I swear it’s bigger

Knit knit knit. That was the plan for the next few days until Rhinebeck. Knit that sweater and damn the torpedos on everything else, and then this morning I took a realistic look at my life and wondered how I managed to get that delusion going for even the few hours I thought it would be true.  This weekend is Thanksgiving here in the Great White North, and the party starts tomorrow evening, and after three big family celebrations (one each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday- though I only have full cooking responsibility for one of them) and the minute that’s over, there’s Bike Rally meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I pack, and Thursday I leave. I’m not entirely sure where in there I thought I was going to have this private knitting party, but clearly the wool fumes got to me.  (Again.)

sweater2 2015-10-08

The sweater is a little farther along than it was, noticeably so, I think, although maybe just to me.  I’m also rather reassuringly still on the second ball of yarn, which means I’m starting to feel good about the chances that I won’t be wearing a Rhinebeck Vest. (3/4 length sleeves are still a possibility.) Today’s the last day for a few that I can reasonably have a big long knit, so pardon me. My wool and I are going to kick back, make some tea, and watch a little baseball.  (Go Jays Go. Sorry. It had to be said. This blog will return to its previously sport free nature after they win the World Series.)