Things are looking up

When I was in school, I had an art teacher remind me that sometimes, the trick to finding out how something was interesting was to change your perspective. “Look around” she said. “Squat down. Lie on the floor. Look up. Find another way to look at things.”  While I hardly need a way to make this trip interesting for me, I was thinking yesterday about a way to make it interesting for you, and I remembered the advice.  I was walking down the street here, and stopped to consider what was under my feet.  Two seconds later it was something else, then something else… Mum and I started looking at the gound – plants, tiles… interesting things that were right under our feet. It became a little game. An art project of a sort.  Here then (instead of a shot of a beach that looks just like a beach) is what we walked on yesterday.

lookdown7 2015-02-23 lookdown6 2015-02-23 lookdown5 2015-02-23 lookdown4 2015-02-23 lookdown3 2015-02-23 lookdown2 2015-02-23 lookdown 2015-02-23

Today’s Spanish words? Pies (that’s feet, and you say it pee-es, not like the apple kind) and el suelo. That’s the ground. (I didn’t find out what floor was. I’m sort of hoping it’s the same.)