A Wild Luxury

Home, home, I am home – and there’s not a single person alive who could be enjoying it more. I had a fantastic time at Knit City in Vancouver. If you have to travel for work, I highly recommend the way I did it this last weekend, which was in my own country (so nice not to need my passport, or to have to negotiate US customs. They seem nice enough, but their all armed, and it makes me nervous) and with friends, in a city I adore, and with absolutely un-Vancouver-like sunny warm weather.  In 3 days I:

-Knit the daylights out of my Rhinebeck sweater. I’m feeling good about the progress I’ve made. I’ve finished the top part, and divided for the body and sleeves, and made it a few inches past the armholes. It’s not a sweater yet, but I’m seeing how it could be. I have 8 days. I think all things are possible right this minute.

essweaterprogress 2015-10-07

-I taught a ton of classes while I was there, including one fun one where at the end, knitter took pictures of their swatches. I think that means they were pleased.

knitterswatches 2015-10-07

-I ate my way across Vancouver with Clara Parkes and Kate Atherley.  The three of us were on East Coast time, so aside from waking up every morning at 4am and wondering why Vancouver wasn’t ready to rock and roll, we were ready for dinner at 4pm. In case you’re wondering, this means you have no trouble going into any restaurant you like. We ate at Tamam, Tacofino’s and The Acorn, and made at least one new bartender friend.

kateclarame 2015-10-07

bartender 2015-10-07

(That’s not easy to do in such a short time, and with only one Margherita, but we’re really charming.)

-Took Clara on the bus. While we were on there, a guy who smelled exactly like a bottle of cheap gin poured on a mensroom floor in a cheap gas station told me I had a nice shirt, then minutes later, asked what it would take to get a phone number. The answer? “So much more than is possible on this bus, sir.”  I think Clara enjoyed the cultural moment.

clarabus 2015-10-07

– Saw a marketplace so chock full of CanCon (that’s Canadian Content, for those of you outside our lovely country) that it staggered the soul. Fabulous marketplace.

knitfastdiewarm 2015-10-07 katebook 2015-10-07

-Fantasized about what it would be like to sleep in my own bed 10 nights in a row. So far, it’s all I’d dreamed of.

claracam 2015-10-07

-Reminded myself that if you’re on a 2 week sweater thing, that you’d better plan ahead for buttons – but didn’t buy buttons.  I’m on it.