Yesterday was a special day. It passed with no fanfare, and nobody remembered and nobody sent flowers or congratulated me and there was not a party. I thought about telling someone what day it was, but I thought they might think it was stupid, and so when they didn’t answer their phone I was sort of glad. I was a Juno widow this weekend, Joe was off doing his music thing, and so I didn’t even talk about it with him. The whole thing went unnoticed, except by me.

To be fair, I didn’t think that anyone would remember, or call – I mean, it was the anniversary of something very, very big in my life, but it’s not I like I thought anyone would have marked down the date, so when nobody remembered, and nobody said anything, I wasn’t surprised.  I celebrated alone, quietly marking the occasion in my heart, and when I woke up this morning, I decided to tell you.

tenyearsold 2015-03-16

Ten years ago yesterday, I held the first book I’d ever written in my hands for the first time. March 15th, 2005 was the official publication date for At Knit’s End, and I sat there and held the little book in my hands and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. It was amazing. I started to write about all of the things that happened after that, but then I deleted it all, there’s too much to try and tell you, and besides you’ve been along for the ride.*  I will simply say thank you for liking that little book, and for making it at home in your life.  Ten years later it is still in print, and on Kindle, and there’s an Audiobook, and there are seven other books, and it all started that day, and with you, and I can’t describe how much that has meant to me without getting really mushy, and Mondays make me sort of fragile anyway, so let’s skip it.  Instead, let me tell you about two things that happened after that day – both times that I had to write in that book.  The first time was that day. I knew that at some point I’d be taking the book out in public, and to events, and that I would sign at least a few of them, and that there would be other copies, and all in that moment I didn’t want to ever lose track of which one was mine, my first one, and I took a sharpie, and I opened the book and I wrote the words “Author Copy” on the inside.  It was a profound moment for me, and one that I haven’t ever forgotten the feeling of. I have done it with the first copy of each of my books since then – and besides it feeling like a properly ceremonious thing to do, it’s come in handy.  One time during the last tour I was on, I read from the book, did the signing, and then went to leave, being reminded by the clerk to pay for my book as I went out the door.  Only the words “Author Copy” on the inside saved me $14.99.

The other time was at the first book signing I ever did.  I was having such a profoundly bizarre out of body experience that I couldn’t think straight.  It was like floating while being struck by lightning multiple times, and I was awed, frightened and thrilled all at once.  A knitter stepped up and I greeted her, and asked her name, and proceeded to write it in the book.  Her face shifted awkwardly, and I realized I’d done something wrong.  Book signing lesson number one: The question “What’s your name?” should be followed by “Shall I make this out to you?”  The knitters name was Judy, but it was a book for her friend, and while it would have been great it her friends name was also Judy, it totally wasn’t, and here I was, at my first book signing, and I’d defiled her book with the wrong name. I was so upset and embarrassed that I took the book, put it under the table while exclaiming that it was nothing, grabbed another one, and apologizing profusely, re-wrote the inscription.  When the signing was over, I paid for the book because I couldn’t see why the shop owner should have to pay for the fact that I was an idiot.

I have owned a copy of this book for ten years now, with this written in it.

tenyearsoldjudybetter 2015-03-16

It’s time to let go.  If your name is Judy, and you’d like a copy, drop me a line.  The first Judy wins and I’ll mail it to your house.

*I like to believe, in moments like this, that The Blog is made up of the same knitters it was that day. I know it’s not true. The Blog is ever amorphous and shifting, although it’s not all that perceptible from here. I know there are some gone, and some new though, because last week two of you wrote me to tell me that you think I’m good at this, and should consider writing a book.

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    • Also willing to change my name to Judy – nothing there for someone named Sue? Love your site and wish I’d been there from the beginning. See you later…

    • Hi Stephanie, my cousin Judy is a fabulous knitter and would be thrilled to receive a copy of your book…just sayin! Congrats on your ten year anniversary!!

  1. Congratulations! I think I’ve been with you for about 10 years. My name is not Judy, and I already have all your books, but it would be fantastic if the original Judy saw your post and got the book. Please let us know if that happens.

  2. I’m not Judy but my cousin is and she is an extraordinary knitter and would love your book. Like Joe she’s a newfie living in Ontario.

  3. Oh, I’m sorry not to be a Judy. I’m actually a Stephanie.

    Happy Bookaversary, Yarn Harlot. Thank you for bringing me into your world and into the world of knitters.

  4. First! And on the anniversary of your First Book. Congratulations. Your books and events have inspire, comforted and delighted me. You have helped raise money to save and change lives. You have welcomed new lives and remembered those lives that have past. Thank you for all the joy and challenge you have brought into my life.

  5. What a momentous occasion! Many thanks to you for all the laughs and the tears and for sharing yourself with all of us over the years!

  6. I wasn’t here in 2005, but I’ve been around a long time and own almost all your wonderful books! I’ve also had the honor of hearing you speak several times, and taking an intensive class with you (when you had a cold, here in indiana. poor thing)! You are a wonderful person and I’m so happy for all your success. And I still can’t believe how fast you knit! Ha!

  7. Ten years already? Congratulations! I feel a re-read coming on, or perhaps a listen on the train. It’s been on my Audible wish list for a while now. I’m not entirely convinced I knit *too* much but others would probably disagree.

  8. I’m a non-knitter but have followed you for all those 10 years, alternately howling, crying and enjoying. To another 10 more – a glass of champagne please and a drum roll!

  9. Right name, wrong spelling!! But I know there are a million of us out there, all age 65 to 80. I hope a good one sees this soon. Happy very important anniversary a day late!

    • Quite right about the age range! I’m Judith, 65, and one year there were 4 Judiths in my class (we didn’t go in for abbreviations much). I didn’t meet a Judith or Judy who wasn’t about my age until I was on a course about 10 years ago…and out of about 25 of us, three were Judiths, two of them 30 years younger than I was!

    • This Judy is under 65 (admittedly not by a lot!) and just Judy, not Judith. I asked my Mom why not Judith and she said: “because I never planned to call you that.” Funny mom!

    • I’m a Judy but still under 60. I know when I meet or talk to a Judy she is 40 plus for the most part. I’m hoping I’m still around with Judy / Judith becomes popular again.

  10. Not Judy – But I have the book and have been following you…Not in a creepy stalker way, but in a I also have 3 daughters, nieces and nephews and love to be reminded about the simple things in life…

  11. I was so excited that I AM a Judy and hoping to be 1st that my manners flew right over my keyboard.
    Congratulations on your bookaversary and I love all your books, even if I don’t “win” this one.
    And, if I do, I would accept personal delivery at the June Retreat, which I am looking forward to like you probably wouldn’t believe.
    Finally, since I’m lucky to already own all of your books, I’d also be happy if you’d like to either give it to the original Judy if she contacts you OR (my actual preference) have it “auctioned” off along with your story about it to benefit the Bike Rally. 🙂
    Write and ride on Stephanie!

  12. This book introduced me to you. I have been following you since then. Thank you for your refreshing look on knitting and life.

  13. Happiest of bookerversaries! (spelling? does it count to be creative if the word is kinda made-up?) I haven’t been with you all 10 years, but I feel like I have due to having read every single one of your archived blog posts. It’s like watching a life in fast forward! Thanks for writing and inspiring all of us, and keeping us laughing. You’re pretty great.

  14. So 10 years and two days ago there were no Yarn Harlot books? That boggles my mind! I’ve been knitting since 2007, so I just assumed they’d always been around. Thank you for writing them and signing them. I still have my treasured copy of the one you signed for me in London.

    Happy bookiversary!

  15. Am not a Judy, but have been here for a long time, certainly I remember your bookbookbook. I started reading, actually, about the time that you held a sew-up at your house for Ann and Kay’s afghan project, and I thought, there must be some mistake, can I really just tell her I’d gladly sew a few squares together and go do that with a bunch of other knitters? Of course, I didn’t, but I soon realised I actually could have.

  16. I originally bought this book and forgot about it. At the time I was a new knitter and not nearly as obsessed as I was to become. Then, a couple of years later, I found it on my shelf at a difficult time when I needed some distractions and it made me laugh out loud. So Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing !

  17. On the longevity of The Blog: I found you in the middle ’00s, one day while I was procrastinating at work. I thought, “There MUST be some knitting blogs out there.” And yours was first. 🙂
    Now my daughter is nearly 12 and has almost knitted her first sweater (and has concocted a pattern for Ravenclaw wrist warmers). She reads you on her own now, and finds you entertaining. Feels sort of full circle and funny.
    Congratulations on your bookiversary. That’s kind of a big deal.

  18. Also, you seem to be pretty good with kids, maybe you should have a few. Well, I’m not Judy but I do own all your books and have a few that are signed! Love you…

  19. I actually had that sweet little book in my hand yesterday, and now I don’t think that it was a coincidence at all! I love my copy of that little book.

  20. That post, that book and meeting you in Philadelphia during your first tour changed my world. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  21. Congrats on 10 years of official author-dom. An annivrsary is a milestone to be celebrated and recognized. Thanks for sharing!

    I must have been channeling you telepathically yesterday. I got a new app and scanned my book library into it. You were the author of whose books I own the most. YAY!

  22. I haven’t been here the whole time (but I’ve been here a long time and read the archives), but your books are a treasured part of my library and some of the few I re-read. And jealously pursue when I occasionally loan them out. (True confession- I left one in the bathroom (we all do it, don’t judge) and my husband read a bit. Sorry to say, he thinks you’re nuts, but he thinks I’m kind of nuts, too).

    Happy BookBookBook day, belated. Glad you decided to share it with us.

  23. 10 years already?!?! It was this book that introduced me to you and your blog and I’ve been reading ever since. It came during a rough period in my life and I was so grateful for the pick-me-up! Thank you for all that you do! You, your family and the rest of the Blog are a permanent part of my life. (And might I add…I had NO idea there were audio versions of your books!! YES!!!!)

  24. Do you know what’s funny? Yesterday, I picked up that book and thought, “It’s been quite a while since I’ve read this. I should read it again.” And while my baby was napping, I curled up and chuckled my way through it. It’s just as good now as it was when I first read it, and all the better for being able to think “and when I’ve finished this again maybe I should take a look through the others” and “I hope another one comes out before too long…”

    Thanks for writing, Stephanie!

  25. I love “Author Copy”, as it should be.

    Congratulations and much love with thanks across the miles for the books for the knitting and for you!

  26. I think you should know that At Knit’s End comes out at every Northwoods Knitter’s & Purlers Knitting Guild meeting. We gladly take turns volunteering monthly to read an excerpt for our “meditation” which is usually followed by laughter. We love ya-Congratulations!

  27. I’ve been here since before you birthed that baby, and also have every one of your books. When I had to miss a couple of tours because you weren’t arriving anywhere within a reasonable distance of me, I came to the signing in Petaluma with 4 books, and you graciously signed them all. While I may not comment often these days, I read you faithfully and love you (from afar) ardently. I also hate that you are a much better knitter than I am.

    Happy bookiversary!

  28. My name’s not Judy, and I have the book, and it’s not my birthday any time soon. But I was following your blog back then, and still am, and cherish the photo I have of you with the sock I on which I was knitting in Edmonton, when you visited last fall, after you signed my well-thumbed copy of The Amazing Thing…. I was the woman who met you in the hallway and helped you find the room…As you are almost 20 years younger than I (well, 15, anyway)…I’m planning on following your adventures and buying your books every day I’m on this side of Heaven. Happy Anniversary and thanks for so many years of knitting fun and laughter.

  29. 10 years?!! Really?? I remember you from the Knit List, writing to ask advice about whether/what kind of spinning wheel to buy. Also sharing a story about ice skating with your daughters while knitting something out of acrylic yarn and the epic fail that resulted. And yes, some people posted to the Knit List that you were good and you should write a book. So happy for all of us that you did write a book and that you keep blogging. Thanks!

  30. Wow, I never thought being named Judy would pay off in any way!! I’m definitely a Judy (not a Judith even), and I would love to have a signed, personalized copy of your book. If I win, I’ll give my original copy to my sister. Either way, congratulations on this awesome anniversary for you!!
    Judy W in Richmond, VA

  31. Happy Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed each and every one of your books and hope there will be many more.

  32. And on Juno weekend too, as well as the Ides of March. Congratulations, dear. I had no idea it was so long ago!

    • I have never left a comment on a blog but had to reply to your Mum’s post…..Stephanie you are such a star to many of us and your Mum’s comment struck me as so sweet. I too replied but alas think I was too late but I did like the suggestion of auctioning it off with proceeds to the Bike Rally. Congrats

  33. Close. My name is Jude (although family still calls me Judy), but I already have a copy of this wonderful, funny book! Thank you for writing it!

  34. Congratulations to the ever-entertaining Harlot! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. My son (then 12 years old) picked out this book for me for Christmas in 2007. I’d never heard of you before & found the book both hilarious and insightful. It led me to your blog, and the rest is history. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being on the sidelines of your many adventures. You have warmed hearts & touched many lives with your generosity, wit, and wisdom. It’s so much more than a knitting blog (although I am a much better knitter because of you.) Thank you for everything & congratulations!

  35. Happy anniversary! I must concur, you are pretty darn good at this! I came across your blog about two years ago on a Google search for “Yarn squirrel”, don’t ask. I was immediately smitten with your work and set about reading your blog from the very beginning. You’re an inspiration to many a fiber artist, and I so look forward to learning from you in Dallas this week!

  36. I’ve been hanging around here for at least 10 years. And now I feel a bit older that I did this morning…. Congratulations on many years of achievements and best wishes for many more to come!

  37. Stephanie, you so deserve all your success, and to gloat a little on your 10th anniversary of being a published author. I can only dream of having such success myself someday.
    You go, girl!


  38. Ten years of inspiring us all with your published writing. Quite an accomplishment. We like how you don’t rest on your laurels but continue to laugh and cry with you as you find new things to knit, bath rallies to ride, and tell us about your life.

    Thank you.

  39. Congratulations on the anniversary, the books, and the good you’ve done for so many of us who read your work. So glad that you decided to write about your accomplishment. We all need to tell ourselves and others how great we are sometimes! 🙂 Very best wishes!

  40. Wow, 10 years! I don’t know if it feels like a long time or a short one. It’s gone in a blink, but a lifetime of stuff has happened to our old-timey blogosphere and everyone in it.

    Bookbookbook marks a great year and much of it was spent gathering with friends at your signing. You always were a good excuse for a get-together. 🙂

    Happy Bookiversary!

  41. I have been a fan of yours since your postings to the old KnitList and was so excited when your first book was published. I have copies of all of them, have given them as gifts, and have moved my family to laughter and tears reading chapters aloud. You have a gift and we are all the richer for it. (Not to mention nearly falling off my chair laughing at your talk in Oakland, CA. My husband wants to come next time). I look forward to your future endeavors as I continue to enjoy this blog and your books. Happy anniversary!

  42. Happy Anniversary! I was not knitting ten years ago, but At Knits End was the first knitting book I ever read, found at a library sale just scant weeks after I decided to learn how. Thank you for all the books, and I’ll continue to look forward to many more!

  43. Although I AM a Judy, I know I’m not the first to respond. But I wanted to say many happy returns of the day, Stephanie. All of us who read your blog/books are winners! Thank you for the laughter and tears through the years. You have blessed my life in many ways, and I am grateful. Congratulations for this milestone in your life!

  44. Just so happy that you were first published ten years ago – I have every one of your books, and only lend them to VERY trusted friends. I love your writing, you say things I have thought, but don’t have the words you do.

    Thank you

  45. I only discovered you last year, but when I read the opening line of today’s post I knew what day it was and got chills. I haven’t experienced the thrill of seeing my first book in my hands yet, but when I do I will think of you and be sure and write “Author’s Copy.”
    I have laughed and cried with you while reading the archives, and yours is a blog I check daily. Thank You.
    p.s. still working on my first sock, to which my four year looked at me yesterday and said: “Mom you need to learn to knit faster.”
    Knit and Write on Harlot
    Love and Hugs.

    • Just wanted to let you know I have been knitting for 33 years,selling some of my items for 9 years and yours was the first knitting related book I bought. Enjoyed it very much and passed it on to family and friends.Your blog makes my day.Do not know how you do it,but the important thing is that you do,because after reading all the comments,I know you have a far reaching following and am sure they will ALL agree. Keep it up, and enjoy it.Thanks Again

  46. Congratulations, lovey. Like Terry Pratchett, lots of us can’t imagine a time before your books, or what we would do without them!!!

    LOVE your coffee mug, too 🙂

  47. Happy book anniversary! I was here well before the book and plan to be here for a long time. I have all your books, but this is still my favorite. I love that I can sit down for just a few minutes, pick a page, remember seeing you at a signing, and have a good laugh!

  48. Congratulations! I am so very glad that you are a writer-knitter, and that you have chosen to do both in ways that I can “watch” and learn from.

  49. How interesting – just this last week I finally determined that yes, I did buy your first book twice (they were never in the same room at the same time…), and so I gifted it to a knitter friend who inexplicably had not yet discovered you.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, and yes, you are good at this!

  50. Your book is the first knitting book I ever read, before I was even a knitter! And also, Happy 1st book anniversary!

  51. Does Julie count?? haha my best friend’s name was Judy when I was growing up…no??? Well, congratulations anyway–I have your book and I really love it…hugs, Julierose

  52. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard of your online name. I knew there had to be a way to describe the temptation to leave a current project to cast on a flashy new project, but you beat me to it!! Great books, BTW. Lots of wisdom, knitting and otherwise.

  53. Sad reminder of a much loved gift, thoughtfully lent and never returned. The current classy ‘owner’, of many years, walks past me averting her eyes.
    Reminder to me 1. Replace 2. Never again lend.

  54. I haven’t been part of “The Blog” since March 2005, but I joined a few months later, when I moved to Ontario in July 2005. I didn’t know anyone except my boyfriend, and he was working nights in another town. I spent a lot of evenings reading your archives. I’d found your website when I was looking online for a poncho pattern. I heard you speak for the first time at the Aurora Knitter’s Guild that fall, and my boyfriend gave me a copy of your book as an early birthday present so that I’d have it in time for you to sign it at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Fair. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, and after I moved to Saskatchewan you came to Muenster and helped me grock the sock. Congratulations and all the best to you!!

  55. I have not been with you since 2005, but there was a time during 2009 just after I discovered your blog when I spent many happy breaks from my master’s thesis research reading your archives. I spent many a long evening in that lonely basement office and your words and knitting-related-enthusiasm made that time so much brighter. Thank you for all of your words and happy book-iversary!

  56. My name is Eloise and after a few decades on this planet with this name, I am able to accept that things don’t come with the name “Eloise” on them (museum gift shops have always been particularly disappointing!)

    However, I do know a Judy who is also a knitter and who – more importantly – inspires 6-year-old beginner knitters through their Handwork classes at a Steiner/Waldorf school here in England. I worked alongside her for a couple of years and her dedication, patience, acceptance that finger knitting just accumulates when you’re not looking and detangling skills are like no other; it would be fantastic to be able to pass this on to her.

    • Hi Eloise,
      I have hardly every come across another one….and if you visit the Plaza Hotel in New York, you can get your very own Eloise shoelaces. (but no yarn at all…hmmm.)

      • Hi Eloise! I have only met one other Eloise but it took me over 20 years before I met her. I was named after a punk cover of a song named Eloise (although my parents hated the song) and didn’t come across the Eloise books until really quite recently.

        I have been to New York but will have to go again to pick up my shoelaces. I can only imagine – off the back of the books – that Eloise yarn would come in a giant knot instead of a skein; perhaps that’s why it’s not available?!

  57. I am in a group that raises money for women’s education. Last year I was president and my theme was Knitting Us Together. Each meeting had a knitting term associated with it, and we had a reading from your book. It was awesome!

  58. Finding this blog late one night made a big difference in my life during a very dark time. I have and love all of your books! Thank you for sharing yourself with the world, and for shining a light on worthy charitable causes.

  59. Congratulations! I’ve been a blog reader you since its early days. The Book is on my shelf, along with all of the others you’ve written & I still pull them down when I’m looking for a smile.

  60. Happy Bookiversary, Stephanie! Thank you for all that you’ve written and for how much you’ve given to us all.

    And it’s good to know I’m not the only one who did that. Publishers should give every author a spare copy for just such emergencies.

  61. I stumbled upon your blog some time around 2006. I bought your first book and immediately became a regular reader of the blog, even going back to the beginning. I stopped knitting for a few years after 2011 and also stopped reading the blog. Last year I picked up my needles again and picked up your blog as well, again going back to the years I had missed. Never stop, you are a delight. Thanks for being there.

  62. My sister Judy taught me to knit. We share a lot of things but knitting is one we love to do together. She has had great losses in her life in the last few years and she so deserves a special gift like this. Love your writing and I am going to download this one to my Kindle. Thanks for considering her.

  63. Happy Anniversary!
    I didn’t become a knitter until 2007. A knitter friend had your book and after I read a few pages, I knew I had to have my own copy. Good thing your blog URL was on the back! I became a devoted member of The Blog. I even went back through the archive and read every post I’d missed.
    You have been a touchstone for me. Reading your stories of the joys and insanity of parenting and other life events gave me a feeling of connection as I went through some of the same things.
    Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life.

  64. Congratulations! I re-read your first book regularly and will never forget when I first read it, right after it was published. I kept thinking “That’s just like me!” and “I’m not crazy” and other things like that. I still follow the blog, and read each book as it comes out, and even had the calendars, back in the day. You have helped to make a community from what can be a solitary pastime.

  65. Some of us are still here… shifting right along.

    Congratulations, Stephanie, and Happy Bookiversary!! That was an exciting time. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years!!

  66. The first book of yours I bought was Free Range Knitter and I loved it. I laughed out loud in some parts. I now have several more and have asked for the ones I don’t have (which includes At Knit’s End) for my birthday (next Monday!). I’m looking forward to reading them all.

  67. I’m not Judy, but that’s okay. I have a book signed to me, as well, I have a signed copy of EACH and EVERY ONE of your books. You’ve been nice enough to come to our Guild a number of times to sign books, chat, drink beer, and eat butter tarts. And whenever you write another one, I’ll be somewhere to get my copy signed, or try and coerce you to come back to us. (Tove has a knack of getting early copies…) Congratulations on the past 20 years, and many more decades to come.

  68. I found the book before I found your blog. But I went back and read every post I had missed (several years worth, I think). It was well worth the time. My book shelf holds all of your books, too.

  69. My good friend Judy taught me much about knitting and is a good listener. I’m sure I’m too late, but if not, I’d love to send the signed Judy Book to her!

  70. Congratulations on your Book Anniversary! I have knit your One Row Handspun Scarf many times and just love that pattern! And even though I’m not the first, my name is really Judy.

  71. Aw, what a great milestone! Congratulations! In a way I noticed. I have been escape-re-reading your blog over the last several weeks, and did indeed notice your ten year author anniversary was coming up. Mostly I framed that as “wow, I’ve been reading this blog for a long time! Those kids are totally not kids anymore, and what beautiful and accomplished women they seem to be.” And, even more so, “wow, Steph has done and been so much in what doesn’t feel like that long. She’s ever more rockin’!”
    (Also, I swear I just read the blog, and don’t do any other creepy stalker things, because when I remember that you and your peeps are really real humans, sometimes I feel a little voyeuristic. However, I think that in today’s world, it is really just a creation of community and evidence that you are uncommonly generous in sharing your life with The Blog, though.)

  72. Well, dang. I should also mention the more important bit of this anniversary – that your books, in addition to the blog, are spectacular and so enjoyable to return to every so often. Such good knitting friends!

  73. I only started last December but I’ve gone back to the beginning ( I can’t believe that tiny Hank of the knittening is now 14) and I’m looking forward to reading the books when I’ve read the blog! Congratulations.

  74. I’ve been here since just a few months after you started, and have reread the WHOLE blog 3 times – times when I was exhausted, sad, or depressed. It was very helpful to read your gentle humour and be inspired by your beautiful work.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

  75. I picked up my copy from a display of new books in my local bookstore. I was a new knitter and I thought it would be a fun addition to my stack of books for my first long, trans-Atlantic trip. I’m pretty sure I read the entire thing before we even made it to the plane. It still resides in my night stand. It’s ‘comfort reading.’

    It was the book that brought me to the blog.

  76. Congratulations on your bookaversary! I was gifted your book by my sister (another knitter) when it first came out. I’ve since read all of your books, and I ready your blog every day. It was when I read your books that I learned that I was not a lone crazy knitter, but part of a wonderful, giving, and crazy international world of knitters. Thank you for everything you bring to this crazy world. You make it and all of us that much closer!

  77. I believe other Judys have beat me to thepunch – but still wanted to wish you Happy Anniversary of your first book It is the one of yours that I do not own and must rectify 🙂

  78. Happy Bookaversary! Thank you for sharing your wit, wisdom, and knitterly advice all these years. I have carried your books with me often, and they have seen me through some trying times, and also made others think I’d lost my marbles when I burst out laughing while dining alone. Your endless capacity for trying to make the world a better place gives me hope for the future. Write on!

  79. Congratulations, and thank you for so many years of reading/ knitting pleasure. I found you through your book Casts Off, which I happened to find In the library. I loved it, and learned about your blog. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and candor in all areas, including parenting, as well as your knitting foibles. Thank you for making me feel a part of a wonderful family of knitters, the nicest people, through your blog. Here’s to many more years to come.

  80. Came to offer to change my name to Judy. Apparently there’s already a line at the office that does that.

    Good luck to the Judy’s! Happy bookiversary!

  81. Stephanie,
    You are awesome at writing books!! Thanks for the laughs…and a few poignant tears. Happy Book-aversary! I’m selfishly so glad you followed the path that led you to this life. PS Stoked about your book being on audio!! I haven’t read this one- I know my next stop!

  82. I wonder how many of us (besides me) are running to our bookshelves to reread that first book of yours? Thank you for signing mine on the fly at Maryland Sheep and Wool. After I finish reading that one, I might as well go right down the line and reread all the rest…

  83. My name is Judy, and I’d love the copy of your book, “To Judy. Many other faithful readers named Judy have probably replied before me! Thanks for reaching out to all of us.

  84. I first “met” you when my daughter bought me this first book of yours and I have been a devoted Yarnharlot fan ever since. Thank you so much for bringing laughter and light into
    my life. XOX

  85. I am a Judy! I own every one of your books, and chuckle on you blogs for many years. Congrats on 10 years as an author. I am hoping to continuing to purchase your books.
    Thanks for all you do!

  86. I’ve been here since early on, and I have my signed copy of your first book right here. There have been more signed books, and I have had the fun of meeting you and hearing you speak and hold one of my bears. Oh, and my feet have had the pleasure of being featured on The Blog. Wishing you a Happy First Book Anniversary.

  87. My mom’s name was Judy, but unfortunately she’s moved to a higher knitting sphere, so she won’t be putting in for your book. It wouldn’t have been necessary, however, because I gave it to her! In fact, I try to keep a stock of At Knit’s End on hand to give to people who need a laugh or a boost. There have been (and are still) times when reading your blog entries or books have saved my sanity, so it makes sense your writing will help them, too, even if they don’t knit. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and the world! We are so grateful.

  88. Wishing you many congrats! Like many others your writings have been an inspiration both as a knitter and a person. Thank you for sharing your life and shenanigans with the world and continuing to do so. I hope to meet you one day and have you sign my complete Yarn Harlot collection 😉
    P.S. Today is my Mum’s 66th birthday and for her present she asked me to teach her to knit! If it’s dorky to hope I’ll be taking my Mum to a fiber festival this year, then I don’t want to be anything else!

  89. A momentous day indeed! I have enjoyed all your books, more than once. They are my comfort food books, and each one has been ready many many times.

  90. My name is Judy & would love to have this copy of your book. How generous of you. I have been a knitter all my life .
    K1P1 , Judy

  91. With great love and respect, thank you, dear Stephanie, for all of these years. You’ve taught me a great deal, and I believe I am a better person having “met” you. May we have many more….

  92. If you continue at this pace and you live to be 90, we could be reading 45 books. I’m going to need another bookcase. Let it be so.

  93. I’m a new fan, but check every day with hope that there will be a new entry. I have enjoyed every one. Happy Anniversary and I love that that day means so much to you years later.

  94. Happy bookiversary! That means I’ve been with you for at least 10 years. I’m lucky enough to have two of that first book (and all the rest of them too). The one I bought and the one a very good friend of mine bought for me that was signed by you, for me. Thank you for at least 10 years of laughs (and all the other emotions too).

  95. How can it be 10 years? Time truly does fugit. Thanks for all the fun and the clases and the laughs and all the great books and inventing Kinearing (sp) Poppy

  96. Happy anniversary!
    My name is almost Judy, half matched, but anyway after 120+ comments it is not important.
    Your book changed my life literally. And now I am wondering if I would do the same ceremonious thing to my first book.
    Thank you for writing the book and staying with us ever since. I have always loved your books and writing and I will always.

  97. Hey, I like JudyinMT comment about auctioning off the book for the bike rally or for MSF.

    Congratulation on ten years a published author.

  98. This knitter has been part of The Blog for 10+ years. You have given me more smiles than I could count. Happy bookiversary and best wishes for many more – books that is.

  99. Congrats on your bookaversary! The first book of yours I read was Yarn Harlot. It is one of the funniest books I have read. I have found and own all your books and love them. They give me inspiration. My knit life is divided by your book. Pre Yarn Harlot I knit with acrylic and now I knit with (gasp!) wool! I even got up enough courage to make myself a sweater out of wool/merino, and have knit myself several after. I taught myself to knit as I am left handed and could not find any other left handlers. Keep writing!

  100. Congratulations on your bookversary! Actually, I think I have archived *somewhere* a couple of your posts from the Knitlist, back in the day. I was thrilled when you finally got PUBLISHED!! 🙂

    (Yes, I keep everything. I have email backed up on paper in a box in the attic from 1982. I have all the email my husband sent me and that I sent him in the 2 years I was in school and he was 400 miles away. I just found out I have more than 10,000 photos on my computer… after deleting the duplicates. 🙂

  101. I started knitting in 2008 to deal with post natal depression. It very quickly turned into a passion and one day I found your books, which led me to your blog. Over the past six and a bit years I’ve got to know you through your writings and you feel like a friend.

    Should you ever come to Australia I will be first in line… If not, I have in the back of my head a tour planned of all the wool festivals and knitters retreats in North America you’ve frequented. A bit stalker-y but man, what a trip that would be!

  102. It seems like only a few short years ago that I was reading and enjoying your “Our Heroine” in Knitlit Too, even before your books. Happy Book Birthday and thanks for all your wonderful writing!

  103. Happy Anniversary! I found At Knit’s End in a half-price store and bought it on a whim–It got me back on the knitting band wagon and for that, I thank you. 🙂

  104. I’ve been a fan since the early days, and can recall reading out passages from that book to my non-knitter sister and giggling! We’re transplanted Torontonians and I wish I’d run across you when I was a local! Congratulations, Steph.

  105. Ten years ago yesterday I was twice my current weight, on oxygen 24/7, and battling with chronic respiratory disease. In my journey to healing I decided to learn to knit. I am well now. Coincidence?

    I think not. Happy yesterday, but mostly, happy today.

  106. Knitting Rules was the first book of yours I read. I ordered it from Amazon as was thrilled to discover it was a signed copy! Glad you started writing and have continued on. Happy Anniversary!

  107. Happy 10 Year Anniversary and best wishes for many more in this category! In honor of this day, I have just ordered “At Knit’s End”–the only one of your books I do not own. Thank you.

  108. Hello,
    Maybe I am the first “Canadian Judy”! I have had you bookmarked for many years….love reading your philosophy and knitting fun. Congratulations and hope you continue with many more!

  109. Met you at MD Sheep & Wool where you commented on my shawl. Also had a blast in New York for that book signing.Great memories….

  110. Thank you for a look back at a long, fun ride! I met you in the elevator at Lord & Taylor when you were there for an event, and you said I was the first person in New York that you met by virtue of being an author.

  111. Like so many above my name is not Judy but I could change it. I have all your books and love them. Your blog is one of my favorite things. When my sister-in-law was dying of ovarian cancer reading your blog daily kept me going. Love you Stephanie and keep writing. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.

  112. This book was my first of yours and my favorite. My husband surprised me one night by hiding it under my pillow. I started to read it aloud to him and before you know it, it was 2 am and we had laughed our way to the end. I pick it up whenever I need a giggle.

  113. I have the book, the kindle version and the audiobook. I also have all of your books. I have laughed out loud and shed tears with all of them. I was so happy to find your books and blog. Just to know that the knitting “issues” I have are not just mine. When such an experienced knitter has to frog and tink is very comforting. Thank you for being you.

  114. My name is not Judy its Jean but I’d love a book to Judy. I requested that book for Christmas but my niece couldn’t find a copy so I got 2 other ones instead….which was great…..but…….I still want this one. You are such an inspiration…..knitting, writing, humour…all of it!

  115. Happy Bookiversary, Steph!
    I’m off to donate an additional $10 to TSF in honor of the day.
    Thanks for the Blog, and all the books, and the two Sock Summits, and the reminder that “There are no Knitting Police!”

  116. I can’t remember how long I was here before the first book came out, but I know it had been long enough for me to feel truly thrilled for you when it did. And I remember your trepidation going on that first book tour. Wow, time flies!
    Congratulations, and thank you!
    PS. My favorite blog post ever, and I’ve had it book marked for years…was Tea Time. The funny thing is that I don’t even drink hot tea, but somehow, that post speaks to me.

  117. My name is Judy and I live close enough it would not cost you postage, just a few pedals on your bike. I’d be thrilled.

  118. Congratulations, Stephanie. I’ve been here since close to the beginning. You’ve been an inspiration and a joy to read every day. Here’s to many more years to come!

  119. I was part of The Blog then, and remember that time well, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy! It took a few months for me to get it here in Australia, but I did, and every copy since, and have passed them on to other knitters for to share the joy 🙂 You are very good at this Steph, and I’m so glad you continue to step into allthereasonswhynot to share your heart and your words with us xx

  120. Well, nuts! I’m certainly not the first Judy, but by a strange coincidence I was reading that very book today. I didn’t notice the date. I just pulled it from the shelf and decided to read it again.

  121. I firmly changed from “Judy” back to the “Judith” my parents gave me when I was about 25. Ah, 40+ years ago, now. I own all your books, and just bought a 3rd copy of Knitting Rules–the second 2 to new knitters (one the daughter of a colleague, who said her daughter read it, laughed a lot, and said, “Mom! I can’t believe she said…”). Still letting us all laugh, challenging us to knitting we didn’t think we could do, blowing this aging brain with your color theory class. Happy book-versary and many more.

  122. I’m a teacher. I keep my copy in my desk at school, and some days, it’s all that gets me through. . .and has for the past eight years.

    Happy Anniversary!

  123. Many congrats Harlot! Keep writing if the bug bites. Keep this blog alive as it suits you. I and many others like me need folks like you. As the continent just south of you continues it’s desperate slide into who-knows-what, and the insanity that ensues begins to really make us all nuts…there you are. Harlot, you are my survival….along with my yarn stash which takes up part of a small bedroom. I look for your posts daily. I need a bit of laughter, logic knitterly fun and some humanity. I am lost and pout when you are away! Keep up the good work lady!

  124. Happy anniversary! As it happens you are responsible for my taking up knitting again after a long hiatus. I just didn’t seem to have the time. Then a rough patch and I was ill, misdiagnosed, let go from my job, moved from California to Oregon to live with my brother and his family, and without medical insurance. This was before the Affordable Healthcare Act. I was at the library and I saw your book, Knitting Rules, and I grabbed it. I later bought a copy. Knitting helped get me through some interesting times and your book was the catalyst. Thank you for writing.

  125. That book is still my favorite and lives in my bedside table – I read snippets randomly when I can’t sleep….laughter is the best medicine, even for anxiety. Congratulations!

  126. I’ve been reading for ages but this post inspired me to make my first comment. I have vivid memories of my first time reading your first book. My mom sent it to me for Easter in 2005, my senior year of college. (Which was apparently March 27th – quite soon after it came out!) I was having a terribly lonely semester, and I sat in the cafe and read your book and laughed out loud, over and over again. It was so nice to have affirmation that it was okay to like knitting as much as I did.

    Thank you.

  127. Has it really been 10 years since that was released??? I remember seeing promotional displays of it in my favorite chain bookstores (the few locally-owned ones are waaay out of my way — but I do miss the really big chain that went belly-up since then). I wondered what kind of lunacy would be in a book with such a cartoon-colored cover, and noted your blog’s address. Been reading about your exploits and misadventures ever since.

    When Joe gets home, tell him he needs to take you out for a beer — if not dinner — to belatedly celebrate the anniversary!

  128. Happy Bookaversary! That means I have reading your blog for over 10 years too! Boy, time sure does fly when you are laughing through it!

  129. I have loved them all – every single book! I keep loaning them out to friends, who then loan them to friends, and so on, and so on. Because of that, I’ve bought at least two of each book, and don’t regret it a bit! Keep going – we’re all waiting for the next!

  130. Happy Bookaversary! Thank you for ten years of book-delivered wit and wisdom (in addition to the blog- and listserv-delivered wit and wisdom).

  131. Happy anniversary! I love all of your books and have laughed and cried reading thm. I think it is time to read them again. I still laugh so hard at your daughters’ water ballon fiasco story – I have repeated this story over and over to parents at work. They laugh knowingly…. I look forward to future books!

  132. Congratulations.
    I read your book out loud to my sister and aunt at the cottage that summer, all of us knitters. And we laughed and laughed.
    I couldn’t put it down, so I was reading it in bed later that night, trying to be quiet. It was impossible
    I was so busted for reading ahead!

  133. Hi Steph,

    I started reading your blog not long after you started writing it. I had just started knitting because I was in chemo recovery and I had to do something or go insane. I read your books and got to hear you on tour in Austin promoting Knitting Rules a little while later and I just have to say that you were a distinctly large part of my sanity save and my return to laughter that year. Thanks!

    Kelley Green

  134. We were living in Alaska at that point, the lowest point of my life, when a friend first told me about you. I didn’t even know that there were knitting blogs, much less a community. Alaska gave me panic attacks, debt, anxiety, and weight loss due to all of the above, but your books brought me hope. I’m sure you don’t realize it, but you were an inspiration to me to keep plugging away at life, to not give up, and to keep knitting through all crises. I met you very briefly in St. Louis last year, and I wish I could have told you what your books and your mission mean to me. Thank you a hundred fold, for all that you do for us, the Knitters, those that need your care and inspiration.

  135. I didn’t even know how to knit when I bought this book. I was reading it in the craft store, and cracking up, I loved it immediately. Your words have given me many, many hours of joy 🙂 Congratulations!!!

  136. I still look at my copy every day. I finally had you sign it last spring (Seattle) and you said something like “wow, it’s not even orange anymore!” It’s not, but well used and well loved. Thanks for all the joy that little book gives me, and for all the others on my shelf.

  137. Every year for Christmas I tell my sister to go to her local yarn store and surprise me (we have a $20 limit for gifts – so how wrong can she go? My sister is not a knitter – but she’s done well each year anyway!).

    This Christmas I got your/this book as one of my gifts – along with a Knitterella project bag. So … 10 years later and I was thrilled to get your book for Christmas and it’s given me many laughs!

    Happy Book-a-versary!

  138. well, i was there and it simply can’t have been that long ago … but it was. i was just learning to knit and found your blog – then the books, then saw you at a local book store. reading this, i got chills again about the whole first book, holding in your hands. It then, and now, reminds me of when I cut my first yarn from the first FO to the ball. It was chiller!! Thank you for a colorful world of wool and respecting people and loving them.

  139. Well, I’m another Judy who would have loved to have this copy of your book. Happy Anniversary of your 1st book. I think I have it as an ebook rather than in print. Congratulations to the Judy who replied first. And thanks Stephanie for blogging.

  140. So sorry I didn’t read this sooner today! Yes, I really am a Judy! Does it count that I was at my chorus practice learning songs in Icelandic, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish! Congratulations to the first Judy responder and congratulations to you, Stephanie. We love you more every book you write and every blog posting you share. Keep them coming

  141. Congratulations! I bought that book all those years ago, enjoyed it immensely and then passed it on to my DIL who was a new knitter at the time. Now she is an accomplished knitter, we are still enjoying your books, blog, teaching and personal appearances. First one for us was at a little knitting shop in Ottawa, many years ago. Now a small place like that would be a mob scene! You go, girl!!!

  142. Oh Yarn Harlot, you are the bestest! I haven’t been with you from the beginning, but it’s been several years now. You’re like a dear friend, with your warmth and hilarity, but also your honesty and good sensible way of looking at things. The knitting’ great too 🙂
    Happy Bookevarsary, and a big Internet hug for you xx

    • I second that! I have all the books, and I have read all but one. That one sits next to my bed. I don’t want to start it, because then I’ll finish it, and there will be none left. Sad, or what? If we could maybe have an indication of when the next is due? We won’t tell anyone. Promise!

  143. I am one of the newbies to ‘The Blog’ which I love. I just purchased this book 🙂 Happy Book Anniversary. I can only imagine it would feel momentous.

  144. I have all your books, read this blog, refer to knitting rules, and enjoy your humor every day. Thanks Steph…can’t believe it’s been ten years. Congrats.

  145. I have been here the entire time and want to thank you for sharing your amazing journey! I love that little book as well, and all of the books that followed. Congratulations on your anniversary… I guess it is an anniversary for all of us that have been here from the start as well… WOO HOO! 🙂

  146. congrats, Steph! Been reading this blog for a long, long time now and yours is one of the few blogs I can say that about. Most bloggers have ‘off’ periods where they seem to try to be what they think their audience expects of them. You’ve never done that to us and I’m thankful for it.

  147. Happy Anniversary. Looking forward to many more years of you sharing your life with us. I laugh, I cry, I get inspired. Thank you so much!

  148. Congratulations! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since your first book was born. That’s amazing! Thank you for all your years of blogging. I started reading you blog shortly after you started writing it, and I’ve loved every word. I hope you write many more wonderful books and blog for many more years to come!

  149. Well I’ve been here for a while, but I’m not sure how long. You’ve been on my list of sites I check every day for what seems like forever.


  150. Bought that first book. And although I have all the others, and I love them, that first book…its been my companion. thanks so much. those little pieces have helped me get through excitement, despair and everything in between. Refuse to buy another copy so mine is held together with a rubber band. thanks again. Mary Ellen

  151. “…ever amorphous and shifting…” And probably a lot bigger. And heck, we STILL hope your considering writing a(nother) book! =) Thanks for sharing your tender, sparkly moment with us…

    • …and thanks for that original book: in thinking about it (a treasured member of my bookshelf), I remembered that that was one of the FIRST times I ever realized that someone else not only thought about knitting much as I do, and AS much as I do, but that someone else in the world ‘gets’ why this feels so basic to life and healthy functioning. Plus it made me laugh out loud–between that and the first Mason-Dixon book, a whole new possible way to frame knitting (including laughing without shame) as well as an awareness that there actually were OTHERS out was freeing. Thanks for contributing to that, you and your little meditation book… =)

  152. That book is how I learned of your existence. I do not recall who got it for me, but I do remember it was a gift. Someone recognized me in the title, I think! lol

    Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us all this time. <3

  153. Happy Author-versary! (Just had to be different from the others, doncha know.) Not a Judy, Jude, or Judith but already an owner of this wonderful little book. I started trying to learn to knit sometime in 2006, and acquired your book post-haste because I was part of the Blog readership. It’s always a joy to me to be able to start my day with a dose of your writing; if you haven’t posted within the past day I’ll go back & re-read some favorites (of which there are so many!). Thanks for bringing us all together here to enjoy your light & life. Here’s a glass raised to many more books & posts!

  154. I’m Judy, and so is my wife!
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist; my son just discovered Monty Python and we’ve been reciting quotes all weekend.
    Congratulations on ten years at the top :0)

  155. I was gone all day yesterday, so I got to your post this morning, March 17. 10 years ago you were starting your career, and 10 years ago this date, I ended mine.

  156. Funny thing is I had always wanted a book signed by you. I own all of your books. One day in a Goodwill store I saw a copy of Knitting Rules that I purchased and thought I’d give to a friend. Inside it was addressed to “Lorraine”, my name is Jennifer and the friend I wanted to give it to is “Jane”, Lorraine and Jane kind of rhyme so it was all good. It begs me to wonder what kind of arse is Lorraine, to give that to Goodwill. In great news tho, you did sign my Knitting Rules a couple years ago, in Perth. You wrote “Obsession is normal”. I am comforted.

  157. Haha! happy book-versary! I am not a Judy, but maybe that’s why this story is even more hilarious. Love all of your writing and often read it out loud to my husband.

  158. At knits end — this was my first knitting related book. Many more followed and also a few from you. I even own an audio book from you. — I’m a bit sad that you will maybe never come anywhere near here to sign your books.
    But ok, I’m sitting in Munich, Germany.

  159. Congratulations! I have your book. And you signed it for me many, many, many years ago. Way back whan, that I was one of the first in line because I had two toddlers in tow. They’re now 13 and 11 years old.

    You have been my main inspiration for my knitting and eventually writing. Congratulations, again!

  160. Happy anniversary. And thanks for sharing your thoughts here and in your books. I know I”m not alone is saying I have a blog because of you. Any tours bringing you here to Italy?

  161. I remember when I was first starting to knit several years ago that looking at all your pretty knitted things and reading the funny quips you had about knitting really made me want to keep trying, even when that first scarf just looked wonky. Congrats! Without your blog and books I think the knitting world would be a little less shiny.

    Also, I’m obsessed with your coffee mug.

  162. Heck you didn’t want to be all emotional but I sure am!!! I’m all choked up over here. Happy Anniversary of your first book. The work you do on behalf of knitters, women, children, women’s work, and wo/mankind is tremendous and I’m so very glad that you decided to express yourself.

  163. I know what ever Judy gets this fun fun book will enjoy it! I must have bought my first copy when it first came out and still enjoy it, makes me giggle knowing I am not alone in this world! I often teach knitting and love newbies getting their first project done, wonky and all. I have made a habit after giving my first copy to a student when she finished her first garter stitch scarf, of giving a copy to some students when they finish their first project. Kinda like welcoming them to a whole new community of like minded, creative & obsessed knitters. Thanks Steph for writing it! Still enjoying it!

  164. So, I am one of the “old” ones. Thank you for continuing to bring yourself into my life. I appreciate it and I honor your effort.

  165. I have been a knitter since 2005, and discovered this blog, as well as your book, soon afterwards. You have been my imaginary friend ever since! Thanks for the wisdom, knitterly and otherwise. I look forward to many more books!

  166. Happy 15th Anniversary as a published author (NY Times list author too). All my Yarn Harlot ebook copies travel with me. My hard copies stay home but are just as special.

    Despite hearing you speak at 3 different events over at least a dozen years (and you get better every time) I have not been brave enough to ask for a book signing. That’s okay. Thank you for the words so artfully expressed.

  167. Actually Steph, don’t just write one book …. write 8!!! Oh, silly me, you already did!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE CONGRATS on such a wonderful anniversary! xxx ♥

  168. I may not have been with you since the VERY beginning, but I have certainly been with you for nearly 10 years! And my copy of “Knitting Rules” is literally falling apart as it’s my sock bible and goes with me everywhere 🙂

  169. well Harlot now you have to put all the “Judys” in a Wurm and pick one..
    congrats on the anniversary of your first book, I have enjoyed them all

  170. I learned how to knit 57 years ago – and only made wash cloths and doll blankets as I was just 10. Worked my way up to sweaters and somewhere along the way learned how to use a circular needle and just took off! I must have made a half dozen Icelandic sweaters while the family was stationed there! Devised my own method of knitting vests and sweaters from “pieced” sweater patterns and even won a blue ribbon at a county fair for one I made for my son using fingering yarn. Fast forward to 9 years ago and I picked my needles back up and finally learned how to knit a sock. Found your blog and then the books a few years later and am ever so happy to have been part of the Blog! Happy Bookiversary dear Stephanie – I look forward to your Blog entries and hope that there will be another book in the future!

  171. I found your blog and your books while browsing quilting site that had a little sidebar that says “I also love yarn” about seven years ago maybe… since then I’ve acquired several of your books and carry on or another in my knitting bags. You’re awesome, keep on writing and knitting!

  172. Thanks for writing this post Steph. Wishing you many more book birthdays. I have all your books, thanks for writing them.

  173. I have a hard time remembering my and my children’s anniversaries, so I’m impressed. Congratulations on remembering!
    (And congratulations osn each and every book you’ve written – I’ve enjoyed every one at least one.)

  174. I’ve been with you as long as I’ve been knitting, since May 2006! But as soon as I found you, I went back to your first blog post and started at the beginning, so it feels as though I’ve been a part of the blog the whole time. Like so many others, I have all your books, and even your audio book version. Congratulations on ten years! A decade! That’s big stuff, worthy of a celebration.

  175. My mom gave me your first book. Time has gone by, she’s in a nursing home now and doesn’t always know who I am, but your book(s) and the blog always helps. There are just not enough words (or the right words) to say just how much they mean to me.

  176. Hello Steph,
    I’ve been blurking for years now, and finally decided to just start commenting. Thank You for writing, everything.
    I found your when I was just a project only stasher, and now the stash has its own room in the basement, my bedroom, and the living room. To say that you have corrupted me a little is an understatement.
    I’ve bought every book you’ve written, and anxiously await each blog post, like a letter from an old friend.
    Thanks for everything, sweet knitter, and have a great week!
    Louise Ann Benjamin

  177. I can’t think of a better thing to do with a decade than to enchant all of us, and so many others, with your knits, wits and wisdoms. Right up to today’s post, which is as funny and inspired as ever. Who else would have thought of this way of disposing of a ten-year-old autographed copy? We love you, Harlot!

  178. I wasn’t aboard then, but my beloved and somewhat tattered copy of “At Wit’s End”, with its rather ugly fringe of neon-colored posties, still has a place of honor on my bookshelves. All I can say is – keep it coming! And also a HUGE thank you, for doing it and then telling us all about it.

  179. Hi Stephanie! I found your blog in January of this year (sniffing out a book suggestion thread on Amazon). I have *all* of your books on my wish list for my family to choose as the perfect gifts. Sigh…they are so slow to get a hint. I think I should start a new tradition of buying myself books for St. Patrick’s Day ;). Congratulations on your milestone. I love your wit and appreciation of the tiny miracles in our lives. Keep up the writing 😀

  180. Congratulations!
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and books over the past decade – wow that really seems like a long time!
    Congratulations to the prizewinning Judy as well!
    I love the phrase “obsession is normal”!
    Here’s to a future filled with friends, fun, fibre, coffee and wine! OK good health and happiness too.

  181. I have been reading your blog since I took a “Learn to Knit” class about 9 years ago. I share some of your stories with my husband but as a non-knitter he often doesn’t appreciate the humor.

  182. Congratulations on your Bookiversary. I happened on your book when I was a new-ish knitter and have been enjoying your writing ever since. I appreciate you.

  183. After a less than pleasant evening with two teenage daughters and then reading the blog, I pulled the book off my shelf for some comfort reading. To my surprise, it was signed! I think I purchased it years ago at the school book fair. It was perfect comfort reading, a nice finish to a rough day. As an aside, crazy teenage daughter number two is currently knitting her stuffed lamb a quilt using tooth picks and embroidery floss. It’s almost done.

  184. Such a wonderfully momentous occasion – all congratulations to you. As I mentioned on instagram, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all, both on your blog and in your wonderful books.

    I very much hope that one day your book tours will bring you to Australia. 🙂

  185. Stephanie, have enjoyed you from the beginning. I have my first book with a sweet note from you. I was planning to come to Mt. Vernon, Ohio for your signing, but husband decided to have surgery that day. I still haven’t quite forgiven him! But, kept him around anyway. The early days of your blog and book trips have been an endless source of entertainment. And boy did you get me hooked on socks! Love knitting them. Just can’t knit them fast enough.

  186. And, aside from the excellence of your writing, I appreciate that your books are the perfect size for the short book shelf in my house. Knitting books so seldom fit. Happy Anniversary!

  187. I am so glad you did. I couldn’t be me without someone as brave and outspoken as you to compare it all to, just assurance that no, I’m not crazy or alone. Big hugs and happy tidings. So glad you are and have been a part of my life.

    Love Always,
    (Is that as weird for you?)

  188. Congratulations, Stephanie! I’ve been reading your blog and your books for about ten yrs now and can say that they have brought me many laughs and many deep thoughts. thank you so much!

  189. The fact that you would mail this book to someone named Judy is only one of the many million reasons why I’m an enormous goofy fangirl of yours.

  190. Happy bookiversary, dear Harlot. Thank you for all these years of entertainment and education in the ways of wool. And life.

  191. OMG! I can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog for 10 years. BTW still have my copy, maybe one day I can get to a book signing & have you autograph it. Congratulations Stephanie. It’s been a treat to watch you grow.

  192. Most of us (loyal fans) are so grateful that you started writing! Congratulations on your anniversary, and keep writing, I love to read your blog and your books.

  193. Congratulations on your special anniversary! I love this book. I have the audiobook and have listened to it many, many times!

    My name is not Judy, but my mother’s was. She died ten years ago this September. I learned to knit from my mother about 15 years ago when I was in my early twenties. She taught me the basics: how to knit, how to purl, how to read a pattern and how to darn hand knit socks by saying, “Darn socks!” a few times before throwing them in the garbage. She also introduced me to your blog. I have greatly enjoyed following your blog. Your wit and sense of humour reminds me of my mother and reading your blog helps me feel more connected to her. I’m sure she would be pleased for you too!

  194. I was here in 2005! I went to your reading at Arcadia Knitting in Chicago. It’s been a lovely decade+ of reading your blog. 🙂

  195. I stumbled upon this little gem of a book when I found it in a used bookstore in 2009. My passion for knitting was returning after a longish affair with cross-stitching, but so wanted to learn how to knit socks like the ones my Mum kept gifting me. Steph, I went back to the beginning of your blog and read every post. You opened up a whole new world for me, I discovered Ravelry and a local group of knitters to meet up with every week. I knit all the time and I thank you for sharing your world with us. It means more than you could ever know.

  196. Dear Stephanie —
    Just last night, at a meeting of our library-branch knitting group, another fan and I were entertaining those unfamiliar with your work with tales of your appearance in Indianapolis several years ago.
    I recalled the part of your talk in which you revealed that brain-science experts had learned that knitting, like using prayer beads or worry stones, could put one’s brain into a theta state — relaxed but aware. These men (of course) then concluded that some of their findings were irrelevant, because no one could carry emergency knitting. Just as we all laughed at the ignorance of these learned experts, a woman in the front row gleefully held up a small white project bag with a cross and EMERGENCY KNITTING printed on it in red.
    But my friend Susan brought down the house with her tale: She and a buddy were among the first (of 250 or more) knitters to arrive for your talk. The staff member greeting them asked, “and are you here for the entertainment?” They were, and he directed them to the lecture area. He then asked the next woman in line the same question.
    “I AM the entertainment,” you replied.
    And so you are, have been, and will be for many years to come. So (belated) happy bookiversary, and many thanks for the laughs and the tears and the encouragement, and the graciousness you show to fans. I still cherish the photo of the two of us that you insisted on my friend taking when I was too shy to ask.

  197. Stephanie-dear, I’ve been with you from the KnitList days, when you would regale us with tales of your knitting and your darling wee girls. Someone (probably lots of someones) there said – you should write a book. The rest is history.

    It’s been a pleasure watching your babies grow up and sharing this ride with you. Thank you.

  198. I know that feeling of holding a book you wrote in the same hands with which you typed it. Surreal. Mine are amateur sleuth mysteries, and I sign every first copy dedicated to Jesus.

    Congrats on this wonderful anniversary Steph! You just keep getting better.

  199. Congratulations, and thanks for taking us along for the ride. I wouldn’t be wearing hand-knit socks at this very moment if it weren’t for you.

  200. Just wanted to say “Thank you” for writing Knit’s End, I have it on a table where I keep favorites and I read a little whenever I am in the need for a little lift, works every time! I got mine signed when you were in Buffalo last year, now it’s really special.

  201. Stephanie..I love that book!! I have read it several times and always get a chuckle out of it!! Love your knitting and your perspective on life! Dedi

  202. That is a big deal. I was married to an author and that first book and first signing are a very big rite of passage. Sending you virtual flowers (a little late, but I just read the post). At Knit’s End is what brought me to your blog……

  203. Never stop writing. Books or blogs. You’re one of my favourite writers (the top one is Terry Pratchett and we’re still pretty sad about his passing round here) I will take having to explain that Knitting Humour is a thing for having your stuff in my life. I celebrate the day I passed your table at a knitting show in the UK (Hint: come back!) and thought I should look you up because of the HUNDREDS of people lined up to have their books signed. Here’s to the next 10. Sorry we forgot. x

  204. I’m one of the long-timers, Steph, and happy to be so.
    Congratulations on all the years and all the books. And congratulations most of all on keeping your sense of humor and impulse to write to despite the vagaries of life and trolls and the bite it takes out of actual knitting time.
    You rocked then and you rock now. And so do your family and wonderful friends who so kindly allow us a wee peek into their lives. Big hugs, lovely woman! erm, lovely AUTHOR. ahem.

  205. I rarely comment, but I have been following your blog and its travels and your adventures for more years than I remember. I have read all of your books (my local library loves you too) and I own your last book (Christmas gift). Congratulations on your anniversary! You are a wonderful writer and an inspiring knitter – I raise my cup of tea to you with heartfelt thanks.

  206. I have given this book to so many new knitters and received profuse thanks, not to mention a few big grins!, in return. I enjoy all your books, but this and Knitting Rules! I go back to time and again for both inspiration and comfort. Thanks. And write on! (please)

  207. Happy anniversary, Stephanie! It was the first of your books that I read after finding your blog 18 months ago and I enjoyed it immensely, just as I have enjoyed each one of your books since. Thanks for keeping us entertained and inspired all these years.

  208. I’m comment 297 so am not holding out much hope for the book BUT my name is Judy and I’d love it!

  209. My best friend gave me your book when I was pregnant with my oldest. It provided much needed relief when I was too tired and sick (9 month morning sickness) to cope with things. I’m a little in shock. It’s 10, she’s 10, and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. Happy book-eversary!!

  210. Congrats on the anniversary! a few years ago when my mom was in the hospital for months on end I accidentally left my copy of “At Knit’s End” in her hospital room when I was leaving to return to Calgary (she’s still in Ontario). Although she’s a non-knitter, she loved your book, thought you were “quite funny”. She told me she enjoyed reading it & thought it gave her insight into my addiction to knitting. your book stuck with her so much she recognised your name on your new book and was pleased as punch when I unwrapped it Christmas morning. (It had been on the Christmas list, but she had picked it up before I had given her the list). I’m so glad you blog & write the books. you continually brighten my day. Cheers on your anniversary, and here’s to many, many more

  211. Congratulations on your bookiversary! My copy of your book The Secret Life Of A Knitter travelled with me from Perth, Western Australia to a small town in North Carolina, USA last year….a total of 18,396 km! I think that has to be some kind of record! The book and I now reside in in NC where my wife is used to hearing me laughing out loud as I re-read it. Thank you so much for the many hours of pleasure from reading your books.

  212. My sister gave me this book about the time I became obsessed with knitting back in 2006. I do remember laughing uproariously at some of your quotes.

    Happy 10th First Bookiversary!

  213. I gave this book to my mother for her birthday in 2005, as she was an avid knitter and had owned a yarn store and taught classes at the LYS near her house. At the time I myself knew how to knit but I was pursuing other crafts. Mom said she didn’t usually read “that type of book” (preferring emotionally-fraught family melodramas, which is insane if you ask me, because life’s too short to read depressing things, y’know? But I digress). However, she would read the entry about “Gauge is serious business” to every Knitting 101 class she taught.

    You and she are right, of course–gauge is serious business.

    But swatches lie!

  214. In May 2005 (I know because I was pregnant with my 2nd) I receive that book for my birthday! My first introduction to you and I love it still.

  215. Dearest Harlot –

    I had been reading your books for years, but didn’t venture onto the blog until last December or so, just in time for all the Advent ornaments. So I’m reading new posts concurrently as I work through the blog from the beginning – a fun bit of time travel. Since I also read all the comments, it’s pretty slow going.

    Right now I’m at the end of January 2005, and you’ve just raised over $50, 000 for Doctors Without Borders (sorry, the French is too hard to spell). And there is intense excitement and much pre-ordering of the bookbookbook. How wonderful that all the excitement was justified, and that it was just the first of many successful and well-loved books! You were so right to commemorate it with a private ceremony.

    Knit and Write On, Yarn Harlot – long may you wave!

  216. Pingback: Spinning around | Mostly knitting

  217. Well, I missed it! My name IS Judy, and on March 16 when you posted this I was in bed recovering from my last chemo infusion. It was a really cool thing for you to do, though! I hope the Judy that gets the book treasures it. Congratulations on your bookiversary. It’s funny how some of our greatest moments go unnoticed by the people around us. Welcome to Texas! I’m sure you will be a smashing success at the DFW FiberFest!

  218. Your book is STILL being discovered by new knitters! I can attest to that! I just started knitting in December and have fallen so completely in love with it. A good friend lent me THIS book and it led me to your blog (which I am currently reading like a book – starting from the beginning, and BOY is it entertaining!) Thank you so much for being YOU and sharing yourself with knitters new and old. Ten years later and this book is STILL inspiring and motivating people. What a great accomplishment!!!!!

  219. I learned to knit in 2006 and your book was the first knitting book that made me laugh ……and want to keep knitting! Thank you for your wonderful wit!

  220. I came across this, your first book and instantly fell in love with your writing. I found your blog soon after and I have been hooked ever since. You have proven to be such an inspirational force in my own knitting, and I would just like to say thank you 🙂

  221. Happy Late Bookversary! I have this book and love it, especially with all the little “drawings” my oldest daughter did in it for me.

  222. Very happy late book-anniversary from a reader and of yours from Italy.
    Your book is always inside by knitting bag. Sometimes I translate bits of it to my knitting friends and we laugh together or utter that kind of sigh that’s undescribable, but paints so wall a common feeling.
    You’ve made me feel good so many times! Thank you

  223. Have we really been here that long? I remember the BookBookBook launch. Happy Bookerversary to you. Must mean I need to dust off my copy and have a re-read. <3


  224. I am just now seeing this but I would have loved getting a copy of your first book. When you posted this I was in the ER waiting to get my wrist splinted.. I broke it that evening and got a cast the next day.. No knitting for me for at least 6 wks and I am having withdrawals.. I may just have to order your book as I could use something great to read! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!! Here’s to many more books!!

  225. I’m not Judy, but I’ve been part of “the blog” since your first book came out, and I pretty much identify my serious interest in knitting, spinning and other assorted fiber-y crafts with reading your blog. Prior to discovering you, I was a casual knitter, but by discovering a whole community of KNITTERS through you, I have developed wooly interests both deep and wide.

    Congrats on a milestone anniversary!

  226. II remember you telling us, at Audrey’s (In Edmonton, August, 2005) that if you’d known the books would create this interest, you wouldn’t have used all 3 names – I’m glad you kept them!!! Congratulations on these 10 years!!!! (Hope Joe did well at the Juno’s?)

  227. Dearest Stephanie,
    I know I’m super late in commenting and you may never read this, but I needed to share…

    I spent many hours reading and reading your first book while I tried to be patient and loving and calm while I was nursing my son down to nap. He was just over a year old and a reluctant napper (being a 2nd child and all). He’d only nap if I was there and I only wanted a brief break from the rigors of stay-at-home parenting 2 young kiddos. Reading your book saved us both. I was able to get my respite as I was able read while nursing him to sleep. Your hilarity kept me afloat in some of the hardest moments of motherhood. I will forever love you for this. Thank you so much! I celebrate this milestone with you with much gratitude.

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