Being Boring

This morning I found myself flipping though the “hot right now” patterns on Ravelry. This was, rather frankly, right after I perused my library, and reorganized part of the stash, and cruised a few yarn websites and …

stillwiththeminni 2014-08-28

Those, my friends, are signs, signs that maybe when I warned you that the blog was going to be boring, that what I was really saying that my knitting was boring me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this little sweater, and it’s a pleasure to knit, but those are 2.25mm needles, and that is a lot of knitting, and knitting the back had a challenging short row part, and adding the front had a crazy short row- provisional cast-on part and now…. now there are just several rows of stripes to knit for a while, and as pleasant as the whole thing is, it’s boring. Man, is it boring. It’s like peeling carrots as far as excitement goes, and even though I’ve been adding stuff to it, it’s getting to me.

I’ve always had a strategy for boring knitting.  I watch a movie, or listen to a book, or read a book, or go for a walk and knit while I’m on the move, but this suddenly has all the intrigue of mashed potatoes no matter what I did,  and surfing for something new is a sign that I need to move on for a bit before I start to resent the little thing so much that I get a bad attitude about it and put it into permanent hiatus.  I need something new.  Just a hat, or a quick pair of mittens or something to put a little zip back into the needles, and just as I was settling into the idea of waltzing off with a spectacular and zippy new project, it occurred to me that I was probably coming up on another sock deadline. I panicked, and cruised back though my archives, thinking that the last pair I made were the Starry Starry Night ones, and I finished those way more than 27 days ago, and a pair has to be knit every 27 days if I’m going to make the overall Christmas Stress Reduction plan work, and I sort of imagined the next 24 hours getting very exciting indeed, as I tried to plow out a pair of socks in no time at all.

sockaround 2014-08-28

I have the next pair on the needles. They’ve been going places with me, kicking around in my purse and I’ve been knitting them here and there – the subway, the boat (have I told you about the boat? Maybe tomorrow) and while they’re coming along, they’re nowhere near done, and then I remembered Jen’s socks!  I finished those last week, and that means that I’m at 8 pairs, and it’s August, and so I am not in any kind of a fix with the socks at all, and now I’m dashing responsibility on the rocks, and going back into the stash.  A nice little hat seems like just the thing to break up the monotony of the sweater, and you know.  Winter is coming.

Now. Which one?


121 thoughts on “Being Boring

    • No, not Lorne’s Hat! A good hat, a warm hat, but if one is looking to get away from boring, not the right hat!
      What is it, 37 inches of ribbing and then all stockinette? (Well, maybe not quite, but still…)

  1. For my money Shedir combines all the best qualities of enough complication to get gasps and keep your interest while being logical enough to take places with you (maybe not the movies) and ending up wearable by both sexes (only thing I ever knit my son-in-law that he wears.) Good as a chemo cap, fine for the rest of the world, too. Big fan. One thing — do it one repetition shorter than called for. Ravelry discussion notwithstanding, the thing’s too damn long as written.

  2. I’ve been destashing today, a garbage bag of yarn going to my friend for her group ( and for her!). I’m about to put new shelves into my room and needed to reorganize and see what is actually in there. 🙂 Lots of yarn! But looking at it all has given me a does of startitis! Arghh! I am not going to succumb. I am going to work on wips. I’m glad your sock goal is still intact! The sweater looks interesting, even if it bores you. I know myself and would never knit anything that large on such teeny needles. 🙂 Knit it and get it over with! You’ll be so happy!

  3. Re boring blog- I love to hear about your successes and things not so successful too. Not only are you a very funny writer, but it reminds us that this is just knitting. Really, it is just knitting. In the larger scheme of the world, just having the time, money and safety to knit is pretty darn good. And if you get a good story out of it, then so much the better.

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  5. I did like Wurm several years ago. and I’ve been enjoying Thea Colman’s hat patterns lately (BabyCocktails), viewing – not knitting yet.

  6. If you want to make a hat for a baby or child, how about an Aviatrix Hat? It’s such fun–knit flat, but no seaming, stockinette with garter ridges, and a good place to use one special button. Or a nice Brennius Hat if you’d like to make one for a man; that one has nifty-looking decreases.

  7. It must be the time of year. I’ve been browsing hats too, and if you have someone small to knit for, now about Carrie Bostick Hoge’s little “Lottie” tam. Adorable. Or how about Purl Soho’s Garter Ear Flap Hat. Oh wait, your current boring project is in garter stitch too, isn’t it?

  8. Bored here too. Agreed (why, I do not know) to knit a baby blanket for the first grandchild of a dear friend. She is a dear friend but her son drives me bonkers, and the daughter in law isn’t much better.

    It was such a relief to talk to some new moms who convinced that smaller blankets, car seat sized, were terrific. But it’s still boring, and baby is due next week.

  9. I’m tired of all of my current projects but I’m not sure if I have the brain power to start anything new. If you see a good variegated/worsted weight hat pattern, let me know. I got a skein at a wool shop recently that I’d like to knit up so I’m visible from outerspace this winter (at least, I think it’s that bright).

  10. Funny, I went through the exact same scenario yesterday. Working on a sweater back that is size 2 US straight stitch and started working only 2 rows at a time whenever I picked it up before I started looking around for SOMETHING else to do! This is no way to get a sweater knitted. So I found some big chunky yarn with no purpose and whipped out not one, but TWO hats, but that is not enough. I just started another hat–The Wurm, which I love, but guess what? It’s basically straight stitching broken by a purl stitch every 13th row. On size 2 US needles!!

  11. A hat…make something up. Like the Show Off Stranded Socks in terms of patterning. A hat like that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? And it would be just that little bit thicker for the winter weather.

    • My thought too. Please make something up. I am inspired to make a hat like Lene Alve’s with the corrugated ribbing stripes. Thank you for pointing us to her blog. I am reading it a little every day… now back to Nov. 2011 and loving every entry.

  12. Oh, those socks are gorgeous!

    Trying not to succumb to the same temptation. That newly arrived Colourmart silk would be so much more fun than (NO! Finish the baby stuff first!)

  13. I love boring knitting a lot of the time, love reading your work, even when ‘boring’ and I love it when you leave a question for your readers. I love reading the comments too. I’m a huge Jared flood fan. Turn a square?

    • Yes! I knit three “squares” last year (chemo caps for son) and it is fun choosing the stripe yarn from stash or not. They go so quickly.

  14. As someone with, at last count, 20 wips on the needles and no clear idea of when I will finish even one of them, who am I to point the finger and snicker at someone who is bored with her current project? You know what? Whose business is it if you stop and knit something else? I say go for it – socks, hats, whatever it takes. Save the boring knitting for the start of the new fall shows and season openers wherein all is revealed from last season; or new releases of exciting movies you didn’t catch at the theatre. Fall is on the way, and as we all know, winter will return eventually. Yea, though the Canadian winter is long, and can be harsh, yet the knitters shall never be bored nor shall the fruit of their needles be despised!

  15. Everybody loves a Dead Fish Hat or just a bunch of baby hats to donate. For fun I’m watching old PBS DVDs-Upstairs Downstairs, Henry VIII, etc. I spent some time at the CNE knitting and looking at everything. It’s been a great summer but time to switch gears.

  16. At the risk of blowing all the hand knitters to red hot blustering–have you ever tried a knitting machine? I started using one when I was working full time and commuting too many hours; it was the only way to get knitting projects finished. You can hang hand knitting onto the machine, knit the boring parts fast, then transfer it back to hand needles for the more interesting (and more portable) work. Or if you are dedicated to all-machine work you can do many of the same stitches on the machine. Please don’t throw things at me! Many designers use them; they are kind of like a loom married to multiple needles. I don’t think my machine takes anything away from beautiful work, and I can finish more pieces faster. But I understand the joy of hand knit and do not begrudge anyone the hand choice. My first hand machined sweater had short row darts and hand knit ribbing; it was beautiful, and fit perfectly.

  17. Wolves will be wolves by Julia Farwell-Clay. Want it. Must have it. I think it will be a cold winter because I am craving hats and mittens. Happy knitting.

  18. Koolhass by Jared Flood. That will shake you out of your boredom! After a few rows you can see the pattern but still have to pay attention.

  19. How did I know that sweater was fated for a time-out???

    Everyone seems to be voting for hats. I’m going to be ornery and suggest instead either a scarf or another pair of socks. If a scarf, it should be a pretty, lacy one. Why socks? Because it’d put you up on your self-imposed challenge! I’d suggest one of two kinds: either something in some wildly colorful self-striping yarn, or something with an interesting pattern stitch that’s easy enough to memorize. I’m not suggesting any particular pattern for any of these, but I know there are lots out there. Even for mens’ socks with interesting pattern stitches (gift for Ken or Hank, maybe?).

  20. Yes!! Winter is coming and it is coming big this year…bigger than last year it seems.

    I have 3 things to get done before the snow flies. The new overgrown garden in our new rental, the Peter Easy for my son, My Custom Fit sweater for winter, and my 2nd pair of socks this year…never mind one pair every 27 days. I just ain’t that good!


  21. I recommend Lucy! It’s super cute, fast, fun and warm! I enjoyed it so much I’m making it again in different colors. Even changed up the pattern from linen stitch to seed. Gorgeous in Sweet Georgia!

  22. Ok so what size needles are those for the socks? And those look like knee socks, they’re very long, or else for big feet. And it’s stockinette. And you don’t think all that’s boring? Hmm, I think what’s happened with the sweater is that you’ve cracked it’s mystery code. It happens to me all the time. It drives my kids crazy that it takes me forever to finish a project when the honeymoon phase is over.
    It’s a pretty sweater, I hope you finish it soon. Look how well you did with your last Color Affection (you did finish that right?)

  23. So glad to see that you must believe in the mantra “Knitting must match my project bag.” All is right with the world.

      • Well, if there are, they are certainly lost, lost yarn souls and you haven’t been near enough to save them and show them the light and the zen of it all. (Proper english? Maybe not, oh well, my bag matches.)

  24. I vote for a Starry Night hat to match the socks for your mother in law. Maybe for your father in law for Christmas? They’d be sort of matching, her socks and his hat. You have some yarn left, right?
    Julie in San Diego, where it is finally HOT

  25. You should knit my Heladas Hat! Found under my Rav ID, yarnintercept. It has a very interesting two color brim with a fun stitch. You can leave the crown plain or do pin striping. You don’t have time to get bored….it’s a hat, so you will be done with the decreases before you have a chance to get sidetracked!

  26. I really enjoyed knitting Kate Davies Snawheid. She has a bunch of hats which are lovely. I want to knit Sheep Heid next.

  27. I hear you on the projects. I have a hat, 2 pair of socks, and 2 shawls on the needles. The hat and one pair of the socks are on a deadline. They are nice but haven’t been holding my interest. I cast on one of the shawls for a little zing. Now all I want to do is knit that (Zilver with Shalimar Breathless). But I keep thinking of the sweater i want to attempt. Ah the whims of an adulterous knitter. (to projects only) 🙂

  28. I am on the boring part of a sweater and no way can I even think of getting some socks going or even another sweater while I am knitting this one! Now true this one that I am knitting is a bit larger than the wee little one you are working on but still! I should also say it is worsted weight in August in Alabama and well lets just say it sits on a tray while I knit or else I would be more than a little bit crazy with all that wool in my lap!…Maybe I should be knitting on a pair of socks.

  29. I just started Farthing by Jared Flood, for the same reason ( bored with the jumper I’m knitting my husband). It’s a lace scarf with patterning on both sides but only 31 sr for the small size. So interesting and quick…

  30. I knitted your Unoriginal Hat last year and found it to be a fun knit. Just the thing to break you out of your funk.

    Of course, you may not want to knit something you yourself designed. I have been loving Lisa McFetridge’s internationally inspired colorwork designs lately. I’m making the Naniboujou Hat for my son, but I also love Kistikan, Slovakian Folklore Cap, Out of Africa Hat and Red Square Hat.

  31. OK but what sweater are you making? I love the colors. Right now my boring striped sweater is “a hint of summer” and I am breaking the monotony with Kabuto and Tekko. They are super fun, quick knits.

  32. This is precisely why I have yet to knit anything larger than a baby sweater, and if I did make a me-sized sweater, it would have to be Aran with a bajillion complex cables or else I would just expire from malaise.

  33. It’s likely to simple for you, but I loved making the BoHo Beret
    I played with the pattern a bit adding stitches and making a turned brim to soften it. I made mine long before the designer added mods and put it up on Rav. I think it’s a style that would actually look great with your hair, and in a color that compliments with your favorite coat it would be smashing.

  34. That sock yarn is beautiful! I know you get too many emails and comments to reply to everyone so I searched around for something like it with no luck. Any chance you could link to the yarn in your next post?

  35. Thank you from my heart for your blog. You have no idea how much interest, fun and inspiration you have added to my life for all these years. I go to you every time I’m on the internet. You are at the top of my favorites list. Not even grouped in with my other favorite knitting blogs, but separate – at the top. I’ve met you twice which has been lots of fun. We are poles apart in lots of things, but you are a true friend and inspiration to me.

  36. I’ve given up and try to have two projects on the go, one interesting, one boring (so I can have something easy for knitting group, which is an amazingly difficult place to get knitting done correctly.)

  37. Eeek! I am knitting this wee stripey sweater too! And I kinda had the same progression… “Oh, what fun, what a lovely pattern… my these needles are small…. oh dear… more stripes…”

  38. The sweater looks so pretty, but I’m sure it would drive me nuts! I cast my lot in with the spinners — productivity and a break from the boring knitting without the add on of an unfinished project.
    Still plowing away at my first sock.

  39. Well I’m knitting a Dr. Who scarf. I can’t think of anything more boring than garter stitch. . . and especially that much of it. Fortunately, the Whoovian that will be receiving it is petite, so I’m making the short version. . .

    • I made two Dr Who scarves last year for my 6’4″ guys. You need some good music, books on CD or PBS series on DVD. Eventually they were really done-fringe and all!! They guys realize the scarves need extra attention- it’s like having another person attached to you-it needs it’s own seat at a restaurant-it’s own shelf in the closet… The scarf takes a lot of time and energy to wear!!!

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  43. I don’t know why you think you are boring. I have been reading you for 6 years now and I think you are inspiring. I have never told you this before but you came pretty close to saving my life before, you and your knitting, when I was going through a low time in my life. The knitting gave me something else to focus on, and besides inspiring me, just reading your words gave me comfort and hope. You are my hero. You are not boring, you are wonderful. Thanks for this blog

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