Wool Days

I’m back from Rhinebeck, and oh, it was lovely. I share this time each year with the same group of great knitters, and it’s such a treat to be together for several days once a year.   Rhinebeck feels like a knitters holiday to me. So many wonderful things, and sweaters and people and… it’s amazing.  I had a lot of words to go with these pictures, but as you can imagine, following the events yesterday and today, most Canadians are glued to the TV right now. Rather than not post at all, I give you pictures. Words tomorrow.  I’ll try and post from the airport on my way to a rather amazingly fabulous event in Edmonton.

goodsheep 2014-10-22

foundpatt 2014-10-22 yarnwindowbest 2014-10-22 rhinebecktree 2014-10-22sheepattacktwo 2014-10-22 foxpaws 2014-10-22 blog 2014-10-22 rhinebecktree2 2014-10-22 glassneedles 2014-10-22

usrhinebeck2014 2014-10-22

PS. Yes.  I finished my sweater. Details tomorrow.)