Quick as old Saint Nick

One of my favourite pieces of advice, one of the best things I heard one friend tell another, was that when things are complex, you should stay nimble and light.  Try not to encumber yourself, so that you can respond, adapt and change as your circumstances do.  I love that idea, trying not to get bogged down into one right way, one answer… it keeps you from seeing answers as they present themselves.  I’m telling myself that today.

wrapping paper 2014-12-23

Some things are done. More things are not, although last night I can admit that I threw in the proverbial towel.  I wrote my blog post, then looked around me at the looming crisis, remembered that Christmas isn’t really a crisis, not compared to war or illness or famine, and that I have a multitude of blessings, and poured myself a largish glass of wine, and took it to the bath.  When I got out, I ordered a pizza, wrapped a few more things, and sat down to knit and figure out what can fall by the wayside.  My mood was low, I admit it, and I did the best thing I could.  I knit, and went to bed early. This morning I feel quite a lot better, and attacked the list with renewed vigour, until I sneezed five times, blew my nose and realized that I might not be feeling entirely well. (I should have known. Despair is often the first symptom I display – loss of emotional vigour before actual vigour.) Being a clever woman, I’ve immediately slowed down, and cut nine more things from the to-do list – and moved three to Joe’s.  (He feels great.)  I’m still not sure I’m getting sick, but I’m being kind to myself as a precaution, and really, getting on your own team and staying there isn’t bad policy anyway. There’s a few things I can’t move, let go of or give to someone else, and I’m putting my energy there. Tonight my sister and I give our mum her present, and I’m so looking forward to it. She’s going to love it. Best – it’s a present I can give her and knit at the same time, which is awesome, because there’s just two “must knit” things on the list, and they’re both more than half done, which makes me think it’s not properly time to give up, at least on the sitting down jobs.

undertree 2014-12-23

What’s Luis hanging today?

Things must be better at their house, because Carlos’ text came bright and early today – although I didn’t need it. There are only two ornaments left. Papa Noel (Santa) who can’t be hung until tomorrow, because that’s the night he comes (despite Lou’s best efforts to hurry that process) and the wee gnome baby – in the Waldorf style. (Gnome is easy in Spanish. Gnomo. I didn’t have to guess. By the way, because someone will ask, Waldorf dolls/babies have no/minimal facial features, so that kids can imagine them with any emotion*.)

gnome 2014-12-23

I think it says something that Lou hung the gnome baby last – if I were his parents I’d take it as a statement of his interest in babies, and having them around (they’re attention grabbers, those other wee ones) out of all of the ornaments Lou chose this one when there were no other choices. Clever lad. I knit this one from this lovely pattern, choosing only smaller needles and yarn to make it work.

(*We’re not a “Waldorf family” but I do love so many of the ideas, this one included.)

Gifts for Knitters: Day 23

Dear Non-knitter who loves a Knitter

There’s so little time left, and I could tell you to run out now and get your knitter another item, but I’m not going to. You’ve already probably got them something anyway – so today I’m going to suggest a gift they will really, really love, that only you can give them. One that shows them that you think their knitting is an important and valuable part of Christmas, and one that shows them that you respect their craft, and the contribution they make.

This gift is a lovely, lovely one, and it will get you so many points in the love bank that I scarcely can breath when I think of it. Giving this gift is easy. Walk up to your knitter, and say the following;

“Hey, what can I do in the next 24 hours to give you more knitting time?”

Then go do it. Right away, and for the love of all things woolly, hand them the beverage of their choice before you do.

(PS. Joe likes to say “No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes.” Interpret at will.)