Being Boring

This morning I found myself flipping though the “hot right now” patterns on Ravelry. This was, rather frankly, right after I perused my library, and reorganized part of the stash, and cruised a few yarn websites and …

stillwiththeminni 2014-08-28

Those, my friends, are signs, signs that maybe when I warned you that the blog was going to be boring, that what I was really saying that my knitting was boring me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this little sweater, and it’s a pleasure to knit, but those are 2.25mm needles, and that is a lot of knitting, and knitting the back had a challenging short row part, and adding the front had a crazy short row- provisional cast-on part and now…. now there are just several rows of stripes to knit for a while, and as pleasant as the whole thing is, it’s boring. Man, is it boring. It’s like peeling carrots as far as excitement goes, and even though I’ve been adding stuff to it, it’s getting to me.

I’ve always had a strategy for boring knitting.  I watch a movie, or listen to a book, or read a book, or go for a walk and knit while I’m on the move, but this suddenly has all the intrigue of mashed potatoes no matter what I did,  and surfing for something new is a sign that I need to move on for a bit before I start to resent the little thing so much that I get a bad attitude about it and put it into permanent hiatus.  I need something new.  Just a hat, or a quick pair of mittens or something to put a little zip back into the needles, and just as I was settling into the idea of waltzing off with a spectacular and zippy new project, it occurred to me that I was probably coming up on another sock deadline. I panicked, and cruised back though my archives, thinking that the last pair I made were the Starry Starry Night ones, and I finished those way more than 27 days ago, and a pair has to be knit every 27 days if I’m going to make the overall Christmas Stress Reduction plan work, and I sort of imagined the next 24 hours getting very exciting indeed, as I tried to plow out a pair of socks in no time at all.

sockaround 2014-08-28

I have the next pair on the needles. They’ve been going places with me, kicking around in my purse and I’ve been knitting them here and there – the subway, the boat (have I told you about the boat? Maybe tomorrow) and while they’re coming along, they’re nowhere near done, and then I remembered Jen’s socks!  I finished those last week, and that means that I’m at 8 pairs, and it’s August, and so I am not in any kind of a fix with the socks at all, and now I’m dashing responsibility on the rocks, and going back into the stash.  A nice little hat seems like just the thing to break up the monotony of the sweater, and you know.  Winter is coming.

Now. Which one?