It’s a quiet, rainy afternoon here Chez Harlot.  Everyone is at work or play, and there’s just me, wandering around my trashed house, wondering when someone who wants to clean it will show up.  Joe and I have been playing this game for a while, neither of us cares enough to do anything other than sail, eat, sleep, and knit.  (That last one is just me.) My hands are a little better, coming around slowly, and nothing I do seems to make them better or worse, except for knitting (better) and typing. (Worse.)  I’m trying to do as much of the former as possible, and as little of the latter as I can… this blog post excepted.  I also sat at the wheel for a while over the weekend, and have almost finished a spinning project from (ahem) June.

brownbobbin 2015-08-10

I had a little wee batt of something gorgeous I got from Judith MacKenzie, and wanted to add something to it to make it go a little farther. I found a complimentary bag of mystery brown in the stash, and spun it all up.  I know that bobbin looks like it’s all brown, but it’s not.

brownbobbinred 2015-08-10

See the colour peeking there?  I spun 2/3 of the batt onto a bobbin, then finished with brown, then spun the other 1/3 onto another bobbin, and then added enough brown to make them roughly the same.  Tonight I’ll ply, and if all has gone according to plan, then I should have a skein where 1/3 is the reddish batt, 1/3 is one ply red, and one ply brown, and then the last 1/3 all brown.  A very simple gradient, if it works.  We shall see.

I don’t know how much more typing I can do before my hands start to hurt, so I think I’ll spend what typing time I have left on a few Karmic Balancing gifts, if that’s cool with you?

I have several more beautiful bags from Denise at Neese’s Pieces.  She’s got a whole group of beautiful little quilted bags that she made with her own two little hands – and inside each one is a co-ordinating set of stitch markers – also made by her, right down to the lampwork beads. I’ll be sending those out to Ceri, Jacqueline, Janet, Carolyn and Sarah.

neeses 2015-08-10

Next up, a beautiful gift from Justine Turner.  Justine’s offering hardcopies of her charming books Toastie Pie

toastiepie 2015-08-10

and Garter Stitch, Plain and Simple.

garterstitchplainandsimple 2015-08-10

(I love garter stitch. I actually just bought this from her and sent it as a gift to my sister in law. That whole book is right up her alley.) Justine is going to combine both of those books with 4 skeins of Skeinz Heritage Organic Merino in the Ecru colourway, since she says it’s just perfect for all of these projects. I hope that Jennifer C loves it.

Laura from Knitfacts (friend of the show) has two beautiful gifts. Two knitters, Rebecca B and Helen G will each get a sampler set of markers from the Knitifacts shop, and the pattern of their choice from Laura’s Ravelry shop.  Enjoy! (Especially the cell phone plug marker. That’s my favourite.)

laurastore 2015-08-10 knitfactsampler 2015-08-10

Next up, a present from Lisa Kartus,  a copy of her great book “Knit Fix, Problem Solving for Knitters” and a skein of  skein of Wollmeise 100% merino superwash in the colour-way “We’re Different.”
knitfix 2015-08-10

I hope that Jenny I really loves it.

Lisa has some yarn in her stash that needs a new and loving home, and I bet that Catalina H is just the knitter to love it. (Karma is good that way.)  First, on the left is one skein of 430 yds. of fingering handpainted Black Bunny “Apollo”  (nylon, merino, stellina) in Glace colorway.Second, 2 skeins totaling 360 yds. aran worsted Scrumptious by Ysolda (Fyberspates) in color 411 Sugar Mouse.

lisayarn 2015-08-10

Jaemi has three wonderful gifts – I know because Lou has a set of these, and loves them.  It’s SNOWBALLS.  (The perfect kind for a snowball fight in the house. They’re soft, and don’t melt.)  Jaemi has three sets of snowballs, plus the pattern for each of Anna L, Linda M, and Kay S.

snowballs 2015-08-10

Next! A beautiful gradient from Art-by-Ana (in Halifax! CanCon for the win!) and she’s sending a hand painted yarn called “SE Sock Garden Party Cake”, which is approximately 120g and 555 yards.  It is 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon. Pretty, right?

artbyana 2015-08-10

I hope that Kimberly R thinks so.

Julie (from TillyFlop) has two gorgeous presents. First, a copy of her “Knit Happy” Print – that will be going to Sara K.

knithappy 2015-08-10

And second, her I‘d rather be knitting tea towel.  I love everything in her shop, but I own this tea towel and it’s my favourite. I hope that Jenny R enjoys using it as much as I do.

tillyfloptowel 2015-08-10

That’s it for my hands! I’ve emailed all the winners, and I’ll do more tomorrow, and who knows, maybe I’ll have some knitting to show you.  What are you working on?

49 thoughts on “Behinder

    • I’m knitting bears too, that will travel to needy children in Haiti and Ukraine. I’m also waiting for my daughter to get off the GO train north of Toronto, because it is indeed, POURING out there. Hope your hands feel better very soon.

    • The Mother Bear Project does great work. I love checking the photos to see how many, and how varied, all the bears are, and how much the children love them.

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely tea towel! I’m super excited! And thank you guys for all working so hard for the rally every year, it’s an amazing feat.
    The yarn you’ve spun looks great, and the red and brown are very pretty together. Good luck with the hands! And enjoy the healing powers of knitting.

  2. So sorry that your hands are still hurting… I’m actively knitting Jurisfiction in worsted wt imperial yarn in turquoise, on Eve in Eden from Knitspot Green Envy club in Extra Virgin color of SkeinnyDipping’s milk yarn, and, let’s see, Ommegang in Blue Bayou Mewesic. And spinning an 8 oz top from Briar Rose Fibers. And thinking about casting on more. (of course) Hope your hands are better soon! More spinning, if that’s what seems to work.

  3. Thank you so much for drawing my name for the “Snowballs” and thank you to Jaemi for donating the karmic balancing gift!! I have a one year old granddaughter and some new great nieces who will love them. I think they look great, too! Thank you Stephanie for being an inspiration to all of us! Love, Linda M

    • I think those snowballs are just the coolest thing! And I am happy to hear that they went to someone with people the right age to enjoy them no end.

    • The snowball pattern went straight in to my queue. My snow obsessed Florida child will lose her little mind when I start making them.

  4. Glad your hands are healing. I’ve been suffering “numb paws” for three days–and it sure does slow down the knitting. Still making progress on a Stephen West shawl (my husband bought me a class with him–squee) and my very first sweater because, ahem, I got into knitting partly because I adore sweaters. So the time is nigh!

  5. Where are the house brownies when you need them? Hope the numbness passes soon…it is really starting to cut into the August knitting!

    Maybe someone will invite you to their cabin?

  6. Dear Steph, I sure hope you can ignore the corollary temptation to go ‘hurrieder’. Assuming ‘behinder’ was a double entendre, it’s not just your hands that deserve a rest! I hope, too, that you can slow down without updating your spreadsheets which would necessitate typing… oh, vicious circle! Thanks for the sacrificial blogging. Perhaps we could live on tweets until you’re healed?

  7. Sending healing thoughts to your poor hands … I hear your pain …. as for current knitting, I have just finished a hooded baby jacket which is going to be taking a flight to Israel on Thursday to a friend’s baby, courtesy of my daughter the courier, and have embarked on a simple and relaxing long pointy hat with ridiculous tassel on the end for whichever 2-year-old of my acquaintance would benefit from looking slightly crazy and very cute! (and whose parents I could trust to actually put it on his/her head).

  8. Thanks so much Stephanie and Laura! Stephanie–Thanks for all the good work you do. I hope your hands feel better soon! Laura–I’m so excited about the stitch markers and pattern! The stitch markers and patterns on your sites are so fun!

  9. I was inspired by the wonderful Advent Tree you made for Luis to make one for my new grandson! Having fun trying to find enough little sweet things, and to get them to knit up relatively the same size.

    It’s only August and I am half way through what I need! Woot!

  10. Jo, back again! I took my own advice and read your tweets. So very excited about your end of September plans!! (I’d been holding my breath) I’ll see you in person at Woodland Ridge Retreat, one hour east of the Twin Cities! (Trying not to wear out the exclamation point key!) Your hostess is a dear lady who will pamper you as she does her mother, and I know that because she is my daughter<3. Yarn Harlot, knitting, knitters, peak fall color, ultra comfortable lodging, hiking and (dare I say biking?)=joy.

    • Gosh, darn! So close and impossible! First grandbaby is due right around that time, and aside from not booking anything so I can leave on a week’s notice, am saving vacation time to help her out in Michigan. Needless to say, that takes precedence!

      And I’ve been doing gender-neutral baby knitting, although did squeak out a shawl for my sweet daughter.

  11. Bless you for writing the blog when typing hurts. Praying you heal quickly and feel better soon. As always I have multiple projects including a simple baby blanket for one who is due in September (time to step it up), swatches for the knitted rug class I’m taking (by Donna Druchunas), a white shawl that was supposed to be for summer…next summer apparently, and as always, a pair of sock with a simple cable up the side. I do like variety!

  12. I hope you are healed again soon, no pain no gain! I’ve got that many things that I’ve started knitting and can’t face finishing as the smell of yarn is currently making me heave! I planned to make loads of baby things for my bump but the sickness won’t let me! Will have to rely on the kind ladies at Knit Club to make them for me!

  13. Keep resting those pretty paws. I’m just finishing the last three blocks on a stash-busting modular blanket for Project Linus. Big needles, bulky yarn, many colors. Next comes the crocheted edging to stabilize the blocks which I will do at our Tuesday evening knit group because it will go faster with pleasant conversation! Be well and be happy!

  14. I’m working on the last of my Christmas knitting (don’t hate me) a shawl, and in the car a poncho for me. Me! It’s knit with two strands of fisherman’s yarn and will be very warm when I need it. Not too soon, I hope. 🙂 Take care of your hands. They deserve a rest.

  15. Hope your hands are better soon! I’m finishing up a pair of fingerless mitts (my own pattern, which I will post on Ravelry as soon as I write it up…I’m pretty pleased with them and in Pediboo tonal blue, they’re so pretty…) Also a fan pattern cowl out of Freia demin gradient fingering – love their yarn! Heading home tomorrow from a CA vacation with a suitcase full of yummy yarn from Cambria and Lafayette, CA. Alaska – please don’t lose it!!!

  16. A number of years ago I got a jar of “Oh My Aching” when I was at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. It is truly amazing stuff for healing the ouchies quickly. I am never without it. I also have no association with this company. Its just an awesome product. Here is the link if you are interested:
    Her grandma’s Mim’s Magic works really well on the skin as well. I haven’t used any of the other products, but I would suggest you try the Oh My Aching! Kate

  17. So unbelievable after all you have done to think about the Karma. You should be resting those hands and here you are typing away.

    I am almost ready to divorce my toe-up two at a time socks made with luscious yarn from Lydia Yarn. We have separated due to irreconcilable differences having to do with the heel. Thank goodness I am also working on cute, itsy legwarmers made from some yarn that is patterning in pink, white and pale orange.

  18. I really hope your hands get better! Thank you for taking time and effort and connecting with us! I really love the color palette of your handspun yarn – so perfect for autumn!

  19. I’m glad you’re making progress in recovering your hands – good excuse to avoid housework! I’m knitting a pretty and easy cowl – Lattice One Skein Cowl by Lil Naylor that I found on Ravelry and Slip-Stitch Scarf found in the book Wanderlust. Both are easy and quick and will make great Christmas gifts. Hope you’re feeling back to normal soon. 😉

  20. Thanks for typing even though it makes your hands worse. I’ve just finished reading your blog from the beginning. It took several months. I felt a little sad that I couldn’t binge-read it anymore so I was especially grateful to get a post. Today I worked on my Fox Paws and my Docklight sweater. I was up to the decreasing for the armhole when I realised I hadn’t read the instructions correctly and frogged it back to the ribbing. Sigh.

  21. Get your computer guy (I know I should know his name by now) to set you up with a headset microphone and adjust your settings to enable voice recognition. You can then dictate your blog posts, And then just correct them where needed. Not only will it help you now, but you’ll soon be able to knit and work on the blog at the same time. I dictated this whole entry without typing a thing.

  22. Socks. I start my husband’s Christmas socks in July so that I have six months to get them done. Yes, sometimes that’s what it takes. And sometimes just eating, sleeping, sailing and knitting are what it takes when you’ve had the month you’ve just had.

  23. Um, 3 pairs of socks, a shawl, and 2 baby sweaters. Also, a linen stitch scarf in time out…and, uh, a couple of pairs of hand warmers that weren’t finished in time for last winter. That should all get done over my 10-day camping trip at the end of the month, right? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

  24. Aside from ignoring a house (which I am absolutely certain is in even worse condition than yours!) and taking care of two little people, I’m working on finishing a Dale of Norway baby sweater before a baby shower in a few weeks. Parts of two sleeves and all the finicky bits are still left to do – steeking and whatever. I’ve never finished a sweater with a steek before, although I have steeked one sweater which remains unfinished. Oh dear. I’m also knitting Finnish mittens that are made from wool dyed with natural dyes ( – so fun! I hope that your hands heal quickly, happy knitting!

  25. Take care of your hands, have found that they come in handy. Dishes and housework can wait till you can grasp something and not drop it.
    Working on the last sock of a set, a lining for the “We call them Pirates” cap from Ravelry, a mohair and silk scarf for myself. Finished another cap and a pair of socks as well this last week, going from 7 projects on the go to 3 is strange.

  26. How about The Blog starts a GoFundMe page for a cleaner for the Harlot??

    Am knitting a top-down v-neck sweater using Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters and some lovely yarn from Blacker Yarns – mixed Corriedale and Hebridean.

  27. Here’s to your speedy recovery! Warmth may help, such as a warm paraffin handbath or just doing dishes by hand in the sink. Better yet — washing some knitwear!

  28. I hope your recovery goes quickly.
    I’m currently working on a blanket for my baby girl due in November. It’s been going tough, pregnancy does not agree with my body at all (hyperemesis gravidarum). My baby will be coming early this time (due to terrible complications with my last pregnancy), so time is running much shorter than it seems.

  29. For the time being at least, can you dictate into your phone and then email it to your computer? That way you’d only have to correct the peculiarities of autocorrect to get your blog out. It might be faster, and it would definitely be fewer keystrokes. I have the same issues with my hands, so I’ve been there, done that with pretty much everything. Best wishes.

  30. Hope you feel better soon, in terms of typing perhaps you could try dictating to someone? It might help you get things done, although this is an awesome excuse to knit if I ever did hear one.

    I’m making a dress for my daughter (it’s amazing how fast baby things knit up).

  31. I am finishing my Brickless to wear to Rhinebeck! I don’t dare congratulate myself on being early with it because I haven’t quite cast it off or blocked it yet. (But I am very excited.)

  32. Congratulations on making it through another rally! I’m currently knitting my son a gansey, using the Fisherlad Guernsey pattern mixed with Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book, Knitting Ganseys, on how to make one in the round. As this is my first gansey, and only my second sweater ever, I’m beginning to see why your Joe’s gansey has been on hold for so long. We’re meeting my son tomorrow for a vacation in Colorado (yay, very excited to get in some cooler weather!), and I’m going to get to put it on him. I’m pretty sure the body is not going to be long enough…and I’m already up to the neck! I feel like putting this thing in a timeout. So now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have switched to the smaller needles when I started the pattern. Anyway, trying to pack while figuring out how to fix this without having to rip back half the sweater! Good luck on the healing. I second the person above who recommended no scrubbing/housework – lol!

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