Whew! Today’s a day of rest here at our house, and I hope it is at yours too.  Today – for the first time in nine days, despite illness, fatigue, disaster and general holiday making, we have nowhere to be, and nothing to do- beyond getting ready for another thing tomorrow. Last night’s party at my mum’s went off just as it should, with only one family member failing to attend due to the viral bomb that’s been running through the clan.  I was starting to get tired yesterday, tired of parties, tired of noise, tired of being tired, but rallied last night when all my family and friends were around, and remembered just when I was ready to give up how much I love this group when we have out party on. Megan learned to shuck oysters,

meganoysters 2014-12-29

we danced, we sang – we played a rousing game of family DJ (which is really all about impressing my sister, Amanda noted, since Erin is the sole judge of the endeavour- and we don’t think she even is clear on the rules of the game she invented.)

alldance 2014-12-29

Food was eaten, wine was drunk, jokes were told, and we caught up with friends we see so seldom.  I finished a hat – and that wrapped up all the Christmas knitting, the whole lot of it, and we rolled into bed late, with big smiles, and tired feet.

alilaugh 2014-12-29

Today, we rest, and in a very exciting turn of events, Joe and I are packing. We’ve been invited on a little trip, and we’re both so thrilled. I travel (you guys know that) and Joe travels – but both of us mostly for work, and we don’t go together. Once (or twice) a year I take a trip with my mum, and Joe takes one with his, and now and again we travel with assorted parts of the family, but it has been a long time since the two of us (and just the two of us!) left on a trip, and we’re both giddy with the prospect.  Tomorrow morning we’ll head to the airport, and off we’ll go.

laugh 2014-12-29

I’m so looking forward to it – mostly because I’ve come to think of it as Knit-o-rama. (I’m not sure that’s what Joe has planned) We’ll have the trip, and days of relative quiet, and I, my friends, am going to knit the snot out of it.  This afternoon I’m tidying, and winding yarn, and organizing what I’ll make for the next several days, and it’s like a whole other present.  5 days of knitting! For me! Whatever I want!  I love knitting for Christmas, but man – I  think I like this idea more right now.  Hunting up all my projects is completely delicious. I’ve got one for the plane, and I’m looking for yarn for one for the hotel, and I’m dreaming of finding a pattern for when we’re at dinners, and the urge to put way, way too much wool in my suitcase is overwhelming.

I. Can’t. Wait.