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Have I mentioned to you (maybe not, because I still can’t quite believe it myself) that this year I’ve expanded my commitment to the Bike Rally? Maybe because I have trouble saying no, or maybe because I really, truly think that they’re changing the world a little bit, I agreed to be on the Steering Committee for the thing. It’s been a pleasure so far (if you like hard work, which apparently I do) but this last few days it’s taking more time than I thought. (This has a lot to do with my almost criminal inability to work a complex spreadsheet, and I’d rather not think about it. There’s a reason I keep my pastimes analog. Knitting? I can freakin’ ALWAYS work that.)Β Β  In lieu of a proper post, as I head downtown for another meeting (at least I can take a sock) I give you the last few days, in fibre pursuits. Enjoy.

coffeebookspin 2015-01-27

singles 2015-01-27

pliedonnoddy 2015-01-27

pliedonfence 2015-01-27

skein 2015-01-27

skeinwound 2015-01-27

almostdone 2015-01-27

See you tomorrow, and by the way? Thank you for the wonderful comments on Friday’s post.Β  I read them all. (Really. Always have.)

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      • considering she figured out how to pack knitting on her bike for the rally in years past, I think that’s a pretty good bet πŸ™‚ and what could possibly go wrong while knitting on a stationary bike… in a kitchen…

        • But my stationary (recumbent) bike allows me to cycle also with my arms to build up those muscles as well. With the foot pedals for less resistance on the arms, without the foot pedals for more resistance on the arms. So the choice is not to use the arm pedals if I choose to knit. Which works now, because I am rehabbing the knee replacement. But sometimes when the shoulders are having issues, I need those arm pedals. Maybe I can learn ‘feet knitting’ Ha ha

  1. Wow, gorgeous yarn and you’ve already knit a whack of something….zzzzzzoom! What is it? Curious minds want to know…..(mine)

  2. Happy blogiversary, belatedly. I have eagerly anticipated your posts for many years, and binge read back to the very beginning when I started. At the risk of going all fan-girl, I will say that I feel we are kindred spirits, and while I seldom post comments, I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you do, regularly, and for free, on your blog. Such generosity by one who gets paid to write is noteworthy, but not surprising, given who you are. Here’s to many more happy years! (P.S. I’ve purchased all your books, too…)

    • I, on the other hand, often comment. But I support your sentiments completely and am amazed at how much this blog has enriched my life. The world is very lucky, indeed, to have Steph as part of it.

    • I, too, went back and read all of your blogs from number one on. All caught up now and looking forward daily to new ones. I also have all your books and have given them to knitting friends. Thank you for sharing your life with us, it makes a difference, believe me.

  3. Well that’s rather lovely, isn’t it? And I used to deal with spreadsheets all day, every day in my previous life. Yup, I’ll take the knitting any day.

  4. It’s beautiful…really. Out of curiosity, how many yarn cakes can you get out of that batt? Trying to figure out if I want to go this route.

  5. I love your blog, so inspirational to see what you are creating. I agree with everyone else…can’t wait to see what that beautiful handspun is going to become.

  6. So, pretty! That blue was a revelation, so bright and clear. The never-lifting fog may be getting to me a little. You’re amazing–always stepping into roles where you can be a larger force for good. Brava!

  7. Really nice job spinning and plying the variegated batt. I need to work on this myself, so I appreicate the skill this takes.

  8. Stephanie, you are truly an inspiration! Thanks for sharing all you do! The yarn is beautiful and the Rally is lucky to have you spread sheet skills or no.

  9. Gorgeous colors, as you always seem to choose. Whatever it is you’re knitting (a shawl it looks like?) is coming out just as lovely as the yarn did.

    Good luck with the extra bike rally stuff! You always seem to pull through in the end, and I’m rooting for you!

  10. I always envy your spinning so much! I know I just need to practice in order to improve, but plying terrifies me. So now I’m going to go watch a bunch of youtube videos about plying, and just GET IT DONE tonight. I have a lazy kate, I have three bobbins of sheep spun up (random Romney fleece someone gave me, I’ve spun about 1/3), and I have no more excuses.

  11. Everytime I wander away from your blog, I kick myself for not making it a regular part of my day. Wandering back today and catching up a little only reinforces that. I missed “the blog”!

  12. That yarn is gorgeous. Also, I see that The Fiery Cross audiobook there. I’m going through the first eight books to remember what’s going on for Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. I’m almost done with Dragonfly in Amber. It’s slow going.

  13. Oh, to have such spinning skill (and I don’t refer to the cycling variety)! Here am I struggling to master the long draw with my Rhinebeck-purchased bag of fluff, while in just a couple of days you are sailing away on a project with awesomely beautiful yarn. Can’t wait to see what it is.

  14. That yarn is gorgeous. I love the long stripe – I’ve succumbed to a couple of similar skeins but only recently started a top-down shawl, so we’ll see how that comes out.

    You’d think, on this snow day in NJ, I’d have spent the day knitting, but only a bit so far. We only got 5″ but the forecast was for 3 times that so it feels like a bonus day.

  15. I have been tussling with spreadsheets the last month and a half or so. I find it so frustrating to not be able to keep the size boxes that I delineate. I should go on a course to learn more about Excel.
    Love the colours of your spinning.
    Knitting is analogue – and you can just rip it if it isn’t going the way you want it to – read me this morning, attempting a very simple pattern, but having to rip to get it right.

  16. How wonderfully convenient that your blog’s anniversary coincides with my wedding anniversary?! I have been married 11 years this January, just a few days before you started this blog. I love watching your projects progress, and you consistently inspire me to reach beyond my comfort zone. This year, I’m making more home items – I already have some Valentine’s Day things in the works, and an Advent calendar will be on this year’s list as well! Thanks for all you write!

  17. Thank you once again for your posts. I always wonder whether famous people really know how much they influence others. Yes, you.

  18. Beautiful colourway!! Way To Go, for the Bike Rally. You’ll be an asset, and you can knit during the meetings, I’m sure. ;o)

  19. That hank of yarn is gorgeous! The dyer in me (fairly competent) and the spinner in me (much less so) are both pondering how you pulled it off. Cannot wait to see the finished knitting!

  20. You did a beautiful job of spinning the batt into a gradient yarn. That will be delicious to knit.

    I’m a little late in wishing you and The Blog a fabulous anniversary. I’m happy that you have continued to write your blog and shared part of your life with us. You are part of the community that has bloomed since the beginning of the century and we all love you for being there to tell us that we are human. That even famous people can really screw up a project and bounce back on their feet. That knitting can fit in a day’s activities. That no matter what happens, there are people who have experienced the same thing and understand it when you throw the project that isn’t coming out like you’d want to across the room and work on another.

    May you continue to have more happy years in the land of pretty fuzz and share your adventures in it.

    Gentle hugs (when you want them),
    Duffy in PDX

  21. Well, Steering Committee sounds like you, I can see your perspective would augment the event. Hmmmm, what is it about brown and purple (of course, with the blue and gold). Beeeeautiful.

  22. That is gorgeous! Since I don’t know how to spin… yet…it seems truly magical to me πŸ™‚ May I ask, since I am not getting any younger, and may never make it into one of your Knit for Speed and Efficiency classes… if there are any good teaching tools…books, videos etc, on the technique? Am feeling the beginning effects of arthritis and my knitting is becoming painful. I believe my grandmother knit similarly to you, but I was not taught that way sadly. Any info you can give, if you have time would be very much appreciated, my internet searches have produced similar, but not quite the same results.

  23. Love the blog.
    Love the yarn.
    What are you making?
    Also, how long have you been spinning. Please say years and years. That will give me hope. πŸ™‚

  24. I’m late but wanted to add my happy anniversary wishes, too– 11 years definitely deserves celebration! I started knitting in late 2005 and found your blog at some point after that. I’ve enjoyed reading all these years and have learned so much about knitting (and life) from your beautiful writing and from the wisdom of The Blog. So thank you again and again and I wish us all many more happy anniversaries! Also, that yarn and whatever you’re making from it is gorgeous…even after all these years, I’m still amazed at your speedy progress!

  25. I liked the sight of the skein; I gasped at the sight of the cake. It’s gorgeous, and I love that it’s knitting up exactly like that. So exciting.

  26. Glad to hear you read all your comments!!! Happy blogiversary a few days late… Love your blog and always have… have all your books too! I still have a Starch ball winder that you are welcome to have for just the cost of shipping….. just email me.

  27. …at the wheel? Yah, me too. We managed to dodge a big snowy bullet this time but we are not out of the snow yet. Winter is what it is and….thank God for sheep! I did do some blizzard emergency knitting this year. Husband has lost his mittens and used mine to scrap the carport roof of snow. They are ruined so…guess what!

    Get on the bike Steph. I know it is still in the kitchen!


  28. Wonderful spinning. What’s really strange, is that I too this week am spinning a gradient and it appears, we’re “reading” the same book. The Fiery Cross of the outlander series? Hope your enjoying both processes as much as I. Pedal/Treadle on!

  29. Love the yarn, love the colors. As a “so so” spinner, I always tell people the yarn will tell me what it wants to be when it’s ready.

  30. Beautiful yarn! I have just got together with some spinners and am going to learn! I live her in Nome Alaska now and we have Musk Ox, everywhere. What a great opportunity for me. By the by, Happy 11th. I have enjoyed your blog for about 9 of those years.

  31. This yarn is fabulous! It almost makes me wish I could spin. Almost. I will be content with buying luscious yarns.

    Good luck with the spreadsheets. You are braver than I.

  32. I’ve been to busy to spin lately, ithis post is making me even more itchy to spend quality time ” at the wheel” seriously gorgeous yarn. Looking forward to seeing the project.

  33. I just took on leadership of a Huge Community Project, and was wondering how to accomplish it. You said the word — spreadsheets. And knitting. Thanks!

  34. That is seriously lovely yarn! Isn’t it amazing that you can actually make stuff like that yourself? And congratulations on 11 years of blogging, thanks for sharing your life with us!

  35. I really love the colors on the yarn you spun and can’t wait to see what you are knitting with it.

    With regards to your efforts for the bike rally: I really enjoyed reading about it last year. You can count on price donations from me again this year!

  36. Hello from not so cold, but very wet Leicester in the UK. I got given “At Knit’s End” as a Christmas present, (I think my family are trying to tell me something. I’m just hoping that they don’t stage an intervention to make me get rid of my wool stash), and started reading your blog from the beginning soon after I finished it. Today I’m finally caught up YEAH! I just wanted to say thank you for the laughter and the tears and helping me realise that the world is full of people like me and that is actually rather a good thing. Love, Diane x

  37. I know how much you care about the Bike Rally and I’m always impressed by how hard you work for it. Your blog posts about it last year had me in tears. I suspect you’ll decline this offer, but if you need help with the spreadsheets I’m more than willing to lend assistance. After 30 years of working in finance I know a few things about Excel πŸ˜‰

  38. I’m always happy to start my day with your blog and my coffee. Thanks for sharing your life and your knitting in such a warm and humorous way. And thanks for doing all the heavy lifting for the bike rally. I just write a (virtual) check, but you are really doing the work. Good luck with the spreadsheets – just pretend they are the Christmas knitting list.

  39. Goodness, what pretty yarn. Me & spinning, not such a happy match, but I like seeing your handspun.
    As I’m getting settled into a new home, I love that I got to touch the house.

  40. That is absolutely gorgeous yarn! and looks so pretty in the cake like that. I hope you’re enjoying knitting it up.

    I didn’t comment on Friday’s post but a belated happy blogiversary, I always enjoy reading your posts and appreciate so much that you share your life with “the blog”. May there be many more years of blogging ahead of you πŸ™‚

  41. Oooooooooooooh … I want to EAT that yarn .. or possibly steal it. Just as well I’m safely in London. How come my spindlespun yarn never looks as good as that?? Will I really have to learn to use my Louet wheel properly??? You set a high bar for the rest of us, Steph!!!

  42. Holy smokes that is beautiful!

    I was thinking about your training for the bike rally. What you really need come spring is a bike trailer. Then you can put your nephew (Luis, not Hank) in it (or a bunch of really big rocks) and take him (them) for bike rides. Go up lots of hills. He’s going to keep getting heavier so you’ll never feel like your getting stronger, but you will be. You won’t believe how easy those hills will feel once you hit them without the trailer.

  43. And speaking of your bike rally, I am getting ready to go through my stash – I know I will have yarn I am no longer in love with, but someone else might. It no longer sparks joy in my to have all the yarn in boxes, it needs to be free!! How do we pony up some karma gifts for you to give away? Thanks and ditto all the oohs and aaahs… πŸ™‚

  44. ok, this shawlette is super! And I have two balls of yarn I actually bought in Moab! Score. But I have to know – does your adventure mean that the pattern is wrong and one has to start with the border before hitting the 50% mark? There were some adjustments in your knitting to make it work, right? In advance many thanks for your help.

  45. As i scrolled through the pics I thought, “I can resist that. I can resist that. Pretty, but I can resist that. Whoa! No one can resist that!” Blast it, Steph!

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  47. Gorgeous yarn! Weird question, but how are you winding it to get the gradient to be visible and pretty in the ball? By hand? I’ve just finished some gradient handspun as a gift for somebody, and when I wound it up you could really only see the outermost colour (thanks ballwinder!)… And I feel like the presentation is lacking! But I just don’t know if I have the patience to wind it manually πŸ˜›

  48. Spinning, Diana Gabaldon and a cup of your favorite beverage – what could be better?!

    The yarn looks fab.

    Thanks for allowing The Blog to be part of your life.


  49. I love your spinning and the beginning of the “process project”. I need to finish some spinning that has been calling my name for a while now. But not sure what it will eventually become. Congrats on the anniversary!

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