Stock, and the taking thereof

I was going to tell you just now, as I unpack and repack my suitcase to head out the door for St Andrews-By-the-Sea, that I was feeling a little tired today. So I sat at the computer, typed all that in, and then glanced up at the screen to check for typos, and realized that my keyboard hadn’t been plugged in. Yeah. So maybe more than a little tired. I’ll go to bed early tonight and be chipper as all get out tomorrow. (Well. If you know me, I’m seldom outwardly chipper, but I’ll be chipper on the inside.) I’ve spent the day trying to pull together the disaster that is our house and lives – Joe and I have both been travelling and working a lot, and things are getting a little dodgy around here – If by dodgy, you understand that I mean that there are dust bison roaming the floors, the only food in the fridge is condiments, and neither of us have a pair of clean socks.  More than that (since my priorities are still – well, mine… I’m not currently really knitting anything. The knitting situation is a mess.

Now, don’t take that wrong, I don’t mean I’m not knitting, I’m totally always knitting, but since finishing that last sweater, I’ve just sort of filled in a few gaps – I have a pair of socks for someone almost done, and while I was at Rhinebeck I worked out that the yarn I’d brought to make the thing I wanted to wouldn’t work – so there was a Harrisville purchase – and a cowl started.

winterslongstart 2015-10-22

That’s Harrisville Watershed (what a great yarn) in “Eastview” and the cowl is Bristol Ivy’s Winterlong – a beautiful, sculptural piece that’s knitting up really quickly. Those are both snacks though, just little bits of knitting to tide me over the disorganized gap.  They don’t count. Especially the socks. I need a knitting plan, the next big thing.

winterslongstartball 2015-10-22

That’s what I was thinking about today as I tried to pull everything together, and decided to focus on the way Joe and I both had no clean socks, so I got a load of laundry together, looked out the window at the weather (we’ve had our first snow here – although it was air snow, not stay on the ground snow) and decided it was time to make the switch to warm, handknit wool socks for both of us.  In they all went to the wash, and as I washed them all, I realized that my handknit sock drawer is in crisis.  Joe’s in pretty good shape, he could use another pair or two but (gasp) Christmas is coming. Me? I’ve got just a few serviceable pairs, and that’s after a festival of darning. So, knitting dilemma solved. I’m going to bang out a pair or two of socks for myself over the weekend, make a mental note to stop giving them all away,  and make a new plan on Tuesday morning.  Two birds, one stone.