56 thoughts on “Boom

  1. Well done! Enjoy your “anything you want” knitting! (Says the woman who needs to get back to her friend’s cardigan…sigh.)

  2. What a beautiful little-manly sweater. Love the texture. I also like the pattern on the socks very much. Enjoy picking your next project(s).

  3. Jealous! Soooo jealous. I have 8 things to finish and so many things I want to start. I should just stick to hats. 🙂

  4. Knit anything you want?!? Hold on a moment there, young lady!

    You still have to finish those socks you called “thing the second” yesterday. Yes, with your knitting speed you probably finished them five minutes before I read your blog. So what. Until they are finished,there should be no new projects going on past the point of looking at patterns to choose one.

  5. Wow! You busted a serious move on those projects (as you would probably say yourself). Does this mean you finally cracked the code on how to knit successfully while sleeping? 😉

    Good for you for getting it done!

  6. Such a sweet feeling: accomplishment, happy anticipation, and all the possibilities wide open before your needles as you wish. And I love what you made.

  7. they look great, love the little peek of red and all the cardigan texture. Awesome job wresting control back over the knitting!

  8. As some ladies are requesting, can you please, PLEASe, send your elves to my house? 🙂 Or barring that, some of the mojo that gets things done while sleeping?

    On the serious side, love the sweater. It looks thick and warm. Socks are wonderful too. Willl you be sharing sources for either??? I may have missed it but, I’d love a repeat if you did.

  9. Ah, love that feeling! I’ve just got there myself. Just finished several projects and now free to cast on again! There’s a very good reason I’m not letting myself buy more than one sock knitting circular!

    • I agree. As soon as you tell us what yarn and colorway that is, I’m going to knit the same thing for my husband, definitely with the “mods”!

  10. Isn’t it lovely to have long term projects finished? I just finished a “forever” scarf and shawl after which I gave myself permission to start a Rhinebeck sweater. Still have a couple of afghans in the works, but those are relegated to the “finish before I die” pile…..so, no rush (hopefully!)

  11. The sweater is so very cute and the socks– well, if it were possible to reach through the computer and claim them for my very own I would.

    What will you do next? I can hardly wait to see!

  12. Very cute sweater and socks! My New Year’s resolution was to finish all outstanding projects before starting new ones – get the pile of project bags off my bedroom floor. I’ve been sticking to it mostly. But I did start a sweater in January (does that count?) And I’m still browsing on ravelry and have enough ideas to keep me busy for the rest of my life! Have fun choosing your next project, it will probably get added to my wish list!.

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