A good time, not a long time

Just for fun, I’ll tell you: this blog post took three cities to accomplish. I started it in Toronto this morning, then worked on it on a layover in Calgary, and now I’m finishing it in Vancouver.

I’m sorry for the radio silence my pets – it’s been a wild week.  I arrived home last Sunday night and was so excited to embrace 4 whole days at home that I could scarcely type.  I took the next day off blogging to enjoy the daylights out of the Monday and my family and sleep. Tuesday I took the day off of blogging to catch up on paperwork (sort of) sit at my desk like a good little soldier, snuggle two nephews and a niece, and attend the third of what will be a million Bike Rally meetings. (Yup. The first one was right after we got back, and the party just doesn’t stop.) Wednesday, that was our anniversary, but it was totally also a day I was going to blog, and I got up and started moving through my day fast. Too fast, perhaps, because mid-afternoon, as I was headed down the stairs with my hand on the bannister and everything, my foot slipped on the edge of the step, I became completely and totally airborne, and came down hard on the stairs, hitting several parts of my body off of several steps. It was gloriously ridiculous and horrific and knocked the will to do much off of me for the rest of the afternoon. I bucked up in the evening, and we went out for a beautiful dinner to celebrate our anniversary, but I was in bed early. (I swear, I literally had a headache.)  Yesterday when I woke up, every bump and bruise had blossomed into fantastical fabulousness, and other than packing for today and getting my act together sort of slowly and gingerly, there went that day too.

Today, Well. Today I’m blogging – or trying to, as I make my way from Toronto to Vancouver for Knit City, and the big news is that after a huge period of indecision, I have decided on a Rhinebeck sweater. After a flurry of texts and tweets and conversations and hours of Ravelry gazing, it’s Reverb, knitted out of Clara’s Shetland 1.0. I’ve been hoarding that yarn for something special, and here it is.  Rhinebeck. Despite all the warnings of my friends (in particular the ones I stay with at Rhinebeck, who always bear unfortunate witness to the last minute rush to the end – although at least one of them is always finishing one too – so pot/kettle if you know what I mean) I think there is lots of time to finish.

I’ve already gotten the first rip out of the way – because despite making (and washing) a swatch, the sweater was coming out a little small, so back it went.

sweatercounter 2015-10-02

By Calgary things were looking up again, I’d made up the missing ground – and the thing is well underway. Hope springs eternal – enough so that this afternoon I actually wondered if I shouldn’t have brought all the sweater yarn with me, instead of just half. (Tip. I go home on Monday. I’m delusional again.)

sweaterplane  2015-10-02

Sigh.. tis the season.  See all you West Coasters tomorrow at Knit City!