On my way

Well. I’m at the airport -and I have an unfinished sweater with me. I know. I was hoping it would be done too, and I’m still hoping that it won’t turn into a real squeaker, but I fell behind last night because it turns out that I could barely knit during that baseball game. (We won, but the city very nearly exploded.)

sweater4 2015-10-15

See that? Sorry for the crappy picture. Airport photography is harder than you think. That sleeve is about 20 minutes from done, it just needs about 5cm of ribbing, and then there’s just the other one, and I totally did not run out of yarn, and I’m not going to.  All I have to knit is one little sleeve, and I have a wild fantasy where I manage to knit it between here and Boston, which is probably nuts, but it’s Rhinebeck. It’s totally the season for nuts. I can knit the sleeve today, then I can can weave in the ends and block it when I’m at my friends place tonight,  and it can dry in the back window of the car all the way there. It will even have tomorrow night to dry, and that makes the whole thing sound doable. (See the way I made it sound like the big deal is the drying, and not the fact that I think I’m knitting a sleeve in a few hours? Rhinebeck crazy.)

I’m going to pour on the burn.  I’ll post to instagram as I go.