It’s a quiet, rainy afternoon here Chez Harlot.  Everyone is at work or play, and there’s just me, wandering around my trashed house, wondering when someone who wants to clean it will show up.  Joe and I have been playing this game for a while, neither of us cares enough to do anything other than sail, eat, sleep, and knit.  (That last one is just me.) My hands are a little better, coming around slowly, and nothing I do seems to make them better or worse, except for knitting (better) and typing. (Worse.)  I’m trying to do as much of the former as possible, and as little of the latter as I can… this blog post excepted.  I also sat at the wheel for a while over the weekend, and have almost finished a spinning project from (ahem) June.

brownbobbin 2015-08-10

I had a little wee batt of something gorgeous I got from Judith MacKenzie, and wanted to add something to it to make it go a little farther. I found a complimentary bag of mystery brown in the stash, and spun it all up.  I know that bobbin looks like it’s all brown, but it’s not.

brownbobbinred 2015-08-10

See the colour peeking there?  I spun 2/3 of the batt onto a bobbin, then finished with brown, then spun the other 1/3 onto another bobbin, and then added enough brown to make them roughly the same.  Tonight I’ll ply, and if all has gone according to plan, then I should have a skein where 1/3 is the reddish batt, 1/3 is one ply red, and one ply brown, and then the last 1/3 all brown.  A very simple gradient, if it works.  We shall see.

I don’t know how much more typing I can do before my hands start to hurt, so I think I’ll spend what typing time I have left on a few Karmic Balancing gifts, if that’s cool with you?

I have several more beautiful bags from Denise at Neese’s Pieces.  She’s got a whole group of beautiful little quilted bags that she made with her own two little hands – and inside each one is a co-ordinating set of stitch markers – also made by her, right down to the lampwork beads. I’ll be sending those out to Ceri, Jacqueline, Janet, Carolyn and Sarah.

neeses 2015-08-10

Next up, a beautiful gift from Justine Turner.  Justine’s offering hardcopies of her charming books Toastie Pie

toastiepie 2015-08-10

and Garter Stitch, Plain and Simple.

garterstitchplainandsimple 2015-08-10

(I love garter stitch. I actually just bought this from her and sent it as a gift to my sister in law. That whole book is right up her alley.) Justine is going to combine both of those books with 4 skeins of Skeinz Heritage Organic Merino in the Ecru colourway, since she says it’s just perfect for all of these projects. I hope that Jennifer C loves it.

Laura from Knitfacts (friend of the show) has two beautiful gifts. Two knitters, Rebecca B and Helen G will each get a sampler set of markers from the Knitifacts shop, and the pattern of their choice from Laura’s Ravelry shop.  Enjoy! (Especially the cell phone plug marker. That’s my favourite.)

laurastore 2015-08-10 knitfactsampler 2015-08-10

Next up, a present from Lisa Kartus,  a copy of her great book “Knit Fix, Problem Solving for Knitters” and a skein of  skein of Wollmeise 100% merino superwash in the colour-way “We’re Different.”
knitfix 2015-08-10

I hope that Jenny I really loves it.

Lisa has some yarn in her stash that needs a new and loving home, and I bet that Catalina H is just the knitter to love it. (Karma is good that way.)  First, on the left is one skein of 430 yds. of fingering handpainted Black Bunny “Apollo”  (nylon, merino, stellina) in Glace colorway.Second, 2 skeins totaling 360 yds. aran worsted Scrumptious by Ysolda (Fyberspates) in color 411 Sugar Mouse.

lisayarn 2015-08-10

Jaemi has three wonderful gifts – I know because Lou has a set of these, and loves them.  It’s SNOWBALLS.  (The perfect kind for a snowball fight in the house. They’re soft, and don’t melt.)  Jaemi has three sets of snowballs, plus the pattern for each of Anna L, Linda M, and Kay S.

snowballs 2015-08-10

Next! A beautiful gradient from Art-by-Ana (in Halifax! CanCon for the win!) and she’s sending a hand painted yarn called “SE Sock Garden Party Cake”, which is approximately 120g and 555 yards.  It is 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon. Pretty, right?

artbyana 2015-08-10

I hope that Kimberly R thinks so.

Julie (from TillyFlop) has two gorgeous presents. First, a copy of her “Knit Happy” Print – that will be going to Sara K.

knithappy 2015-08-10

And second, her I‘d rather be knitting tea towel.  I love everything in her shop, but I own this tea towel and it’s my favourite. I hope that Jenny R enjoys using it as much as I do.

tillyfloptowel 2015-08-10

That’s it for my hands! I’ve emailed all the winners, and I’ll do more tomorrow, and who knows, maybe I’ll have some knitting to show you.  What are you working on?