “painless of butt” would be asking for a little too much. I’ll raise my glass northwards in a toast when we celebrate our own birthday day after tomorrow. Cheers!

  23. The link at the end of your post seems to have been hacked & now downloads a virus (Yay for virus protection, I got a warning a virus had been removed instead of a nasty surprise).

  24. OK, I’m lovin’ the Hadfields today, eh?
    (BTW, your human test thing-y thinks a treble clef is a music note. Whatevs.)

  25. That song is great! Also, love those socks. I need to get me some trick yarn, those look so clever. Anything that ups my apparent IQ without actually making life harder is a plus in my book.

  26. Once again we are wondering if we could be considered as political refugees from the USA to Canada? Any spaces for an artist and an aging knitter and two grown daughters? Things are going peculiar down here in the lower 48.

  27. One thing we Canadians do well is poke fun at ourselves. Loved the song and it will be going on my play list. Now where did I put that Canadian Tire money…

  28. Loved the Canada song. As an American who has spent many summers in Georgian Bay it made me wish I was going this summer. Great job on your back-to-backs.

  29. Thanks for the link! I had seen a brief excerpt of them and loved seeing the whole thing.
    I spent Canada Day down here (south of the border … upper New York State) knitting happily on socks, shawl, and cowl. Couldn’t quite tackle the sweater again in the heat!
    Now to deal with OUR country’s birthday!

  30. isn’t that video just the best?! It’s been tearing up Facebook and I hope it spreads far and wide. it’s like everything we’re quietly proud of all wrapped up in a piece of music.

  31. Thank you Stephanie for introducing me to the Hadfield’s!!!! I loved it, and immediately shared it with everyone!
    As a Canadian living abroad (but heading home very soon) it was just perfect!
    Also — CONGRATS on killin’ those long rides!!!

  32. Great video! We rented a cottage last summer in Muskoka and I had the most delightful early-morning run-in with a trio of senior Canadian gents who chatted with me about my Airedales and what a great spot we’d all found ourselves in. As they turned into their driveway and I continued on, I heard one of the clearly hard-of-hearing fellows say to his chums, “I don’t think they’re so bad. I really don’t understand why everyone dislikes them so.” He was talking about Americans, of course.

    Well, I don’t think it’s so hard to understand. The “ugly American” isn’t a myth. But the “ugly Canadian?” Never.

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