I guess I deserved that

Sorry for radio silence pets, but man, did the last few days ever get on top of me. I got home Tuesday night – no, that’s inaccurate. I left Mexico on Tuesday night, but thanks to an ice storm here in Toronto, I didn’t actually arrive home until about 5am on Wednesday morning, and as you can imagine, the rest of that day was a total washout. I managed to get to a Bike Rally meeting that night where I was probably the stupidest person in the room, and collapsed in a heap shortly thereafter.

Yesterday then, was the first real day for taking stock, and boy, is there stock. As much fun as that holiday was, and as grateful as I was for the sunshine, warmth and time with my mother, there are consequences to self-employed people taking holidays, and those consequences are stacked up on my desk a mile high. Also, apparently I’m slightly cursed in a knitting way right now. How so? Here’s three pieces of evidence.

Thing the first:

socktoosmall 2015-03-06

Isn’t that a pretty sock? You bet.  I love it. I spent quite a bit of time working on it while I was holiday making, and I guess I relaxed way too much, because as soon as I finished this sock, I realized that it absolutely will not fit the intended recipient. It’s way too skinny for him, and I probably knew that the whole time, but everything seems fine if you’re warm on a beach.  I kept thinking “is this a problem?” and then some voice in my head would say “problem? YOU’RE ON A BEACH. YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS” and then I’d sigh and keep knitting this too-small sock.  When it was done, I  couldn’t lie to myself anymore, and since a need a pair of socks on a deadline, I didn’t pull it back and start again. I set it aside, I went to my suitcase, got other sock yarn, and made a fresh start.

Thing the second:

One almost finished sock, that will totally fit, and looks really awesome, and…

socknotdone 2015-03-06

I ran out of yarn.

socknotdoneleftovers 2015-03-06

Ten rounds before the end of the toe, and it’s screwed. I think the only way out is to pull it back and use something contrasting for the whole toe – and for the record, the voice of my inner knitter warned me about that too, but I couldn’t hear it over the ocean.

Thing the third:

This little sweater should have been done by 7pm tonight. It’s not going to be. I knew I needed to pick up the pace on that too, but the beach beckoned, and something about a warm wool sweater just didn’t seem that important while I was warm. It’s crystal clear now though. I should have been knitting faster.  I see that now.

sweaternotdone 2015-03-06

Truth is, everything has a price, and apparently, I relaxed way, way too much. I relaxed so much that I knit like an idiot.

It was still worth it. If you need me, I’ll be over here, excavating my desk, and fixing a whole lot of knitting.

82 thoughts on “I guess I deserved that

  1. Surely the too small for one person socks might fit someone else. ????? And, contrast toes are always a neat idea. Inside a shoe it is a tiny little secret…tell the wearer to think of you every time they see the scarlet? neon green? whatever neat surprise you can come up with. Once may be a mistake but twice is a design feature is my method for changing an OOPS to an, um, I meant to do that response.

  2. It was SO worth it. Glad you enjoyed being away. As for excavating desk, I don’t have an excuse like being away for mine…… Knit On!!

  3. Well, if you’re knitting like an idiot . . . this may be the only time in my knitterly life when I feel like there’s hope for me! Poor consolation for you, but wonderful for those of us who knit grandly in our heads . . . and not as well in real life. You’ll be back on your game in no time.

  4. On the 2nd pair of socks, perhaps you could use a very similar, neutral or undyed yarn for the toes? It looks close enough that the recipient might not notice it was a different yarn. Then you wouldn’t even need to rip back that little bit of toe. 🙂

    (Lovely socks and sweater, BTW.)

  5. I will therefore avoid adding to that pile on your desk until next week, but I love all the socks and I’m sure that first one will fit someone. Sending good knitting mojo your way!

  6. Why on earth can’t you just have the last couple rows brei the a solid black or tan or something else that would go with the yarn you used or else a completely different colour? There’s no reason the whole toe has to be of the same yarn. Just pretend you dd it on purpose. Maybe thy won’t notice the blog. 🙂

  7. I do love the little sock that won’t fit…too cute.
    glad you are back safe and sound and I apologize for the ice storm. (I am Canadian, I apologize for everything)

  8. Aww, don’t be too hard on yourself. I have been a hardcore knitter most of my life too, but for some reason when I’m on vacation I just … don’t knit. Which is just plain weird, because I am ALWAYS knitting. I feel positively twitchy if I don’t have some knitting with me at all times. When I pack for vacation, I always plan the knitting & pack the yarn FIRST… but invariably, once I’ve arrived, I rarely knit a stitch. Only in the airport or on the plane. I finally figured out that knitting is what keeps me sane in my day to day life… and on vacation, feeling relaxed and, well, sane… the knitting becomes kind of… superfluous. Feels weirdly heretical to say that about my beloved, essential, life-giving craft, but I’m forced to admit it’s kinda true….

  9. Pull back and contrast the heel – that will get you a little more room to work with on the toe. And if you really want to pull back the whole thing, contrast the ribbing too. That can really help with short skeins (I know, it’s a pain to basically start over, but if you don’t have the other sock knitted yet, it might be worth it)

  10. Oh, I get it. I just ripped out a pair of socks I was doing toe-up and was past the heel and saw — though it was long enough, it wouldn’t go over my ankle. So I unraveled, gave the yarn a wash, rewound it in two neat little balls, and dug out Knitting Rules. With your help, this time I’m going to get it right!

  11. I admit to having a pair of hand knit socks that I love, where I ran out of yarn right at the end. The toe is a very vibrant color compared to the rest of the sock. I’m talking the last 8 rounds or so. But I LOVE those socks. And I have designated the bright-toed sock “The One That Goes On My Right Foot”. Now I will never have my socks on the wrong feet. (ahem. yes, I know. socks.)

  12. Hang in there Stephanie, deep breaths… I m sorry the afterglow of the vacation was so short. Its really hard to have such a crash back… Time with your mom?? You’ll NEVER get that back. Rest assured your priorities are just as they should be. (Like you need me to tell you that…)

  13. Welcome back to the land of endless winter! I totally get the thing about not seeing the need to rush with a sweater when you’re on a beach. And somehow, in the chill that is this March, it’s hard to conceive of feeling hot and sweaty. Funny how poor our imaginations are. Probably it’s why it’s so hard to pack for a different climate…

  14. well, contrary to constant calls of my stash…there are things in life other than knitting. Beach, Mom,Sun, Warmth, r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g. Those things enable one to knit MORE and FASTER later on…when one is refreshed and relaxed. Although those sox are a testament to the power of equatorial breezes.

  15. Relaxing is vital. The recipients of the knitted items will understand if those items are a little late — especially if the tradeoff is a happy, relaxed knitter.

  16. Frankly I’m amazed you were knitting at all what with the mango juice dripping down your arms and the killer snorkling. There are some things that CLEARLY should not be done at the same time.

  17. The one that ran out of yarn? The rest of the foot needs to be seems to me to need to be beach colored, for having dipped your toes in the sand and as a memento of your trip.

  18. Welcome back, just in time for the deep freeze to start to thaw. Hope you gave that monkey an autograph before you left!

    Sock #1: Figure out if it would fit Hank or one of your daughters. Knit the second and put them away as a birthday or holiday gift/ Of course, if you decide to give them to Hank, he’ll hit a growth spurt and develop size 14 (US) feet.

    Sock #2: Definitely do a contrasting toe. I’d suggest black, right red, royal blue, or the recipient’s favorite saturated color.

    Sweater: Since you said this was a small sweater, I hope you picked up an appealing, yet inexpensive, toy or two to give the recipient now. Also, you should have brought the sweater so you could show it to the recipient and his/her parental units, check the fit, and knit away on it while at the gathering.

  19. Welcome back!
    Those are gorgeous socks, in and of themselves. You just got confused over who they’re supposed to be for. 🙂
    Silly Stephanie.

  20. Re the human verification thingie – that’s a treble clef, not a music note. Just sayin’.

    I would be willing to bet that if you go gather up all the partial skeins of sock yarn leftovers you have, you will find a color that is a perfect match to that little string of yarn you have left. Just do it unpatterned in matching yarn and NOBODY will notice it. And on both socks, of course. Bob’s yer uncle.

  21. There are worse things in life than idiot knitting.
    And that would be no knitting at all.

    Welcome home – so good to have you back!

  22. The beach looked so very lovely is it any wonder that it went to your head? Welcome home – glad you made it safely through all of this crazy winter weather.

  23. Welcome back! So glad that you were able to spend time with your mom and survived the return trip home. Yes, you absolutely deserved it… the break that is. So beautiful! As for all the stuff, you’ll get it done. Or not. : P

  24. I would definitely pick up some black to finish BOTH toes, but here’s the thing – If you stripe the black (maybe 2 rounds) with 1 round of the original yarn, the human eye will see that the black stripes “match” and will never notice that the lighter variegated yarn stripes do not. Ta da! 2 matching gorgeous socks.

    • I agree… that second sock has a gorgeous pattern and lovely grey color way! Do tell, indeed. Keep going on it with the contrast for the rest of the way… no one cares if the contrast is really more than an actual toe cap! I think a pop of bright color there would be splendid, or you could go the classy route and do black. Please do not give up and frog!!

  25. I’m betting that’s Waffles for Lou…lovely. Such a lucky young man. I am knitting my second pair of socks guided by your cunning pep talk in “Knitting Rules” . Thank you for all you give…so glad you took time for you and your mom. Roll with it.

  26. Random (probably stupid) question: Some of the commenters have a picture instead of the generic icon. How does that happen?

  27. At least you could blame your mistakes on too much sunshine. I’ve been here in Southern Ontario and have managed to screw up two pair of socks. I’m blaming the problems on my husband and my dog.

  28. This is what cold and snow do to a person. It makes you knit faster and think about moving because you are cold. No laying back..no, no, no! I am in a house with a shawl on that just got completed after 3 years because…I AM COLD!!!
    Barb R.
    Shelton CT

  29. Ahhhh! so glad you are back from vacation. Missed seeing your posts. Glad you had a wonderful time in the warmth of the Mexican sun, sand and water with your Mum too. Your photos got me itching to pack and run from the cold right along with you. Everything has to fit in, right?

  30. Glad you had a wonderful vacation – and I can entirely understand that the urgency associated with knitting anything would depend on temperature. Suddenly the sun is bright and days are longer and my projects seem unnecessary, superfluous and trivial and the stash seems to be taking up too much space. If I were on a beach, I’m sure that the deep parts of my brain would somehow decide that decisions about knitting were worth much less thought than other things. You did not knit like an idiot, not in the least, nor should you tell yourself such! Use kinder words for yourself, Stephanie!

  31. I’m sorry, but knitting on a schedule? Are you getting paid for these projects? No of course not. Were you on vacation? Can I hear a ‘hell, yeah’? Ok, cut yourself some slack.

    You cannot be held responsible for what you did or didn’t do on your vacation. Especially the knitting part.

  32. I think you can totally be forgiven. As someone who packs RIDICULOUS numbers of knitting to do on vacation and maybe knits 5 rows (unless it’s a knitting destination), I always wonder how people who knit and live in beachy climes ever get anything finished. Not just the knitting, either.

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  34. holiday knitting – essential! Tho’ I never seem to actually do much of it. Instead, treasure the time you spend with Mum – wish I had had more time with my Mum.

  35. As a friend of mine who used to work in emergency medicine always tells me when I’m stressing over something unimportant in the overall scheme of the universe: “Relax. Nobody died.” Vacation with Mom was definitely the most important thing!

  36. I understand about “idiot” knitting, but at least you were knitting and have some lovely things to show for it. As for me, the past week of being sick (where I would normally rejoice in the fact that I could at least knit knit knit) has me only browsing Ravelry and limply staring at my knitting beside me. So even after feeling miserable, I have no beautiful knitting to bask in the glory of. Just the opposite of you, even if your projects are turning out slightly different what you had planned. You needed the vacation, so be glad you had such a good, restful one, complete with fiber!

  37. That first sock looks like the one Don was working on in one of your Instagram pics. It must be his fault that it’s too skinny.

  38. Lovely warm beach while your world was being pummeled in ice? Totally worth it! I took 5 projects to the beach and actually, after 5 days of knitting and beach sitting, completed a washrag. Let’s face it, I wasn’t knitting – I was sleeping, reading, and playing in the surf. You are amazing and got that much knitting done. Pretty impressive!

  39. Your vacation looked wonderful! I love the yarns for both those socks…. sorry they gave you so much trouble. It’s always hard to get back from vacation – hang in there!

  40. Hi there, I sympathize aboutthe sock….
    I think I remember you had agreat deal of difficulties to find Opal sock yarn, well guess what? I don’t have that difficulty (I leave in France), but it is the 3rd time in a rowthat I purchase the yarn with the firm intention to knit socks. Each time a tragedy occurs and I screw it just while knitting the toe.
    I came to think that my yarn is doomed. Have you considered yours to be doomed to, perhaps?

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