Yeah, that hat

I had a whole big post planned for today, then eighty-four bad things happened with my laptop, and the whole thing wound up a hot mess.  Instead of that, I give you this picture of Lou wearing his owl hat, which is frankly more than I could ever hope for in the way of knitterly happiness.  See it, and know these are the moments I knit for.

owlhat 2014-11-06

More tomorrow, when hopefully this aluminium and plastic box of circuit chips is on my side.

Knitter out.

(photo credit to Carlos, who I think we can all agree totally nailed it.)

66 thoughts on “Yeah, that hat

  1. That is beyond fabulous.
    The hat is at the exact right angle, the leaves in the background…. that is perfect.

    Now I have to go cast on another project… 🙂

    • I think it’s that, and hard use, and my personal stupidity can’t be ruled out.
      I’m more of a wool person than a tech person. (Plus, it’s getting a little old, and they travel a lot.)

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  3. Yeah! that is totally what every knitter would love. Maybe he’ll need another as a teenager dangling himself off cliffs (planned and supported by ropes) and his friends will all want one too.
    All strength through your computer hell,

  4. Were you updating to Yosemite? My laptop also had a very hard time with it… It froze, seemed to die and then woke up out of the blue after scaring me to death, hey, my whole life is in there!!!!!!! It took me a couple of days and a lot of tender loving care to make it better, but it’s still slow….
    P.S: The owl hat is adorable on Lou!!! 🙂

  5. Totally admire and love that hat!! One year I knit a simple pumpkin hat for my new Grandaughter and before I knew what happened, all the men in my family HAD to have one too. A tradition was born.
    (By the way, I read you blog and every time I look for the “like” button to click.)

  6. So sorry about the laptop–I hope it’s fixed easily and inexpensively and quickly.

    Lou, meantime, totally rocks that hat. It’s its own visual soundtrack: “And I…will owl-ways love youuuuuu…”

  7. Why is the word intuitive used inregards to anything you are trying to do on a computer and I find for ME it never is. Apt response is to whom!!!!!!!

  8. I had a totally horrible time with my laptop. It was always doing something strange and every virus in the world seemed to attack it….until……..I invested in a mac. That was four years ago and I haven’t even had a computer burp since. I am so totally sold. My suggestion…get a mac and live happily ever after. 🙂 PS: Wool fuzz (and kitty fuzz) don’t seem to bother it at all.

  9. Lou pictures make everything better! The only problem with this one is that you can’t see his face– but, damn, that hat is cute!

  10. That hat is just too wonderful!!! Great shot, too, making small child look like large bird!!! Hope your computer comes back to its senses.

  11. Sorry to hear about laptop issue. Wish it will work out very soon. The hat is fabulous, it makes me think Angry Birds…kids love that:-)

  12. Lovely picture of the hat. Too bad you didn’t include one of Lou’s megawatt smile.

    Sorry about the laptop, but know how you feel. I’m kind of stuck with Windows, and my Lenovo laptop is great. My company recently issued us with HP laptops. The only good thing I can say about the HP is that it is lighter than the Lenovo.

  13. I’m not saying you should stop knitting, but I think you may have to recognize this as the most perfect knitting outcome that ever occurred and accept that everything from now on will be, at best, just a teeny-tiny bit less awesome. Bravo.

  14. Ha. The “prove you’re human” test just made me click on a little laptop icon.

    I need a small child so I can make them an owl hat. Or a LOT of gray yarn so I can make one for my (large-headed) husband…

  15. After a miserable first foray into the cyber world, hubby and I each got MacBook Pro laptops. “Once you get a Mac, you’ll never go back”. We are definitely not tech savvy, but these babies are so intuitive and user-friendly we don’t need to be. Check it out if you’re in the market for a new unit. Happy knitting.

  16. Carlos did indeed totally nail that picture of the awesomely knit hat on that indescribably adorable child, who is growing in leaps and bounds!

  17. I love that picture! It’s really great. It’s like those butterflies who have big “eyes” on their wings to scare off tings that would want to eat it. Don’t mess with the strict or possibly angry owl! =)

  18. Love the hat…perfect for these cold November days. And yeah, I’ve heard about issues with Yosemite, I’m still hanging onto Maverick for the MacBook Pro and I’m not upgrading the IPad until I absolutely need to do it. I did figure out how to get rid of that horrible spinner on the grey screen, my Mac is almost an antique at 5 years old now.

  19. When my laptop starts to cop an attitude I open my bottom desk drawer and pull out the large rubber mallet that lives there.
    Just place it on the desk. No need to say anything to Mr. Laptop. Works wonders.
    *also works well with husbands.

  20. So Cute! But I think an appropriate response would be “Whooo- Whooo I am Lou” as the owls at sundown join in with the other night time songs.

  21. The Yosemite gremlin bit me, too. My desktop spent 3 days at “computer camp”. Since I had to stop the downloads for upgrades for Keynote, Pages, & Numbers in order to take the computer to camp, now I can’t resume the downloads. Those software packages still seem to work, but it is annoying to have to deal with that, too.

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