You know what’s nice? Fridays

Oh Knitters, oh wow. Thank you from the bottom of my woolly little heart for the response to our knitterly efforts for the Rally this year. I’ve read all the comments and been just so amazed by the kindness and the help.  You’re all good eggs, you know that? You inspire the heck out of me. (Also, thanks for being kind about the confession that I considered giving it a rest. It was a brief phase of cowardice. Thanks for letting me be human about it.)

sweatercoming 2015-05-15 (1)

There’s another training ride this weekend (I’m so hoping it will be warmer than that last craptastic ride)  and so many more after that, but I’ll slog along and do my best to deserve everything you’ve given.  (By the way, there’s another knitter on the Rally, I met Val on a training ride a few weeks ago. Apparently she was inspired by the blog to try this, and I think that means I have a certain responsibility to her – her link is here. Show her a little love.)

One of the things that I miss most when I’m training, is the knitting time. Try as I might, I can’t figure out how to combine the two. When I was on the trainer (that stand thing that turns your bike into a stationary bike) this winter, I thought I might be able to knit on that – after all, it’s not like you need to steer or anything, but road bikes force you into this bent over posture, and I found that I really needed my hands on my handlebars. I assure you attempts were made, and there was one particular incident I didn’t document where I got a decent amount of merino caught in my drivetrain, and that more than anything convinced me that they just don’t go together. (I can take a lot of pain for the rally, but the agony of yarn mangling and loss is just too much.)  Today though, is NOT a training day – I rode Wednesday and yesterday, and there’s a long one planned for this weekend, and that’s enough for this week. (So sayeth my arse, which is really not in top form just yet.) That means it’s a knitting day.

sweatercoming2 2015-05-15

I’ve got this little sweater underway, and with any luck at all it (and the bonnet and bootees that go with) will be done this weekend, and then I’m going to start the blanket. I realized earlier when I was thinking about the loss of knitting time over the next few months, and thought about when I think that baby is going to come, that I really need to pour on the burn. I have a great idea for the middle of it, and I thought I had the edging worked out, but the whole thing was too frilly, and that’s not what I want, so – back to the drawing board I go.  (Also, the backup yarn hasn’t arrived yet, and I’d feel better if I had that in hand before I launched. I won’t need it for ages – if at all, but it feels like a risk.) So…

A knitting day. That’s what I’m having. Once I clean up this sty we live in, and finish my desk-work, and GIVE AWAY SOME PRESENTS!  Yup, it’s Friday, so let’s get this party started.

First up, an amazing gift that I’m not going to give away today, but Monday.  Elizabeth, of amazing Squam Art Workshops fame, has very generously offered up a whole registration for the Spring 2015 retreat. (I know, right?)

squampic 2015-05-15

Instead of just pulling a name at random, and getting someone who can’t go, or lives to far away or something, I’m going to ask everybody who’d like it to send me an email. If this would be fun for you, just drop me a line at (replace the AT and DOT with the right symbols) and make your subject line “Squam”.  On Monday I’ll do the random thing. Remember, anybody who’s helped with the fundraising can send an email – no matter how you helped. (Take a look at the previous post if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.)

Dani (Hi Dani!) over at KSC Designs has two beautiful presents she’s sending to new homes. First, a set of three needle rolls.

Danineedlerolls 2015-05-15

Those beautiful things will be going out to Jenn R. and she’ll get to pick the fabric. Dani’s also sending a handled box bag out…

Daniboxbag 2015-05-15

and we both hope that Carolyn N will really love it.

Cecilia Campochiaro is both clever, and generous, and she’s giving away a copy of her intriguing book Sequence Knitting. (I own a copy, and I think it’s really neat.)

sequenceknitting 2015-05-15 (1)

She’ll pop that in the mail to Blandyna W and I can’t imagine that they won’t love it.

Cynthia, a reader who’s very generous, and has excellent taste, has two beautiful presents to re-home. First, this  4 oz bundle of fiber called 2 Gems and a Pearl (club fiber) from A Verb for Keeping Warm. It is 2 oz of Superfine Alpaca and 2 oz of 50/50 Cashmere/silk bundled together will be going to live with Dorie L.
cynthiaverbroving 2015-05-15

And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also (somehow) parting with this beauty.

cynthiaorangeflower 2015-05-15

It’s Orangeflower Luxe 70/20/10 (discontinued), 2 ply heavy fingering yarn (400 yds), 2-ply Baby alpaca/silk/cashmere, in Tangerine. Cynthia says It is very, very, soft and warm and I bet that Leanne D is going to agree. It sounds perfect.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve had a love affair with String Theory Colourworks self striping yarns for a long time, and so I know that this next one is awesome.

stringtheory 2015-05-15

A skein of the yarn of their choice (out of whatever’s in the shop) are each going to Tamsie H, Trish B, Regina J, Amy W, and AnnWG. Shazam! Self-striping madness.

Kathleen‘s offering three presents! First, her (rather amazing)  Ebook, “Flip for the next Feed: five reversible baby bibs” (I can think of a few babies who need these.)

flipbibs 2015-05-15

She’ll send that out to Donna D. Then there’s her beautiful Baby Tops Quartet: the Wuv Vest (I can think of a little boy who might need that)  the Leafy Baby Poncho, The Parfait Cardigan and the Sweetness tank top.  Kathleen will be sending that right along to Nancy L.

babytops 2015-05-15

Last but certainly not least, her Colourwork Quartet: The Bukhara mosaic cowl, Jianzhi double-knitted cowl, Old freshened stranded cuffs, and the Tracery stranded vest. (Look at that one!)

colourquartet 2015-05-15

Kelly Y better get her needles warmed up.

Finally – a double dose of good Karma here.  Karen from Greyston Bakery is giving away a A twelve piece assorted brownie gift box.  Greyston Bakery is an over 30 year old social enterprise in Yonkers, New York focused on creating jobs for individuals with barriers to employment including homelessness, incarceration and chronic, generational poverty and providing access to the resources needed to improve their lives, their families lives and the health of their communities. Click on the link. They’re doing amazing things.

brownies 2015-05-15

When Karen O eats them all up, she’ll know the world’s a better place about 16 ways.

Thanks to everyone. You’re all made of amazing.

(PS. I’ve emailed all the lucky helpers. Check your inbox if the name looks right!)


36 thoughts on “You know what’s nice? Fridays

  1. Val’s link doesn’t seem to be working, just so you know.

    The human test asked me to “touch the world,” which made me smile. Isn’t that what’s going on here?

    • Just fixed it, thanks so very much for pointing it out. A little gremlin got in the machine there. (Actually, I suspect feline help.)

  2. Oh wow… I love String Theory Colorworks. I love the universe and it’s randomness.

    But I love Steph more for doing this and riding this ride.

  3. You have inspired so many of us to root for all of you on through the training and the rally, and now such lovely karma balancing. The world is such a better place with knitters.

  4. Hey Steph as usual people are donating wonderful gifts. I would love to donate a gift as well but I’m away from my computer and my gifts and a good camera for pictures for a couple of days. How long do we have to donate karmic balancing gifts? By the way, you and your whole team are rock stars! Way to go!

  5. For those of us who hope to donate to various members of Team Knit over time, do we send in an email saying “I helped” just once, or each time we make a donation?

    And how is Ken doing on fundraising for his California ride?

  6. I don’t know how you do it.
    I have a 10k ride coming up in a few weeks, and my body is unimpressed with the (minimal) training I’ve been doing. I can’t imagine biking from here to Montreal.
    Maybe one day, though. maybe…

  7. The team is off to another incredible start this year! All my best wishes for safe rides, joyous camaraderie and resilient arses. You make my heart sing.

    Such fabulous gifts already; so many amazing, generous people.

  8. (Swallow your coffee and put down your cup)
    So when is Joe going to do the rally? It can be a whole family adventure…we could even do a ‘get Joe on the bike’ fundraiser.
    PS….is it Squam Spring 20…16?

    • Never mind…clicked the link. Spring usually shows up in Alaska April, May at the latest. Apparently spring doesn’t visit Squam until June. 😉

  9. Thanks so much for sharing my fundraising link! Hitting my goal has been one of the big stress points for me with the ride, so the generous contributions from the blog are much appreciated!

    I said this deep in the comments on the last post, but I’ll throw a hand-bound hardcover knitter’s notebook (maybe two) into the balancing if I hit my initial goal of $2500 by June 15. (Only $750 to go!)

  10. Stephanie you really are an inspiration!! I have donated but I won a gift last year so it’s time for someone else to win. I just want you to know you are in our thoughts. Go girl go!!! My best to Jen! Pattye

  11. I always enjoy the blog, Stephanie, and think it’s especially wonderful that you’ve chosen to pull the knitting community into so much good work over the years. It’s no small thing, this ability to call people to action on behalf of others. Some might say that knitting is your superpower–and there’s no doubt about your skill there–but I think this might be it, this ability to call people together for bigger, better things.

  12. So last year I volunteered 2 prizes, but i was never called on to mail them anywhere. I sent another email to you a few days ago, so maybe this year…..

    • Hey, Jill … That happened to me too! Nice to know that mine wasn’t a unique experience … and luckily the prizes weren’t perishable, eh? Georgia

      • (I hit Post Comment too soon …)

        Georgia told me to be patient, though, and that there’d be another karmic balancing this year! Best regards, Mary Burwell

  13. I can’t help but think that you may not have the right cycling gear if you are constantly cold. Can I be in charge of getting you some cold weather cycling gear? Either by sponsor or donation?

  14. My sympathies to your girl-parts.
    I too would like to know if the little sweater is something you’re making up or an available pattern. Please share-I have grand babies gestating.

  15. Oh, Squam is so on my list of what I’d like to do some year. But the chances of getting time off work this year? I’ll spare you all the whine, but it is not going to happen. Some other year, and I’m not putting my name in for that drawing, but how generous. Meanwhile, to stash dive and see what (lesser) skein or two I can offer karma.

  16. You all are fantastic. The gifts are wonderful. I would LOVE to be able to go to Squam. Unfortunately, I already have a two week family vacation planned in Collingwood ON this summer. We will honk when we pass through Toronto!

  17. I remember when you made the first layette using the patt that you’re knitting now. Is there (pretty please) a chance (pretty please) that you will (pretty please) list/sell the pattern (pretty please)?

  18. Oh how I want to go to Squam, even from 10,000 miles away. I want it with all the parts that are tired from spicy Thai food that make me cry as I walk down the street, the parts that have needed a cold shower three times a day for months now and the parts that can’t buy a ball of hand dyed sock yarn in a city of 10,000,000 people. I know I have the dyes, I know I could dye my own, but it is not the saaaaame and I cooooould get on a plane and come but by now I think some other person has gotten my trip. I hope she or he has a wonderful time and makes many happy memories and monsoon season arrives early in Bangkok to break the awful heat. That is all.
    I love you, Stephanie and all you do and I feel for you and your lady parts as my legs rub together when I try and exercise in the heat that passes for early morning coolness in the hottest city on earth. (It’s true!)

  19. I just read over many of the comments and I don’t have anything new to add but thank you for all you do for us knitters.

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