The Game is A Foot

Ah, knitters. Here I sit, with an ice pack on my foot, thinking about how I’ve always said that I thought I would sort of enjoy a minor injury that necessitated sitting around, resting and knitting.  It turns out that while I was sort of right, and I do like being admonished to sit and knit, I should have been a little more specific about the timing.  My foot started to hurt last week after a ride, and then over the course of the retreat became really sore.  I was successfully ignoring it (despite the rather embarrassing limp) so lovely was the company and the work, that I only realized how much it was bothering me on the flight home, when there was no vegetarian meals left on the flight, I’d seen all the movies, and the light over my seat wouldn’t work … and I burst into tears – right there on the plane.  Neither of those things are exactly worth a breakdown, and I’m really, really not the crying in public type, and it was then that I I realized that the foot was really wearing me down.   I saw a Doctor yesterday, and there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s a simple case of tendinitis, probably caused by some overuse, and it will get better.  The bad news is that the treatment is ice, elevation, some anti-inflammatories, and rest. Rest isn’t exactly easy to come by – five weeks out from the rally like we are, and I’m not really the “rest” type anyway.   As crazy as it’s making me, I’ve honoured my foot’s rather ill timed request for a rest yesterday and today – but tomorrow I have a 114km ride that I just can’t miss.  We’ll see how it goes.  I can bail if it’s really hurting, and live to fight another day.  I’m hoping that really, really taking it easy in between rides will mean that the riding isn’t too much of an insult – but in any case, it’s not a life (or rally) threatening thing – just really, really freakin’ annoying.

On the other hand, the good news about being asked to sit and knit a little is that it gives me a running shot at beating the little person inside my Sister-in-law Katie to the finish line.

intheround 2015-06-19 (1)

I think it’s pretty clear that I don’t have much time left.  Only that kid knows how much time I have for sure, but right now, every time I look at her, something in me screams KNIT. KNIT NOW.  So I am.

intheround 2015-06-19

I’ve got all the stitches picked up around their blanket, and I’m about six (really long) rows into the border.  Tonight is for knitting with my little ice pack, and we’ll see how much progress can be made.  (KNIT. KNIT NOW.)

If I can’t make good headway on the riding part of the Rally, I can at least do my part with the Karmic Balancing gifts – so stand by to see those up on the blog over the weekend. Right this minute, I’m going to KNIT NOW.