All the kinds of done

The April Retreat is done, and it was beautiful, and fabulous, and we so enjoyed having Clara and Kate with us, and I think I do no wrong when I say that this might have been one of the best ever.  (I will show you more pictures tomorrow. The yarnbombings this time were of a spectacular quality.)

splityarn5 2015-04-14

There was so much information, and so much fun, and some really, really intense learning, and even though all those things were more than amazing, let me tell you the best part.

clarapic 2015-04-14 (1) katepic 2015-04-14

I finished my socks,

socksdone 2015-04-14

and I am almost finished my sweater,

sweaterdone 2015-04-14

which is awesome, because when I got here I unpacked my suitcase, I was staggered to discover that while I was sure I had a sweater with me, there wasn’t one in my bag.   It turns out I was counting the unfinished beast in my bag.  That, my friends, is a really, really knitterly mindset.

36 thoughts on “All the kinds of done

  1. Another great and fun fiber retreat; congrats. I hope the days at Port Ludlow weren’t so chilly that you needed a completed sweater instead of a WIP.

    One question about those DSOTM OCD socks: did you add yarn to make the black heels, or is that MustStash yarn dyed with a lot of black at just the right spot (pretty tricky)?

  2. Looks like a great time was had :0) I have packed the sweater sip before thinking I had of course packed a sweater, I just had to knit faster lol

  3. He he now that’s an incentive. Mine is that ANZAC day is almost here, traditionally the first frost in our lovely Canberra. Time to pick the last of the basil for pesto, munch our way through the french beans and knit like mad.

    • Riiiiight…the still-unexplained photo of the ‘oven on fire’ and the fairly self-explanatory appearance of actual firemen at last year’s retreat…!

      • It was explained, he was showing them what to do if a jumper caught fire in an oven. Ha ha!!

        No, seriously, he was demonstrating a regular ‘cooking’ fire in an oven.

        • Uh-huh…and WHY are we needing official in-uniform firefighters providing ANY sort of demonstration or security at a weekend knitting workshop??!? Not that I’m knocking safety as an important consideration, mind…! =)

  4. I recently took a trip to Connecticut and the only sweater I brought was a project that still needed to be sewn together, and all my outfits were planned to go with the sweater. It was good inspiration to get it finished 😉

  5. Oh, I would so love to see you and Clara Parkes at the DFW Fiber Fest. Wouldn’t you have a grand time introducing her to some of our local wonders.

    And, hello, what is the color-way for your socks? They look amazing.

  6. One day I would absolutely love to go to one of these retreats, they look like all kinds of fun. I adore the colourway for your socks as well.

  7. Definitely a knitters mindset on the sweater and good motivation. If you stay on for some extra R&R time before heading home, hopefully you don’t have to give up your hotel bed for sweater blocking and sleep on the floor/couch.

  8. That was very optimistic of you. I hope it wasn’t too chilly all weekend. Surely someone would have had something woolly that you could have borrowed.
    Love the Dark Side Of The Moon astronaut sox. 🙂

  9. Merci mille fois for an amazing retreat. My mind is still spinning a bit with all I learned about yarn, choosing a pattern, and finishing. I have even been inspired to start a sweater. You, Debbie, Clara, and Kate were all wonderful.

  10. It was a fabulous retreat — my sister and I both had a really great time and we learned A LOT about knitting. I had to laugh when I read your post. My sister and I are both from California and found the weather quite chilly. More than a few times, though, we noted that you didn’t wear a sweater! I thought maybe you just weren’t cold. On the plane home, we discussed which of your beautiful sweaters from the blog we would brought had we been in your shoes ….I voted for the Bohus. I’m glad the new sweater is almost finished!!

  11. Beautiful socks, and I’m sure the sweater will be equally beautiful. However, at this stage it’s not really able to keep you warm!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at Asilimar, Pacific Grove, CA in a couple of weeks. Bring 1-2 *finished* sweaters then – it will also be cold (or at least cool)!

  12. I really enjoyed my first knitting retreat. What a great line up of instructors!

    There are so many talented and nice knitters who really welcomed us newbies.

    Hope to see many of you in future retreats.

    Much aloha.

  13. So, are you sending the finished socks to you favorite Canadian astronaut? Or was that great love the flash in the pan sort?
    Julie in San Diego

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