All the yarn are belong to me

For a few months now, I have been holding the month of August in my heart like a sparkling, precious jewel. For the last while, I’ve had to say no to about a thousand things. The combination of work, training for the Rally and Team Leading really did a number on my life.  I can’t tell you how many invitations I turned down, how many fun things I’ve skipped, how many times I declined to help Joe with a crazy project he’s been on.  More than that – and I know this will be the one that you all get – I knit way, way, way less than I wanted to.  It is cycling’s greatest failing that you can’t knit while you ride, and I haven’t figured out typing and knitting, or teaching and knitting, and let me tell you , by the end of that last stretch I was definitely getting a bit weird, and every time I thought it was too much- I just thought one word.  August. In August I will knit.  The rally is finished (almost – just a few loose ends) and my workload is deliciously light, and in the name of everything that is a natural fibre, I swear to you that this month is my reward.  (I am trying hard not to forget two things. First, a week of it is shot already) and second – I still have a job, just not a crazy one.)

So far, I’m trying to show a little restraint in the knitting department.  Not in the amount, you understand, because I am going to knit the everloving daylights out of this month, but I’m trying not to immediately cast on all the things, and order all the yarn, and spend all my time wallowing in the yarnroom like a hippo who’s found a good mudhole on a hot day. (I actually don’t know if hippos do that, but I’m not wasting knitting time looking it up.) This morning I caught myself on Ravelry perusing the patterns for about the 54th time in two days, and that’s the number I’ve got it down to by exercising self-control.

I’m showing restraint, because there’s two things that need finishing before I take off into the wild blue yonder. (Do you know, I have EIGHT projects lined up for his month? That’s delusion. Scrumptious, fabulous delusion.) This pair of socks need to be done yesterday, because they’re part of a plan.

rallysocks1.3 2014-08-07

(IndigoDragonfly CaribouBaa, in “Beige”) I feel like these will fall quickly.  Joe and I have a long drive today and tomorrow (and if he thinks I’m driving, it will be a crushing disappointment for him) and that should do it. Next up after that is the beaded shawl I’ve been working on for a while. I’m actually nowhere near deadline on that one, but I changed about 87 things in the pattern and any one of them could spell disaster, and I want to leave myself time to re-knit it, in case it’s crap. Once these are done? You just better get out of my way. All new knitting, all the time.

Guys, thanks so much for the compliments and the amazing things you had to say about the Bike Rally. It was an epic freakin’ thing, and I am proud as punch of all of us for riding it, and super proud of all of you for giving meaning to the whole thing.  There’s still a pile of Karmic Balancing Gifts to give away, and I’ll be plowing through those over the next week or so. Your generosity is hard to keep up with, but I’ll get there! The gifts are fun to do, but a little time consuming, so look for them to appear in chunks, but not today – I hope you’ll forgive me, but family, fun and knitting beckon, and I’m helpless to resist. I’ve got a wee nephew  who’s waiting for me to arrive.