Never Say Die

This is a quickie, since I’m just changing planes in Vancouver before flying to Seattle, for the annual textile party that is Madrona.  (By the way, if you’re around, I’m signing books Friday after class, and if you bring yours, I’ll sign them. I don’t think there will be any for sale, so bring yours, or a bookplate, or something. I’ll sign anything. Almost. I have a few standards yet.) I can’t wait to get there. I’ve been doing Madrona for years and have a soft spot for the event that’s hard to explain, but I’ll tell you about it as we go along, and maybe you’ll get an idea.  This morning I packed two things of note. First, an unblocked but totally finished Fox Paws.

halfcatfromdone 2015-02-11

Fox Paws is seen here yesterday one half cat short of a chesterfield, at the exact moment that I realized that I could totally finish if I blocked it at Madrona, so I charged off and totally crushed it.  I finished really late last night (don’t talk about what time, it makes me want to nod off where I am) and it’s tucked into my bag, and it will have a swim and a pat when I arrive.  I can’t wait.  The other thing I brought with me? One of the reasons that I was so anxious to finish Fox Paws.

Dontpanicearly 2015-02-11

That yarn totally needs to be a size four sweater by Monday night.

Don’t panic early. It’s going to be fine.

(PS. I’m aware the blog has been up and down, if you’re a tech type, the problem is that the HTTP keeps deciding to be unresponsive, and has to be restarted. I’ll look into why when I land and have a chance to get on the phone.  In the meantime, try not to worry too much. It comes back up after a bit.)


105 thoughts on “Never Say Die

  1. So glad you got Fox Paws completed before winter is over (not that there’s any rush, the way things are going). We’re all waiting to see it on you. What yarn is in those tantalizing blue balls? Can you sign and knit at the same time?

  2. One half a small cat short of a chesterfield. Your Millie and my Euclid, weight 2.5 kilos, seem to be of a size. My Mundi, however, weighs about 5 kilos and is huge, by comparison. There’s a big difference between a half Euclid and a half Mundi.

    That said, Fox Paws is a full chesterfield of magnificence. and will be even better after a bath. The Full Fox Paws. Has a certain ring to it, right? Pictures please!

    One of your mentors has forbidden the use of gray yarn in February. This is a birthday sweater for Lou, yes? I’ll bet Madrona will pitch in to get it done.

  3. Totally wish I could be there with you. I saw you somewhere in the Twin Cities, Minnesota a few years back. You signed my book and we chatted briefly. Between then and now we got water in my basement and all my knitting books were ruined. I have finally stopped crying about the said incident. Need to buy new and have you sign them sometime.

    • I once had all my cookbooks ruined in a flood caused by my poodle. Luckily, we were about to renovate so the damage to the kitchen was repaired…but all those books! I cried.

  4. For a moment there when I saw the picture, I though you might have packed Fox Paws and Millie! That I would have paid anything to see. 😀
    I hope your trip has gone well and I hope to see you at Madrona. Cheers!

  5. It’s usually not http (or apache) that becomes unresponsive as much as what is behind it. Good luck with that!
    Love your Fox Paws. Can’t wait to see your progress on your sweater!

  6. Thank you for letting us know the Fox Paws is finished.

    I understand the rule about no gray in February but Lou is getting to the age where he needs little man colors.

  7. The yarn looks blue to me, and it seems like a nice change after the saga of Fox Paws. Glad you got that one off your back, and can now bask in its glory at Madrona.

  8. Hip hooray!
    The trials & tribulations that is Fox Paw’s is all but a memory now. So happy for you!
    Can’t wait to see it draped around your neck. It certainly will be lovely.
    Enjoy your trip & Madrona – wish I were there!

  9. Have to say my heart leapt into my mouth. I was just reading about the zombie kitty, then read your title, with Mille in the background. YOU put the pieces together, I can’t do it a second time!

  10. Congratulations on completing Fox Paws. I hope you get caught up on your sleep sometime.

    “This totally needs to be a size four sweater by Monday.” Sounds like you are tempting the Knitting Gods again in light of weekend commitments.

  11. Oh, dear Lord! My husband just glanced at the phrase, “one half cat short of a chesterfield” and smiled, then said, “standard unit of measurement.” I can’t stop smirking thinking of school children learning that in the next few years! Fox Paws is great, congrats on the finish! Have a blast at Madrona!

  12. Signing books on Friday the 13th, well, that changes the luck of that day around! Have fun. Your cat is so imperious, lol, or is she just trying to hide behind a curled tail ‘stache?

  13. Congratulation! Fox Paws looks amazing. I just finished a grey baby sweater – grey is not so bad as long as the sweater is small 🙂 Have fun at Madrona!

  14. Hooray! Fox Paws is done! And it looks fantastic, even before its first bath!

    P.S.: Millie is almost as lovely a model as Sam — but don’t tell Millie I said that.

  15. Glad you finished. Meanwhile, I find myself debating the wisdom of measuring something called “Fox Paws” with a cat (with their own paws) as a measuring device. Enjoy the new scarf!

  16. YOU DID IT!!! *YES*!!!!

    Have a wonderful time at Madrona showing it off! And if anyone can make that size four in time, well hey, we’re all happy to be your peer pressure. Go Stephanie!

  17. I’m going to start referring to individuals who are Not Quite Right as “half a small cat short of a Chesterfield”. It’s so delightfully evocative!

  18. I couldn’t help smiling when I read the first few words of your P.S.: “I’m aware the blog has been up and down…” In your anniversary post you said you thought of all of your readers as The Blog. Yes, we, along with you, have been up and down over the normal course of life’s events. Especially when our knitting goes pear shaped. That’s one of the things I love so much about your posts — your sharing your ups and downs. It really helps me get through mine.

    Enjoy your time at Madrona.

  19. As a programmer, I can tell you exactly why you keep losing the http. Code occasionally opens its gaping maw and screams ” WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?!”

    That is why.

  20. Looking forward to finally meeting you at Madrona for a signing!

    I believe you too are a palour knitter. Love the Blue-Grey colour pairs nicely with Grey Flannel (aftershave) as a scarf for the big guys too! A Valentine quick knit!


  21. Wellllll, that’s not enough yarn for an adult size 4. Let’s hope it’s a toddler size 4. Not that you won’t be able to find yarn where you’re going.

  22. I am as obsessive with computers as you are with knitting so I hope you will forgive the following clarification:
    It’s your web server that is unresponsive, not HTTP. HTTP is a protocol ( that’s what the P stands for ) and as such is neither responsive nor unresponsive. It defines how web browsers and web servers communicate with each other.

  23. Hooray! And who says knitting is not exciting. Two dramatic finishes in one month! Fox Paws is lovely but I don’t think I want to knit it. Looking forward to seeing you model it.
    That’s a very laid back kitty. Mine would not only be sitting on the scarf, they’d also be playing with the needles, playing with the yarn (ooh string!) playing with the scarf.

  24. Congrats on finishing Fox Paws.
    I think Millie’s look says it all….. “I think you are very mistaken if you think you knitted that for yourself. Looks like a new cat rug for me.”

  25. Great to see Fox Paws up on its … er, paws and ready to trot off! Mazal tov!
    And what a beautiful Milie poised with intent above it … I would send love from my two cats but it’s more likely to be hate if we want to be truthful here. Personally I think her look says ‘Calling it FOX Paws??? Have these humans no respect for the superiority of felines???’
    I was so glad to see you using the phrase ‘up and down like a whore’s nightie’ — it was a great favourite of my stepfather’s, and I haven’t heard since he died 22 years ago!

  26. I can’t wait to see Fox Paws blocked! It’s gorgeous already. I love that you measure the length in cats as I’ve done that myself on occasion

  27. Oh Stephanie. Fox Paws is gorgeous and you are the teacher I wish I had for every subject I ever studied. Your class today at Madrona thrilled me to pieces. So great. Thanks for sharing your special genius with the rest of us. What an amazing day it was in the great Northwest!

  28. “One half cat short of a chesterfield.” I am going to use that phase forever in place of “a few bricks short of a load.” lol

  29. Oh man, I wish I could find something like Madrona where I live. I’m basically in the middle of Nowhere, Michigan, and I am so too poor to afford a plane ticket to somewhere cool. I’ll just have to watch other people go, and drool. Hope it’s awesome for you!

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