The Moment

Saturday I finished the shawl. I cast off all day, and I’m not kidding about that. I cast off for a few hours the evening before, and then I cast off for about five straight hours on Saturday, and when I finished I was filled with a glee that I could barely contain. Maybe this contributed to what happened next. Who knows.

curlingup 2014-08-18

I trotted it outside to take a few pre-blocking pictures, and really, I was pretty happy with the thing. The whole time I was knitting it I was worried it wouldn’t be long enough, and as I cast off it became obvious that this wouldn’t be its flaw. The thing is huge. A little surprisingly huge – although I don’t know how surprised I should be – it happens to me every once in a while when something is bunched up on a circular needle.  It looks too short, and so I over-react to that by making it too long, As I cast off, this was revealed in increments.  I had to remind myself as it kept coming off the needles that I’d wanted it to be long. Super long. Super long is the goal. Don’t panic because it’s long.

castoff 2014-08-18

It’s long. Not too long, I didn’t think, but really long. Maybe this also contributed to what happened next.  I was anxious about the length, and wondering how much length would turn up in blocking, and so I rushed off to block it that minute.  I gave it a wee soak in the sink, then got out the wires and pins.  The first problem was that it was too big to fit on my bed. (Hint #1 that it is big.) Even diagonally, it wouldn’t fit, so I thought for a minute about other places to block it, but they all involved vacuuming,  so I decided to block it in parts.  I’d block the left half, letting the right lie fallow, then unpin the left, shift the shawl on the bed, and pin and spray the right half.   I wasn’t going to block it hard anyway – I wasn’t looking for much stretch at all.  Partly, I wanted a soft block because it was already big, but mostly because the yarn Sexy, is part bison (a short fibre and so not super strong) and part silk, which is a strong fibre, but not when wet.  This seemed to me like a reasonable plan.

readyforblock 2014-08-18

In its original incarnation, this shawl was crescent shaped.  I changed that for most of it, and after I’d modified the pattern the shawl had a straight section in the centre, then a gentle crescent shaped section on each end.  If I could have figured out how to make that section less crescent-ish I would have done that too. Maybe that had something to do with what happened next too.) I threaded dressing wires through the left half of the top section, and then set about pinning the curved part of the top edge.  It curved. It curved a little more than I wished it would, and so I was gently easing it into something less curvy, when I came to a part that was quite curvy, and at this exact moment, I took full leave of all my senses.  In a decision that can only be described as complete stupidity, I took hold of the top edge between my two hands, and ever so gently, pulled it a little.

Just as I’d hoped, the edge stretched the tiniest bit, reducing the curve and giving me an edge way closer to what I wanted.  I think more than anything else, that success contributed to what happened next – which was that I decided to pin that edge quite firmly. I put in one pin, then took hold of the next spot and moved it to where I wanted, gently pulling it a little farther.

Suddenly, the edge was straight! For one wonderful second I smiled, congratulating myself on my blocking prowess, and then, with a sinking feeling of nausea, realized that there was no way that the threads in the top part had suddenly stretched more than I needed – there was no way that they could suddenly be that compliant, and I realized, in a horrible and complete moment of understanding what had happened.

edgebroke 2014-08-18

I’d broken the yarn.  Yup, the worst nightmare that blocking has to offer, right there, and even though I 100% knew better, I did it.The second I realized what had happened, I walked away. I couldn’t think of anything that would help right that second, especially since it was still wet, so I left it until it was dry, and then unpinned it carefully, and then moved it to a safe spot like it was a case of nitroglycerine.  Right that minute the only plans I could think of were either sobbing helplessly, or getting rather drunk, and neither are a look I embrace. I did take an hour long bath with a large glass of wine while I contemplated how it could be that a knitter with my level of experience and knowledge could pull such a completely idiotic move, but after that I tried to wade over to the side of the pity pool rather than keep on swimming.

A few days later, with a bit of perspective and contemplation, I think it’s going to be okay. It looks to me like just one thread snapped, so today I’m attempting a little surgery. I know it doesn’t look that bad, but we all know how knitting goes – one broken spot and the whole piece is at risk.  I’m not quite sure how I’ll tackle it yet. So far everything I think of shortens the yarn a little, and that’s not going to help with the top edge problem in general.  Right now, I’m leaning towards threading in a replacement chunk of yarn, one that overlaps with the existing yarn, then takes the correct path along the edge.  I’ve got lots of other edge to use as an example, and I think I can figure it. Then I just have to figure out how to secure that piece. I think I’ll look for a matching thread in my sewing box, and see if I can’t lash them together with a few well placed stitches.

Once that’s done? Sigh.  I guess I take another stab at blocking. This time though, I think I’ll be a lot more careful.

107 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. Doesn’t help you, but it’s almost inspirational for people making their first shawl or whatever that someone who’s done this lots of times, and teaches, and so on, is still capable of a blocking screwup…. Hope the mending goes well; the shawl looks gorgeous…

  2. Oh no! I was so anxious reading I had to skim forward to see what had happened. Best of luck finding a fix as the shawl is lovely.

  3. Just wondering – because this is what I’d try if it were so big – couldn’t you fold it in half down the centre and then block it that way? I mean, if both sides are a mirror image it should work …

  4. Good luck, and breathe deep before you start. It is very lovely, and I’m sure you can fix the edge if you take your time.

  5. The sight of those dangling stitches makes me want to curl up on my bed and cry.

    I hope that you find a brilliant solution and are amazed at how easy it was. “May the force be with you” seems appropriate right now.

  6. Ouch! I can feel your pain from hundreds of miles away.

    If you think the top edge is extra-vulnerable because of the shawl’s weight, could you reinforce at least the middle yard or so of the edge with crochet somehow?

    Good luck, and know that your disaster probably will save a bunch of other knitters from similar problems.

  7. I love the fact that you told us about bison fibers (short) and silk fibers (weak when wet). The fiber technology is really interesting. (I learned from an alpaca sweater I made for my sister — a bit taller than my 5’2″ — in a shadow knitting pattern, that resulted in a sweater fit for a 6′ woman. Gravity and what? stretchy fibers & weight allowed it to grow.)

  8. I’d be tempted to try unplying a length of unused yarn, possibly draft it out a bit then add much more twist to a single and ply it back on itself to make a stronger matching thread to twine either side of the repair. Good luck with the surgery. It’s going to pain your patience, but you can do it.

  9. Holy cow! It never occurred to me this could happen. I don’t know why not, but I suppose I haven’t aggressively blocked anything delicate. I guess I’ll continue to knit socks. You have my condolences.

  10. Wishing you the best possible luck with it. Should that fail, and the mend look a little kludgy, I offer a trick my mother used when people brought her a garment that had been damaged (cigarette burn, stain, bullet hole, whatever.) She would design something (a flower, a butterfly, whatever seemed like it would work) and if one of them over the problem looked too obvious (because who has a butterfly on just one sleeve, or halfway down the front of a skirt) she would make several (knitted, crocheted, embroidered, appliqued, beaded, whatever) and scatter them artfully over the garment with one of them covering the problem area. She did this with hand-me-downs for me, as well. No one ever guessed that there was a problem under one of the decorations.

    You probably have better solutions in your own toolkit.

  11. If it were me, I’d grab a needle and some similar weight, different color yarn and carefully pick up all of the dangling stitches. Then, I’d be able to breathe a bit easier while I pondered what to do next. I’d be tempted to do a knitted cast on the desired length post blocking and then kirchner stitch the dangling stitches to that cast on. Weaving in the ends would be the least of my worries.
    I am so sorry that you are facing this problem, but, I know that with enough time and thought, you’ll be able to get it fixed and looking lovely.

    • I doubt I could actually do what you’re saying just because I’m not experienced with mending this sort of thing, but this sounds like a genius idea. I bet the Harlot could pull that off.

  12. Just because we know better does not mean we don’t do it anyway. Not necessary to ask how I learned that particular lesson!
    May the knitting gods since inspiration and well-being on you!

    From a fellow tortured knitter

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  14. Paging Dr. Harlot! Dr. Harlot to surgery STAT!

    Somebody told me once that scars are just tattoos with better stories. Good luck with the fix.

  15. Yikes! I’ve had that happen to me before, and it is scary, but recoverable.

    When you have fixed the edge and are ready to try again, you might try folding it in half to block–lace yarn is light enough that it will still dry in a reasonable time, it will take up less space, and as a bonus it’s much easier to achieve symmetry.

    • When you fold it in half, insert a pool noodle at the fold and you will keep your smoothness and not get a fold line….I’ve tied the noodle to my headboard to keep it in place…

  16. I know this isn’t any consolation, but think how many innocent shawls you may have saved because you were willing to blog about your blocking mishap/catastrophe.
    In the meantime, you made the right decision to just walk away. Good luck with the fix.

  17. As someone said, you can, at least, take consolation in having demonstrated to newish knitters that everyone makes mistakes, and that it’s perfectly okay to respond to them with a long, hot bath and a nice Chardonnay. (oh, and kudos for your inventive use of the word ‘fallow’)

  18. Oh man, I feel your pain! You sure do feel actually physically sick. Happens to all of us at some point of time. You will figure out the perfect solution as you do. The rest of us will benefit from it. But in the meantime ….ackkkkkkkkk!!!!

  19. Your shawl is so lovely, and this is absolutely a bummer. I wouldn’t know how to begin fixing it, but I’m sure you, being the Harlot, will figure it out. Best wishes for a good outcome.

  20. I have just finished my very first shawl with lace and I thank you so very much for posting this. I haven’t blocked it yet. I will now be more careful. I hope you document, and report, your fix. I am very curious to see how you manage it.

  21. I feel your pain! The very first lace I ever knit was a Charlotte’s Web (remember those?), and no one told me that you should never add your new skein in the middle of the row when lace knitting, and even worse, it was in the big fat freaking middle of the whole shebang… even though I wove it in, the second I went to block it, poppity-pop-pop! There it went. I had a more advanced knitter friend to help repair it, so all was not lost, but I sure learned my lesson, let me tell you…

  22. On behalf of we mere mortal knitters, thank you for making this tragic mistake and fessing up. If the Yarn Harlot who 100% knows better can make such an error, it serves as a valuable lesson to me, as I’m constantly inventing new ways to make knitting mistakes.

  23. I second that last comment. I have not yet had the pleasure of knitting with bison and while I have used silk blends, I had no idea they would be weak when wet. So once again you are serving knitting humanity by your willingness to put it all out there.

  24. Good luck with the rescue! I shall take heed and not block my snow angel too aggressively, and let it be the curly shape it wants to be.
    Beautiful shawl though, and i’m sure you’ll fix it!

  25. If it were me, I would weave in the replacement yarn, then use a tiny bit of needle felting with just one fine needle to lock down the loose tails. If you are gentle and careful, it can be practically invisible. Good luck!

  26. You are going to have multiple ends to hide but that is the end of two rows of stitching. Worst it can be, knit each row with a length then Kitchner those stitches. You gain a row one stitch long.

    Find a lace swatch and fiddle with it to duplicate stitch the edge then use that to recreate the missing couple of stitches.

    Use swatches to try ideas until you are happy with the result


  27. Oh no!! I’m sure a little light surgery will do wonders and you’ll never be able to tell where the mend needed to be – the advantage of shawls being that they’re rarely under much stress while being worn (unlike say the neckband of a jumper) – but for the moment I feel your pain!

  28. Such a painful story. A break of at least a few days is in order, I think. Perhaps more to gain some perspective, inner calm, and creativity. If anyone can tackle this you can. Remember Gwendolyn’s accident in the oven? You solved that didn’t you? I have faith.

  29. Maybe I’m misunderstanding this, but it’s the edging that snapped, right? Why not unpick the edging, putting those live stitches back on the needle & then cast off again with a much, much bigger needle? It seems like that would give you a little more room to try to get a straight line, as well as… you know, make there not be a snapped thread there. Too much time? Too little yarn? I’m just completely wrong?

    • Completely wrong, although charmingly so. The shawl is knit from the centre back out, and downwards – therefore that top edge is really the leftmost edge of the knitting, a sideways part. Get it? I really wish you were right though, would make things a lot easier.

  30. Oh! I hope you come up with a clever and secure solution! I’m working on my very first lace, right now, on a deadline and will remember to block carefully.

  31. Ugh–I saw this in the Twitter feed over the weekend and felt ill. Would a Russian Join work with this year? I’m thinking it might with the silk content.


  33. Is there any way you could weave in the ends as others have suggested so well and then cover the join with a crochet edging to reinforce it? I realize I just added crochet to your suffering but it might reinforce things very well.

    Bonnie chance!

  34. Saw this on Twitter and have been holding my breath ever since. I thought to myself: go to the blog! Someone on the blog will know what to do! Fingers crossed that a previously unconsidered and extra-brilliant solution pops up in the comments!

  35. oh my heart just sank at the sight of that photo! Sending you a fibre prayer via the knitting angels.

  36. What about spit splicing? I saw it on the Mason Dixon blog. I’m sorry I’m not monogamous (in relation to blogs), but yours is my all time favorite (really). Good luck!

  37. I actually flinched and recoiled in horror when I saw that broken yarn. I hope it’s an easy fix, since the rest of it looks delightful.

  38. Might be blasphemous, but how about some Fray Chek to start and then some crochet along that whole edge? Good luck! (I am one of those who couldn’t take the suspense and skimmed to the end!)

  39. My yarn broke on the bind-off side and about 20 stitches escaped before I could react. It was only the second lace thing I had ever knit. No worse feeling in the world. However, it got fixed and never showed, and I’m sure this one will too. I agree with the person who said get some thread and snatch up those loose stitches before they run any further; then you can think more clearly.

  40. I bet the rows started with a slip one. I have always felt that slipping the first stitch creates a too tight edge so I never do it, particularly with nn stretchy yarns….
    I know that is shutting the stable door etc, but hoping it might help some avoid this in future.

  41. And I thought the 8 hours I spent untangling a skein of yarn was bad! Good for you for stepping away and doing the wine and the bath. Time helps with perspective. Good luck with the surgery. I’m sure you’ve the skill to fix it!

  42. Oh you poor dear. Well, with all the good karma you’ve put out into the universe recently with the bike ride and Jen’s socks, etc, all the good energy will come back to you in the form of suggestions from your loyal readers. And if you need a bit more yarn, I’m sure Ron and Theresa at Buffalo Wool can find a meter or two for you.

  43. I did the same thing with my color affection shawl in Isager Alpaca 2. I literally felt like crying. Thank you for sharing this so that I know I’m not alone.

  44. This is probably no consolation at all…but your willingness to expose your knitting gaffes has made me (and I’m sure many others) a better knitter.

    Being mostly self taught and without a community of knitters for support I just always supposed my penchant for doing dumb (sorry…) things in relation to knitting was because I was just not a very good knitter. A story in one of your books about your trials and tribulations in knitting a shawl from one of Nancy Bush’s patterns – where you started and restarted umpteen times – was a total revelation moment for me. The knowledge that YOU too could make repeated errors when starting a project and have the wherewithal to keep ripping back and starting again helped me to stop thinking that I’m such a pea brain and helped me relax and focus on the “process” of knitting, to realize it’s not the end of the world if I make a mistake – I can start again and again – and, ultimately, not to take myself so seriously. Such is your gift of laughter.

    I really am sorry about your shawl. I do have faith you will be able to put it to rights 🙂 More than that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know the next time I make a mistake I will think of you and be “bucked up” because I know, by your willingness to share your frustrations and mistakes along with your love and passion of knitting, that you, a really good and experienced knitter, makes all kinds of mistakes too. Thanks for not being an ivory tower knitter.

  45. This is the cast-off edge? If it were me, I would have to rip out to just beyond the break, attach new yarn and cast off again. At least that way the integrity of the shawl isn’t compromised – it will be worth it over it’s lifetime of use.

  46. Remember – you survived Gwen so you can do this! And the event you made this shawl for is still a bit in the future so you also have time on your side. You don’t have to rush. Take your time and and a solution will come to you. Faith in yarn and faith in knitting.

  47. I have absolute confidence in your being able to repair this, Stephanie. I wish it hadn’t happened, but I KNOW you are going to be able to mend it, and that it will be even better once you have finished. I can’t wait to see finished photos!

  48. I am so sorry for you! You did the right thing to walk away and calm down before attempting to do anything with the shawl. If I were in the same situation, any immediate actions would have been disastrous.

    Echoing some of the other entries, use some of the leftover yarn (assuming there’s more than just an inch or two) to repair the broken strand. As there are beads on the shawl, would adding a few more help hide or anchor any joins in the yarn? And, as it seems this one needs a little stricter blocking than originally thought, maybe you should weave some nylon sock reinforcement thread through all the edge stitches. A pain in the neck, I know, but. . .

  49. I gasped. Out loud.

    But my family was pleased that it wasn’t followed by my telling them some tragic non-knitting story. They thought this was much preferable to the horrifying previously murdering mother kills baby and self story that I had had to share rather than keep to myself.

  50. Oooooooooo ouch. I let out an audible gasp when I saw the photo of the snap. You have all of our sympathy 🙁

    (I think the only worse snapping knit story I know of is a friend whose Rock Island got caught on someone else’s backpack on a bus. The backpack haver got off the bus. The shawl suffered.)

  51. I just yelped out loud. I knew where you were going, and I still scared the kids. I hope you can fix it & be satisfied with the repair. I miss lace. Too hard with the little guy.

  52. I’m glad to know that you walked away and took care of yourself. And somewhat mollified to see that such a knowledgable knitter as yourself had an ouchy. Reminds us that wherever we are on the knit skills spectrum the knitting gods are happy to come in and wreck a little mischief. I had a mini tantrum with my partner’s requested knit item and I still have no intention of getting it out and putting it back on needles. Maybe next year. For now, I’m sick of the (lovely) yarn.

  53. Love the photos. That glorious shawl looks like lichen or moss or some other living thing. So beautiful. Give yourself time to think calmly about the repair. Thank you so much for the warning.

  54. Reading this I felt somewhat like I was in a dream and knew something bad was about to happen and how to prevent it, but couldn’t either move or wake up until the bad thing had occured anyhow. Hope that you find a fix that works for you!

  55. THAT SUCKS!!!!! Thanks for sharing such a painful lesson. To be honest, I didn’t even know that could happen when blocking. I don’t knit lace very often and the shawls I have knit tend to be very simple and sturdy so I haven’t had that experience yet. Thank you so much for the warning. I’m a very slow knitter and I think that experience would surely send me over the edge. Good luck on your repairs. I’m sure that your shawl will be beautiful when you are done.

  56. I dont know how discreet you need the fix to be, and this could be the dumbest idea ever, but if it’s a single strand that broken, you might be able to get ahead of the break and tie in a new length of yarn using a double fisherman knot. It’s how we tie 2 ropes together in climbing, and I’ve used it to lengthen ropes for other applications as well. The knot would be a little bump, but in a yarn that thin, maybe you could hide it inside. Anyhow, then you could knit what you need to knit and tie off another one at the other end. In any case, good luck. That shawl is gorgeous, and the first moment you put it on all mended and blocked, I hope you have a good beer or a perfect coffee in hand. Because that will be a moment of victory well earned.

  57. I have have yet to finish my first knit project, the three half finished scarves and the half finished hat I started in fourth grade do not count, so when you revealed that such a thing as yarn snapping could happen in the final stages, I nearly cried. I feel your pain and frustration. I have no words of wisdom. Only sympathy. Carry on

  58. Since I haven’t been on Twitter lately this was a complete surprise. I thought I was about to read that even you were surprised by the enormity of your finished, blocked shawl. But NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Oh, how sorry I am this happened. I’ll share the story of the scarf I’m reminded of anyway because it’s cheerful. I became enameled of potato chip scarves about 12 years ago when my daughter was still seeing a play therapist. She wanted a “really long swirly twirly scarf” so I just-kept-knitting. When the ruffles were about 4″ wide I started the bind off and kept binding off for several days. She “wore” it to therapy where she and her therapist wondered how long it was. He held up the end, then stood up, then stepped on top of a table, then grabbed the middle and held it up double and touched the ceiling. It still puddled on the ground.
    Why didn’t I already know this story? Well, two weeks ago the day care where my older daughter drops her daughter while she works closed for a week and I got to play with my toddler granddaughter all day every day. It was a fabulous week but many things were eliminated from my list that week. Then, it was time for dear daughter, the younger to head off to college. She did not take the extra long scarf with her but it’s still in the dress up box. Three trips to campus later, I think she’s finally settled in. (Good thing it’s only an hour away. Thirty five years ago I drove that far to get to work and then again to get home. Now it seems like a long trip. I must be getting old)

  59. Condolances! It really sucks to finish a big project and then discover it wasn’t finished at all.

    I’m Queen of the screw-ups myself… I sometimes joke that I’m a machine for making mistakes… so I’ve had to recover from a lots of oopses (I’m sure that’s not a word!). Here’s what I’d do:
    1. secure the loose threads by running a needle into an edge section and then threading the needle with those wee bits of broken yarn.
    2. forget the sewing thread. I’ve tried this and then spent hours trying to remove it again. Sewing thread doesn’t stretch and has a different sheen. The result will not make you happy.
    3. break out the dreaded crochet hook.
    4. using the hook, the needle and anything else that comes to hand, create the little vertical (perpendicular to the edge) stitches. It’s hard to see from the picture but I think you’ll need 3 or 4.
    5. leave those live stitches hanging or put them on a double point
    6. using the hook again chain an edge that picks up the vertical stitches.
    This will not be perfect but it will be close enough for casual inspection.
    I think that will work but when I’m repairing I fly by the seat of my pants. I hope that gives you some ideas anyway.

  60. Oh no. I could hear the “Jaws” music getting louder and louder as I read further in your entry. I’m hoping that because I’m reading your blog a day late that you’ve mended the (eek, I don’t want to say it, because that could be bad luck), and that All Is Well.

    If it is not, then I should tell you about the fair isle jumper I designed and knit in Wensleydale for my then 11 year old daughter. Which she put in the washing machine and the dryer, after spilling lemonade on it.

    • That’s worse than Stephanie’s disaster! At least she can find a way to fix hers. Poor old you. I hope your daughter survived unscathed. I’m sure she meant well!

  61. I’m SO sorry this happened! I bought some of this wonderful yarn at Stitches Midwest along with a pattern for a lacy cowl. I’m going to be very careful when I block it. Thanks for the life/yarn lesson. We are learning along with you.

  62. I have done the same thing. I just figured it was a rookie mistake to pull a wee bit too much in blocking. To quote Sally Ball, “mistakes are not mistakes…they are design elements.” (A great way to look at life too!). My shawl has a design element that no one will ever see!

    Thank you for allowing me to feel better about myself, as the Yarn Harlot, is indeed human, too.

  63. Don’t panic. I once repaired an acquaintance’s lace shawl that had several broken threads. It can be done.

    Adding in a new length of yarn and overlapping threads as you suggest could work. But for a really strong repair, consider securing both ends of the new bit of yarn with Russian joins.

    Lay the shawl on a contrast-color throw pillow, and pin down the surrounding stitches so they don’t move during the repair. Pull on one end of the broken thread so you have some room in which to work, and add in the repair thread with a Russian join. Use the repair thread to weave the fabric back together as necessary. Then pull on the other end of the broken thread to give yourself some working room, and Russian join to the repair thread. Redistribute yarn as necessary to restore the tension.

    Best of luck!

  64. Oh so sorry. But if anyone can fix it it would be you. So this makes a good idea for a new class! What to do when the unthinkable happens! You’ve hot some really good case studies. Hope to take this new class next June at Strung Along.

  65. Oh man I’m soooo sorry. I would just cried AND had a glass of wine And gone to bed…. After sending it to a corner to await whatever I could do, after however long it took me to face it. I am so sorry.

  66. I have had that happen! And on a sample for a magazine! Of course the collar needed a bit more curve, and of course I just had to tug at it, and of course the binding just broke apart like it had never wanted to be part of the same fiber in the first place. I feel your pain.

  67. “… then, with a sinking feeling of nausea…”
    I know this feeling well, this week, even if for a totally different incident. My sympathies, dear, although I know you can fix it.
    My beloved 18-year-old Chevy has given gentle but clear indications that she must be retired, and that’s okay. However, we had an understanding that she would persevere through the summer while I shopped for her replacement (as IF, sigh). I was horrified this week when I momentarily lost focus and drove her too fast down our VERY rural lane, feeling and hearing the fatal crunch as I thoughtlessly demolished her aged oil pan.
    I’m pained every time I slip past her ICU berth in the driveway on my way to the temporary on-loan (and frankly, personality-deprived) sedan which is bridging the gap. I’m still shopping, but my heart isn’t quite in it.
    Your knitting will undoubtedly recover it’s splendor, and I will undoubtedly find a new car. But for this moment in time, we share a poignant pain.

  68. When you gave the total number of stitches in your previous post, I wondered if it was going to be too large to block on your bed. Hopefully my wondering didn’t push it over the edge (ha, ha…no pun intended).

    After reading ahead, I’m glad you found a way to fix the break. And thanks for sharing so that other, much less experienced knitters (like me) can try to remember this when blocking!

  69. Not an hour after I read this (catching up on blog posts today), this happened to me.

    Clearly I wouldn’t have been one of those in the ancient world who learned through word of mouth.

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