Catching up, carrying on

Home late last night, one tuckered knitter, and today I’ve made a vow to sit at my desk all day and get caught up on my work.  I love being away for events (especially since lately, I seem to go to great ones, Knit City was outstanding) but it sure throws off my my ability to get paperwork and desk work done.  Today I haven’t even put a sock on my desk – so that it can’t tempt me.  That’s a theme over the last little while.  Not casting on, or not having something with me so that I can’t cheat.  It was part of my plan for this last weekend, actually.  When I was packing to go, I deliberately underyarned myself.  I had the toe of a sock done, and knew that I’d crush the rest of the sock on the way there, and sure enough, by the time that Saturday rolled around, I had finished them.

socksdone2 2014-10-07

They’re a standard toe up (which isn’t very standard for me, but the yarn called for it) and a Men’s medium, and will go straight into the long range planning box.

socksdone3 2014-10-07

That’s pair #11 for this year, and it’s only the 7th of October, so I’m feeling like a superhero. (Note to self: it is when you are awash in confidence that things start to go wrong. Don’t let your guard down.)

(The yarn is Must Stash – Dark Side of the Moon. Out of stock at present, but back soon, I’m sure.)  Sam thoughtfully modelled them this morning before she headed out.

socksdone 2014-10-07

So, when I was packing, I knew those would be done fast – and I thought about putting yarn for another pair in the suitcase, and then I looked at the little baby sweater that’s got a deadline breathing it’s hot breath on my cheek, and I didn’t do it.  I went with just the sock, and the sweater, and I thought that would force me to work on it. I was almost right.

sweaterfloor 2014-10-07

The sweater (Minni) just needed a graft down the side, and sleeves, and then a band round the whole thing, and I keep using the word “just” but the truth is that this sweater is knit on 2.25mm needles, and it’s probably about the same work as a full size adult jumper. I keep letting its size fool me, and that’s a mistake. That’s how you end up with a deadline too close, so was trying not to underestimate it. The sweater – besides being a lot of work, is at this point, rather a lot of boring work.  I practically weep tears of ennui when I think of it, and since I usually knit to relieve boredom, rather than create it, my usual motivators aren’t working. What I needed, I knew, was no choice.  If it was my only knitting, I would have to knit it, because….well.  I have to knit.

That night, when the sock ran out in the hotel room. I turned my eye to the sweater, heaved a sigh of regret, and picked it up. Then I turned for the sleeve needles, and after a fruitless search, realized I’d forgotten them. The plan was crap. I had a whole needle roll, chock full of every size of DPN that I didn’t need, and not a single right one for the sleeves. I made it through that evening somehow – without any knitting (and without ending up in prison) and the next morning I was the first person in the marketplace, hunting up a set.

sweateronesleeve 2014-10-07

It occurred to me later, too late really, that my sock needles, the ones that I’d just finished using, were TOTALLY THE RIGHT SIZE. Panic does terrible things to a knitter.   I also managed somehow, to force up the will to not have the new sock yarn I bought wound up – even in the face of an offer from someone to do just that.  I’m proud of that moment.  Now I’ve got one sleeve done, and I need to do 130 rounds for the other sleeve, and then the bands, and a little making up, and that’s doable. As long as I can avoid casting something else on, this should be easy.

I’m thinking about putting the ballwinder and swift in the car and having Joe hide it from me for a few days. It might be the only way.